RHONJ: Caro Caught Between Dina & Protecting Chris

DinaCarolineMergecropFor years, loyal viewers of RHONJ wondered about the Manzo/Laurita mystery: What happened to cause the rift between Caroline and her young sister, Dina? Why would two sisters suddenly stop speaking to each other?

In essence, Dina left the RHONJ franchise after Season One.  At the time, Dina stated that she “wouldn’t recommend that other families get involved in reality shows.” New York Post, June 11, 2010.  At the Season One Reunion, Caroline ranted that Danielle Staub “did something to Dina that was unforgivable” but refused to identify what Danielle had done.  Viewers assumed that “the unforgivable act by Danielle” was the reason Dina left.

Shortly thereafter, Caroline suddenly declared that Teresa Giudice was “the cause” of the rift between her and Dina. Chris Laurita also implied that Teresa was involved in Dina distancing herself from their family.  But the facts didn’t support the statement or the implications.

The true cause of the rift between Caroline and Dina was the unfettered support that Caroline showed  Jacqueline.  Jacqueline repeatedly attacked and undermined Dina. But Caroline has not and will not turn her back on Jacqueline. Why you ask? Caroline views her support of Jacqueline as her attempt to protect her brother Chris from an unstable wife.  Caroline will not leave Chris to deal with Jacqueline on his own and if Caroline turns her back on Jacqueline, she will be doing just that! Follow the bouncing ball: Season One Finale, Jacqueline exploded on Dina calling her a liar and stating that she would no longer be silenced regarding Dina’s deceptions towards Danielle.  The following photo clearly shows Jacqueline ranting (and swearing) at  Dina:

Jac Screaming at Dina

Photo via bravotv.com

Dina was visibly mortified and shaken by Jacqueline’s accusations. Caroline attempted to stop Jacqueline by reminding Jacqueline that she was breaking their parents’ hearts. Jacqueline climbed into Chris’ lap who then stepped up to defend Jacqueline. So Dina left RHONJ but Caroline and Jacqueline remained. The family refused to discuss the reason that Dina won’t speak to Caroline or Chris and Jacqueline. True to form, Caroline blamed Teresa in order to deflect blame from the true problem: Jacqueline. But Jacqueline couldn’t keep quiet due to her twitter tourettes.

One evening, Jacqueline went too far with Dina as her target and tweeted that Dina would be “taken down.” On October 21, 2012 at midnight, Dina finally responded (but never mentioned Jacqueline). As soon as Dina responded, Ashlee (Jacqueline’s daughter) immediately asked that Dina delete her tweet. The following is the exchange:

ashley and dina on their mother more complete blog Dina Manzo stated that Jacqueline should keep as quiet as Dina does because things will never work themselves out “if the behind the scenes stuff doesn’t stop.”

Interesting to note that during Season One, Dina and Caroline incorrectly suspected that Danielle Staub was releasing negative stories about Dina’s personal life and charity. But it wasn’t Danielle, it was Jacqueline; Jacqueline who released negative stories about Teresa; Jacqueline who has lied about autism advocates and other twitter users to satisfy her self serving ego.

After witnessing the Season One Finale meltdown, Caroline stayed glued to Jacqueline, not because she loves her more than Dina, but in order to keep Jacqueline contained for the benefit of Chris and their children. So the reason that Caroline, Chris and Dina don’t talk is Jacqueline Laurita who hides behind the love Caroline and Dina have for their brother. Does Jacqueline sound like another RHONJ cast mate?

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  1. It makes a lot of sense. I hope Chris sees to it that Jac gets the mental health care that she needs. It will be interesting to see if Jac will be on Chucky’s new show.

    • Chris’s family didn’t like Jax from the get go. They thought that Jax trapped Chris by getting pregnant when she was escorting/stripping and he called off the engagement to Dina’s best friend. I do believe that they treated her like dirt, and so Jax went after Dina. She was the one leaking the information about Dina to Lynn from Chicago blog about the housewives. And the author is correct, Caroline is protecting her brother because Chris married an unstable person that has become more unstable over the years.

