RHONJ Brawl Leads to Criminal Charges – StilettoGate

Jacqueline-has-had-enoughSome people never learn . . .

The blonde girl is always the first to get hacked up in horror films;

The guy wearing the red shirt is always killed on Star Trek; and

A brawl always breaks out at Kim D parties with Jacqueline Laurita at the center of the controversy. . .

. . . it’s as certain as paying taxes and death.

So let’s tell a tale, a tale of a Grand Opening and Kim D’s promise to Bravo to deliver with a little help from her friends . . .

Throughout filming of Season 5, Kim D continued to schedule “events” and invite her RHONJ “friends” because her orders were to sponsor events until “something of interest” was captured on film.

Kim D scheduled the Grand Opening of a second location for her store in Ridgewood, NJ.  The event was scheduled so quickly that Production failed to obtain the requisite permits and insurance (town retroactively issued one of the requisite permits the following day). It is unclear whether the landlord’s permission was necessary pursuant to the provisions of the lease. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the State provided the proper licensing for hair/waxing services (all of which were offered and captured on film).

In order to lure Penny Drossos (known as PDKhair) and her husband, John Karagiorgis (known as @JohnnyTheGrk) to the March 30, 2013 event, Joe Gorga and Richard Wakile spent the weeks preceding the event contacting @JohnnyTheGrk, offering to have their wives film with Penny and obtaining Karagiorgis’ commitment to attend the event (in order to publicly prove that any strife was behind them).  Production asked Karagiorgis to attend in writing, confirming same the evening of the event.

On March 30, 2013, the invited guests were permitted entry according to a pre-arranged time table. As invited guests, Penny Drossos and her girlfriend were escorted into the salon, John Karagiorgis and three remaining guests were told to wait outside for their cue (they along with other guests waited for over an hour).

Upon entry, Penny Drossos was immediately confronted by Jacqueline Laurita who in a span of minutes went from asking if they knew each other, to making accusations about her autistic son, to apologizing to Penny Drossos and bursting into tears. Surrounding guests were stunned!!

Production then ushered Penny Drossos to Teresa Giudice. When Teresa asked Penny Drossos to back her up that it was Penny who brought up Melissa’s past at a prior event (this Season), Penny Drossos reminded Teresa that it was Teresa and Kim D who asked Penny to confirm who Melissa’s ex was because of a phone call Juicy allegedly received.  [In fact, last year, Twitterland was abuzz when various individuals  tweeted about Melissa’s alleged infidelities and compromising pictures from Cancun, etc.]

As the drama among the housewives continued, furniture was rearranged, security moved into position and Jacqueline Laurita removed her shoes.  John Karagiorgis was cued to enter the salon and greet Joe Gorga, which Karagiorgis thought was in accordance with discussions he and Gorga had prior to filming. Instead of the friendly banter that Gorga had promised, Gorga turned purple with rage and was unable to “find his words” as soon as Karagiorgis greeted him.  Gorga erupted into a physical assault upon Mr. Karagiorgis. The Lauritas followed Gorga’s lead and Jacqueline Laurita ultimately attacked striking Karagiorgis in the head with the heel of her stiletto.

Production refused to contact the police. Mr. Karagiorgis proceeded to the Ridgewood Police Department. While Karagiorgis was reporting the incident, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita ran home.

While at the Ridgewood Police Department, Mr. Karagiorgis’ demeanor was evaluated, he received medical attention, his injuries were documented and he was permitted to file the following charges:

  • Joe Gorga: assault and terroristic threats
  • Chris Laurita: assault and terroristic threats
  • Jacqueline Laurita: assault

On the following day, while Karagiorgios sought further medical attention, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita celebrated Easter with their families.

Classy Easter table March 31 day after fight

Shortly thereafter, Jacqueline Laurita commenced her all too familiar campaign of sending text messages (via cell phone) and direct messages (via tweeter) to Karagiorgios’ family members and friends and on twitter. Her messages ranged from insisting that she didn’t hit anyone with a shoe, to messages insisting that she “didn’t mean to hit” Mr. Karagiorgis.

On April 2, 2013, on World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), Jacqueline Laurita took the time to taunt an autism advocate by falsely alleging that the advocate wanted Jacqueline to keep her son “a secret.” Laurita knew her tweet was false and was fully aware that such a tweet would cause her fans to attack @RealityJulie.  People who knew @RealityJulie to be a true autism advocate were outraged by Jacqueline Laurita’s blatant disregard for the truth and the harm to Julie.

jac on julie and autism

On Thursday, April 4, 2013, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita learned that they were charged with criminal complaints. The same day, they filed cross complaints against Karagiorgis.

