RHOBH: Brandi Glanville & Yolanda Hadid Foster Play Assault Card Against Ken Todd

On March 10, 2014, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired the Finale. It was the cookie cutter Housewives’ finale where the fan favorite is attacked by the others. In this train wreck, Lisa Vanderpump was forced to endure a night of constant battles as she was confronted by Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda and even Kim – often two and three at a time.

When Lisa’s husband, Ken, attempted to extricate Lisa from a particularly brutal attack by Brandi and Yolanda, he was accused of assaulting Yolanda. Nothing is further from the truth. It was Brandi’s careless actions, Yolanda’s over the top dramatics sprinkled with manipulative editing that gave the false impression that Ken assaulted Yolanda.

The following is a detailed transcript of the exchange among Yolanda, Brandi and Ken. The shoddy editing fails to show a critical component of the exchange in order to make Yolanda appear the victim and Ken the villain.

Yolanda (hereinafter “Y”), Brandi (hereinafter “B”) and Ken (hereinafter “K”) Ken had not even reached the ladies’ table when Yolanda began her verbal assault. . . 

Y: Ken, can you stay out of this, we’re having a girls’ talk and again you’re walking into it. I don’t appreciate it.

K: If your husband was here . . .

Y: He would not get involved.

B: You wouldn’t be talking to her like this.

K: What do you mean I wouldn’t be talking to him?

Y: My husband would not get involved, Ken.

K: One day your husband might come and we can have a chat.

Y: My husband. Do you think my husband wants to hang with somebody like you?

B: Her husband actually works.

Y: . . . who attacks somebody’s woman in public. I mean , do you kidding me [sic]?

K: Your husband . . .

Y: You’re kidding me.

K: Let your husband tell me that.

Now look closely, Brandi grabs Yolanda’s face and turns her face away from Ken in the midst of the exchange.

Ken touches Yolanda’s arm to get her attention.

Yolanda slaps Ken’s arm away violently while screaming:

Y: Don’t touch me!

 Yolanda leans over Ken and screams again.

Y: Don’t touch me!

Ken was stunned. In fact, everyone was stunned except for Yolanda who continued her dramatic performance as Lisa Vanderpump pulled her husband to safety.

Due to Brandi Glanville’s repeated desire to take a lie detector test, Faux has arranged for an expert Polygraph operator to administer the test.  We want to make sure Brandi’s wish comes true. We await Brandi’s response to the offer.

38 thoughts on “RHOBH: Brandi Glanville & Yolanda Hadid Foster Play Assault Card Against Ken Todd

    • I don’t know why the men even entertain even talking to any of these RH women at all. Because Yolanda and the others can’t be looked at as a victim fighting with one another but by dragging a male into it she can say HE ABUSED ME!!!!!!!!!! These type of women are the ones that men should not only be left alone but kept at arms length. Because to make it short and to the point, “She’s unstable, and she’s dangerous”. And it’s not worth messing or having one of them messing up your life or career on trying to pick a fight with a man in order to look like a victim.

  1. Yolanda Foster is a snob whose only claim to fame is being a trophy wife two times over and loves grotesquely riding on the coat tails of the illustrious David Brandi tried that and failed miserably. They are both pieces of trash.

  2. Yolanda is something else, scolding Ken for trying to crash a “girls’ talk” and then “touching” her! She hates being called stupid, but is beyond so when she lets a POS like Brandi egg her on so easily. Further, she insults the viewers’ intelligence by supposing we won’t see right through any bad editing and into her clumsy act. What’s just as significant as what went down with Yolanda and Ken and her absurd allegation about him is what preceded it, when Mauricio took Ken aside to an empty table to have a “boys’ talk.” Privately. The boys were calmly making amends when Yolanda and company decided that was just the time– and Ken’s and Mauricio’s table was just the spot– for a girls only chat. Ken didn’t crash anything. Yolanda et al. crashed a boy’s talk and then started stirring it up. I get that Yolanda wants to be top dog, but, if she thinks taking down a fan favorite in such an obvious way is a good idea, well… stupid is as stupid does.

