RHONJ Exclusive: Jewelry Launch or Cage Fight at Il Tulipano

EXCLUSIVE – Season 5 Filming

On January 18, 2013, RHONJ filmed the launch for Kim DePaolo’s Jewelry Line at Il Tulipano in Cedar Grove. . . Cuffs by Kim D. The event will be part of the much anticipated Season 5.

Since Kim D’s 2012 Annual Fashion Show was uneventful, it was imperative to assemble the cast for a dynamic event.  What better way then to utilize Kim D’s expert skills at causing mayhem.

all 450

Kim D enticed Teresa Giudice into attending the Launch by insisting that Fabellini wine and accessories would be prominently displayed and marketed throughout the evening.

fabellini products

Teresa was accompanied by her in laws, Peter & Sheila Giudice and her friend, Priscilla DiStasio.

Also present were Caroline Manzo, Rosie Pierri, Melissa and Joey Gorga.  It is unclear if Kathy Wakile attended the party since, even when Kathy attends an event, her contribution is minimal and rather forgettable.

rosie with caroline in backgroundRosie Pierri was her lovable unsophisticated self in her cardigan sweater as she tried on leather cuffs. Carolina Manzo can be seen over Rosie’s shoulder, preaching to an unsuspecting attendee.

The evening would not have been complete without the requisite beat on Teresa Giudice fest.

A source who attended the launch party confirmed to Faux Reality that as Kim D stood by, Theresa Giudice was confronted by her brother, Joey Gorga who berated his sister for the cameras and the amusement of the other attendees.  Joey Gorga had been released from the hospital earlier in the week.  Not to be outdone, Caroline Manzo could not pass up an opportunity to “add her 2 cents” by telling Teresa that she was responsible for all that is wrong in the world.

It appears that as Season 5 continues to film, Faux Reality’s prediction that Kim D is only out for Kim D is coming to fruition.

kim d with cupcakes

As Kim D offers the viewers a cupcake, Teresa Giudice continues to battle the wolves thrust upon her by Bravo.

PS: All desserts were safe for human consumption.  Fortunately, Kathy Wakile did not have to break out her Easy Bake Oven.

74 thoughts on “RHONJ Exclusive: Jewelry Launch or Cage Fight at Il Tulipano

  1. I am SO SICK of this crap- does Andy have a clue???? Bring the real storylines – the Laurita Federal Case is so much more intetesting, the truth from Penny and Bulldog about MeGo – I don’t understand the ignorance of still, shoving this Teresa Bashing down viewers throats. I would fire Andy and the producers for missing the biggest ratings opportunity they could ever have — dumbasses

  2. I would think that just from a financial standpoint the producers would realize that they need to change the storyline. If they get a cut of everything the housewives sell, this stale storyline will lose them money. While initially it probably helped Teresa’s sales, she doesn’t need the help anymore. I believe with or without Bravo she will be a success because she has a solid fan base and her products are good. But none of her fans
    (myself included) will ever buy anything from the others. They should be trying to promote these other products in a positive way (although none of them seem to have much merit) and rehabilitate the image of the rest of the cast. If they continue along this path, not only will the other cast mates fail, the show itself will lose viewers.

  3. Does anyone know WHY Fredo did this and WHY Meatball Manzo involved herself ?

    And is it really true that Kra Kra Kim D is playing both sides?

    • I am sure that Lookers came home from Gia’s party with a story of how Teresa attacked her and was mean to her. So Fredo is again trying to protect his lying, cheating slut of a wife by confronting Teresa and blaming her again. Honestly Fredo is being lead around by his “tarzan” He is not a man but a sex crazed boy that doesn’t know who to use the brain that God gave him because he is too wrapped up in making ‘tarzan” happy all day and night. He is worse that most teen age boys in his quest for sex. It is similar to a heroin addict looking for his next fix. Lookers uses that addiction to get what she wants. She loves the power she has over him in the area.

      Caroline is involved becasue that is Caroline. She thinks that she knows all and that everyone needs and wants to hear what she has to say. So far from the truth that it is really funny to watch her make a fool out of herself.

      I do feel bad for Teresa. I am sure that once again Fredo brought her to tears. She probalbly cried herself to sleep again while Fredo was rewarded by Lookers for his good deeds.

