RHONJ: Caroline on Tre & Divorce – Why Not Show Clip?

On May 19, 2013, Bravo aired a special entitled Watch What Happens Live Special: Jersey Housewives Tell All. It was basically a one on one with the ladies from RHONJ and Andy Cohen.

The “Tell All” was an opportunity for Jacqueline, Kathy, Melissa and Caroline to rehabilitate their deplorable behavior from Season 4, while taking calculated shots at Teresa Giudice.

Andy Cohen told Caroline Manzo that viewers were “bothered” by Caroline Manzo’s prediction  of a Giudice divorce and a potential book.


Without the benefit of the July 22, 2012 clip, Caroline responded as follows:

I didn’t say that.  I never predicted a divorce, that’s not nice. I said if they were to ever to divorce she would capitalize on it. And I was right, because two weeks later she put out a magazine article about it.  It was me saying what’s sacred in your life?

It is difficult to determine what is more offensive, Caroline predicting that Teresa would capitalize on an alleged failed marriage or her predicting a divorce. Furthermore, how does Caroline Manzo know that Teresa “put out a magazine article about it?”

It is interesting to note, that Bravo failed to provide the clip of Caroline’s “talking head” to determine what she actually said about Teresa and Joe. So we are providing it for your review: The following is the relevant portions of the July 22, 2012 transcript:

Teresa wants it all, and I think that the demands she put on him [Joe Giudice] led him to make decisions that weren’t the best. And I think he resents her for it, and he’s going to pay the ultimate price for it.

Prediction: Something may happen where someone has to go somewhere. Teresa’s going to have to pull herself up on her bootstraps and take over. She’ll say, ‘You know what, I tried. I stood by him, but I have to divorce him now. And I’m gonna show my daughters what it’s like to be strong and independent on your own and survive.

There’s a book there somewhere. You heard it here first.

The night when “the Prediction” aired (July 22, 2012),  Caroline Manzo and Meghan McCann appeared on Watch What Happens Live.  Andy asked about the divorce prediction and told Caroline that “you said something that is getting a lot of play on twitter.”  When Andy stated play the clip, Caroline smirked and said “Thank You. ” Here is the clip that was played.

After the clip was played, Caroline stated:

I meant it. I’m sorry that I had to say it. It’s insensitive. It was wrong. But I meant it. Over the  past year, 2 years I been watching someone put things out in the tabloids that are very sensitive to their family, their children to their husband, to their marriage and there is no conscience there, so why would there be a conscience if he goes away.

Meghan McCann indicated that she admired Caroline Manzo for admitting to saying something that was unpopular and sticking to her convictions!

Caroline’s comments came on the heels of Jacqueline Laurita stating that Teresa and Joe “lead separate lives.” So who are we kidding and why is Bravo still looking to hide Caroline’s nasty, self serving, know nothing comments? All Bravo had to do to show Caroline to be the liar she is would have been to show the clip of “the Prediction” OR the clip of Caroline’s response on the prior WWHL. They did neither, because Bravo sought to rehabilitate Caroline’s messy predictions on Housewives Tell All!!

This article has not even touched the surface of Caroline Manzo’s  intrusive comments about Teresa Giudice’s parenting or comments about the Giudice children. Yet during Season 3, the cast crucified Teresa for writing that she does “not condone young girls stripping to bring in business to a car wash.”

Bravo needs to understand, viewers “are not buying it” no matter the spin.

86 thoughts on “RHONJ: Caroline on Tre & Divorce – Why Not Show Clip?

  1. Don Caro blames Joe’s conduct on Teresa? typical. I guess Albert’s cheating is Don Caro’s fault for putting too much pressure on him.

