RHOBH Reunion 5 Leaves Much Unanswered

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion is still fresh on the minds of viewers. Who can forget:

  • Lisa Rinna’s Double Standard Dance;
  • Yolanda Foster’s heartbreaking health issues;
  • Eileen Davidson’s voice of reason and common sense;
  • Brandi Glanville’s quest for a tampon endorsement;
  • Lisa Vanderpump’s journey to cut the negative out of her life;
  • Kim Richard’s complete denials and outbursts; and
  • Kyle Richard’s heart wrenching awakening.

After 19 episodes, viewers become invested in the Season and as such expected answers at the Reunion. Unfortunately, Brandi Glanville made sure that the Reunion would ignore most of her bad behavior throughout the season and instead highlight the issue of Kim Richard’s sobriety.

The following is a synopsis of Season 5. After reviewing same, is there any doubt that the ReUnion left more unanswered questions regarding choice cast mates:

Episode 1: Brandi’s move and her preoccupation with the 23 year old mover.  Kyle and family vacation in Lake Tahoe. Brandi and Kim stalk Brandi’s ex-boyfriend JR, who Brandi claimed cheated on her (as per Brandi’s November 25, 2014 Blog).

Episode 2: Kyle’s white party is the perfect for return of original housewives Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong. Brandi asks Adrienne to meet with her to apologize for past wrongs. As part of the apology to Adrienne, Brandi claims that her close friendship with Lisa Vanderpump clouded her judgment towards Adrienne (thus blaming Lisa for her actions). Lisa Vanderpump is not receptive to Brandi’s attempts to put the past behind them.

Episode 3: Lisa Vanderpump throws Rinna a birthday party at Pump. Brandi is airing her legal issues with her ex husband with on camera discussions with her attorney. Kim and her daughter are shopping for a wedding dress. Rinna introduces Eileen Davidson.

Episode 4: Kyle and family meet up with Yolanda in Spain for a vacation. The vacation is interrupted when Yolanda gets word that her daughter was pulled over for a DUI.

Episode 5: Kim’s daughter gets married. Lisa Vanderpump receives a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Yolanda tends to her daughter.

Episode 6: Yolanda and Eileen bond over lunch. Rinna returns to her hometown in to visit her parents. Kyle hosts a BBQ where Eileen meets the women. Brandi continues to badger Lisa Vanderpump about attending her housewarming party.

Episode 7: Brandi holds a housewarming party. Kyle’s daughter prepares to leave for college. Lisa Vanderpump holds a charity event at PUMP – Brandi asks if she wants her to eat her pussy to the shock of all.

Episode 8: Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump meet for lunch where Lisa makes it clear that she will be cordial but their tenuous friendship will never be the same. During lunch with Eileen, Rinna and Yolanda, Brandi throws wine at Eileen. Yolanda hosts a dinner party where Brandi is forced to apologize about throwing wine, but then proceeds to act the fool.

Episode 9: Brandi critiques her ex husband’s reality show.  Yolanda and Kyle leave their children at college. Lisa Rinna stars in a movie with her husband and Penn Jillette.

Episode 10: Wine Tasting. Poker night at Eileen’s home. Lisa Rinna has the ride from hell with Kim. Brandi and Kim exhibit bizarre behavior at the poker party. Brandi and Kyle get into a physical altercation.

Episode 11: Confrontation between Kyle and Brandi continues. Lisa Rinna hosts a jewelry party where Brandi is confronted by Eileen and Yolanda about her behavior.

Episode 12: Max announces to Lisa Vanderpump that he wants to research his past. Kyle visits Kim and discusses the reasons for her bizarre behavior. Brandi visits Kim to discuss the reasons for her bizarre behavior. Brandi crashes Kyle’s mixer where the two fight with Brandi telling Kyle that not even her husband wants her.

Episode 13: Lisa Vanderpump and Max receive the DNA results. Eileen calls for a lunch with Kim and Kyle to discuss their issues. The ladies are concerned about Brandi’s friendship with Kim. Lisa Rinna does Brandi’s podcast then has lunch with Brandi to discuss her behavior. Brandi turns the discussion topic to Kim.

Episode 14: Table read at Eileen’s home. Yolanda confronts Brandi about her drinking, Brandi brings up Yolanda’s daughter. Brandi meets her friend on beach to discuss Kim’s sobriety. While on the beach, Ken calls to invite Brandi to Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise party provided she is on her best behavior. The ladies attend Lisa Vanderpump’s party.

Episode 15: Scavenger Hunt. Flashback to Brandi telling Kim that Rinna is questioning her sobriety. Brandi mistates what was said at her lunch. On plane, Kim snaps at Rinna. David Foster’s charity gala. Amsterdam – Kim is hostile to Kyle at the airport.

Episode 16: Dinner where Kim and Lisa Rinna brawl. Space cake fun turns sour when Brandi goes after Kyle about being a hypocrite.

Episode 17: Ladies split up to tour Amsterdam. Differing opinions on how they handled situation with Kim and Rinna. Dinner on Boat turns ugly when Brandi repeats rumors about each person while claiming it was a joke. Brandi then slaps Lisa Vanderpump.

Episode 18: Brandi’s attempts to apologize about the slap falls on deaf ears. Brandi goes out with Max’s young friend. Rinna tells Kyle about Brandi’s comments. Kyle confronts Kim in Palm Springs about Brandi.

Episode 19: FINALE: Adrienne invites the ladies to her party with plenty of fireworks. Lisa refuses to accept Brandi’s apology which causes Brandi to throw a tantrum. Kim initially asks what Rinna said then doesn’t want to listen when Rinna finally agrees to respond. Brandi storms out of the party.

Much was left unanswered at the Reunion while so much attention was focused on Kim Richards:

  • There were no questions about Brandi’s relationship with JR, despite her tweets indicating that the love triangle among JR, Sandra and her would be answered in Season 5.
  • There were no questions about Brandi’s antics at Kyle’s mixer; her “eating pussy” remark; her unprovoked verbal attacks on Kyle or Yolanda’s daughter.
  • There were no questions to Brandi about her scenes with her lawyer or watching her ex’s reality show.   Brandi was not called out on saying she never watches her ex husband’s reality show, then commenting that he talked about her in every episode.
  • There were no questions to Brandi about her “apology”to Adrienne wrapped in digs that it was her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump that made her do what she did.

In fact, a review of the above synopisis clearly illustrate that Brandi remained unaccountable for most of her antics throughout the season.

One thought on “RHOBH Reunion 5 Leaves Much Unanswered

  1. It os great to see you blogging about this and not the other stuff.
    I agree with your assessment on most things.
    I think Rinna is a drama addict, do you remember when she was on celebrity apprentice? All drama.
    With Eileen, I think she is too normal. It was as if she was fighting for a storyline and having “meetings” and arguments on producers instruction.
    In other words she had no story line. I still like Eileen, I just think she shouldn’t sell her soul to the devil anymore.

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