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Fortunately, the charges filed by Gorga and the Lauritas forced them to testify as to their version of the incident.  The testimony was predictable and inconsistent with the lapse in time from the brawl to reporting, etc. The unedited footage of the event has been demanded by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.

Contrary to Jacqueline Laurita’s advice to her daughter (when Ashlee assaulted Danielle Staub in Season 2), Jacqueline refuses to take responsibility for her actions.

There are so many unanswered questions:

  • Why would the Gorgas who claimed they have been stalked for “years” wait until they were charged to file cross complaints?
  • Why would Joe Gorga and his wife film with Penny Drossos less than a month earlier at Chakra in Paramus if they felt they were being stalked and cyberbullied?
  • Why would the Producers insist that Drossos and Karagiorgis attend Kim D’s event?
  • Why would Jacqueline Laurita send dozens of messages contradicting her Court testimony?
  • Why would Karagiorgis go to the Police and seek medical attention the night of the brawl if he was “on drugs” (as alleged by Jacqueline Laurita)?

Unlike Bravo, all unanswered questions will be answered courtesy of the Courts

#StilettoGate was coined by Autism Advocate and twitter personality extraordinaire @RealityJulie

82 thoughts on “RHONJ Brawl Leads to Criminal Charges – StilettoGate

  1. Jacqueline:

    Your face is as bloated as your brain. It appears the Restylane is getting to you. Now instead of swearing on the Bible, make sure you swear on your son, who is autistic before you give testimony. Maybe then you will feel guilty about your stories and lies. You are a disgrace to the autism community.

  2. She got insulted & unfollow me on twitter when I suggested she accompany her daughter to therapy. She’s in desperate need. Why didn’t Miss Andy fire her as he did Adrianne for not showing up at reunion?

    • Because he’s a chicken and is afraid of the Manzoids. He may wind up in the trunk. The 3 of them should have been fired this past weekend. He’s giving and allowing those terds to give NJ a bad name. She belongs in a zoo.

      • Autism should have never been used by Jax for any reason. It is a developmental difficulty that affects a child not a get out of jail free card for Cracker Jax. Keep playing the autism card Jax but it isn’t working. Keep hiding behind a child who has so much to cope with and so much to overcome including a crazy mother. I hope Social Services begins an investigation to ensure that the kids are safe that hair trigger temper isn’t a good when children are in your care.

    • I got #JacBlocked too by her. She can’t handle the truth, I wish they would just get rid of her, she needs to back to rocking in the corner and tweeting her crazy, drunk tweets LOL

      • Looney toons blocked me also. No loss, in fact anyone who blocks me it’s no loss to me because I don’t bother a soul on there. Screw them all. That’s my attitude toward them. :-)

  3. I say let these trashy lying idiots keep digging their hole to hell a little deeper cause when the truth surfaces – and it will – the Lauritas will get to have Fed problems, lawsuits, no more Bravo paychecks, and Justice…..trip to prison – they are such dumabasses.

  4. What a wonderful spokeperson you are for Autism. You’re nothing but a POS stripper. How proud your children will be of you when they grow up and see those pictures. Pat yourself on the back LooneyToons.

  5. family and youth services should investigate this family. if wacko could hit man in head with her heel,imagine if she flipped put on her little boys .

  6. the new version is that Melissa is sick because of Johnny the Greek stalking her, WAT!! Pete’s calling her slut pig whore but she’s upset because of Johnny? They need to look at all twitter and the fans who hate her for what she did

    • Yes Stumpy said she was depressed? Really? If it wasn’t true then why be depressed? I would just laugh it off if there was no truth to it? They play BOTH sides! Gorgas are walking contradictions, seriously never seen more contradictory stories. How they lie so much is BEYOND mind boggling!

      Faux, we are so appreciative for your honest truthful writing! Always so in depth& correct! Huge TY!
      I hate when I really know the real deal and keep reading lies! It’s so easy now to tell who the sources are by just reading diff blogs.. I personally can’t give details therefore my love for you giving the REAL REALITY!
      Have a great weekend!

