RHOM: Miami’s Hottest Couple Wed: FIRST LOOK

Miami’s hottest couple Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago were married on June 13, 2013 in an incredibly romantic ceremony in California. Cameras & Cell Phones were banned for obvious reasons.

This is a First Look at the Bride and Groom with much more to follow:

zago wedding

krupa wedding 2

joanna krupa dress

 All photos courtesy of Fame.Fly.Net.UK.Com

What do you think so far?

Please return for the details of the Wedding of Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago.

7 thoughts on “RHOM: Miami’s Hottest Couple Wed: FIRST LOOK

  1. Wow- that dress! Did they say who designed it? Gorgeous! I have to admit Faux, I was never a big Joanna fan until following your tweets about her! She seems nicer than I gave her credit for!

  2. She looks totally hot in that wedding dress. How much you want to bet Faux that her and Romain will get a spinoff? A hot model wife, a hot model husband who owns a trendy club on south beach that is made for television. If Bravo was smart they would be working on this right now.

  3. Such a beautiful couple and so nice to their twitter followers! Joanna is beyond beautiful!
    I agree with Buck Henry! They should have a spinoff. They are the most interesting of the Miami group anyway. They actually have careers other than being reality stars! I would watch for sure.

  4. ok so they got married in dan diego?
    was gonna say it’s just too damned hot in miami in june for sure. love joe’s dress.

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