RHOBH: Erika Girardi Do As I Says Not As I Do

“I’m an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, and cash”  . . . the perfect tag line for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) new cast member Erika Jayne Girardi.

An Enigma is a person who is of contradictory character,  puzzling or difficult to understand. The origins of aenigma (Latin) translate to ”riddle.”

So Erika is a riddle wrapped in a riddle – that’s about right.

Erika Girardi joined the cast of RHOBH as a friend of Yolanda who she claims to have known for 9 years.  She boasts that she lives two lives:

One as Erika Girardi, wife, mother, and friend by day, and the other is Erika Jayne, a passionate creator, business woman, show girl, and irreverent soul by night. [emphasis added]

Source: December 16, 2015 Blog of Erika Girardi

Erika claims to have never watched RHOBH prior to joining the cast.  If she hasn’t, Erika rivals medium Allison Dubois in passing judgment, spewing platitudes and oozing duplicity like an Olympic champion –all within minutes of joining the party.

According to Erika, Yolanda is a saint that needs to be canonized (perhaps her plane can take her to the Vatican – the international plane, not the plane used for domestic travel); Lisa Vanderpump was “well put together” on first impression but now she is a sniper, a chess player and manipulative; Eileen Davidson has a big heart; Faye Resnick is smart and genuinely kind; Kathryn was smart and kind but now she is disloyal and untrustworthy; the jury is out as to Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards (they haven’t made the Dream Team yet).

The race to judgment seems inconsistent unless of course Erika Jayne Girardi lives by the adage “do as I say, not as I do.”

According to Erika, “Everything you hear is confidential unless someone tells you otherwise.Source: March 2, 2016 Blog of Erika Girardi.

Erika sought to scold Kathryn (about warning Lisa Vanderpump that Erika finds her to be manipulative). Yet Erika sprinted to inform Yolanda that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards “were discussing” the Hadid kids. Interestingly, Erika failed to accurately report that Lisa reluctantly responded to Kyle’s machine gun questions while repeatedly telling Kyle she didn’t want to discuss it. Nevertheless, wouldn’t Erika’s disclosure to Yolanda fall under everything you hear is confidential? This must be one of those do as I say moments.

According to Erika, friends would not have “ambushed” Erika after her show, as such Erika had a right to “shut it down.”  Source: February 10, 2016 Blog of Erika Girardi.

Apparently Erika has the right, the OBLIGATION to shut down inquiries when she is “ambushed.” Ambushed? That’s rich. In addition, Erika didn’t shut it down, she didn’t say “we shouldn’t discuss this” or “this isn’t the place.” Instead, Erika LIED. When asked, Erika denied telling Yolanda that her kids were discussed. Erika lied about being the informant. When the LIE was exposed, Erika responded “so what? She’s my friend. She has a right to know.” Source: February 10, 2016 Blog of Erika Girardi.

According to Erika, life is too short to focus on bullshit so the women need to stop trying to play detectives on petty shit.   Source: February 10, 2016 Blog of Erika Girardi.

This was to apply to the ladies asking Erika if she was the informant.  In essence Erika felt  the informant’s identity was petty nonsense. Yet Erika saw nothing wrong with attacking Lisa Rinna about the identity of the person behind  the Munchausen rumor:
Erika became enraged when Rinna refused to respond to her repeated snarls and string of profanity. Wouldn’t this fall under life is too short to demand answers for petty nonsense? Rinna was an invited guest at the Girardi residence where Erika became irate.  Interestingly, Erika justifies her waterboarding Rinna but described the ladies questioning her an ambush.  This must be one of those do as I say moments.

According Erika, why would someone say they are a friend one day and then act in a disloyal and untrustworthy way. Source: February 24, 2016 Blog of Erika Girardi.

Erika accused Kathryn of being disloyal and untrustworthy for revealing what Erika really thinks of Vanderpump.  Apparently Erika wanted to continue to play the role of bubbly new friend while systematically setting fires at Vanderpump’s back door.

But wait! Erika and her husband had a lovely dinner with Ken and Lisa where they sought to expand their friendship. Yet, this didn’t stop Erika from disparaging Lisa with Kathryn, Eileen and Yolanda. According to Erika’s standard, that would make Erika disloyal and untrustworthy. Once again, Erika shows her lifestyle philosophy of do as I say, not as I do.

Now that Erika’s agenda and back door pettiness have been exposed, Erika declares:

It is my place to tell Lisa Vanderpump how I feel about her, not Kathryn’s. And to quote Lisa Vanderpump, “I don’t need anyone to speak on my behalf,” either.

Source: March 2, 2016 Blog of Erika Girard

Rather than be an enigma, if Erika wanted to be the one to tell Lisa Vanderpump how she felt about her, perhaps she should have gone to her, instead of every other cast member ABOUT her.

13 thoughts on “RHOBH: Erika Girardi Do As I Says Not As I Do

  1. This is a great blog. Faux how come Erika wants Kathryn’s loyalty when she knows her short time. Erika made fun of Kathryn’s friendship with Lisa because they just met.

  2. Erika is a phony. Eileen and Lisa are evil step sisters who run around like fools gossiping about everyone and switching sides constantly. Eileen is a dog in heat humping Erika’s leg. Eileen tells Lisa who to like. They think they can take down Queen Lisa V.

  3. After everything I’ve seen her do, Erika’s tagline should be:

    I’m just trash…wrapped in cash…trying to stash…for when I dash.

  4. This is a great story Faux. Thanks. Write more please. I can’t believe her when she is around her husband she has to stay in the closet. When she is EJ then she is over the top to make up for it.

  5. No one can convince me that Erika is not getting her “groove on” somewhere else. When YOYO made the comment about couples “if you stop making each other happy you shouldn’t stay together”. Erika was looking a little sheepish, well. More like a deer in headlights lol.

  6. Hi there! Welcome back. Great article. I like Erica but she’s got something loyality to Yolonda makes no sense.

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