RHONJ Exclusive Danielle Staub Is Too Hot for Bravo

RHONJ Season 8 Josephs Giudice Gorga Catania FlickerAs we exclusively reported, Real Housewives of New Jersey is set to premiere on October 4, 2017.

Earlier this week, the cast photo of Season 8 was released: It set social media on fire. Danielle Staub was not in the photo thus confirming reports that she was not awarded full time status despite lobbying to return.

Danielle made it clear that she wanted to return to the show; she creates the type of drama that fans crave, so why did Bravo suddenly seem to depart from their initial enthusiasm? We have the answer. . .

Shortly after Teresa Giudice was released from prison, Danielle Staub told Radar on Line that Teresa hadn’t changed:

“As far as I can tell she hasn’t changed at all,” she explained. “I mean most people find God. She found yoga. Are you serious?”

See Radar on Line June 24, 2016 Story

But by October, 2016, Teresa reached out to Danielle and thru their mutual love of Yoga, they discussed their past conflicts, agreeing to put past differences aside. This was the catalyst for Danielle’s return to RHONJ.  Everything was falling into place for Danielle’s comeback . . . but Danielle can’t seem to shake her past.

An Inside Source tells us Exclusively:

“Everything that makes Danielle great TV also makes her a liability for Bravo”

Our source goes on to say “Bravo is concerned about allegations of racial insensitivity.  In today’s climate of hatred and bigotry and the incidents of Charlottesville, no one wants someone who uses “n*****” or “you stupid fucking Mexican” even the hint of such language would scare a network away.”

Joe Masalta Danielle Staub RHONJThe incident was reported by Radar in January, 2016, but it was recently revisited when Danielle was being vetted for Season 8. Danielle’s ex fiancé, retired Navy Seal and Counterterrorrism Expert, Joseph Masalta released a recording to Radar where Danielle Staub allegedly used racial slurs during a tryst with Masalta. See Full Story.

VH1 posted the racial rant with the disclaimer: “If you’re interested in losing faith in the human race today, check out the recording below. Warning: Offensive language ahead.See Full Story.

Last week we received a video of Danielle Staub with the Masalta recording. We have learned that the video went to several Reality TV bloggers.  We awaited authentication of the video. The following is what was received – the audio is identical to the audio produced by Joseph Masalta to Radar: View in Full

Six months before Joseph Masalta released the explosive tape, on August 31, 2015,  Danielle announced her engagement to him, describing the retired Navy Seal as “an extraordinary and honorable man.”  See Full Story  It is this extraordinary and honorable man that released the racist tirade to Radar on Line.

Danielle’s past relationships always seem to interfere with her public persona.  Who can ever forget the book written by her ex husband Kevin Maher, about Danielle’s involvement with the Columbian Drug Cartel. That book caused the Table Flip heard ’round the world.RHONJ Teresa Giudice Table flip

Then the sex tape scandal with former boyfriend Stephen Zalewski who sued Danielle for accusing him of making the sex tape without her knowledge.  Danielle was ordered to pay $100,000 in damages for defaming Zalewski.


5 thoughts on “RHONJ Exclusive Danielle Staub Is Too Hot for Bravo

  1. Like the two comments above I am happy she is a friend of. Unlike Sheree who hasn’t had the sorted past Danielle has. she deserved her peach and her full time spot again. Danielle is a lightening rod. First she bashed Joe about using a gay slur, but does it herself. Yet when she gets called out on it she plays victim. Then she uses the n word, Danielle you are a mother of two girls, you are either 55 or 56 years old you should know better. My son who is 13 doesn’t do either of these things. I am happy she is a friend of, let her twist for a while. A lot of people seem to forget what got Caroline Manzo so pissed off at the one reunion. Crying while I have some huge disagreements with Caroline, I respected her attempts to make nice. Danielle loves to do stupid crap and play victim. Maybe the yank of the hair did some damage!

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