RHOBH Advocate Warns Yolanda Hadid Foster

Last Season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster announced that she was battling neurological Lyme Disease since 2012.  At the Season 5 Reunion, Foster tearfully disclosed that some of her family and friends doubt that she has the Disease.

Season 6 has showcased the toll the Disease has taken as Yolanda Foster struggles to address questions from cast mates and viewers. To further devastate Foster’s world is the startling announcement that her marriage has ended notwithstanding images of harmonious love portrayed on the Show.

Foster defends her decision to reveal her struggles because she wants to help others who are battling this devastating disease. But not all agree with the manner in which Yolanda Foster has chosen to showcase Lyme Disease, her unconventional therapies and her painful daily selfies.

Pop icon singer, song writer and record producer Debbie Gibson was promoting the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign when she was asked about her debilitating Lyme Disease.  When asked about Yolanda Foster’s choice to showcase her struggles on RHOBH and on social media, Ms. Gibson was incredibly insightful. Ms. Gibson stated:

“If you make it your identity, it’s detrimental to you and your healing and people get tired of it. I mean everybody is going through something. Nobody knows what anybody is going through in their life and I feel like for me I’m not going to tweet pictures of myself on my worst days. I’m going to post things on my best days and hopefully inspire people and show them what the end of the tunnel looks like.”

A review of Debbie Gibson’s Social Media platforms illustrate glamours photos of her charitable and professional work. No where do you see infusions or such. Perhaps Yolanda Foster will listen to the words of Debbie Gibson. Lyme Disease should not be Yolanda Foster’s identity.

Both women struggle with Lyme Disease. Who do you find to be inspirational?

7 thoughts on “RHOBH Advocate Warns Yolanda Hadid Foster

  1. Yolanda Foster does NOT have Lyme. She was never diagnosed with Lyme disease. She does not have Post Lyme either which is what many think she has. She is claiming Chronic Lyme Disease which is not recognized by any legit medical body, including the CDC. There’s a group focused around CLD which all about funding and lobbying and funding. And did I mention funding? Dr Klinghardt, Yo’s doctor, is one of those CLD people. He’s had sanctions against him and he’s been written up for his bogus diagnostic system. So to cut a long story short, Debbie is inspirational, not Yolanda Hadid Foster///

    • I’m so glad she is being called out how can she say she has a disease she’s never been diagnosed with, I think everything she does is fake to see her marriage on the show it’s all good but truth is it wasn’t there divorcing,so what’s the real truth does she even no

  2. Debbie Gibson. Normal people do not OBSESS over their ailments 24/7 and lash out at people who question some of these “symptoms” all of which, CONCIDENTALLY have been associated with Chronic Lyme’s disease by this Dr. Klinghart and nobody else in the medical community. Two reasons I know with certainty. Nobody who is ill chronically or otherwise, and has had one foot in the grave more times that the Tazmanian Devil playing Hokey Pokey, refers to their debilitating condition as a “health Journey” Ah, Yes. Just Floating down the Swanee River on my Health Journey, so soothing, so comforting, her little teddy Bear. People who are genuinely sick are terrified, poked and prodded, skinny and exhausted. Remember when you dove off that yacht with Kyle and came up with a Sea Bass in your mouth? You were supposed to be blinded and paralyzed in your room going through the bowels of hell. Oops.

    Another reason I know she is full of shit is because of her bizarre addiction to I.V.’s. Anybody who has had a nurse who couldn’t find the vein and you screamed “get me an anesthesiologist” who slid it in like butter knows what I am talking about. No sane person lets quacks in spa’s put in I.V’s unless they are nuts. It is not glamorous to pose seductively ith an I.V. in your arm and a sexy smirk on your face. It’s crazy!
    And one more reason. I would never, and I believe most parents are with me here, declare to the world that my children have Chronic Illnesses. Those words would never come out of my mouth unless I was in a private room with the Chief of staff of a research hospital forming a battle plan. What kind of mother wants their kids to have a chronic illness, in fact, insists to the world that they do even though the son just completed a stellar year as a varsity soccer and football star? What if his brain capacity were to suddenly slip to 48.2% while throwing the ball. You don’t think these private schools who’s parents are all composed of lawyers would let this kid lie on his mandatory school health exam so he could play contact sports. Bwhaaaaaaaaaa.

    P.S. I miss you Faux, I never know where you are!

  3. Yolanda always overdramatizes – she said in her piece with Beverly Hills Lifestyle about Taylor “I will never forget the brutal moment of walking into the party and having Taylor Armstrong come at me…”.

    Yolanda is grooming Erica like she groomed brandi

  4. Yolanda got sick when things with King David fell off. As soon as her divorce is final she will be back to normal while she goes for rich husband number 3. Maybe Erica Janye can get her someone that her Daddy Worbucks knows.This whole sickenss thing is crazy. why didn’t she talk abouther divorce on the show? Because the illness gets her sympathy and the divorce would got ugly. We hope Andy asks her at reunion.  

  5. Andy won’t ask her any questions we want answers to. Yo should have never involved her children. Bella who models, and Anwar signed to same agency. He played sports, even tho he has LD. Do you know of a school that assumes liability by letting a child play when their parent says they are ill?

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