  7. Finally, a great read with truth, details, and complete knowledge of facts. Well done.
    Quick question, on top of their list of charges what’s the penalty for purgery? These people are complete idiots if they think fabrications of truth & malicious prosecution will go unpunished. Great Blog Faux.

  8. Again, Faux you out do your previous blog……You wave the flag of truth & reality……..I thank you for all that you do, and I appreciate the time & committment you have made to accomplishing just that. I cannot wait until the 18th!!!!!! Looking forward to what is really happening.

  9. Great Blog! Thank you for laying everything out so concisely! It looks like the Lauritas and JoGo should be worrying about perjury charges next! Even Jax should be able to see that she has really stepped in it this time!

    Love you & love your blog!

  10. THANK YOU for writing the truth about the Jac situation with RealityJulie. Jac and the rest of the Manzos use their “Twitter army” to attack people who do not agree with their LIES. Poor Julie has also been the subjects of attacks by vile Queenz who has been calling her names like “Cunt” and “Clara Barton” and publicly questioning Julie’s professionalism in her career, which is horrible and uncalled for. Jac makes me sick with what she did to Julie and I hope this situation with Johnny comes out in his favor. Love the blog!

    • Thanks Jen and Faux! I guess at the end of the day, it’s Jac’s word over mine. Try to find my criminal record. Oh yea, they don’t exist. Because I’m a GOOD person committed to helping others.

      • Jac tries to look like she’s so into autism but it clearly shows that she’s all about herself and making money. I feel sorry for the children, that’s who this will affect in the end.

  11. Makes me sick to think they will probably get away with it! Same old song. I hope that people who were there will actually come forward and tell the truth without worrying about exposing their identity. Let truth prevail!

  12. Very nice blog Faux. I’m not watching anything Bravo until they get a handle on crap like this. I don’t find it entertaining in the least.

    I don’t remember who I saw but there was a string of people on twitter laughing & making fun of the injuries Johnny the Greek received. I didn’t comment & again I don’t remember who they were but I think it’s shameful. That looks like a pretty substantial injury to me but regardless having a group of people “jump” you is pretty traumatic. That’s a lot of pure, unadulterated hatred flying at one person. Mob mentality.

    The moral of the story is: Turn the channel

    • For the people on twitter to think that any of this just happens without a director, producer, camera crew, sound people, lighting, etc… Need a reality check. Really so Johnny was able to just storm right in unnoticed and attack people? The HW shows are done! Andy Cohen is done! And Bravo is done! I believe all the twitter drama is made up to get more viewers to watch this dumb shit that is no more real than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny! They probably pay the family members who are not seen on tv to create social media drama to lure more viewers in. Bye Bye Bravo! I’m not watching this shit! I will support Teresa in other ways! Sorry!

    • Remember when your parents used to tell you if you didn’t wipe that look off your face it might stay like that?

  13. Great Post Faux!!! So happy to see truth being put out there VS the lies. The Laurita & Gorga fams are so desperate! I really hope no one is listening to Wacko and her blatant lies. She doesn’t realize perjury is a crime , she must not or at this point w all her charges whats another 1 like perjury! Add it to list of her crimes.
    Total set up by production and hope JTG goes hard after them. This “stiletto gate” (hysterical name) has crossed the line even for TV! He was really hurt & it could of been worse esp w a shoe to a head? Can’t mess around like that.

  14. Hi Faux,
    I read all the blogs and honestly I don’t know what to believe. I have a question for you.
    Now you say that Penny said it was Teresa and Kim D who wanted to expose Melissa’s past?
    Last year and this year, Johnny gave interviews and swore that Teresa had nothing to do with it. Penny even tweeted that Teresa had nothing to so with it. The reason Kim and Johnny said they had it out for her is because Melissa trashed their businesses. When I say trashed; I mean talked trash. I am so confused to why the story is changing regarding Teresa.

    On with Jacqueline. Have you ever seen her take responsibility? No! She always has an excuse to why it was okay to do what she did.
    I can see Rich and Joe telling penny twit wives will film with them.

    Joe Gorga needs to take a seat and understand it is not the Real Househusbands show. I couldn’t imagine being married to a needy S.O.B. like that.

    • Debbie, the article does not say that it was Teresa and Kim D that wanted to expose Melissa’s past. Please don’t put words in the blog that do not exist. The article states very clearly that Teresa and Kim D approached Penny to ask the identity of an ex because of an alleged phone call that Juicy received. The article describes one isolated incident regarding Season 5. You then jump to interviews and tweets that Johnny and Penny gave about the stripper incident that occurred last year in Season 4. What does that incident have to do with Melissa’s ex boyfriend?

