RHONJ Teresa Giudice Is Back & Better Than Ever

On December 23, 2015, Teresa Giudice, the star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, returned home to the cheers of her fans. In order to feed the New Jersey Real Housewives’ drought caused by Teresa’s absence, Bravo recently aired a three part special entitledRHONJ: Teresa Checks In.

The special was to showcase Joe Giudice and the girls – Gia, Gabriella, Milania and Audriana and their lives while Teresa was away. Those scenes were both entertaining and inspirational. The Giudice girls can carry a show on their own with their crazy antics.

The show included commentary from the Giudice attorney. With so much misinformation and speculation circulating, we reluctantly agree that the attorney’s involvement was necessary. The attorney explained the legal issues and outlined what Teresa and Joe plan for the future. We say reluctantly because his presence is a reminder of the hurdles the Giudice family faces.

Giacinto and Antonia Gorga are true loving parents that wear their hearts on their sleeves. Not a dry eye in our house when Milania sought out Nonno Gorga and wrapped her arm around him. Joe Giudice’s tribute to his father, Francesco Giudice was moving. The fact that Joe was faced with Gia’s 8th grade dance on the anniversary of Nonno Franco’s passing truly showcases how Joe is able to juggle his emotional turmoil while making his daughter a priority.

The subtleties behind RHONJ: Teresa Checks In however, were as captivating as the showcasing of the Giudice family.

First, cousin Rosie was never seen at the Giudice home. She was forced to visit Joe Giudice at his construction site. Their discussion focused on Joe’s impending legal issues. While Rosie’s comments were uncomfortable for the average viewer, at least she didn’t threaten to cut out anyone’s tongue during this exchange.

Then there was Melissa Gorga. Melissa Melissa Melissa. Throughout the show, Melissa whined about wanting to help more with the girls(implying that she does help) ; wanting to visit Teresa – but not being asked or permitted to do so. Gia explained that they are beginning to mend but “they are not there yet.” So why was it so important for Melissa to let the world believe that her attempts to help are not accepted? Why not emphasize her concern and her participation in the healing process instead of the passive aggressive digs.

Joe Gorga will always be Joe Gorga. Occasionally his concern pops out but then he ruins it by blabbing things like he hopes Teresa being away will have helped her get back to being herself. Really Joe? Even if you think that way, was it necessary to say in public?

While we understand the need to portray a united front, the relationships seem tenuous at best. We will wait and see if Joe & Melissa are able to put their differences aside in light of the fact that without Teresa, there is no show. Without the assistance of their shared attorney, Joe & Melissa’s appearance on Teresa Checks In would have been in jeopardy.

The resilience of the Gia, Gabriella, Milania, Adriana and yes even Joe Giudice is a testament to the strong family that Teresa Giudice created. They successfully continued her legacy of love and family as if she was whispering in their ear and hugging them when needed.

Congratulations to the Giudice family: Teresa Giudice is back and better than ever.

Stay tuned for some exclusive news about the new Real Housewives of New Jersey.

9 thoughts on “RHONJ Teresa Giudice Is Back & Better Than Ever

  1. I wish you would write more. They are very interesting. What do you think about Melissa being all, “family is everything” and Joey saying that he hopes that Teresa has enough time to reflect on what she has done wrong, and on her greed while in prison. Teresa seems to have their number and my guess is that she is allowing joey and melissa to be in the girls lives to make her mother and father feel better, but that once she gets out, those two will be frozen out forever. Joey is such a bad brother, nobody deserves a brother like that, and my brothers are no bargain.

  2. Hello old friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to see your Shamrock. xx

    I have a question re American Law or maybe it’s Italian Law I don’t know but will it be hard for a convicted felon to move overseas. I understand getting into the States with a blemished record is pretty hard. Just say Joe is deported, surely it won’t be quite straight forward for Teresa to get to Italy. Conversely, doesn’t he get some kind of “help” seeing as though he married an American. I wonder if the rest of his family was naturalised. I just think it’s really odd that he’s been in the country for 40 whatever years and got away with it.

  3. teresa is only housewive,that is working hard and trying to clear up her debts, don’t see jacko, mellissa or kathy doing anything, but drinking wine and gossiping

  4. I became curious about Gorga and looked up the public records on their Montville house today…. guess what…. it still doesn’t show that it was ever sold! Has anyone else revisited this topic recently? I dont think they have any way of getting another mortgage any time soon because of the default, so they had no choice but to rent and stop on building. I’m interested to know if anyone else has discovered anything new about this. Also, it will be interesting to see what Teresa and Melissa has to say about it during the upcoming season. Kim D explosive info is Gorgas not paying their bills still

  5. I can’t wait for show to start. they filmed in my town last friday. Jacqueline Laurita is still crazy as shit. Teresa Giudice is my favorite by Jac is epic. Faux what happened at the restuarant the other night. Cops showed up.

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