      The reason why Chris won’t leave Jax is two reasons. One, he’s afraid of what she may do to his kids if he leaves her (if he’s that afraid Jax must really be looneytunes and it would explain why Teresa made that comment that she won’t allow Chris to go anywhere without her because she’s afraid of him cheating on him). And two, Jax knows too much about Chris and the families dirt in regard to business and other things, she’s neck deep in it. She could sink the whole family and so they protect her to protect themselves.

      • She is a blabbermouth. She would would definitely do this. What a mess. But the gist of this story rings very true. Good job Faux!!

      • Oh what a Lovely Woman! SMH….thanks for the info and I figured she had a long history of ….well you can fill in the word.
        Chris needs to get the kids out of there.

        Side comment: If that was in the script people wouldn’t believe it.

    • Holy Moly..I have never loved a website…How did I Miss this? I love RHONJ and this is no s&#$@! ..I didn’t know that! (fyi.. I am usually on comp for projects, researching things I need to do or occasional update with family on FB..no fun..this is refreshing!). I thought from the start something, (but wasn’t sure what it was), was off with Jax..she dealt with all her ‘situations’, even with her kid’s the same way, emotionally flat.

  2. Why would Jac tell Dina “I’m going to take you down”? Maybe I’m not getting what’s going on. Take Dina down for what?

    • Gloria, I have no idea what goes on in Jax’s mind but if I had to guess it would probably be that Jax never forgave Dina for her treatment of her when they first met. If I remember correctly, Chris was engaged to one of Dina’s best friends while he had Jax as a side piece. Jax got pregnant and he married her but I think it took a while for Dina to warm to her. I think Jax was still holding a grudge over that. Only reason I can think of actually.

    • Chris was engaged to Dina’s friend but called the wedding off when he got this stripper/call girl Jacko pregnant in Vegas. He married the stripper. The stripper was never popular with Chris’ fambly. Thestripper resented this. If you watch season one, she would complain to danielle about how Dina treated her, and at the lady bug event she complains yapity yappity about how bossy Dina is and howsuperior Dina thinksshe is and condescending Dina is. She wanted to take down Dina like Missy Gorga wanted to take down Teresa, and she did it by putting out stories project ladybug was a fraud operated by Dina, who was in a sham marriage to a gay man.

    • She is saying on her Bravo Blog that Dina wanted her kicked off RHONJ. Well I doubt that. They prob. just couldn’t take anymore of her bizarre behavior.

  3. I remember there was chatter after Season one about Dina’s charity being shady. Not sure but I think Jac had started the rumors by sending out some nasty tweets.

    • I’m feeling real dumb about this article. I have been waiting for it and now that I read it, I’m still not understanding most of it. :(

    • Jac did more then just tweet negative things about Dina and LadyBug Foundation. Jac told Lynn Hudson who had a popular blog that Ladybug was a front for Dina to get money, that all the donated money was going to Dina, that Dina didn’t pay taxes on that money and the list goes on. Lynn Hudson wrote several blogs about Dina and Ladybug all very negative and hurtful to Dina. You might still be able able to find links to Lynn Hudson’s blogs about Dina on SH site.

      Jac is vicious when she attacks. Like at what she did to Danielle and Teresa.

    • Please add that Dina was not using the charity money and that Jac lied. Did you also say that on Bravo under a similar name?

  4. Wow Faux! That makes perfect sense! I always read the many different theories on why but this is by far is the most reasonable explanation.

  5. Yes, Xanjax is a lot like Melissa Gorga would behave if she had a substance abuse problem. The times Melissa has been apparently tipsy on camera have all been revealing.

    And it makes sense when considering the fact that Caroline is so close to this brother, that she named her son Critterfur after him, right? Doesn’t she have several other brothers? Some of which did not even include her (or Dina) in the list of relatives in the obituary published when a son died. :(

    I’ve read Janax was behind the scenes leaking bad stuff about Dina and the charity Project Ladybug. About their taxes. About how the charity was started by all of the sisters, but Dina was taking the glory for it and also mismanaging it.

    I’ve also read that Chris Laurita dumped his GF, who was a long time friend of Dina’s when his Vegas GF Jaxie turned up preggo. (CJ)

    Not sure what if any of these reports is true – do know NONE of the scenarios have anything to do with Teresa Giudice.

