RHONJ Blame Teresa Fails: Analysis of Bad Editing in Gorga/Drossos Exchange

On February 28, 2013, Penny Drossos met Melissa and Joe Gorga at Chakra in Paramus. At the time, the filming was reported in blogs and newspaper outlets including the Bergen Dot Com.  Anyone present at Chakra that evening witnessed the film crew and the participants – filming lasted over 3 hours.

chakra penny drossos 2

On September 15, 2013, the Chakra meeting was aired. The footage lasted less than 2 minutes. Despite the presence of numerous cameras, the critical components of the exchange fail to capture the person while he/she is talking – the reason is that the conversation was pieced together to fabricate as story that the Producers want. Why else would Melissa Gorga tell her husband they have no proof of Teresa’s involvement on the Arizona trip that was 2 weeks after the Chakra meeting! This exchange is disjointed with questions and answers not matching up. In short, the scene is a mess.

The following is a detailed transcript of the exchange. Brackets [ ] have been placed around words that were said without the benefit of seeing the person who allegedly spoke them. The shoddy editing proves that the conversation does not flow, words are clearly dubbed, sound volume does not match – all indicators that words were strung together to form fabricated answers to create the illusion of blame on the part of Teresa:

Melissa (hereinafter “M”) walks over to Penny (hereinafter “P”) 

M: We were over there. It’s date night . . . (points to Joe Gorga at the table)

talking head after Arizona

Melissa Gorga’s Talking Head Interview (taped after the March 16, 2013 trip to Arizona): Teresa and I made a pact that we were going to approach these people together, but the last time I saw Penny it seemed like she had more to say and wasn’t saying it. So if I’m going to see this woman alone, of course I am going to get to the bottom of this. So why did Melissa say there was “no proof yet” when they were in Arizona?

P: So Milania Hair Care, it was great seeing you there.

M: I just feel there was something more you wanted to say.

M: If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. said in response to being told it was not Teresa

P: [You’re right] said several times throughout the conversation but never in response to needing to say more.

Joe Gorga walks over.

M: Joe, you remember Penny.

J: How are you.

P: Good

J: [Can I join you?]

P: As long as you don’t get crazy on me. said in response to whether J can ask about Angelo

J: [Who’s behind] this cheating thing?

P: [I was asked] to attend Milania Hair Care was the actual question.

M: [By who]

P: [It wasn’t Jan, it’s not Kim] words pieced together

M: Where are you pointing?

P: It was your sister who invited Penny to Milania Hair Care.

P: She asked me if I knew who BLEEP [was and she asked me to confront my brother about it] was asked to confront brother to confirm who brought up lover

M: She asked you to confront [him about my ex]

P: Yeah 

J: [Why]

P: [I don’t know]

M: [Wait, hold on. At that Milania Party] she said to you we’re not friends [right you don’t know me right]

P: [Right] That’s a lie when asked about raising money for the Celebrity Apprentice

J: [Then why did you lie that night?] For her?

P: Yes was said numerous times, never admitting to having lied about or for Teresa

M: She doesn’t like you at all

P: As far as her not liking me, there are a lot of things I can say.  . .

P: I can show you on my phone right now, I have her house number and her home number, want me to show you?

J: Yes

M: It doesn’t matter in response to Joe’s question on how Penny knows Melissa

P: [Am I lying]

J: [No]

P: I’m not going to take the bullet for everything regarding the rumors about Manzo cheating scandal.

P: [John has text messages]

M: Who?

J: Who?

J: [You mean . . . Is your husband the one behind the computer doing all those tweets?]

P: Yeah 

J: [Johnny the Greek?]

P: Yeah

melissa talking head johnny abusing herMelissa Gorga’s Talking Head Interview: This guy Johnny has really been abusing me hard on twitter social media. I could see his wife doing this, but now the tie in between Penny and Teresa. It is starting to make sense in my head there is a connection between the three of them.



Two tweets are shown – – allegedly from Penny’s husband Johnny the Greek. Interesting to note that the photo next to the tweets was never posted on twitter.  RHONJ Production/Bravo used a photo of Johnny the Greek taken at the Moxie Posche II Grand Opening held on March 30, 2013 where all attendees executed written permission to use their likeness on the show:

johnny tweets on visiting father

johnnys tweet during Melissa's talking head

P: She invites me places. I don’t just appear . . . In response to Gorga’s statement that Teresa thinks you stalk her.

