RHOM: Joanna Krupa Not Only Model in the Family

Miami is abuzz with the much anticipated wedding of Romain Zago  and Joanna Krupa of Real Housewives of Miami.  The super model and successful nightclub owner have decided to marry this summer in California.

As Faux Reality was preparing the pre wedding article, it was discovered that Joanna is not the only model in the family. . .

Do you know who else has walked the runway?

See at :30 Seconds into the Show.  In or about 1999, Romain was walking the runway for Designer Icon known as the “architect of fashion” Gianfranco Ferré.

At 26, Romain Zago was representing the House of Gianfranco Ferré:

zago on gianfranco ferre

7 thoughts on “RHOM: Joanna Krupa Not Only Model in the Family

  1. He’s soo beautiful! She’s one lucky woman! And he is lucky to have her! But NOTHING is more sexier to me than two people madly in Love! These two make a gorgeous couple! I wish them a lifetime of happiness. XOXOXO

  2. Seriously Romain is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen on TV. Even my daughter who never agrees with me on men thinks he is absolutely gorgeous. Not only is he as good looking as fark he’s the nicest person. I’ve had a few twitter interactions with him where he’s replied to some tweets I made to him. So genuine and sincere. He keeps its real.

    • he tweeted me back too. he is a wonderful man, very down to earth from what it looks like and she is a firecracker

  3. Romain is so hot and he comes across as kind and polite with a big heart. I respect that he built a life from the ground up and didn’t expect anything to be handed to him. He is very grounded.

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