      • Faux, I am sorry, I thought you were talking about last years strippergate. The season has not aired yet so I was confused.
        If I were John and Penny, I would stay away from Bravo and Production, they lie to them every year and promise them things that never happen.
        I just hope to not cover their asses, Production does not cover for Jacqueline. or the footage disappears. You have to wonder why they never showed Punta Cana. I have a feeling Production and Jacqueline already discussd this. But Jacqueline can not stay off twitter or text, she dug herself a hole, I can not wait to hear how she tries to talk herself out if this one.

  15. My question is:
    if you are being stalked; why wait until there is cameras there to confront them? Why even agree to have a sit down ahead of time before filming? What is their excuse for attacking the police officers (ouch, where were they again when they dilmed an it didn’t make the show?)

  16. It should be noted that this ‘store’ is not an actual store but a small section in a hair salon of another group of fame whore twin hairstylists.

  17. Bravo didn’t have much luck or seem to care that Ashley had legal consequences. In a case of simple assault involving a very young adult without a record Ashley certainly did not walk away unscathed. Ashley has a record now for simple assault. Where were the bevy of Bravo attorneys. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo washes their hands of the three stooges either.

  18. I forgot to mention that yes, I was attacked by Jac’s followers, but of 600k, only 50 or so retweeted, 100 or so favorited. Hmm… Guess we will never truly know what the other 599,950 thought of her lying tweet? #purchasedfollowers
    Via Twitter, I offered to speak with Jac about her concerns regarding me, in person, via Skype, telephone, or email. Never heard back from her about that.

    I never have nor would tell anyone to hide autism- but admittedly many times I’ve told Jac she is hiding behind, exploiting, and abusing the special needs platform she has. I’ve called her out on embarrassing behavior, such as name calling and phyiscal aggression, and her pure moronic tweets (such as suggesting her followers get a flu shot despite being part of a panel at Autism One/Generation Rescue conference, two organizations who would never advocate something of the sort). If she wants to be a spokesperson for Autism, perhaps the first step would be to avoid bar fights, stop using Twitter to attack people, and attend some conferences by true experts in our field, or therapy sessions with her child. She might be surprised to find out that she could learn something.

    I’ve specialized in working with individuals with autism for almost 15 years, and I currently maintain a private practice with autism as my focus. I live each and every day working passionately to help improve the lives of these individuals and their families. I so appreciated many of my friends and followers addressing the lying tweet in support of me and my work. It’s not a new saying, but when it comes to true autism advocacy, all one really needs to do is consider the source. Which is exactly what I’ve done with regard to some of the subsequent attacks I’ve received by Jac supporters.

    She’s a freaking joke and embarrassment to the #autism community. It’s probably only a matter of time before they treat an autism organization the way they did Komen.

    I tweet about speech, language, and autism under the handle @SpeechTXJulie.

    • Thanks Julie for all that you do and most especially on behalf of autism. God bless you. I found your post enlightening and it is interesting and concerning that Jax has very little education . While it’s helpful to share experiences they may not be applicable to everyone. Also seems,IMO, to regurgitated bits and pieces of Jenny McCarthy’s book and bits from the internet. Jax adds nothing to a conversation that has been out there for years and sometimes her info is woefully short of facts or downright inaccurate. Interesting that Jax dies not attend conferences. Has she made any attempt to resource information? Also nothing Jax offers is groundbreaking . So why is she an advocate? The fundraising is disturbing because blk is so closely tied to their efforts and events look like promos for their product instead of an autism charity.curious how much money is actually raised after all the expense / writeoffs/chargeoffs.

    • 100 % with you , People can see the truth the real truth not the bs she is about. Instead of doing something productive she sank to that level. Sad

  19. Thanks Faux for filling this out, it explains alot. It was a total setup that got out of control. They must be complete morons to think that their lies won’t be found out. Even the timing of the lies/complaint became suspect. If JacDaniels was so “scared” or Chris and Joe where concerned about John, why didn’t they go to the police after the incident. It’s because they thought they kicked his ass.

