Mobwife Antics Overshadow Fifth Grade Graduation

What happens when a member of VH1’s Mobwives takes her crazy into real life. . .

The following post was spotted on Linda Scarpa’s Facebook page:

Nothing like being slapped in your face by the fakest mobwife of them all at your kids graduation . . . Gotta laugh cant control lowlives even if they think they are living the high life . . . dont change the fact that your still a LOWLIFE. . . who does that shit at a kids’ graduation. . . SMH — feeling annoyed

linda scarpa fb comment cropFacebook comments are comical– (over 100 comments to date)

Facebook page:

linda scarpa

It appears that Linda Scarpa  is less than pleased with a “Mobwife” making an ass of herself at the Fifth Grade Graduation of Linda’s twins.  So rather than engage at the graduation, Linda is calling her out on social media.

Linda is not impressed by the woman’s  TV show – the focus of the day was supposed to be the children. Instead the focus became the woman’s screaming tantrum.


Who is the “fakest mobwife” that would start a scene in front of hundreds of people at a Fifth Grade Graduation with no regard for the other children or parents? None other than . . .

carla knife 2

. . . Carla Facciolo

Looks like Carla Facciolo thinks she’s still filming the show but no one at the Graduation was impressed by her antics. Lucky for her, Linda didn’t want to engage with her twins, family and attendees watching the drama unfold.

Carla’s actions come on the heels of Linda’s unrelenting defense of Carla on Twitter after a disgusting tweet appeared accusing Carla of using a homophobic slur.

carla facc says fag

Horror! Outrage! . . . as all pounced on Carla for the tweet.  Even Carla’s closest allies distanced themselves. Linda, however, hunkered down. As a friend of over 25 years she remained steadfast in her belief that Carla would not make such a despicable statement.

As soon as the tweet appeared, Linda (@LindaScarpa) immediately tweeted that it was a hoax. Shortly thereafter, while the attacks continued on Carla, Linda posted proof of the photoshopped tweet. . . the boy making the accusations inadvertently tweeted a different version of what was supposed to be the same tweet. HOAX REVEALED! Crisis over.

So why did Carla suddenly feel compelled to physically assault Linda and make a scene? A scene that had the attendees asking Linda where were the film crews hiding! Frankly, nothing justifies physically assaulting someone (in front of her children) . . . didn’t Carla say as much when Love assaulted her?

Instead of apologizing, Carla responded by posting the following:

carla says friends of 25 yearsInteresting to note, none of those “friends of 25 years” came to Carla’s defense when the homophobic tweet was posted with the exception of Linda Scarpa.

Linda Scarpa commented to the within story as follows:

linda scarpa comments on story red

29 thoughts on “Mobwife Antics Overshadow Fifth Grade Graduation

  1. Wow I always knew Carla was a low class slag I didn’t realise she’d stoop low enough to slap a woman at her childs graduation. WHO DOES THAT??? What kind of animal does that?? Oh thats right we know Carla the husband stealing whore does.

    I’ve never liked her from day 1 of the first series of Mob Wives. She’s a wanna be mob moll. Im glad Love smashed her face in she had it a long time coming. I’ve seen the way Carla speaks to people on twitter. She is a classless lowlife kunt. I feel sorry for her kids when they get older and read all the stories about their mother. You don’t go around stealing other women’s husbands you freaking whore because one day it will come back and bite you in the ass!!! I think Linda ought to be signed up to the next Mob Wives. Fire Carla’s skank ass & bring on Linda.

    PS Carla I know you are reading this & because you’ve had me blocked on twitter for some time I’d like to say……a big fuck you whore. May the fleas of 20,000 camels infest your bum.

    • Yea, that is why all the women don’t like her she sleeps with other men and some of their male relatives have slept with her also. She’s also a play for pay girl, meaning that you take care of things for her like bills and money to shop she will put out.

  2. Carla ya an ugly horse faced piece of shit. There was no reason for ya to do that to my sista Linda .seems like since Joe wanted to divorce you for a younger loads more beautiful looking woman that ya turn into an animal. You need Jesus.