    • Hi faux
      I see you’ve discovered the racist, & homophobic post of Skyler st coxx on the bgc forums. loving it! It’s gets better, doll. Google “bgc, Alexisgisback” and “Bgc Queenzofmedia”.. Those two accounts were banned from the site but if you search them in google, conversations will show up in quotes. :-) As it turns out, the trans community is not that accepting of the homosexual community. (They do not consider themselves gay) Another fun fact used to visit the “HIV” forums on that very same site, where he harassed people afflicted with the disease. By the way, that site is not an lgbt forum as she is telling her friends. It’s the badgirls club forum.
      P.s facebook Sasha Dakota comminiche < that's skylar. Look up the meaning of Sasha.. Sasha = Alex, Alexandra, alexis.

  2. Exactly why I’m so sick of this show. Why does Andy give this POS a pass? Doesn’t matter. He lost credibility with me the moment he hired the stripper and her midget husband.

    • Why does Andy continue to kiss the ass if this washed up harridan? Remember when Nene said Twresa was her favorite Jersey housewife and And said what about caroline ? He wants Caroline to be the favorite housewife e cause she has the most gay relatives, some tat are still in the closet. Sorry but it is true. Every thing in Andy’s life is clouded by his gay agenda. Sorry, but it is tre. The truth hurts.

      • I love post, if you want anything corrected, let me know and I’ll edit accordingly!

      • I don’t know how my name became Bessie. It is gessie and the wtf was accidentally added when everybody switched to wordpress and I thought it had a nice ring to it.

        Caroline speaks in the third person, and she has admitted several times that pretty much everything she says on the show is bullshit. A case in point, in the new teaser for RHONJ it shows her and Albert’s marriage showing cracks, and somebody tweeted her and expressed concern and she said, Oh please don’t worry it is all for the show. So, she basically admits that the show is bullshit. She thinks she is some kind of American icon, it’s very amusing to me. She is pretty smug for an old famewhore from New Jersey who has no skill sets at all. Can’t even raise independent kids, which friggin’ animals do in the wild. I will continue to laugh at Caroline, because she had been trying to get into reality t.v. for years before she got hired for this show. And Andy season after season tries to pretend like anybody finds her interesting and her hideous spawn, and guess what Andy, they just don’t. It just makes us wonder even more just what the f** is wrong with you mentally. Somebody should make a gif of Andy saying “What about Caroline?” to Nene Leaks. Yes, Andy what about Caroline? You mean the one that is 33,207 on the kindle download chart of her book? And that is with a built in audience.
        I will probably not be watching this show this season. Because I know that it is all garbage. I will watch two things, however. Joey getting thrown into a wall like a ragdoll by Juicy and then sobbing like a little girl. And, should they show it, Jacqueline Laurita and her brave friends ambushing JTG and still the men went flying so hard into a sink that they broke from the wall. That I will watch.

      • I’m hoping Jac gets some jail time for assaulting that guy with her shoe! I thought Caro was semi normal season one, but she went cra cra sinse!

      • No matter what Mandy wants Carowhine will never be a favorite anywhere. How many of her books have sold? Has she made the best seller list? I don’t think so. She is a disgusting miserable old hag with 3 tittie children.

      • LOL you are correct….I can’t say anything nice about her. She has shown nothing nice. Mandy is a whimp if he allows her to run his show.

      • So funny !! Drinking & Posting don’t mix:). But drinking while watching RHONJ is a MUST! So glad that Faux wrote this about Clownzo’s ! It was ridiculous @ what they were saying when it was mostly lies! They are just so fake!

      • Well said Bessie!! You hit the nail on the head. When will Andy realise the Manzos will never be popular like Tre. WHEN ANDY WHEN???

      • Andy fired Jill Z. because of pressure by “us the audience” maybe it’s time “we” apply the same pressure for the Manzo’s

      • Oh no, let’s not let Andy backpedal and play games. Andy got rid of Jill Zarin because Bethenney. Andy Cohen is garbage & he should have been fired years ago.

  3. Caroline is such a fool thinking people do not remember what she said, how she said it, and the fact that she meant every word. Then she has the nerve to treat the viewers as stupid by telling a completely different story as to what she “really” said and why she said it. We are to believe she was trying to say that Teresa holds nothing sacred in her life. Well, if that is what she was TRYING to say, then instead of all that bullsh*t she actually said (and meant) why didn’t she simply just say those exact words “Teresa holds nothing sacred in her life.” Plain and simple and to the point.