  20. Faux your famous. they can’t quit you. Shim wants your girl parts, girl on fire and bino don’t believe your married because it’s there business you know and you. that’s bino, the one who says she doesn’t do twitter wars. now that’s a joke. she so far up shim and LL ass that you can only see her toes. poor hamster. and temporary maria, the one with the list on who to follow, she is not team teresa anymoe, she said she’s neutral and they all suck. I guess shim and LL are working overtime to make sure teresa’s fans are disguested with them all

    • Shim. Lol
      Bino and LL are sucking off shim, shim is playing them all like the puppet master, and the plumber is wiping off their double chins.

  21. Love this blog. :)

    I am losing interest in the coming season before it starts. But at least I can read blogs like this.

    Who are bravo trying to kid with all of this?

    I liked the first season of RHONJ, maybe I was naive and felt there was an innocence to it. Now I just think the whole thing is ridiculous. People are getting seriously hurt, lives are going to be fully ruined. All for a TV show. Ridiculous.

  22. Jac keeps getting deeper into her bullshit. That smirk on her face is loving the attention that it’s all about her. Center of attention finally. MeGo is thrilled Joe got in trouble and her name ‘s not involved. Same as at the reunion when she was sitting there playing with her watch and Joe’s eyes was bulging. Surprised at Chris I didn’t think he had it in him, but desperate people do desperate things. Besides, didn’t Chris lie about taking computers from his company and then had to admit he took them? Where is this going? Bravo is a mess and it’s all because of these losers.

  23. Faux=Truth!! No matter how many times the hamster hoes try to bring Faux down, like cream she raises to the top!

  24. I still don’t understand this. Penny and her husband said that Teresa had nothing to do with strippergate last year, but she did have something to do with Bulldoggate this season? And, that is not throwing Teresa under the bus? I think Penny and Johnny were part of the plan to double cross Teresa all along and Kim D and the Lauritas were also involved but something happened to cause them all to put it all back on Johnny. Quite frankly, I wish Teresa would just leave them all behind in the gutter where the rest of the snakes and rats are.

    • How is it throwing Teresa under the bus if Teresa and Kim D came up to Penny on camera at a party and asked to clarify who Bulldog was because someone allegedly called Juicy telling him about Bulldog. Teresa’s brother in law and friend have been talking about Melissa’s past indiscretions for over a year on twitter.

      • Yes, I think based on her statement as well as her husband’s later that Joe should ask his sister, they were intent on throwing her under the bus. I also dont doubt it at all that Pete and Frank knew about and were talking about Bulldog. But who exactly were they talking to about it all? Who brought it up to them? It was some people claiming to have information to reveal lies and deceit perpetrated by the people who at the time were trying to destroy Teresa. So, yes, no doubt they listened to “those people” offering that they had proof. By the way, I’m still wondering. Where is the proof? I don’t mean to be argumentative but it’s just sad to see so many people so ready to have Teresa take the fall. And, that is just my opinion.

    • Teresa would be a complete fool after the past two seasons set up to blithely attend a party without asking a few pertinent questions.Rumors were swirling that MeGos parking lot buddy was going to be there with JTG. She would be an idiot not to question JTGs wife about him, who he was, his name , what he looks like if for no other reason than to run like hell if he came near her. The only way to avoid the de rigueur end of season set up is to keep your eyes open and know where the threat is coming from. Why isn’t Teresa allowed to ask questions? Please. The very fact that she has to ask who he is indicates she isn’t the evil mastermind MeGo claims.

  25. I’m somewhat confused, I thought slojo started the fight to defend meho, now it seems jax and creepy chris we’re provoked by jtg. Neither make any sense why would jtg shout out insults to jax in the middle of a melee with slojo? Sounds like a crock of sh*t.