M: She says you just show up

P:. . .  I have better things to do.

P: She asks Johnny if he could get appearances [That Neo Cafe that she did last year ] That’s John’s family. John got her that gig. In response to questions about Teresa’s appearances

talking head joe train wreakJoe Gorga’s Talking Head Interview (taped after the March 16, 2013 trip to Arizona – no more spray on hair): You’re looking at a woman like Penny and she looks like a train wreak. Could she be reliable? Normally you would not take her seriously, but in these case, she knows too much and that’s the type of person that will go and do someone’s dirty work. A woman who looks like that. Says the angry little man with spray on hair.

M: [Teresa is wrong for whatever she’s done] But you are also wrong for getting involved in the family circle.

J: Honestly, what I would do, as a human being and a normal person . . .

P: So did you approach John? In response to question about how Johnny knew Melissa didn’t go see Papa Gorga in hospital

J: Oh, I, I will.

J: I don’t even know the guy.

P: It’s time the two of you come together.

J It’s terrible what he’s done. 

P: I’m done. Your sister in law told me to squash it.

M: Maybe she’s done now.

J: [Listen, I’ve heard enough. I can’t take anymore. Let’s go]

The red font are statements or words that were said in response to different questions/topics  pursuant to Penelope PitStop of the FHOGS.

The Green font are terms that were  never used in the presence of Penelope PitStop of the FHOGS.

Please read Penelope PitStop’s blog for an understanding of the manner in which FHOGS is spliced together.

69 thoughts on “RHONJ Blame Teresa Fails: Analysis of Bad Editing in Gorga/Drossos Exchange

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to lay it all out lime that. I believed it before I read this, but seeing it broken down like that enables me to fully realize how much Bravo manipulated the scene.

    Shocking. Very shocking. I wish Discovery or VH1 or some other channel would pick Teresa & family up as a reality show & she’d walk away from TB & TSIL. & Kathy & Rich & the rest of RHONJ. How sad.

  2. Important to note that it wasn’t a big secret that melissa didn’t visit her father in law for two weeks in the hospital. Teresa and Melissa had a public confrontation at the all white burthday party at the beginning of the season.. A bunch of producers and also friends including Kim D heard this out in the open… So Penny know this information doesn’t prove Teresa told her anything.

  3. That is one hell of a stupid conversation that Bravo put together. Sorry to learn Penney does not even know her own husband. That must be a bit challenging.

      • I bet it is the mobbed up Manzos that had a hand in it – when it happened to SH she put up an alternate site – will someone post here if they know anything about famewhorgas? thanks – hope they are SAFE

    • I think the Fed’s or Joe and Teresa’s attorneys are going through her blog. A big ruling went down in New Orleans a few days ago. It appears Federal prosecutors and others involved in prosecuting a case were commenting on blogs, trying to create bias against the defendants. The following is a quote from an article about this.

      “Justice Department rules forbid prosecutors from making public comments that might influence the outcome of a case. But lawyers for the convicted officers accused prosecutors of mounting “a secret public relations campaign” aimed at discrediting the defendants before trial.”

      Our entire Justice Department was overhauled. This is the link to the entire article.


      • @moma — I was thinking the exact same thing! Glad you posted it for all to see. (aka confused at famewhorgas)

      • Is there a chance that if any of the participants are part of the doj or federal prosecutors the charges will be dropped?

      • MomaJackie,
        It’s so good to see your name here! Amazing how much I miss FW in just the few days it’s been “missing”. All the people there, like you, is why I miss it so much. Besides the fantastic reporting by Fame him/herself! I don’t watch the show anymore (long time now!), and I just really miss ending my day reading all you guys stuff there. (Grammar Day Off tonight, lol).

        I hope FW is reopened or whatever ASAP. Without the blog and all the posters there, I don’t have much reason or motivation to bother with the phony bravotv anymore. Meh. The more I know about RHNJ producers, etc, the sleazier I feel even thinking about their rotten, ugly crapfest of BS. FW has always made it feel ok! LOL Ringing endorsement, right?? I mean FW has always made me feel good about discussing their vile contributions to our societal decay. That, and I detest Retchie with a coldness I never knew I harbored. 😀

        Anyway. FW just made it fun, so if I don’t get another chance besides here, thank you Mona, and Gessie, and any other FW’ers lurking or posting here! You’ve all made me laugh at the end of some very trying days lately, and it’s meant a lot to just be able to “tune in” to FW and know I’d be entertained, moved, and uplifted by the humor and compassion of all of FWs posters. :))

        FauxR, thank you for impeccable work here, too.

