RHOBH: Dinner Parties By Bravo Lisa Rinna vs Kim Richards

What a great adventure: The ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills traveled to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Yolanda Foster’s homeland. But majestic scenery and exotic locations are never enough for Bravo. . .

While touring the incredible countryside, the tension between Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards continues to build. An explosion is inevitable because Dinner Parties by Bravo always brings the matter to a head. There is no doubt Bravo would have aired the “Christians being fed to the Lions at the Coliseum” if it had been given the opportunity.  So away we go. . .

Since the start of the Season, Brandi Glanville has been portrayed as the evil backstabbing trouble maker to the point that she has become a one dimensional cartoon character. Even Brandi’s critics see the absurdity of the editing.

The viewers have been steered to the Amsterdam trip thinking that Brandi will be the catalyst for the verbal and physical assault. Think again!

The following is a detailed frame by frame depiction of the altercation:

Kim Richards brings up Lisa Rinna’s husband. As Eileen looks on, Lisa immediately reacts to her husband being dragged into the discussion.

Kim is amused by Lisa’s outrage and continues to jab her by mentioning Lisa’s husband.

Lisa is further outraged by Kim’s nonchalant and repeated jabs regarding Lisa’s husband.

As Lisa becomes more agitated, Kyle Richards gets up from the table and attempts to calm Lisa down.

Kim continues to antagonize Lisa. Kyle bursts into tears, begging Kim to stop.  Lisa lunges towards the table and Brandi grabs Lisa’s hand.

Lisa grabs a glass and throws water at Kim.

Kim was unphased. She got up and continued to taunt Lisa while Brandi was forced to restrain Kim.

Yolanda grabbed Lisa to talk distract her from Kim’s taunts.

As the argument escalated, Kyle was so overcome that she fled the scene.

Once again Kim Richards destroys a social gathering with her aggression. Once again Kyle Richards leaves a party in tears because of her sister’s unpredictable and unstable behavior.  The remaining cast members are left wondering what they could have done to prevent it. The Answer is simple – Leave Kim Richards home.

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