RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Uses Kim Richards As Human Shield

“If she really had a concern, she would have come to me because that is what people do.”

These are the words of Kim Richards. She makes it clear that people who have a concern about someone, should address it with that person.

So if Kim Richards’ best friend Brandi Glanville has a concern, she should bring it to Kim “because that’s what people do!” Right?

Well apparently, Brandi didn’t get the memo dictated by Kim Richards. Let’s review a conversation that occurred on camera after Brandi’s lunch with Lisa Rinna.

Brandi and her friend / “addiction specialist” Jennifer discuss Kim’s sobriety AND Kim’s medical issues (who does that?).

As with the Rinna conversation, it is Brandi who brings up the topic of Kim Richards.

BG: [walks up to Jennifer on the beach] It’s like a workout trying to find you.

JG: Hi.

BG: You look cute. How are you?

JG: I have had better days. Better weeks. Just dealing with my break up. I do want to ask you if I can stay the night. . . maybe for a few nights. I kind of need a little time together. I don’t want to be alone.

BG: Yeah.

[phone rings – speaker phone – Ken Todd invites Brandi to Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise party. Asks her to be on her best behavior]


BG: Kinda fucked up.

BG: I went to lunch with Lisa Rinna, she asked me why all of us were all pretending like Kim Richards was sober. Recently she took a pill of Monty’s . . .

JG: That’s called RELAPSING. You don’t take someone else’s pills. You don’t take the pills you were prescribed and abuse them either. I have not seen her do any drugs . . .

BG: I haven’t either.

JG: But I can tell you , I assure you if you spot it, you got it. I work in the field. I am a recovering alcoholic / drug addict. Taking her husband’s medication because her back hurts? My back hurts. . .

BG: She has a hernia. . . hey I don’t know.

[BG’s Interview – When Kim told me she took the pain pill that wasn’t hers, the way she behaved that night, it scared the shit out of me cause I know she’s in a fragile state]

BG: Should I be the person hanging out with her since I like my vino? NO.

JG: She should not be hanging out in these circles yet. Like. It took me five years in my sobriety until I could be out on my own.

BG: I know. I feel weird having a glass of wine in front of her. She was fine. . . FOR A WHILE.

BG: She tells me how proud of her sobriety she is, she trusts me and she loves me.

JG: Does she go to meetings. Does she have a sponsor. Does she go to therapy. Is she involved in all that stuff?

BG: I wish she had people to lean on like a therapist or like sober friends.

JG: Do you have the tools to save her or help her? No one can save Kim but Kim.

BG: She doesn’t have the tools right now.

JG: First of all Kyle . . .

BG: That is not the route to go, Kyle and Kim have a fucked up relationship where Kim . . .

JG: Has Kyle gone off on her recently?

BG: Gone off like crazy.

[BG’s Interview – I don’t believe Kyle understands what Kim is going thru at the moment in her life. Kyle believes that it’s history once again repeating itself and there is so much more to it.]

BG: Oh my God, I don’t know what to do.


Clearly Brandi’s responses indicate the following:

  • Kim has serious problems;
  • Kim needs help;
  • Brandi is not qualified to provide the help she believes Kim needs;
  • Kyle doesn’t know the extent of Kim’s problems;
  • Kim has a “fucked up relationship” with Kyle (magnified by Brandi’s involvement in their lives).

So what does Brandi do?  Does she ask Jennifer the “addiction specialist” to speak to Kim? Does she go to Kim off camera like a friend would do? Does she contact the dozens of other family members that love Kim? Does she remember that she acknowledged to Lisa Rinna that Kim would kill herself if she thought people were discussing her sobriety in public?

Brandi’s version of Rinna Lunch Differs From The Truth

In true Brandi “shock and awe” bombings, three days before the Amsterdam trip, Brandi tells Kim her version of the Brandi / Rinna conversation. Transcript of the Brandi / Rinna conversation click here.

[ BG’s Taking Head- BG says – “Kim’s pissed cause I told her what Lisa Rinna and I talked about at our lunch”]   

BG: The first thing she said when she sat down is “why is everyone pretending Kim is sober when she is not.” Because of the one pill thing, she said that makes you not sober. She wants to know if you have a sponsor and if you have sober friends. I just felt like I was put in a messed up place and I just wanted you to know before we all went on a trip together that this is clearly a conversation she is having with people.

[ BG’s Taking Head- BG says – “I felt like it needed to get said to Kim and not behind her back.”]            

Brandi LIE. Truth is Lisa Rinna started the conversation about Brandi Glanville being mean. It was Brandi who deflected the topic to bring up Kim Richards.

Brandi LIE. Truth is Rinna never asked Brandi who her sponsor was or whether she had sober friends. Those questions were raised during Brandi’s conversation with Jennifer Gimenez.

[KR’s Taking Head- KR says – “These are personal questions, I don’t think it’s anybody’s business where I  went to treatment and if I have a sponsor”]  

KR: My program, my sobriety is my business. If somebody thinks me taking that pill the other night makes me not sober in their eyes it’s their opinion and their problem. I was in pain and I took it. It definitely didn’t agree with me but that doesn’t make me not sober today.

[ KR’s Taking Head- KR says – “If she really had a concern, she would have come to me because that is what people do.”]  

Brandi knew she was going on the Amsterdam trip with a bullseye on her back for her misdeeds. So she took Kim, her only ally, spoon fed her misinformation about the most vulnerable area of her life – her sobriety and sat back to watch the blood bath.

With friends like Brandi . . .

3 thoughts on “RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Uses Kim Richards As Human Shield

  1. She is just a terrible person. She is nothing more than a lying, vulgar guttersnipe. It is even more pronounced this year because of the addition of the two new LADIES who joined the cast who remind us what RHOBH used to be like and could be like.

  2. Brandi is trash. Eddie was smart to get away from her. She and Kim are psycho. Don’t understand letting her use all the vulgarity, even telling Andy Cohen to f— off. Bravo, you need to get rid of Brandi and Kim Richards, they are so toxic. I will not be watching this show again. Way too much profanity for my taste.

  3. The truth of the matter is Brandi is really, extremely insecure. I think this is why Yolanda won’t give up on her and in the most delicate way is trying to convey to the others that Brandi is sad and a little sick and really deserves their pity. Brandi will never own up to her own behavior and I really won’t be surprised if SHE doesn’t return because I know she knows she’s done big damage to herself – she’s going to take her ball and go home.

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