  3. Carla doesn’t have any friends for 25 yrs? [REDATED] These tweets are mild in comparison to the ones where she made fun of Renee’s trip to rehab saying drug addiction isn’t an illness it’s apparently a bonus y get a Florida vacation. And how could you write this blog without mentioning how she took such enjoyment at Love Majewski’s miscarriage! And then went so far as to call her infertile! And say Loves just angry cu she can’t have kids ! I was never a Love fan but I hated Carla for mocking Loves pain and Im going to confess that when love slapped her face in the finale my entire household cheered! How could anyone befriend such an evil heartless ugly putrid being? I hope Linda’s children didn’t see the slap and I congratulate her for her composure. Hey VH1 when are u going to fire this anorexic troll?

  4. Buck needs basis? Ok here’s some expert testimony. A her current boyfriend was incarcerated with her former husband (sleazy) B. her former father in law delivered her current boyfriends children yes you guessed it she was friends with his ex wife! Oh but they had split long ago he was dating her tenant that lived downstairs and was her good friend when they met up again and she got her hooks in him. C she Lwpt with Karen gravano’s cousin D she slept with ToniMarie Riccis husband and had her affair with him during and after Toni Marie’s pregnancy. E she supposedly slept with Linda scarpas brother while he was married but this I only heard as rumor the rest I witnessed and F is that the guy she’s dating was dating love and Carla stalked him until love booted him n he started seeing Carla’s tenant. G would be Gee what a surprise How was married when she started chasing him she was his receptionist .H she was caught hitting on Jennifer grazianoa boyfriend last year. That’s why they call her the holland tunnel. Only I think the holland tunnels toll is higher lol poor Linda I hope she didn’t catch anything from the slap

  5. Buck you sound “jilted”. YOU are calling her a “postitute.”… Mor-off, didn’t ya’ momma raise you better that?? I want to believe she did. DON”Tt”TRY” to be some BS, tuff guy. Your lucky i was NOT there. Love you my lady, jus whistle….FK THOSE HO’s…………miss you, htttu soon, amla, Billy

  6. I guess if Carla talks or even looks at a man she is automatically “hitting on him” or “sleeping with him”. These women are beyond insecure. I remember Renee going ape shit at Love on the first episode because she claims she witnessed Love hitting on Junior or something. Love had to give Renee a tranquilzer just to calm her azz down and explain that she was just talking to him and was not hitting on him. I can’t believe how insecure these women are. I don’t believe for one second Carla is a saint….but I do believe that these broads are hypersensitive when it comes to calling even talking to a dude. Sheesh. I don’t know what is up with Linda and Carla cause I thought they were cool (I did see Linda defending the heck out of Carla b4) However, something big must have happened for things to get so ugly. These GROWN mothers need to stay OFF social media and deal with this privately. They are both acting like elementary school brats. I think twitter/facebook etc. bring out the worst in ppl and it creates bigger drama. Hopefully these ladies can refrain from this nonsense…they give Italian women a bad name with all this aggressiveness and nastiness. Yuck.

  7. WOW! It’s a “miracle” goofy Carla is not DEAD. I really like Love and Linda…is the REAL deal. She actually struck her in the face and is sill LIVING? This proves this show is FAKE. None of this would of happened in REAL life, or else Carla would be DEAD! Love is NO person to mess with either but, Linda?

  8. I don’t feel Linda Scarpa should be affiliated AT ALL with just jenn productions, the Mob Wives show, or most of the cast members!! SHE IS TOO GOOD FOR THAT CROCK!! Stress, headgames, sinister script – azz – Ms Scarpa would be snatched up by Any Network, with the fitting concept. She doesn’t need the link to the Vh1 show to be successful ON HER OWN as so many are attempting to coax. When it’s time for her to take over? She’ll know it. Head Up, Lady! That time is near.

  9. Carla is [redated]. She has no regards for other people. HELLO its a TV show where 99% of the people that live on your island HATE ALL OF YOU. Especially her! She walks around like her shit dont stink. Anyone notice how she told her son to GO BE INVISIBLE?? Im not thinking she is going to be accepting any mother of the year awards there. Her pretenciouness is disguisting. Thank the lord her husband divorced her, who the hell is going to want to wake up next to that for the rest of their lives! She’s gross, haggard, and her boyfriend is someone who tied up an elderly woman and robbed her house. I donno what rim jobs this bitch is giving people to have friends but more power to her sorry ass cause when her 5 minutes of fame is over, when her soaps end up on clearance… shes still the sorry bitch she always was

  10. You sure have a lot to say for Someone who don’t know her!! There is always two side to every story!! It’s funny how Linda did not mention how it started!? Im sure no one walks up to another person and slaps them for no apparent reason, something was said or done to provoke her getting slapped!
    Put the whole truth out before you play victim. Since linda want to air this dirty business to all then give the whole story and not just play innocent victim.