      Bravo is MISSING the real stories this season. The break up of the Manzo’s and Greggy, the financial ruin of the Laurita’s, the stealing of moneys from Signature and Susan G Komen, Looker’s ex Bulldog coming out with his story and proof of his affair with Lookers while she was married, the REAL financial condition of Fredo and Lookers always having to borrow to pay their bills, Lauren being all sweet when the cameras were rolling on the Sandy donations and then turning in the little witch on tweeter the next day attacking everyone and anyone, The real story of nasty Rich on twitter, the story behind Kathy, Lookers and her sister and their association with a certain queenz that attacks Teresa, Juicy and anyone that like Teresa calling them vile names. Bravo the list could go on and on. You don’t need to continue with the “Teresa is the devil” plot anymore. It is old and most of us have figured out the in REAL life it is the complete opposite. Teresa and Juicy are the most real down to earth people that are not fronting for the camera and spreading the nasty stories of the castmate.
      Until Bravo changes up the story line and starts expose the real story about the rest of these women I will not be watching ANY of the shows on Bravo.

      • While I agree with you 100% and would love to watch the real “Real” HW that can not be shown. The Manzo’s and Melissa would never allow themselves to be filmed in a bad light and the Laurita’s would not either plus they probably can not speak about their legal woes on TV lest the say the wrong thing! So all Bravo has left is Teresa. Once again she is saving their a$$e$ by being able produce a story line.

      • Hi old NJ Lady!

        Yea you are probably right. Messy probably went home to cry to Fredo about Big Bad Teresa, what a freakin baby. And of course that P.OS. Fredo first chance he got (in front of the cameras) just had to make a freakin scene, and upset his sister, the POS that he is!!

        Meatball Manzo better cool her jets involving herself in Teresa and Messy and Fredo bullshit, she has that whack book coming out!

        I agree there is alot of stuff going on that Bravo needs to address. Damn!!

      • Holy
        I really think that Caroline has figured out the Lookers is a user and a liar. I think that she does like Kathy and Fredo but the question remains if she will do the right thing and stop Fredo from attacking Teresa all based on Lookers false claims.

        It is time for Bravo to get smart and shift the story lines. I know that I am just one of many that have stopped watching ALL of the real housewife shows because of the set of Teresa last year.

      • old NJ lady

        I get Meatball Manzo ” loving” Kannoli Kathy, she loves anyone that thinks she is the best person in the world, and just loves loves loves that K.K. kisses her ring every freakin chance she gets.

        What I don’t get is Meatball Manzo loving Fredo, and backing him bashing his own sister. And screaming at his parents the way that POS did at his own sons Christenning. She totally lost any kind of respect I would have had for her when she bascially backed him and made excuses for him!
        The only thing I can figure is that she loves loves loves the attention Fredo gives her. She gets all freakin giddy when he ” flirts” with her , it’s creepy..LOL.

      • Hi, I’m new to writing on a blog but have been reading them for a few months after watching Season4 and noticing so many things that didn’t quite add up. So, speaking of Caroline and Joey M…did anyone notice that after the PFS and in the parking lot…Joey asked Caroline why she was even there and she said “We came for you..we came for you” That kinda tells you that she knew something was going to go down that night with Mel and, that Joey was gonna show up. What do you guys think?

      • My god your comment was dead straight and to the point . Faux why not do a book, I think this would out sell mego’s book. I know that at least over 600k T followers would buy it.

      • The reason is Andy, Andy Andy Andy. He hates Teresa and he does everything he can to poison her to the top brass. There is so much to talk about with everybody else (I really would like to know the real reason to the Greggy and Manzo’s split up).

    • holy, there is no rthym or reason for any of the stull that Fredo does. As For DonManzo, she couldnt let the chance to give advice pass her by.

      • My6girls
        Great catch! I will have to go back and watch a clip of the scene. They all knew that something was going to go down that night and that involved Lookers but nobody knew what would happen.

        Welcome to posting on the boards. There are a couple of great blogs out there that see the world as it real is and not with their rose colored glasses on the Bravo supplied by way of editing. Even RT is starting to come around.

      • Yeah I caught that too in the parking lot Caroline very clearly told Joey “We came for you..we came for you” I thought that was really a weird thing to say..

  4. Joe Gorga at a jewlery party. He shouldn’t be there in the first place. Then he attacks his sister, which was probably egged on by Melissa. I’m tired of this crap and I don’t want to hear anything that Caroline Manzo has to say. This is boring.

  5. “Caroline Manzo can be seen over Rosie’s shoulder preaching to an unsuspecting attendee.” <~~~~~ROFL!!!
    Glad Kathy's easy bake oven had the night off…. LOL

  6. So glad I have made the decision NOT to watch Season 5. Same old, same old…..boring. It appears Bravo and Andy are determined to do all they can to turn fans against Teresa. More proof they have no clue to programming issues that are turn offs. As a result of #RHONJ, I have quit watching all of the Housewife franchises. I do like still reading the blogs which reinforce my decision not to watch.