    Not only does Bravo need to understand the viewers aren’t buying this spinning, so does Caroline. What a crock! Too little too late.

    This is the woman who says, “Caroline will not be doing an apologizing this year.” What else is new??

    • This is how Caroline apologizes “I said it and it was mean but it is true”. No wonder her sibs don’t talk to her. Storm Sandy did not soften that iron heart. cant stand her and will not be watching!

  4. I teally think most viewers are extremely sick of BravoAndy, Manzoids,LyingLauritas, and The GrossGorgas…..It is sadly just all a poor joke of a show and franchise, full of so much fakery, lies, and violence. I like Tre but I am kinda sick of her going along to be a “good employee.” What has it gotten her? Bad edits, clips making her look ignorant, guilty of all their sad manipulating tricks, it is just too stupid to even watch, not to mention the tarnish that carries over to her brand! After this show – Tre needs to look out and protect her image for further opprtunities without Bravo – please get a brain Tre!! I mean seriously, would Bravo be stupid enough to fire her if she stood her ground for the truth!!! Thank God this blog keeps excellent and accurate facts and updates so people like me don’t have to watch the show, but can keep up with the ignorance and trash that Andy has turned his once loved shows into. Thank you Faux for all your excellent work. We all really appreciate you.

    • I think Tre has a five year contract and this is the last year. She wants her own cooking show and I don’t think Bravo will offer her one. I think she can’t wait to get off of this show. Filming for Season 5 is complete and Joe has yet to go to trial. I think Tre is happy about that. However, if there is a season 6, I don’t doubt that they will all be talking about Teresa even though she is not a cast member.

      • I think his trial date is finally coming up. I worry for him.
        Teresa should get off this show and this network and have a show about food and family and fun on another network.

  5. So as predicted Season 5 is going to be another Teresa bashing fest lead by non other than Andy Cohen & followed by vile Caroline.

    I haven’t seen WWHL because we don’t get it in Australia but going by all reports I think Bravo is once again making Teresa the villian. All this pretend make up bullshit I don’t buy it one bit. Caroline realised she farked up last season in turning on Tre she figured if she didn’t make nice her book wouldn’t sell. What a sly conniving bitch she is.

    I’m hoping once season 5 airs Bravo will finally realise Tre is the star of the show and they’ll fire the rest of the cast. FFS I can’t believe i’m going to watch this crap fest again.

  6. I’m sick and tired of Don Caro’s lies and abusive behavior. I wish Tre would just punch her in the face, seems to be the only way to shut her up. Just ask Jacko.

  7. He gave the Manzo’s another pass, how nice. As I said before I’ll say now, Andy despises Joe and Teresa with a passion and many know it. And it started when Teresa pushed him down like a ragdoll on television (I bet he wanted that edited out but his bosses said no way keep it in). And also he knows that Joe and Teresa don’t like the gay thing and that is added pressure on them.

      • Yes, it is he who can’t get over it. When Teresa pushed him and screamed I want to know who he has been talking to, boy did he ever run out and get the bitch who had been feeding her material that would enrage her and put her on the show. With back up. You don’t push around Miss Andy. You don’t put your hands on the Queen, ever. Unless it is in Fire Island. And you are a couple of hot, young guys. Then you can swing him by the ankles over your head in a speedo-thong if you like.

  8. Your a breath of fresh air Faux….I love coming here. Nice to know you’re not going to yell and embarrass people if they make an error.

    As for the Manzo’s and Andy I don’t know what they are holding over his head but it has to be something.

    I remember when Carowhine said and remember you heard it here first.

    I for one am not going to watch the show if it’s going to be another Teresa Fest, they can all go to hell.

  9. I don’t know what it is about Carzilla that Miss Andy loves, it’s sickening! BTW what did you all think about Kathy’s makeover? She looks like an old Ho. IMO

      • Kathy’s hair looked great but she also looked like she had moth wings for eyelashes the other night. Who styles these women?!