    • Exactly. The cast’s story doesn’t make sense. And if it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true. Production has probably been telling SloJoe that JTG has been coming at us with information about your wife’s past. He’s been simmering with rage for more than one season about this, and was furious with JTG. That is why gorga was in a rage. Production in his ear for a long time trying to rile him up, plus what he saw on social media. As for the Lauritas, JTG mentioned a couple of times in his twitter, that he thought it was sad that the Lauritas were using their son as a storyline instead of doing what they need to do as parents. Just like all intelligent people do. Get off the damn show, take the cameras out of your house, and spend all of your time, at this critical juncture in his life working hands on to do what you can to help him. Newsflash to Jackaloon: twittering about your autistic son as you so fondly call him, does nothing to help him personally. Sharing gluten-free cookie recipes on the internet with strangers does not help him. You are supposed to be helping him. And helping him should be your only priority. Not twittering nonsense all day regarding your uneducated, simple-minded theories about autism “cures.” I would never put my kid who had cognitive issues or developmental challenges on fucking television or social media. Why? Because that would not be in his best interest as a human being with the right to dignity, privacy and the best care I can provide him. He’s three. He can’t tell you he doesn’t want to be part of a nasty, adult content, fake reality show. As a mother you should know that. I think you do, you just don’t care. In your addled brain you have decided that you can continue on with this show and promote Blk water and take care of Nicholas just by merging all three things. Wrong choice. Selfish choice. Greedy choice. That is not what a real parent does. They give up what they like doing best, when faced with a family crisis of sorts,(which in this case includes being on a dark reality show and drunk twittering) and do what is best for my son. So that is why you are mad. Because JTG may have said what we were all thinking, you are using Nicholas, and frankly it is disgusting. So that is why you and your husband were in a blind rage that day. Because you don’t want to face the truth. So, the producers tell JTG to come, it’s all good, we are going to make peace. you may even get some airtime. They don’t get a permit to film. Hmmm. There are so many people in there it is like a “tsunami of people” according to Jax. Sounds like a fire hazard. Sounds like a recipe for some disaster without question. Sounds like there just might be enough panic and confusion if a fight breaks out, which might disguise the true intent of the production company that day. According to Xanax’s testimony that dat he shows up in fighting clothes. Really? What do fighting clothes look like, I’m curious to know. He starts to smell a rat and so he blurts out something to the effect of, “Ha! Ha! Your son is autistic!” Does that make sense? No it does not. He looks like a man on drugs. Maybe he got a little wide-eyed when people started bashing his brains in, is that what looking like being on drugs looks like? So you crack him one, with your shoe as hard as you can, missing an eye and actually gauging a whole in his head. How do you have time for this. Easy, he is being held for you so you can get a shot in. You could have killed him, any one of you. You do realize that, don’t you? Did you leave the house that morning after telling your autistic son (your words, not mine) “hands are for helping, not hurting.” and then use your hands to try to hurt somebody? badly? Do you think Bravo and their sleezy production team will protect you? Do you think they will lie for you? Maybe. Maybe justice will be served. maybe you ventured into the wrong town where judges can’t be bought, and money can’t make things go away. maybe you are counting on JTG not having the money for enormous legal bills. Maybe you know that Bravo will settle with him for some money. Maybe the video tape that will vindicate JTG was accidentally destroyed when the camera man lost his balance in the melee. Conveniently. You all had plenty of time to get your stories straight. You lie on camera for a living so that isn’t a stretch at all.
      Maybe there will be no justice in this case at all. That is my best guess. If the suicide of a man on a Bravo show didn’t make them skip a beat, then this is nothing. At the end of the day we are back to what we had originally. A little boy without a true advocate who’s parents are exploiting him. In one of your interviews you said that you trust Bravo to handle his story with dignity. The only people in the world he should be able to trust in this world are you and your husband. And you chose a reality show over him. I’d say shame, but you don’t have any.

      • Gessie 100% agree. Production gets these people riled up and they really do not care if there is bloodshed. In fact they LOVE it. They are the real sick twists. Imagine my shock(not really) when I realized that the same production company that does RHONJ and RHOM also does Married to Medicine. What do all three franchises have in common? Assault. Repeatedly. Same song second verse. And always assault that would have had to have a bit of a behind the scenes nudge(shove.) In fact the M2M brawl started over ….wait for it… wait for…something overheard in a beauty shop. Yep, they be one trick ponies. I want these sick bass turds of POP on the reunion couch answering for themselves come reunion time. That’s the reunion I want to see.

      • And lets just take inventory of all the kids that POP has messed with:
        Ashlee-now has a record
        Gia-was tormented on film by people that hate her mother
        Milania-they intentional make sure filming runs late so that she is good n tired before filming
        Antonia-filmed her dad calling her a c*ck blocker
        Danielle’s kids-Don saying they had no light in their eyes
        Lexi-interfering with custody issues
        Nick-encouraging Jax to turn him into a storyline
        Lea’s son-allowing airing of a cast mate insinuating he was socially awkward
        Alexis kid-airing stuff about his legal issues
        Adriena-storyline that makes her look like a neglectful mother, leaving kid at school
        Mariah’s kid-plotting, scheming and airing storyline that she doesn’t know her dad is not her biological dad.