  7. Melissa reminds me of an organ grinder( no pun intended..but whatthehay) and Joey her little monkey scatting about looking for sympathy and a handout.

    • @Mysixgirls
      And don’t forget lil monkey Joey crying in some corner.
      Come to think of it he does act like a monkey looks like one too when he charged at Juicey.
      That was too funny Juicy had him flipped in a
      matter of seconds, lost his shoes, and his hair in a can rubbed off on everybody all in under a minute lol

  8. Bravo could show alot more than what they show of the others. Film these poeple like 40 plus hours a week, in all that there is something useable other than Teresa Bashing.

    KimD for all her creepiness is the only one of them is all about pushing her brands. She even had enough sense to include the one sure money maker of the crew, Teresa.

    As for Slojo, Fredo, is a just a sorry excuse for a human. There are no words for him.

  9. Seems like just a continuation of Season 4. Not only have I stopped watching Bravo, I no longer watch NBC (when I made the effort to stop watching NBC, I realized how little I watch NBC), and I have stopped purchasing the products of the sponsors of the last Reunion show.

  10. I agree. Caroline picked up on Melissas game by the end of last seasons taping, but was too heavily invested in her hate Teresa storyline to back out of it. She doesnt like Melissa any more than she does Teresa.

      • Caroline seems to be one of those women who think mens immature behavior is cute..thats why she like JoGo. They can do no wrong. You dont need to look any further than her own children to see that.

  11. I do not understand why Andy/Bravo think that anyone would want to watch a repeat season of Teresa being bashed by Fredo and his trollette. What’s the point?

  12. Bravo – are you listening? OldNJLady was right on – you are totally missing the BIG stories – the ones that are actually interesting – perhaps as your viewing numbers of us “intelligent” fans (heh heh) dwindle, the ratings you crave of a “less discriminating” shoot-em-up-punch-em-out-in-your-face crowd grow – I can’t help but think that that means a downward spiral and ultimate dead end for you – so – if you want me (for instance) to even mention this franchise in company outside this blog, you will have to shape up – either elevate this franchise, or I will not only lose interest in the show (but still have an interest in how the REAL issues play out) but just bag it entirely – even the blogs – and put these stories to rest –

  13. I’m so tired of the Joey blames Teresa storyline. Bravo should wake up & listen to the viewers who actually watch the show. Stop listening to Andy.

    Old NJ Lady was right about everything. Bring us some real stories. The fans know what’s going on with the other wives. We’re upset you’re hiding it from us while making up stupid story lines about outing Melissa as a stripper.

    Tell us about the Manzo brothers breakup with Greggy; the Laurita bankruptcy, the Gorga swinging rumors, The Gorga foreclosure rumors, the Al Manzo mistress rumors and the multiple Wakile trips to court! It would be much more interesting than watching a nasty little man screaming at his sister who loves him…….pathetic!

    • i think if they do this same old teresa bashing story line that this will be the last season of house wives of new jersey, if the do a season 6 it will be all new people that who cares about, i donot understand wht bravo is cutting it’s own throat with this old story line, it makes no sense unless they start off with this crap and work their way into the cast realizing they made a mistake and
      melissa whore really is one….???

    • @Summer
      Who knows maybe Greggy was goosing one of grown men Caroline calls boys and they broke up.
      Do they think we are stupid or what? The viewers could tell they were very close with their roommate Greggy.

  14. Why do we have to go through another season with the likes of the Manzoids and the gongazora’s. If Andy is going to try to ruin Teresa again he is going to lose the viewers. I am hoping that MeHo’s old boy friend is going to open up and totally destroy the pig skank. Rosie is still there after her threats last year…I don’t even want to see the lying scumbag Laurita’s. Jacaloon with her cure for Autism. She’s a freaken liar. There is no cure, period. If you think a child has been cured then they were misdiagnosed in the beginning. Of course with a lot of hard work this can be stabilized but not CURED JACALOON. You will be reported for the crap you are spewing on twitter. One way or another your ass will go to jail. I feel for your poor children. Ok, I think I’m done for now. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • i wonder if it is even true that jacko wacko’s son even has autisim, or it this is her way of trying to get out of this clothing company trouble, where is any proof at all he has autisim, is it to sell their blk water that brought on the ( miracle) cure for his autism….i really have my doubts he has it, to convent right now….we all know she is a drunk , a crook, a liar and not a very good mother, maybe an x stripper? loco in the head for sure

      • Looneytoons is no Autisum expert. She should not be allowed to do what she is doing..she is going to cause more harm than good and the idiots who bow down and kiss her feet are just as bad. Can’t they see through her. I have said from day one that I do not believe her. THERE IS NO CURE for Autisum as she is saying. There are many stages of it though. I feel for her child. She is ruining him and that moronic husband of hers is allowing it. I guess they think it’s cool. That show that she and Carowhine put on at the reunion was disgusting. I sincerely hope that BRAVO is sued for allowing this insane person on the show with exploiting her child.

