RHONJ Exclusive Milan Italy, Here We Come On Fashion Excursion

RHONJ Siggy Flicker Dolores Catania Italy TripThe Posche Fashion Show was a battle royale among the cast and others in attendance.

New cast member Margaret Josephs came to the Fashion Show loaded for war, culminating in comparing Kim DePaola to Hilter.

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga stormed out of the Fashion Show after an altercation which included the mother of the deceased boy begging that they focus on the charity and stop the pettiness.

Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker remained to finish their obligations at the show and to focus on raising funds for the families of the two slain boys.  Read Full Story on Fashion Show.

Angry words were exchanged, friendships were fractured, but the show must go on. Today, the cast was forced to film attempts at reconciliation. Why you ask?

RHONJ Italy Milan Fashion Siggy Flicker Dolores CataniaOn Monday, May 8th, the cast of #RHONJ leave for MILAN, Italy.  On the heels of the worst conflicts among the cast to date, the ladies will be traveling to the fashion capital of the world. The trip is premised on Melissa Gorga’s need to find the perfect fashions for her boutique as she distances herself from a bitter break up with her former business partner. If the ladies cannot repair their fractured friendships, they will be unable to storm out or drive home when things become heated!

Let’s hope Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II does not become Scary Island, Italian Style.

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