    • Not to mention that right before Ken came over to where the jackals had circled Lisa, Yolanda had rudely and quite obtrusively interrupted Ken and Mauricio’s private, one-on-one conversation. She was so de classe, so rude and her intention so obvious yet minutes later she’s straddling her high horse, highly-indignant that Ken would insert himself into the evisceration, er, conversation ‘just us girls’ supposedly wanted to have with Lisa. Dutchie, please.

      • Ms. Thang,

        We must have been cross-typing because I see I said practically everything you did. Maybe it’s a case of great minds trod like paths. Anyway, thanks for the like sentiment.

  3. yoda’s over the top theatrics make her look even more ridiculous. She butted in when it was none of her business, she began shouting at ken and being rude and disrespectful. yoda is mad because she truly wants to “force” Lisa into a confrontation and Lisa is too classy to go there. yoda truly wants to be Lisa Vanderpump when she grows up.
    I’m tired of hearing about the “lymes” whenever she gets caught lying, gossiping or being catty. Her jealousy of Lisa’s success, life and friendship with Mohamed is making her appear like an insane menopausal bitter aging fool….
    brandi & yolanda’s “take down Lisa” effort was a huge epic fail…..

  4. I hope that bravo cleans out the trash from BH next season, start with tampon string walking STD brandi, then take yoda, the bitter ugly uber jealous self righteous, thinks way too highly of herself. And please—the twit sisters need to go, one is such a backstabber potstirrer (boring) juvenile child, and the other is still on the liquor wagon and drugs (twit kim is delusional)…
    Team Lisa & Ken………….

    • Your totally right, they need to get rid of STD Brandi (I can’t believe that anybody still wants to date her). And soon to be broke Yolanda need to go but they won’t because I think they also smell the proverbial blood in the water in regard to finances (why would they try to get onto a realty show 3 times unless they are having finance trouble). The two sisters are bitches for sure, Kim as you said is still on the rum and the drugs and Kyle is still trying to get rid of the one person (Lisa) who knows that Mauricio cheats on her ass.

      • It’s good to read your comments again Buck. I haven’t seen any of your comments in a while unless I had overlooked them. I enjoy reading your point of view on these topics!!! Hope all is well.

  5. You have been missed Faux! Welcome back (I hope). You have your own unique approach to these silly women we all love to watch, and your perspective has been missed. Thanx for being here!

  6. AWESOME, FAUX!!!!!!! KUDOS’ ON A JOB WELL DONE & PUTTING THE TRUTH OUT THERE……….. Found you on twitter & loving the site……

    • Although I frequently look to see what’s new here I have to say I am very happy that Faux doesn’t post about every stupid rumor or latest drivel about anyone. When something is posted here there is always the probability it’s going to be a fresh insight on an ongoing kerfuffle if not a fresh topic altogether.

      It’s nice to have a place that isn’t built on click-bait but actual information/insight.

  7. Watch how Brandi & Yolanda’s fans defend this even when it’s not defendable! Ken has worked his whole life & continues to work, what exactly do Brandi & Yolanda do for a living??

  8. Hooray, you’re back!!!! I was getting worried you weren’t coming back. Been checking back daily too and keeping an eye on you on twitter. I’m so glad to see this post today. I got absolutely disgusted watching this episode. This entire season was an utter waste of my time. It was painful to watch what these childish women did to Lisa and Ken. Brandi burned every decent bridge she ever had and has trashed any chance she ever had of making herself respectful. I’m done with RHBH if she is back and maybe even if she isn’t. I really liked Yolanda last season but holy cow, she is horrible! Talk about Cruella Deville!! Ick!

  9. Somebody with twitter should tell the Donald about Brandi Glanville’s child molestation comments. Is that the kind of person he wants on his show? I don’t believe this.

  10. Great post Faux! It’s not Yolanda’s first time overdramatising either – she said in her piece with Beverly Hills Lifestyle about Taylor asking her to “go for that coffee” at Kyle’s store opening “I will never forget the brutal moment of walking into the party and having Taylor Armstrong come at me…”. This woman is a joke and worse, a hypocrite.
    Brandi is a parasite using everyone to get where she can and I really think she set up this drama – she had the tabloid ready in her hallway, her and Yolanda are in the house together before Lisa even arrives. Yolanda is being very quiet about that, only saying she didn’t see Lisa put it in the case – she isn’t saying what her and Brandi did with it before Lisa arrived and I bet they had a good old laugh at it together, especially as they were the ones so vocal about it at Carlton’s lunch. Lisa was only at Brandi’s for a few minutes and she gets thrown under the bus by Brandi and Yolanda for it? Yolanda has been grooming Brandi since Paris when she bought her those shoes.