      • I 100% agree, Hair Great, but in an effort to hide her bug eyes, the eyelash wings were hedious!

      • I concur! I actually feel bad for Kathy in regards to her looks. She dresses so horrible, so horrible that it embarrasses me.. Like a cheap Hooker! She needs a total makeover to be more age appropriate , from head to toe!

      • Kathy looks like she should be stumbling down a back-alley with red lipstick smeared all over her face. She looks like something from a horror movie. You know how people are scared of clowns? That is what she looks like, something out of a slasher flick. There is a small amount of satisfaction watching her spend her money on plastic surgery and looking older and worse. These broads spend a fortune on plastic surgery hair and make-up and clothes and they all look like shit except Teresa. It’s the truth. She is the only one who doesn’t have a botox face.

      • So funny gessie. Kathy will try to marry off scary Rosie..she scares the crap out of me. Love how Rosie slams people she meets in bars…wasn’t she drunk all of last season? That Rosie, what a catch!

  10. This WWHL Tell All show told the viewers nothing. It was an over sanitized bunch of crap and quite frankly, an insult to our intelligence. Andy must not leave the clubhouse too often. IMO this episode was right up there with the Jill Zarin interview in terms of insight into the lives of these women. It would have been hard for me to keep a straight face listening to Andy ask me questions when he already knew the answers. Teresa looked fed up by the end. Oh yeah…Melissa saying her house was “furnished” was a laugh…PJ

    • How come every picture you ever see of the Gorgaloids they are on that freaking staircase? Do they have a living room? Seriously. They are obsessed with their foyer.

      • To be honest I don’t think they have any furnishings. The library has always been empty.

      • Season 4 they had a kitchen table. They mostly filmed in the foyer or Missy’s closet. The only time I saw it semi furnished was when it was up for sale. The Realesatestalker called their couch ” a squirrel colored sofa” lol!

      • You can’t show what you don’t have. Isn’t the house in pre-foreclosure. Didn’t they have the electric turned off at one time. They are borrowing money every month to pay bills. That’s a sad way to live. All he’s qualified to do now is Landscaping. Really sad how he let himself go to hell for his 15 minutes. I’m just waiting to see if he got a pool dug there. I heard something about that but don’t know how true it is until we see the pool.

      • Exactly! Oh, we forgot about the pool table! Really, who takes formal pictures for their daughter’s Communion of themselves languishing all over a pool table? Ridiculous! We all know the library shelves are completely empty but that doesn’t surprise anyone given the Gorgas are barely literate. Melissa, the school teacher? Please!

  11. Excellent article ..well done and so true!! Thank you for getting it in words what I was feeling. I see more Teresa attacks coming with all the snide remarks they aren’t going to heal…its like they can not control themselves. Thanks again Faux!

  12. WOW yeh it was just so nice of Andy to let Caroline lie about what was said and what she meant by it. Guess he still thinks the viewers will stupidly believe her and buy her book? Did not work for me. Now if she has said she was totally sorry and should have never said that, I may have bought her book from the Dollar Tree when it gets there. I will not even spend a dollar on it. Like others, totally sick of the Bravo Producer fake crap but will watch Season 5 for the laughs!

    • I wouldn’t even spend a dollar for Carowhines book. Let me tell you something, Andy that wwwhl Sunday was a waste of time!

      • I turned it on and turned it off. He asked nothing and they answered nothing. Bunch of bullshit, really. Does anybody recall a pertinent or timely question that he asked anybody?

  13. I’m really sick of Miss Andy and his hatred for the Guidices. It’s disgusting and I just can’t watch it any longer. Same with RHOC.