  6. How pathetic. Chris needs to grow some balls and either get his evil wife real help or leave her, taking the kids. This woman, while I am sure she loves her kids, is not coming across as a involved, competent parent. Young kids need a mother who;
    Doesn’t exploit them
    Isn’t distracted by alcohol/substance abuse
    Isn’t so fame hungry and imature that they prioritise their days with gossip, tweeting obsessively
    Has such obvious insecurities that her “beauty” is number 1 agenda from season break to season break from filming.
    I see the control by Caro and Chris. It is NOT productive. Jaco is only getting worse and losing all her identity. They enable her insecurities and provoke her madness. Chris is, imo, a horrid husband. His lack of care for what he and Jaco did to bleed his company speaks volumes. He is despicable, just as Caroline. They can’t cover up truths forever…..one day Ashley will talk once the $$ runs dry. And it will. Can you imagine her “tell all” book?

      • OUR go online and say the BLK will cure (?) or at least help autistic children. Then you see people CONVIENIENTLY pop up and say oh where can I find one? BS, BS, BS.

    • He can’t leave her whilst the corporate bankruptcy goes through. As of now, she can’t be forced to testify against him. Also, I may be wrong but I believe the house is in her name probs for tax reasons. It would be a very messy divorce even without her crazy. Caroline is doing the most financially prudent thing for her brother.

    • He can’t leave her whilst the corporate bankruptcy goes through. As of now, she can’t be forced to testify against him. Also, I may be wrong but I believe the house is in her name probs for tax reasons. It would be a very messy divorce even without her crazy. Caroline is doing the most financially prudent thing for her brother.

    • IMO ……The whole Manzo/ Laurita family HAS to protect Wako- Jaco because she knows where all the skeletons are hidden in that family and with the mess of Signature Apparell, Al`s cheating rumors, etc., etc., and on and on…. Crazy Jac knows a lot about all the families. She is a loose cannon and everybody knows this….Chris might Want to leave her But he nor anyone else would dare piss her off…….Look what she did to Danielle, Tre, Dina, Assley, drinking and tweeting. ….Who knows what danger she could put those kids in. The woman is BEYOND CRAZY.

      • This is interesting what you said about Als cheating rumors. If Caro turns her back on Jac, I guess those stories would come vomiting out of Jacs twitter. Whatever Caro is trying to hide or protect must be pretty substantial. I agree that Chris needs to stay married to Jac until the Sig Ap suit is over, and even then, would he be able to leave her? No wond Chris looks like a man on the verge of a breakdown.

  7. Jac needs some mental health intervention. She is always right in the thick of the gossip, and it seems to consume her in an unhealthy way. The scene of Jac gossiping with her trainer about Teresa instead of working out is probably a good idea of what her day is like. I think she fed Danielle everything Danielle knew about Dina and the Manzos. Jac always had a worried look that Danielle would spill on her.

  8. Good points Pink, It’s really scary the way Jac has become more mentally unstable just in the last few years. Between her nervous laugh and crying at the drop of a hat she has a hard time communicating.

    • Hmm, wonder if Ashely is coming home so she can help with the kids when Jac is in the mental lock up. Well, it’s an idea.

      • I think Ashley is coming home because she couldn’t make it on her own. She was living with her grandparents for many months before coming back. Perhaps if she would have spent less time searching for the easy bucks (I wonder where she got that idea?) she would have realized that she needed a second job to make it.

        She has a lot of growing up to do. I always felt a little bad for Ashley because of the way her mom treated her on television. It’s a shame she couldn’t stay away for a longer period of time. Coming back to Jersey and hanging out with her miserable cousin Lauren will set her back.

      • Somewhere it was said that Ashley was raised by her grandmother as Jac wasn’t around much. I think Jac said she was working ALL the time. Whatever. From what we have seen on RHONJ and Twitter Ashley can be mean and whiny. She’s too old to be acting like that. I hope she can change herself for the better.

      • To think Asslee must of spent a mini fortune on her nose job and chin. She should of socked it away for a rainy day. She’s her mother’s daughter for sure. She party’s all night and drunk tweets just like momma.