        So seems to me that these POP pricks have MAJOR issues with kids. Major. No scruples with it comes to ruining a kid’s life. And the tally continues.

      • Wow, Gessie!
        You very eloquently stated exactly what I have been thinking about Jac regarding her ‘parenting’ of this poor child. Obviously, doing right by her autistic son is the last thing on her mind. I feel bad for both of her sons. They deserve so much better than what they are getting.

        I have just recently found this blog and thoroughly enjoy reading about the “real reality” of this faux reality show.

        Thanks, and keep it coming, please!

  26. Gessiewft
    THANK YOU! Perfect comment! The best thing Jac and Chris could do for the son is to get off the show and keep him out of the bright lights and confusion of shooting.

    Did I hear correctly that he was dx by internet and Jenny McCarty? What happened to professionals. New Jersey has the best support programs paid for by NJ taxes which Jac and Chris haven’t paid. Why can’t they find a professional doctor who is trained to treat Autism in New Jersey.

    • Gessie! My dear you nailed it 1000 %. Standing ovation. Why Jax has not been investigated by children’s services I will never know. First Miss Jacaloon blatantly threw Ashley under the bus. Need a paycheck, need a storyline, need another signed contract with Bravo? No problem work the kid angle. Ashley criminal record in hand exits for the west coast. What to do, what to do, Whatever shall she do? Nic to the rescue! Exploitation round 2.

  27. Why is everyone SO MEAN to Jacqueline?
    I can not believe how amazing Jac is and everything she has done for autism awareness and continues to do. I can’t wait until she creates her own nonprofit and writes a book teaching us everything she knows because she is so smart. She is the most beautiful real down to earth amazing fabulous hot housewife there is. Every mom in the world can learn from her and every parent in the world should follow her lead and model and should strive to live the life she leads because it is absolutely perfect beyond my wildest dreams and I love her so much and will never think or say or dream a negative thing about because she is perfect. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh yes, that blithering, blabbering person who appeared to be so high she was practically falling off the couch who I saw at the Reunion and was behaving like a 14 year old brat is definitely someone who is a positive role model for all women. . .NOT! Her insecurities with her body image and fear of aging; her obsession and fixation she has on everything and anything Teresa; her blatant lies; her financial manipulations; her pimping out her children for a storyline (both Ashlee and now Nick); her alleged attack on a person with a potentially lethal weapon; oh, there is so much more to look up to. She just like the gift that keeps on giving!

      Yes, I would say Jacqueline Laurita is perfect – a perfect example of how NOT to live one’s life. She is a LooneyTune who needs help desperately.

    • Im going to assume your post is said with the greatest tone of sarcasm Wendy. If not you are clearly delusional. She’s a bad mother, a drunk and a vile human being who uses her kids in her quest for fame. She clearly needs help. I feel sorry for her kids.

      She needs to stop drinking and get the fuck off social media. She ought to spend her time looking after her kids and minding her own business.

    • @Wendy There is one thing Jac says that prevents me from accepting her trying to raise awareness for autism and that is she says, “We are recovering our son.” One cannot recover from autism. That fact is accepted in the medical community. Now there might be a faction of people who believe someone can recover from autism and Jac might be one of these people. But to create awareness about autism and claim her son can “be recovered” from it is misleading and just plain wrong. She is giving people false hope. She should be sharing the wonderful qualities she DISCOVERS as Nicholas learns to trust others and realize his gifts. Jac is not the face of autism, she is a false prophet.

  28. Oh Wendy, TY for my morning giggle! This must be a joke? The Jac Liarita I have seen is NONE of the above mentioned! She is a poor example of a perfect mother. I have friends w autistic kids and Jac is NOT teaching anyone anything at all besides what not to do. She uses her child as an accessory IMO which is truly disturbing. Whatever Jac says do the opposite! She is so pathetic and delusional!

  29. Does any here think Joe and Melissa were hanging out with Penny and Johnny cause they wanted them to admit Teresa was involved with the cheating rumors?

  30. Wendy with all due respect – after the Laurita’s screwing a charity and pissing off a few more – I don’t think the Feds are going to let much happen with a non-profit for these idiots. Non-profits are known as an easy avenue for the shady peeps to funnel money to themselves. My guess is the Feds/IRS are giving these losers just enought rope because they are so greedy they will surely hang themselves.

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