    • Please enlighten me as to what verbal argument justifies a physical altercation and an elementary school graduation. What provocation justifies it? Waiting with great anticipation.

    • I am curious since a slap is sooo not Carla. I mean she tried so hard not to get in any physical altercations on the show and avoid any ‘drawmer’ I am thinking there is more to the story.

  11. Maybe £Inda had it coming. Why did Carla slap her? Has anyone ever thought of that? Instead of jumping on Carla try to find out why?

    • I would gladly include Carla’s reasons for justifying a physical assault at a 5th Grade Graduation. I would print her reply in total.

  12. Funny to say- cause you NEVER do know who knows who. I speak of what I now, about who I know. AND being that I am someone who WAS at that graduation (and this will be my 1 and only time I speak of this) from where I was, miss linda was stating *quite loudly* that this is not the time nor the place to be speaking of what they were speaking of and everyone could clearly hear her say *THIS IS A CHILDRENS GRADUATION, PLEASE STOP* Unfortunately the Carla and her mother chose to ignore and figured they can do whatever they want. They are class-less low lives. She parades around like her shit don’t stick. Fortunately- out of all the ladies on that show, nobody pretends to BE HER.
    Linda was in the right. I was there. My children go to their school. She should give that witch her own poison and get a restraining order against her.

  13. Her behaviour has been despicable with every aspect of her existence. Her reference this past week regarding Greg Scarpa dying of Aids and embarrassing herself by commenting about him “taking it up the ass” is a pure example of her ignorance. Aids is not a homosexual disease nor it is biased to gender, colour etc. Greg Scarpa to the best of my research contracted the disease from a blood transfusion that he required due to suffering from bleeding ulcers. Carla has directed a slap to the face to Gay and Lesbian community.
    Linda Scarpa and I have had a turbulent past but under no circumstances can you justify attacking someone at a child’s graduation. That day was about the children and taking the next step in their lives. Unfortunately now her children will take with them the embarrassment that she has caused and tainted that special day.

  14. There is NEVER any excuse to make that type of scene at a graduation or any event where kids are present..Especially when its a day to have fun and celebrate with your kids..That day also happened to be my birthday.. Bottom line is have respect for your kids and dont act like an animal.. Also my kids were so upset that they were unable to take pictures or have refreshments with their friends because of the whole situation.. Carla has no class ..She is not loyal or worthy of even this response …Thank you all who have commented and im glad to See that more and more people SEE her for What she Is.. LINDA

  15. Was it the time or the place? Nope could it have waited? Most definitely. But again. WHAT HAPPENED? WHY WAS SHE SLAPPED? That is only question I’m asking? Tell why you got slapped. What did you do to deserve it. What Carla just walked up and did it? The reason I keep asking is, I have bee on the recieving end of a one sideded story. No one even ask why was true. They just believed it, thats all I’m saying.

    • I’ll tell you what Donna…on the mobile site, you were all po’d cuz Love lunged for Carla; then you attempted to belittle Linda on site n were abruptly silenced; now I find you on Linda’s own site being disrespectful by saying, in other words, Linda MUST HAVE provoked an altercation at a 5th grade graduation ceremony, n basically DESERVED to be assaulted-verbally OR physically?! Is THAT what you’re attempting to put out there? GTFOH! What do YOU have against this woman? And you may love Carla as a class act- cuz that’s exactly what it act. Yes, Donna- this is Tess. See you on the site when Ang is aired!

  16. Susan all I asked is what happened? So what’s wrong with that? Was Carla wrong to do it there yeah Dead Wrong. This could’ve waited. Hopefully in future they can work it out they were friends at one time. Linda did support Carla when everyone was jumping on her. So, they were friends they can be friends again!

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