      • Oh no, what a shame. Can’t see her living very long at Jac’s.
        I didn’t know she had the surgeries. Wonder where they stole the money for that at.

  9. I don’t think Ashlee knows half of the drama her mama starts, so her tweets are understandable, and I think Jac lies to everyone about everything. Typical of Caroline to cover up the dysfunction in her family instead of dealing with it-just like she does with “Jill”. Caroline would rather have her world “appear” perfect than BE perfect. If she really loves her brother and his children, she should make sure Jac gets some real help, because sticking to her like glue isn’t doing either of them any good.

  10. Great blog faux!! Enjoy reading all your posts. I noticed some of the posts are marked private and you need a password to enter how can one obtain a password?

    • I tried 3 of my passwords cuz I have email accounts and keep losing my info and so all 3 said they didn’t work then suddenly it opened up and showed it. . Weird then later I tried it and didn’t give up and didn’t try. It will all come to light in time.

  11. Holy cow!! This all explains a lot of things that just didn’t make sense from Season 1 on. I never “got” or understood the whole vilification of Danielle and felt bad for her about it. It seems that Danielle was the most truthful and clean one of the bunch. Janax did a very good job, at least the first season, as coming across as sweet, innocent and likable. She is a real piece of work.

    • <>

      Not that I can think of. If they’re sharing close family moments, we aren’t privy as viewers in any season.

      They were NOT close during the first couple seasons, b/c Tre and Janax were tight.

      And let’s review back to who can’t keep ANY secret real or imagined, once she has a falling out with someone.

      As someone else said, I think many viewers agree she needs some mental health help and her family are in denial about it.

  12. Interesting and revealing article. Great work as always Faux! Hope that it is true Jack is off RHONJ. Maybe then she will get the help she so badly needs.

    • If I remember correctly crazy drunk jac had Dina’s ladybug charity investigated for tax fraud or not distributing the donations or something. I believe she had the authorities involved. I remember lots of talk on Twitter. All accusations of the charity being a shame. All rumors seemed to lead back to jac. Then I remember Dina defending the charity after an investigation being done. I always thought this was the reason Dina wasn’t speaking to them

      • what would stop her from giving the Feds info on Teresa? She is a vile and vindictive person, I wouldn’t put it past her

      • I believe she fed Kim Grannytel, who fed that lawyer friend. She did take credit for taking Tre down.

  13. When Dr. Caroline “don’t stare into my vagina” Manzo arrived at Jac’s house last year to drop off a fake swimsuit, just in time to attack Teresa, I was surprised, because Caroline is rarely shown going anywhere outside her own domain with her kids unless it’s a mandatory group setting. They’ve never shown the RHONJ getting together at each other’s homes except for Teresa’s house.

    Odd for a show where 3/5 of original cast were related.

    I speculate that Jac IS involved in drama w/Caroline & Dina. I also speculate there has been a fair amount of jealousy over Dina having such success compared to them.
    Dina has a certain charisma the others don’t. People LIKE her, and she has a great presence. The camera loves her! JustAndy loves her.

    If she only wanted to, she could parlay this into a successful career that the others can’t. So I definitely think jealousy & lack of being supportive from her family members is also a factor in their estrangement. Caroline is so desperate to be a big fish (you know, like the Brinkley-Joel family!)–I believe she’d undermine sis if she had to.

    ps: Let’s all recall last year when Dina Manzo received several really vile tweets directed at her, from twits associated with the Gorgas.

    WHY would a Gorga disciple, be attacking Dina publicly? (unless someone was stirring it up privately)

  14. I am praying that Jacqueline is fired…can’t stand her vindictive and nasty behavior. I am banking the story of that Dina got her fired was started by Jacqueline herself….just in case Dina goes back to the show Jacqueline can throw a negative cloud around Dina. I see her finger prints all over this one. Jacqueline is one nasty biatch. I remember when Lynn Hudson was alive (RIP LYnn) Jax would feed some pretty nasty stories about Dina and Teresa to her. Then play miss innocent victim on twitter. The fact that Caroline says nothing and sits idly by while Jax did this to her flesh and blood sister speaks volumes about why Dina continues to stay away from Caro. I think Caro left the show before her shiit could be exposed. She saw what bravo did to Teresa’s family and was not sticking around to see that happen to hers. For that I can understand her. As far as Jacqueline….good riddance bitch.

