RHOBH: Eileen Davidson Shuts Down Brandi Glanville

The second installment of the Reunion for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is explosive. The First Look Preview addressed Brandi Glanville’s obsession with Eileen Davidson’s marital history.  Eileen is fed up and she is hanging up on the issue and Brandi once and for all. . .

When Andy Cohen broached the subject of the infamous wine toss, the floodgates opened. While Brandi initially blamed the wine toss on being a super fan, Brandi’s comments throughout the season proved a more nefarious reason for her verbal and physical assaults on Eileen.

A series of Flashbacks were shown to illustrate Brandi’s questionable interaction with Eileen throughout the season:

Flashback to Wine Toss Lunch

Brandi: He was married when you met him.

Eileen: We both were.

[Brandi Confessional: It’s not like I’m the scorned woman police, but it’s hard for me not to feel mad . . .]

Brandi: She’s a whore on TV. . . Do it. Do it. [Brandi throws wine at Eileen]

Flashback to Poker Party

Brandi: I mean. . . I feel like I wanna have sex with him [him being Vince, Eileen’s husband]

Eileen: [Looks at Brandi in shock] Maybe not.

Flashback to Lisa Rinna’s Jewelry Fundraiser

Brandi: I’m really sorry [about throwing the wine]

*      *     *     *

Eileen: [about Brandi’s conduct at the Poker party] cursing and my sons are upstairs. It’s a little disrespectful.

[Brandi’s Confessional: If she thinks fucking saying fuck is provocative, she needs to get out more.]

[Eileen’s Confessional: I think Brandi needs a thesaurus. Find some other ways of expressing herself.]

Flashback to Boat Dinner in Amsterdam

Brandi: [Points to Eileen] being a home wrecker.

Eileen: Don’t call me a home wrecker. Don’t bring it up. Braaandi.

[Brandi’s Confessional: Did Eileen sleep with a married man while she was married? She did. I know a lot about it.]

END FLASHBACKS. Back to Reunion.

Andy indicates there is much to discuss and so it begins:

Andy: [to Brandi] What were you thinking when you threw the wine in her face?

Brandi: I guess I wasn’t thinking. Caught in the moment.

Eileen: The wine thing started out with “Oh I’m a fan.” Then in the interviews, Brandi said it was about how I met my husband when we were married to other people.  [Looks at Brandi] And that became your thing with me. I’m like ok, I didn’t know you felt that way until I started seeing it, then I said OH MY GOD. Then I realized it had gotten leaked, calling my husband’s ex-wife, different tabloids. I had to have conversations with my children.

Brandi: What?

Eileen: With. My. Children. I had to let them know.

Brandi: I read it on line.

Eileen: I had to let them know it was out there. Throwing the wine then saying it in interviews.

Brandi: It was on line.

Eileen: I know that Brandi, but saying it in interviews. And calling me names. . .

Rinna [to Brandi]: Why do you do the things you do? Why do you say such hurtful things? What happened to you as a child?

Brandi: Nothing. I had a great childhood. So don’t go there. Parents together. In love.

Rinna: I wanted to know at our lunch. What happened and why do you act the way you do?

Brandi: You’re not a therapist.

Rinna: I’m not. But I’m around this. I can ask about your behavior. You can ask me too.

Eileen: Can I say something, since this started with my whole thing.  When the tabloids called my husband’s ex wife, you know what she said, “Eileen and I are great friends. She’s an amazing step mother” and she hung up. And I’m hanging up on you and this topic because I’m sick of it. . .

Brandi: okay

Eileen: And I can tell you one thing, try to make things better with your husband’s new wife for your children’s sake. . .

Brandi: You don’t know anything about that.

Eileen: . . . that’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying you have to forgive. That’s all I’m saying.

Well Andy wasn’t done with the issue so he addressed it from a slightly different angle.

Andy [to Brandi]: Was that a trigger? Knowing how she met Vince?

Brandi: I don’t have any friend that would fool around with a married man. I had one and I dropped her as a friend.

Eileen: Because you are the moral compass of the show.

Brandi: I never said I was.

Eileen: But you’re not judgmental.

Brandi: I never said that I wasn’t. We’re all judgmental.

Eileen: Then Shut the Fuck up.

Brandi: No Fuck you.

Eileen. No. Fuck you.

Brandi: I’m not shutting the fuck up.

Eileen: You talk too much and that’s your problem.

Andy: Going back to the wine she apologized to you for throwing the wine. Did you erase it or was it still there.

Eileen: I went “Oh Crap. That’s who these people are.”

Rinna: It freaked you [Eileen] out.

Brandi: She did not accept my apology.

Eileen: Because of what she said in the interviews. I did accept your apology. When I realized you weren’t sincere and that you were just saying that and it was really about how I met my husband, I went ok then she’s not sorry at all and you weren’t being honest and you were being judgmental.

Brandi: I was being honest.

Eileen: Not to my face.

Brandi: I did say you’re a home wrecker. I did say that to your face.

Eileen: I am a home maker.  And I have a great family. Thank You Very Much.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how a Lady shuts down a judgmental hypocrite.

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