RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Remains On Top

lisa vanderpump blanca  blog photoNo one can deny the intoxicating allure of business woman, philanthropist and trend setter Lisa Vanderpump of Bravo fame. Wife to Ken Todd, mother to Pandora & Max, star of two top rated shows, and co owner of two successful restaurants, Villa Blanca and Sur, Lisa has plenty on her silver platter.

With fame comes controversy and Lisa handles same with the same grace that she handles all else in her hectic beautiful life.  In October 2012, a former waitress from Villa Blanca sued the restaurant, the shift manager Michael Govia, and the owners Lisa and Ken,  for $5 million dollars claiming Govia sexually harassed her. The waitress alleged that when she complained, nothing was done to correct the situation.  Furthermore, the waitress alleged she was forced to quit  because conditions became intolerable.

Specifically, the waitress alleged the following:

  • Govia attempted to kiss the waitress. She informed him that his behavior was inappropriate;
  • After the waitress complained to the general manager (who was not named in the lawsuit), Govia allegedly called her a bitch and a cunt for complaining;
  • Several months later, Govia grabbed and twisted the waitress’ wrists while arguing over change for $20 and the shift’s money;
  • Govia told the waitress to “check your schedule next time” which she interpreted as meaning he was threatening to suspend her or remove her from lucrative shifts;
  • The waitress was allegedly assigned to less lucrative shifts to avoid working with Govia thus causing her to earn less in tips;
  • Villa Blanca allegedly refused to take any corrective action and thus the waitress was forced to quit because of the “intolerable working conditions caused by the harassment and discrimination to which [the waitress] was subjected, the retaliation to which [the waitress] was subjected to for complaining, and Villa Blanca’s refusal to take any corrective action to investigate or end the harassment and discrimination.”

A month after leaving her job at Villa Blanca, the former waitress sued for assault, sexual battery (improper and unwarranted touching), sexual harassment, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and wrongful termination. She sought $5 million dollars in damages.

On June 12, 2014, a jury awarded the former waitress a nominal amount of $6,250 against Villa Blanca but exonerated Govia from any liability as her harasser.  Such a nominal award is a victory for Villa Blanca since (1) in all probability the waitress was offered at least $10,000 to resolve the case and avoid costs associated with bringing the case to trial; and (2) the nominal amount will probably be paid by Villa Blanca’s insurance company.

Interesting to note, the Judge concluded that neither Lisa, nor Ken will have to contribute to the $6,250 award since Villa Blanca (thru it’s insurance company) is fully capable of paying the nominal amount.

The only wrinkle left to be resolved was the  jury found that Villa Blanca acted “with malice” thus subjecting the restaurant to a punitive damages phase.  Earlier today, the waitress was awarded $100,000 in punitive damages. Again, a nominal award considering punitive damages are awarded based upon a Defendant’s worth – and Villa Blanca is worth millions.

Villa Blanca has vowed to appeal the decision since the punitive award contradicts the jury’s verdict which exonerated the alleged harasser Govia. Stay tuned to see how this real life court room drama plays out.

3 thoughts on “RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Remains On Top

  1. I know this is in the wrong place, but since you are so great at getting the real facts and both sides of a story, I wish you would do an expose of Ilana Angel, the blogger who lives to insult, hurt, and attempt to ruin Leann Rimes life and career. She has called her every vile name in the book, disparaged her career, and accuses her of all sorts of malicious crap. Isn’t their a law where you cannot slander a person so constantly, and with so much bias on social media? She hides behind the giant legal disclaimer of the Jewish Journal, but at what point can this attempt to ruin her career become litigious?
    It seems to me that she was shattered when her own husband left her for another woman and married his mistress, and she has somehow transferred this personal pain onto Leann Rimes. She also did it to curry favor with Brandi Glanville, but that friendship did not take. What is the story with this lady? She is as malicious as they come.

  2. I honestly don’t get how people are so charmed by Lisa. She’s so phoney and so much has come to light about her shadiness in personal relationships and business dealings. If I’m being truthful, I don’t like any of the RHOBH cast any more, but Lisa’s ability to be passive aggressive, stir the pot and then play victim annoys the heck out of me. Maybe it’s her accent. People don’t listen to what she’s really saying. To the person posting about Ilana Angel, LeAnn has dug her own grave career wise Seriously, free speech is one of the great things about this country and we might not always like what we read, but censorship of personal opinions of people who lives their lives on social media, is unrealistic.

    • Can you please delete my comment. I do think she should share less and has to take ownership of some of the backlash she’s received, but it reads a lot more negative towards LeAnn than I intended it to and that was not my intent. Thanks.

      P.S. Like reading your take on things.

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