    • If Dina decides to come back onto the show, she better better batten down the hatches because Jax will have a lot more time on her hands to sell stories. Jax will work overtime try to drive a wedge between Teresa and Dina. I’m sure Dina knows this – I’d be very surprised if she actually signs on.

  15. This info swirled around a while ago. I always believed that Dina brought out the Danielle book and Caro lied to cover for her and that’s why Jax screamed at her, there always seemed to be issues between them. It seems that Dina was always protected by family and put on a pedestal. Chris even said that Danielle was welcome in his house which made Dina and Caro angry. Jax probably bad mouthed family to others hence the odd Danielle hug at the reunion. I always was wary of Dina, didn’t believe her zen bs, more like a bitch!

  16. This proves to me that Caroline loves Chris more than Dina. It also proves that Chris isn’t smart enough to divorce Jac and get custody of his boys. Damn if I would let somebody tear my family apart. Chris and Caroline are a sorry set of siblings. Dina should consider herself lucky. Can’t wait until Caroline pisses Jac off and she is without Dina and Chris.

    • No surprise there re: Caroline. It is clear that Caroline does not like women. She’ll excuse just about any bad behavior from a man, but she’s a total bitch to the women in her life – including her own daughter!

      • you are so right! She calls her daughter names, but her sons could do no wrong…she covers for her husband’s affairs, loves Juicy and roid Joe too

  17. Jac and Lookers are very similar in many ways. They are both ruthless in getting what they want. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt to get their way. Both lie, sell false stories about their own families. Both are rumored to sell stories to US and Radar On Line. Both are very sneaky. Both have rumors and people coming out saying that they both worked in strip or “gentlemans’ clubs. In my opinion both have mental illnesses. Both place themselves ahead of their children. Jac left CJ and Nick for weeks just so she could go cross county for a tummy tuck. Lookers goes out clubing all the time and now that her book is released she is out every night at signings. Who is watching their children?
    At that end of the human chain are Teresa and Dina. Both have large fan bases. Both refused to speak negatively about their families on TV, in magazines and on twitter. Both have been stabbed in the back by family members. Both always show a positive attitude.
    If Jac is fired (PLEASE GOD FIRE JAC) and Dina returns that attacks on Dina are going to be as bad if not worse than what Jac did to Teresa. I feel for Dina. As long as Jac is married to Chris Jac will make her life miserable just like Lookers is doing to Teresa. It will never stop. Lookers has just gotten sneaker.

  18. Great job tying up all the pieces, Faux! One toxic SIL ruining an entire family. I can relate. Hope she goes to therapy and soon.
    Off the subject, but am I blind, or is Jax’s plastic surgery so subtle that she looks exactly the same as before she left? Maybe she just needed a break, and Chris sent her to her parents? So odd.

  19. I hope Andy asks the cast members to comment on the other cast members comments about teresa and her family this season

    Like lauren manzo calling Teresa’s kids raised by wolves

    Like melissa saying on camera joe cheats and doesn’t love teresa

    Like Joe not defending her

    Like joe listening to strangers

    Like nobody saying I apologize except teresa

    Since the other cast members did not comments in any other these comments in their blogs and only comment on Teresa’s Andy better ask them to call the others out!

    So,embody tweet this to Andy lol

    • I doubt he will say anything to defend Teresa. Since she shoved him the word is that he hates her. I’m sure he was happier than hell to get the Giudice’s on WWHL and embarrass them.
      I’ve hated Andy for quite some time now. He is as slimy as they come.

  20. Wacky Jacky is crazy like a fox. Don’t you think that by now (how many seasons of her unhinged behavior have we had a glimpse of…) Chris and Caroline would have gotten her the help she truly seems to need? She has likely told them what she would do to all of them if they crossed her. The Manzo/Laurita clan may think they are a Titanic sized family, but they also know that Jac is the iceberg of craziness that can sink them all.

  21. Jac made two posts abt Dina on her , Jac’s, Facebook page 12 hours ago. You should see all the sympathy being throw at her.
    She never stops. I’m still blocked from posting on FB.