  14. I have been a long time lurker to this site however, this is my first time commenting. First and foremost, thank you Faux for this blog. You do excellent research. Secondly, I’d like to add my 2cents. It’s just a theory but could explain the question as to why Ms Andy gives Caroline free passes, more specifically, the one mentioned in the above article. I remember a while back, there were rumors swirling around about the Manzo children getting a spin off but that fell through supposedly because of the brawl in Punta Cana. Time has passed… Caroline rents an apartment in Hoboken, the boys open a restaurant in Hoboken. Additionally, Caroline mentioned some time ago in an interview (maybe Fox 5 NY , not sure of specific channel) that Cafface would be opening another location. I don’t think she mentioned a location but I’m thinking if there is another location it will be in Hoboken. I smell a spin off… I hope to God I am wrong. IMO, the Manzo offspring are SOOO undeserving of a spin off or anything good for that matter. But truly, this is the only logical explanation I can come up with… then again, who said Ms Andy does anything logical??? Anyway, JMO.
    Thanks Again Faux

    • Hi Mercedes, after hearing that Tamara’s getting a show ( even if it’s a wedding special) your theory wouldn’t surprise me at all. Clearly Bravo/Andy love to elevate the people that we the minority ( bloggers/blogees? Lol) dislike immensely. Not the ones we love to hate but, the ones we really just hate!! I think you have some valid points. I’m scared!

      • Then what we have to do is boycott the show and just read re-caps. No ratings show is gone. :-)

    • Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live skit where they make fun of all of the spin- offs? It’s a classic. Andy couldn’t take a joke as he never mentioned it.

  15. What does Caroline have on Andy that he lets her get away with this. Everyone knows she said it and it was disgusting. Caroline needs to worry about Albert and her own Family. As we all can see The jealousy from all of Teresa’s success.

  16. I think he just finds her the most mature, and credible, and does not feel like taking her on, like he does Teresa, Joe, Jac Daniels, etc. So Caroline just uses the opportunity to bald face LIE to the American public about what WE HEARD her say. It doesn’t matter how much SHE LIES, we all heard it, so it’s too late to try to get ANYONE to believe you, except those who never saw the episode where she said it in the first place.

  17. I think why Caroline was depressed last year was looking at her 3 loser kids. Why is every last one of them a loser? Not even one of them is bright, educated or successful. She stayed home for what? None of them have any work ethic, and I think she knows they will drain her and Al’s life savings.

    • She was more entertaining when all she did was wipe the counter down after the hilarious ham game or was it Cajun guy? These Manzo kids have zero personality…who wants to see them on their own show!

  18. Caroline may not realize it, of she does, she doesn’t give a toot: but with this new declaration, she has blatantly and egregiously insulted all viewers.

    Faux — as an aside, your writing is absolutely excellent. I am a small-time magazine editor, but if I was editing a publication that called for journalistic skills as you show here, I would sign you up immediately to contribute. It appears you enjoy writing in this way, and you would be a welcome, respected addition to any masthead, in my professional opinion. I do hope that, if you do want to go into that venue, all you need to do is direct editors to this blog and they can clearly see your talent. You would be an absolute dream to work with as your writing is clear, compelling and cited. Wishing you more writing success!

  19. “Teresa wants it all, and I think that the demands she put on him [Joe Giudice] led him to make decisions that weren’t the best. And I think he resents her for it, and he’s going to pay the ultimate price for it.”

    Why does Caroline think women are responsible for every horrible thing a man does? She has some serious mommy issues, IMO. Take Teresa and mini-Joe for example… They grew up with the same morals and values, I’m sure.. But Caro seems to think just because mini-Joe has a penis, that excuses his blatant disrespect for all women – including , his mother sister and his wife..

    “Prediction: Something may happen where someone has to go somewhere. Teresa’s going to have to pull herself up on her bootstraps and take over. She’ll say, ‘You know what, I tried. I stood by him, but I have to divorce him now. And I’m gonna show my daughters what it’s like to be strong and independent on your own and survive.

    There’s a book there somewhere. You heard it here first.”

    I hope Joe doesn’t spend time “away” for the sake of Teresa and his children. However, if he does – this statement would be true for any mothers who’s husband went away, for any reason – minus the divorce.. Caro is just trying to sale her “whizzdum”… She should know by now that it aint wise lie in camera!

  20. Andy is secretly Caroline Manzos Illegitimate son. Maybe Caroline & Dick W had a love affair and produced Andy.

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