      • I didn’t think that child had autism either and you know why because WackoJacko kept going on about bringing awareness to autism.. what awareness we already know what it is

      • I have to say…if there are those who are still “unaware” of Autism, they need to put down the twitter and tv remote, pick up a newspaper or book, and let poor little old Jac off the hook with this heavy Autism awareness burden.

      • Just Me , You said It the best , Thank You so much. I agree I was thinking the samething , and the other one’s as well…….

  15. Well this doesn’t surprise me none It wouldn’t be RHONJ if they wasn’t bullying T every chance they get!! Well it’s going to be another season of Teresa Giudice bashing good grief I am so sick of this bs!!!

    • What the hell can’t these people find something or someone else to Bully or Pick on ,If you ask anyone they all are HATERS for sure that exactly what it is and jealousy .

  16. If this is going to more of Baby Joey going after T-then I am out! This is looking more and more like the movie _ Groundhog Day. This is the ONLY thing I ever watch on Bravo. I am still hoping to see Teresa with a “Fun” family cooking show someday, on another network!

  17. What I think is ironic is the timing of the autism vis-a-vis BLK – of course they want us to think that BLK water is making it better (what an idiotic assumption…) but in reality, wasn’t BLK introduced a little before the autism “diagnosis?” MAYBE BLK is what CAUSED the autism in the first place!!!!

    If you believe that, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn you might like to buy – but isn’t it a delicious thought?

      • There is no cure for Autisum. If she is saying her kid is being cured her kid was misdiagnosed in the first place and a little money will bring on that diagnosis. She was working with some Dr. in Ca. I can’t remember his name now but this was via twitter. She is a loon. Plain and simple and her husband is no better.

  18. My hope is that they have given the manzos and lauritas a long leash and are letting them hang themselves….then, they are going to drop the hammer on them and bring out all these lawsuits. This would be a ratings a+++++++++. I really think this is what they are doing, because Andy is sly. Set em up to knock them down. It is what media does best.

  19. Dear FauxReality and Queenz,
    Do you two think you can just support who want and stop the fighting? I am not suggesting you two be friends. When you look at the whole picture; this is over housewives. You both are dedicated to who you support but think of who is giving you your information for your blogs. At the end of the day; is it worth it to keep fighting like this? It is impossible to declare who started what first. Please think about it for your twitter peers. It is very uncomfortable for nuetral people. Us nuetral people just can’t invest our lives like some do. Both of you have an opinion and that is fine. But do you think your really helping the housewives you are rooting for?
    Can you two just agree to disagree and move forward by not distrupting twitter?
    I get it; you are both passionate people and will not go down with out a fight. I get that. In one corner you have people who are sisters of a housewife whom is having Queenz do their dirty work; In the other corner you have someone who is connections to the show having Faux do their dirty work. Is that fair? I guess that depends which way you look at it. You both have different opinions and perspectives; both are different, but remember what your whole purpose is. Is your purpose really helping the person?
    Can you both blog and just ignore one another and stop with the names etc.?
    This comment will be on both blogs, please post this.

  20. I love that last word of the CUPCAKE consumption and Kathy’s Easy Bake Oven that was the best . As for all of the other ASSES Teresa needs to just keep her eyes open to all of them I would not Trust anyone of those people’s at all that’s for sure.

  21. Prettypinkie…… I wish Teresa could just be able to keep her eyes open and watch out but I think Teresa is the type of person who would just keep on forgiving her whore of a sister in law and her creepy brother, she would forgive Caroline and jacki to, in a heart beat she would because Teresa a good hearted person, she is almost innocent in her way that is how they get her, she can’t see it coming and looks completely shocked when they attack her….I really feel sorry for Teresa, you can see how hurt she is.

  22. I was just about to comment to you on twitter that it seems strange Joe Gorga hasn’t gone on twitter, maybe Mel is keeping him away from Bulldog news.

    • well i bet there is a lot going on behind the scenes with joe gorga, there is no way he hasn’t heard that this has news hit the fan, someone has to have said something to him, this news is all over the internet

  23. Just re-reading a few blogs. Is this the same ‘event’ that was recently shown in lost footage on stooped housewives? Where Joe went up to Teresa and had a go at her so she walked out?

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