    • Jacaloon is a neck rolled, round heeled, mattress back, booze bag, Glitter Gulch alumna skank. So tired of her and her pharmaceutical inspired deranged internet antics. She needs a nice, big, steaming cup of STFU.

  22. Melissa is on wendy williams today with her sisters in the audience

    So much trash talking

    There r pics of the whole,cast w penny

    Lysa her sister probably gave her the pic she tweeted

    Everyone call, go to her website, tweet,

    • Messy Marco was doing so much back pedaling about her book, Love Taliban Style. She is so full of sh*t. She should sneak off to the Burger King to drop a deuce since she can’t poop when her lord & master is around.

      Speaking of His Douchyness, he looked high when he was sitting next to her on that couch. And does he know how ridiculous he looks mugging for the camera like an idiot. Oh, and he looks like a dick head with no hair. Could he be anymore Neanderthal with his big ol’ brow ridge and sloping forehead.

      • The Asshole had large pillows stuffed behind him but his feet barely touched the floor. Ordinarily I would not mention anyone’s stature but I make an exception for this creep. : ))

        I hope he reads Faux.

      • LOL! Wendy Williams went on and on about how tiny Messy Marco is, but Jo is shorter than his skank wife.

    • I Tweeted the BITCH WW. Have you ever looked at her Youtube Comments? She has a huge fan base of filthy mouthed illiterates following her. They love her the most when she tries to destroy people verbally.
      At one time I did an indepth research on her and it made me wonder who she had to blow to get her contract extended.
      When she was on the radio she was friends with the Queenz of Media who is still a friend of Melissa and her sisters.
      A WW employee got sick of being sexually harassed by WW’s pimp husband and WW told her to have sex with him and to STFU. GGGRRRRRR…..

  23. Don’t be stupid and conned by Jacko? Jacko is acting CRAZY on purpose to AVOID her Jail sentence. This is all trumped up to MAKE her appear crazy, when she is not. She’s trying to PLAY us and the legal system. It WON’T work…she’s going to jail and so is Chris…hopefully SOON! I quit watching anything on Bravo 2 yrs. ago. F–k You Ms. Andy!

  24. I don’t know if whackos son is autistic or not, it’s not one size fits all. Clearly he does have some kind of deficit. However I do have an autistic child and she’s extremely offensive.

    She’s not the spokes person for autism or bringing awareness to it, like its been in the shadows or something before her. And all I see from her is me me me, poor me. I also have other children, I don’t ignore them like she does, I don’t have all the tax payer bennies that she has to take care of my child. The music teacher, chamber that she goes in etc., nor would I. He’s my child, not the tax payers. Nor am I out there using him as a PR gimick or trying to promote my husbands business, BLK, as a cure all. Disgusting.

    Autism isn’t the end of the world, its just different. She’s doing way more harm. She needs to go away.

    I have a gay cousin that is possibly the most nasty person on the face of the earth, truely just a miserable human being. Would Miss Andy like it if he was the spokesperson for all gay people?

    • As a spokesperson for autism, Jacqueloon is useless as teats on a boar. Actually, leave out as a spokesperson for autism. Jacqueloon is just plain useless. A complete oxygen thief. She needs to just go away.

      Someone commented on another blog (and I am paraphrasing because I don’t remember exactly what this person said) that Jacqueloon keeps talking about autism and the only thing I have learned about autism is that it makes Jacqueloon cry. How’s that for raising awareness.

  25. @Ana. So far I haven’t seen enuf of Nick to think he is anything but a bit slow for his age. I’m no expert on autism tho. What did piss me off was when he had an iPad or something and she took it away from him and he screamed and she was using that to say he was messed up. Well, I had 3 kids and they would have not been too happy if I’d grabbed something away from them either.
    To me it looked like she was abusing him for her own purposes.

    • The shadiest part of the whole exploitation of their son is the tie in with blk. They use autism to promote blk and they imply that blk cures autism. From Albie’s testimonial about sending the mother of an autistic child blk and how drinking the blk caused the child to behave and stim less, to Jacqueloon’s autism appearances festooned in blk regalia, and concluding with Chris and Jax marveling at the progress Nick has made as he is seen sipping on a bottle of blk. The whole Nick has autism piggy backed on the promotion of blk and the subliminal message that drinking blk cures autism is repellent. The Lauritas and Manzos are nothing more than modern snake oil salesmen. Disgusting.