        Gessiewtf!! If you see this, please know I love every damn one of your comments at FW! Wittier or more biting humor is rarely found. You slay me, I just love your style. Laughing my arse off right after my 11th hurl of the evening is something only a few ppl can make me do, and you’re one of them.

        Sigh. I would’ve posted more myself, started a few here and there recently, but my health issues are turning south of late, it is shocking when you don’t even have the energy to type, but its been the case for awhile now. Not one for personal stuff on blogs, either, it feels like I’m whining and I hate that feeling. Just trying to explain the long silence.

        OK wiped out now again, but I just saw your posting names and felt so happy about that, I had to write.

        Take care, ladies! I hope Fame is OK! I can’t imagine she’s not. She’s too smart for the “b team”, by far. Here’s hoping all will be revealed soon and FW is back, better than ever.


      • PS This link! Ugh I really can’t believe these jerks would actually try this, it’s beyond repulsive. Juvenile, as well. Losers!
        That said… I am recalling statements made by the female attorney…. Hmm. Even back then I thought how can she get away with this unprofessional conduct? I may be off in a wrong direction here, but ohhh, wouldn’t it be grand if in fact she doesn’t… Justice. Even a little. :)

      • We did hear from Fame last night. She is fine and she will try to update us when she/he knows more. To stay in touch with the fame ily, try googling: fame ily the blog.

  4. It is my hope that Teresa and Juicy will move on from this crap network along with Penny and Johnny. Bravo did them all wrong. Realized after season 3 that Bravo editors and producers were incompetent idiots so none of this is a surprise to me. More appalling is what Bravo has done to the lives of these people who came to do a *reality* show about what it is like to be a *housewive* in NJ. We all know it’s about drama but not the kind of drama that can ruin lives.

  5. thank you for more truth I’m so sick of tsil and tb i could scream thank you for a little piece of mind as I’m obsessed with the thoughts of that tramp being exposed! does anyone know what has happened to fame?

  6. “We pay our bills”….doesn’t look like it.

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    • Thanks for the tax info, they don’t have the money. Also I knew this conversation was hacked to all hell. What woman wouldn’t defend her husband when someone says they guy was saying those bad things on twitter/online. I wonder what was said during that whole three hours, I bet it was alot including about the Manzo’s.

    • Looks like they didn’t quite get out of their house soon enough. I wonder who really bought that house and if they paid the 3.8 million they were asking. I read somewhere that they were renting the house from the bank the last year or so.

      • I read somewhere, too, that the Gorgas were leasing the house from the bank and the lease was up, so they moved. Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. Wow Faux, what an exhausting job it must have been getting all that straight! Thanks so much for doing it.
    I really hope Teresa will walk away from this show. Let Melissa have her fame and “fortune”..

  8. I’ve been reading your blog since its birth but haven’t commented. I have to tell you that I’m very impressed with your investigations and the work you put into getting uncovering the real story. It’s so frustrating to be manipulated time and again by Sirens/Bravo. Thanks for giving us the real story!

  9. Thank you for this blog!! I too have been reading for quite some time but never comment. I really appreciate that you are able to get this out there- Poor Teresa and family!! This all is just truly despicable.

  10. Any news on what has happened to Fame’s blog? I submitted a request to be allowed access to read it, but I haven’t received a response yet. Just wondering…

    • me too, summpr From what I have read on other sites, we are not the only ones trying to get on. I’m would think if she knew anything before it happened, she would of told all her readers. She was there one day and gone the next, sure hope she comes back.

  11. Ya I could not get in either. I sent a request to get access to the website, and I have not heard anything yet. I hope I hear soon. He or She seemed very well informed, and did their best to counter all of the bias against Teresa. Teresa does deserve some bias because the the whole court case. But, the way they went after her, and the way that Bravo edited to always make her look bad just pissed me off. I always am one to go for the underdog, and when I saw those ADULT men and woman going after er like they did, it made me mad, and I feel sorry for her.