  11. Welcome back Faux! Cant wait 2c if BG takes this infamous lie detector test …Bet she doesn’t cuz she knows she speaks half truths. ” If” it was said it wasn’t malicious like Brandi claims…If not than it will prove her to be the liar we already know she is. This woman has problems she befriends people with her feel sorry for me act gets them to trust her than takes EVERYTHING they say OUT of context. If Bravo does NOT fire her I wont be able 2 stomach another season.

  12. Thank you, Faux for posting again…you’ve been missed.

    OT- Has anyone seen Lemon-Cello’s daughter, Gigi, latest photos. They were taken on a train with a lot of so call nudity. I surprised this is what she wants for her daughter’s modeling career. She is only 18.

      • I want to like the pics because I think Gigi is a very sweet girl but…

        I always go on the visceral, the gut reaction to something as esoteric as art. In other words, I try not to over think it and just take it in. I have to confess they felt less art-house and more tart-house. There’s no aesthetic here to defend. I guess what I’m saying is I would no more put these on my coffee table than I would Playboy. It’s not that it’s complete smut, but it ain’t quite art either. They have a tawdry feel to them. Like I wouldn’t want to look at them with her father and any other older man. I feel like it would feel prurient, even lasciviously Lolita-ish. Too much come hither-ness to them.

      • I have to agree with you,Helenwheels. I would feel better about the photos if there was not so much of a “snap shot” feel to them. Cheesy and cheap. Not at all well situated,a leather chair with her face fully visable?
        We have, probably, both been alive long enough to know the difference between porn and art, and these are not really “art”. I do recognize that the morals of,and accepted practises of different cultures need to be considered. Yoda is Dutch and this maybe accepted in Holland, but her children have grown up in the USA, not Holland, and this is not acceptable for a young lady in our puritanical country (we were founded by the Puritans). It seems strange that a woman who has made such a big deal about becoming a citizen of this country doesn’t recognize the morals of that country.

  13. OMG !! “I can’t believe on how much one person puts so much drama to hurt and reflect pain on someone’s feeling like Yolanda an Brandi an if anything Brandi is the one that started the whole thing right along with Yolanda it’s true, The more things come out the more truthful stuff really is about Yolanda being mean an Brandi it not right nor is it fair .

  14. I’d like to know how the taxes on Yolanda’s 27 million dollar house are $126,000.00 /yr. That makes no sense to me. Where I live in Coral Gables Fl. Waterfront direct access to bay, that would approximate the taxes on a house in the 3 million dollar range. California taxes should be more outrageous, or so I am told. I’m moving to Malibu, for the tax rate if that is the case. What an incredible bargain.

    • she has no beach access,only a great view. She’s on a bluff and across the highway from the beach and there’s no telling how far down the road you’d have to go to get to a public beach. that’s why the beach scenes are always so crowded, not much public beach in California. Sad, because one state up the beaches are all public, we just don’t have the intense sun or heat. Our beaches in Oregon are beautiful and for the most part easily accessed(and clean).

  15. Ken didn’t even touch Yo’s arm. He raised his hand while he was talking and she raised her hand at the same time. Yo’s hand actually hit Ken’s hand. At the reunion, even after they showed the clip where it was apparent Ken didn’t touch her, she still insisted he did. Ken said “but it’s on tape.” Yo said, “I don’t care, I felt it.” Also, apparently after the incident after which Ken and Lisa left, Yolanda REALLY played it up. She was crying and shaking and acting like he outright assaulted her. I believe I read about it in either Carlton or Joyce’s blog. I have zero respect for Yolanda or Brandi for that matter.

    The attacks on Lisa this year were so over the top. Talk about “tits on an ant.”

  16. These two evil and looked to take down Lisa V. Funny Brandi was fired and Yolanda is getting good edit. I bet the plan is get rid of Lisa and get Brandi back.

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