RHONJ: Criminal Court Dismissal Means More Litigation

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Earlier today Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, Chris Laurita and John Karagiorgis appeared in Ridgewood Municipal Court to answer the charges of assault, harassment and / or terroristic threats.

Pursuant to the private attorneys’ agreements, the prosecutor made a Motion to Dismiss the charges against all parties. Normally this would end the legal maneuvering . . .  but this is Real Housewives of New Jersey. . .  when is anything “normal” when RHONJ is involved?

JohnnyTheGreekStilettoInjury copyThe disposition of the criminal charges has now cleared the path for the civil case. An inside source confirmed that in exchange for dismissal of the criminal case, the “appearance waiver” in the agreement executed by Johnny will not prevent him from pursuing claims against not only Joe, Jacqueline and Chris, but also Siren (Production Company), Bravo, the Security Company, Owners of the Salon and any other parties responsible. The list of potential Defendants may also include Melissa Gorga, the Wakiles and other cast members since the confrontation was allegedly premeditated. In addition, Joe Gorga’s propensity for violence was well known by Defendants and documented by Production.

The within civil suit will be the second strike for Siren and Bravo. They were sued in 2011 for a fight in Punta Cana caused during filming of RHONJ. The Punta Cana Complaint alleged that Bravo & Sirens Media:

encourage, promote and demand that the cast of RHONJ engage in verbal and physical conflict with one another and members of the public, creating a culture, climate and/or atmosphere of confrontation, hostility and violence in order to attract viewers

Paragraph 26 of the Punta Cana Complaint. Full Story on Punta Cana. The Punta Cana Lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed confidential amount.

From the looks of things, the within lawsuit is destined to be a financial and emotional headache for Bravo for the following reasons:

  • Jacqueline Laurita is a “loose canon” who cannot control her impulse behavior;
  • Siren and Bravo already televised Joe Gorga’s propensity for violence, including his wife’s admissions that he has violent outbursts;
  • Johnny was allegedly enticed and misled to attend the function by cast and crew; and
  • The Punta Cana lawsuit put the parties on notice of such dangers.

It will be interesting to see what part the civil suit will be in Season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

27 thoughts on “RHONJ: Criminal Court Dismissal Means More Litigation

  1. Thanks so much for explaining. It was confusing to log on to Twitter to see something about the viewers being *punked* and the whole fight was staged. I hope Johnny gets a nice settlement from not just Bravo but also the Lauritas and Gorga also. You know what they say sometimes you have to get it them it hurts the most and take from their pocketbooks.

    • There was that quote from Kill Bill 2 where Gomez the strip Club owner told Bills brother that (F**king with your cash is the only way you kids understand). And I agree, when you mess with people and their money they pay attention more.

      • The only thing that confuses me, is why would the Ridgewood prosecutors office have knowledge of what is stipulated in Bravo contracts or care as it relates to the assault case. Or are you saying that the attorneys came to an agreement that if the criminal cases were withdrawn Johnny would be free to pursue a civil case against them? Wouldn’t he be free to pursue a civil case against them anyway? I find this all very confusing. I find the fact that Jax changes her story every five min. very confusing also.

      • A municipal prosecutor will often agree to dismiss civilian complaints if requested by the parties. That is what happened. The stipulations by the parties is between the parties and will simply allow Johnny the opportunity to sue for injuries he suffered in civil court where Bravo may be in a better position to “control” whether the matter is settled without public testimony. As far as the right to sue, perhaps the appearance agreement had the same sort of provision as Bravo’s standard contracts where contracting parties waive their right to sue other members of the show, production or Bravo.

      • I wish someone would teach Bravo a lesson they
        won’t soon forget. But, I confess, I will never understand the law behind it. I read that the brawl was worse than the christening. Yet, they glossed over it like it was nothing. I knew the camera man would “drop” the camera. And I do believe that Bravo is going to claim that the footage was destroyed in the brawl. Whereas Janax claims that the “raw” footage exonerated her. No footage was shown if the case was dropped, am I right?

  2. I wish they would have been found guilty… Just for the stigma of being a criminal…as for the lawsuit they have insurance..money won’t come out of their pocket..so they got off easy..

  3. Thank you for the FACTS Faux. I pray JTG/Penny get a big settlement and Bravo and all these assholes are exposed. JacoWaco is tweeting how she never hit JTG and has footage to prove it and that’s why charges were dropped. Ummm, if that were true,wouldn’t she have tweeted that she was innocent 24/7 with her drunk self!?!?! Please tell me this ignorant ass is lying – as usual – and please tell me she/they are just that stupid to alter evidence.

    • She saw the finale and it didn’t show her hitting him so ergo “she didn’t hit him”, in her delusional mind. I guess she forgot about it being edited out and possibly being pulled into the civil court along with the pics of his injuries and also any witnesses that might come forward. If Bravo wants to get out of this (they have no say over the others), they could give them a million dollars and say we will give Penny a spot as a housewife and that would put a stop to the lawsuit on Bravo and Sirens media. But for the rest, let it go and allow it to continue and that could be the story for Penny and her husband for next season. And all of them won’t be able to talk about Bravo or the cameras (part of the contract, they don’t exists). So it will be about them and the fight.

      If Bravo was smart they would do that, pure and simple.

  4. Because of the editing Jacko in her delusional mind wants the viewers to believe she is the 4th wise old monkey……..
    See no evil
    Hear no evil
    Speak no evil
    “I do no evil”

  5. I believe Jac has tried time over time to be kicked from RHONJ (I’ve tried to say this on her bravo blog BUT sursprise they won’t post it). She tweets her butt off, she refused a RHONJ reunion, and she degrades bloggers. Yet, she’s not let out of contract until Caroline is leaving the show…

  6. I am confused.
    So, an agreement was made with production that Johnny can sue as long as he and Laurita and crew drops the charges?
    It is late, maybe I am reading wrong?

    • I don’t believe that production would make themselves more vulnerable to a lawsuit on purpose. It was so weird how production made up that story of JTG tweeting negative things about Nicholas to justify the attack. Which we didn’t get to see. I am befuddled by it.

  7. I hope Bravo has to disclose all of the unedited tapes just to show what liars Joe Go and the rest of them are in their talking heads.

  8. that was a bad move by Penney & husband to drop charges in the criminal matter. in criminal court they could tell the truth & the stupid contract they signed with bravo would be null & void. Not so sure about civil court….unless the judge feels that contract should not be enforced. just saying…hope the truth will be allowed.

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