      • I think that infuriates me most of all, using a child to pimp their sludge as a cure all. All of my kids have unfortunately eaten mud at one point or another, ok none of them were the sharpest knife in the drawer and it didn’t make any of them little Einstiens. Maybe it was because it wasn’t mixed in a bottle of water. As long as they weren’t blinding each other with it I had other things to worry about.

        But people, especially parents, will grab onto anything as a “cure” in a desperate situation and it’s dangerous.

        Sad story, I knew someone with cancer that was conned into believing that he only needed massive doses of vitamin C to cure him. Chemo was actually working, although rough. Despite what everyone kept saying he went with a “dr” that said massive doses of vitamin C was all that was needed with no side effects. He died. But I probably didn’t even need to add that.

      • There is a gal named Joyce Riley who has a site for Desert Storm soldiers who have multiple health problems from the US’s dirty bombs. The VA was saying it was all in their heads. Anyway, Joyce was a nurse or doctor and she got a breast cancer tumor the size of a grapefruit. She went on a diet of massive amounts of juiced carrots and broccoli and the tumor went away. So it can help some people. Curing cancer is not profitable for our medical monopoly.

  26. Best comment from all about trh about clip showing caroline vs teresa:
    This is the best blog ever says:

    Lmao.. Is this for real?

    Did caroline forget how her daughter called Teresa’s kids raised by wolves, talking about her legal issues, her issues with her cousin and sister in law and brother, her husband going to jail before it was even a big topic, them divorcing, them cheating….. You are a joke caroline and a hypocrite.

    Just because you are louder, doesn’t make you smarter

    By the way, when caroline kept asking repeatedly if Teresa saw them fighting with her own two eyes..teresa said no she heard them. And she said caroline WAS miserable the whole trip…..so teresa didn’t really lie but maybe exaggerate which she admitted

    Unlike caroline when called out on WWHL if she regrets predicting a divorce for Teresa..she puts up that stinky finger of hers again and says no no no watch it again those were not my words. (Of course WWHL didn’t bother to play the clip we all saw lol)

    Bravo likes to pretend that if they don’t acknowledge something then the viewers forget about it lol


    • Lauren is a vile human being. Run Vito run. Lapband has actually saved him from loads of misery, he can learn in a very short time what can take people years to accept.

      But in Lauren’s defense, and I hate to say it because she’s so nasty, I do think she’ll do and say anything trying to be accepted by Caroline. Unfortunately she’ll never see that Caroline is mental and wants to be the only woman in her sons lives. It makes me kinda sad for Lauren, but doesn’t give her the right to say horrendous things about someone else.

      Albie, and really what adult goes by the name Albie, really? Albie would be much happier with Al or any of his uncles, and Crittofur looks like something I would shoot on my deck and bury.

  27. From FW

    Kay says:
    October 10, 2013 at 12:30 PM
    Melissa just tweeted this…what good hearted people her cousins are….yes the same one that tweeted hateful things about Teresa a year ago……..

    Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga 25m
    Completely love my cousins @NickMarco & @tmariemarco such amazing and good hearted people. Xo

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    I love all the whispering going on during the reunion, its apparent no one can handle the delusional woman in the green dress!

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    Get Teresa off the show #timetogo #crazylady #glittereyeshadow #RHONJ

    Tara Marco Bogota ‏@tmariemarco 30 Sep 12
    @Lizarazo crazy delusional woman! She should get kicked off the show #overit

  28. I love how when melissa was asked to respond to seeing her comments about Joe and Teresa’s marriage, instead of apologizing she said.. See how it feels

    And teresa says what did I say about your marriage or something like that


    “Well you talked about my singing”

    lmao.. Effing joke

  29. All I have to say is: Damn. It’s quite clear Jac is the Manzos/Lauritas family verison Melissa Gorga but with a way bigger mouth and crazy. Yikes! This makes feel bad for Danielle and Teresa because they were this family’s scapegoat to cover up their ugly family drama off camera thanks to Jacko.

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