    • It just weird that Jeannie warned a great poster of be careful what you say here, bc Fame doesn’t deserve to be sued a few days ago!

      • As long as Fame isn’t Jeannie then no problem. But the post was saying not to be negative or threatening so neither should be in trouble.

      • @Gloria, I emailed SH asking if she knew anything on FW, as similar thing happened. She said she doesn’t know, but redirected me to one of her posts when she went down with incryptic references to Manzo’s “tiny” people who do their dirty work….weird! Last I checked, the tabloids get by with false stories for years, but facts and observations are shutting down bloggers?

  12. I hope ANDY ASKS caroline about Lauren commenting on Teresa’s kids being raised by wolves.

    If teresa said that.. It would never fly with anyone!

    • Right? That Lauren is one of the worse humans in reality tv. Can’t believe they have a spin- off. I suffered through their Jay Mohr podcasts. Lauren is a spoiled brat to the umph degree, and very dumb/stupid! Worse version of a bratty suburban 25 year old. I would shoot myself of my kids turned out like her!

  13. Thank you so much Faux, excellent reporting as usual. You cant hide the truth, it always comes out and thank you for bringing it to the light. I smell a rat in reference to Fames site being down on the day that tramps book came out, that truth will come out too. And can someone please post a pic of what canning tomatoes really looks like and show these Manzoid/Gorscum/Lauriturd clowns how it is done. So effin fake, the tomatoes dont even look ripe. Thick as thieves my ass, thin and watered down wanna be tradtional Italians is more like it. TERESA, stick a fork in it, flip it over and serve it up cuz this show is done. I would be leaving skid marks running away.

  14. Dang! I love this site! Where have I been and why am I just now knowing about this? The dirt has been uncovered and the truth is being exposed! Faux my Dear, you are now number 1 on my electronic devices.

  15. So, here’s something weird! I just googled, “what happened to Famewhorgas”, and all the articles from various sites (Celebrity Gossip, et. al.) won’t upload! It’s creepy.

  16. YIKES!!!!

    Teresa Giudice ‏@Teresa_Giudice 15 Sep
    Can anyone guess who’s going to get blamed for all Melissa’s rumors next week on RHONJ?? Tweet me your guesses!

    lchique ‏@lchique1 16 Sep
    @Teresa_Giudice @melissagorga @joegorga @AArater J&M must always blame u to stay w the Bravo family…otherwise she’d have to sleep around

    Anthony Arater ‏@AArater 37m
    @lchique1 @Teresa_Giudice @melissagorga @joegorga She does that anyway! Lol

  17. What if….the jokes on us, the viewers. What if Bravo/the cast (minus Penny and Johnny) create this fake drama, but in reality all love each other and get along. I’m sure that Teresa has read the saga of Penelope Pitstop by now. With this new information coming to light, why would Teresa congratulate her brother and his wife on the new book? If my brother had gone behind my back, tried to get someone to implicate me in something I had no part of, participated in scripted scenes and made voice-overs and talking heads to match, I would be done with him…permanently.

    • I agree wirh you. If my brother did half of what Joe Gorga has done to Teresa…….I would be DONE DONE DONE. Sorry, but family or no family, there comes a breaking point and coming on the Show to destroy her and say only bad things about her episode after episode ?! I would have been DONE after the first season (Season 3). Never seen such hatred from a brorher and such forgiveness by a sister. Starting to rub me the wrong way.

  18. I just watched tonight’s episode, Sept. 22nd and I would like to know why Penny, PDK Hair, who has been tweeting karma is a bitch regarding melissa, non-stop for three years just blamed it all on teresa. Sorry, but there is only so much poor editing that can be blamed. She pointed her finger at Teresa and said that Teresa has put her up to all this shit tweeting, and she should be ashamed of herself. Ashamed. As if Teresa doesn’t have enough people crucifying her, Penny has to put the nail in the coffin. I am disgusted. Was it worth it Penny? Three years later you got your fifteen min. and the publicity for your salon. Live with that. Enjoy.

  19. Thank you Penelope for your great blog…after watching last night show I realized that they are determined to make Yak Yak a star..the whole show was about her awful singing…what a joke…if I didn’t know the truth about the show..I would think that Teresa was a very bad, bad sister and sil..thank you

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