Melissa Gorga’s Brother In Law Scott Simpson’s Bankruptcy: Did Melissa Not Know?

Who can forget Melissa Marco Gorga’s infamous line about the Giudices, “We pay our bills.” Faux reality says the Gorgas pay their bills and Melissa is outraged that the Giudice Family had to resort to Bankruptcy protection.

Reality is not as Melissa describes . . . not by a long shot.  Aside from the Gorga’s financial woes (detailed on StoopidHousewives), at least one of Melissa’s sisters is in financial crisis as well.

In 2009, Melissa’s brother in law, Scott G Simpson (married to Lysa Simpson) filed a  Bankruptcy Petition.


An  interesting part of the bankruptcy involved a property located at 50 Holsman Street, Paterson, New Jersey. Why would a barber from Toms River buy a delapidated property in Paterson – an hour and a half away? Why would Simpson take out a $320,000 construction loan in 2007 on a $180,000 property when he’s not a builder?

According to the Motion to vacate the stay of the lawsuit, at the time of the bankruptcy filing in 2009, the property was appraised at $184,000 and Simpson owed $370,000.


Simpson borrowed over $320,000 as a “Construction Loan,” he took the funds, allegedly never made the improvements, then allowed the property to go into foreclosure and surrendered it to the Mortgage Company.

Because the property was worth $200,000 less than the mortgage, the Mortgage Company sued Simpson for the difference between the value of the property and the money that he borrowed. Simpson filed for bankruptcy, discharged the difference and walked away without having to pay the funds that he borrowed less than 2 years earlier.

In the Petition, Simpson sought to discharge debts from some (not all) of the following creditors:

  • Credit Cards: $65,000
  • “Lawsuit”: $188,000

It appears that the “lawsuit” creditor is the Mortgage Company on the Paterson property.

While the Simpson family struggles to pay their bills, Lysa Simpson has been actively campaigning to become the next RHONJ. She has “refreshed” her look and she has scaled down on attacking cast mates of RHONJ and fans on Twitter. She continues to antagonize Teresa Giudice by proclaiming to be Joe Gorga’s “real sister” and referring to Antonia Gorga as “our Antonia.”

After all the misinformation and inconsistent tales that Melissa Marco Gorga has told, together with the struggling financial situation, it is highly unlikely that Lysa Simpson will be a Housewife anytime in the future. However, perhaps the Jersey Shore 50 year Reunion will cast soon.

I would like to thank JennyS  for the tip and StoopidHousewives for the details on the Simpsons.

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29 Responses to Melissa Gorga’s Brother In Law Scott Simpson’s Bankruptcy: Did Melissa Not Know?

  1. Jeannie5233 says:

    Please check out Fame Whorgas l( or click on the link on this page)last post – it gives very detailed information on Joe and Melissa’s financial situation- an extremely interesting, comprehensive read – what their negative net worth is, how they have financed their home, i.e. entangling a property in Patterson, possibly the Sr. Gorga’s home (?); as well a great link to the Morris Cty Clerks Office detailing documents and liens against them. It is unbelievable. So grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, whatever your choice and settle in – quite an eye opener!

    Faux Reality – you’re doing a fantastic job! Keep up the great investigative work! and Thanks!!

  2. citygirl2 says:

    Speaking of white trash……….

  3. Llinda says:

    Love this site! Excellent job!

  4. I live in the neighborhood says:

    Love you GLO, I can’t stand these sisters.

  5. REALLY? says:

    From Sept. 27th on Blind Gossip [Blind Gossip] This reality star has been trying to get producers to cast the rest of her family for the past couple of years. They are constantly hanging around, trying to get camera time to prove what great full-time cast members they would be. They are also very active on social media, launching full-scale Twitter and Facebook attacks on whoever perpetrates the latest imagined slight on their family member. Unfortunately, all of this has backfired on them. The producers think that they are “ugly and negative” and will never bring any of them on board as cast members.

  6. JennyS says:

    I like you, so I help you. :) But I can’t even take credit…you did amazingly fantastic research. How you found the docs is beyond me. I bow down to you, truly. Well done. xoxo

  7. JJ says:

    Let Melissa Know her sister DOES’T pay her bills

  8. Say What?? says:

    Lysa may have scaled back on twitter but shes going full steam on the blogs. Her behavior is desprate and thirsty. haha

  9. Uh, Lysa needs to give it up. Get some therapy for her toxic personality. I agree with tthe producers as cited above — she and her other sister are “ugly and negative.”

  10. belladee says:

    Can you try your hardest to find out the real deal with Melissa’s dad. Real story about the accident, What addictions he had, why her parents got divorced, why there is no acknowledgemnet of a divorce, etc etc. So weird that all of this is hush hush. No one has come forward with this info and there is nothing on the internet. Donna Marco must be a real trashbag to have raised three skanky evil daughters. I understand that everyone has a black sheep/lowlife in each family but to have all three daughters turn out to be such hateful phony bitches that will stop at nothing to be famous and adored by the public has to do with their white trash upbringing envying all around them.

  11. madanjones says:

    Do you know if she went to high school in Toms River or Florida?

  12. Sarah Sharkey says:

    I live “down the shore” now, formerly from Bergen County so I have always had an interest in the show. Immediately upon MeGo’s hiring, The Marco Sisters got a facebook page, started tweeting and have given “interviews” to the local paper, comparing themselves to the Kardashian’s (“they are beautiful and stylish”) and would like to do a reality show about being sisters. Ha ha.

    • belladee says:

      Those silly girls are such a hoot!….and what exactly could these episodes consist of? These sisters say they love each other, have no jealousy and get along great. Are they going to rip off the kardasian story lines too?…”oh Lysa stole my jeans after I told her she couldnt borrow them! now i have to go to lookers to get them back from her!” or “Melissa, I overheard Joe tell scott he wants to get a vacectomy so his poison isnt lethal”. Talking about Teresa is always an option.

  13. Dia says:

    He is a barber? lol

  14. omg12 says:

    Lol watch out kardashians.

  15. Gemma says:

    Ok,so I just read that Lysa considers herself Joe’s “real” sister. Since Melissa is Lysa’s sister, if Lysa was/wants to be Joe’s sister,wouldn’t that make his wife his sister also? Second, I’ve seen pics of Melissa,Joe and Lysa and Lysa was touching Joe’s leg in a manner that I wouldn’t touch a brother in law. I’ve heard that Melissa and Joe have an “open” marriage. Does that openness include sharing her sister in the bedroom? I know it sounds disgusting, but I’ve heard of sisters having threesome’s with a man before. Something to think about?

  16. ScrappieONE says:

    So this is why our economy is in the toilet because of scumbags like this….

  17. PHW says:

    just wondering why melissa was shipped off to live in florida with grandma??? and why she graduated at 19 a year late….could the 2 things be related??? like ship someone out of town who is pregnant?? and after the hiding the girl bring hr back home so know one knows she had a child as a teen unwed mother? just a thought

  18. old NJ Lady says:

    Wow! Great comment! That is actually what happened to a girl in my high school. Parents shipped her off until she had her baby.
    If this was the case with Ms Lookers her baby would be 14 or 15 now.

  19. Jersey girl says:

    So my problem with this is how does a bank lend $370k for a delapitated property, where is the collateral?
    As a realtor and builders husband I know how these work. Construction loans are given in draws. Finish one part, they inspect, get the next draw. $20-30k per draw.
    If they didn’t do the work , how did they get the next draw let alone the full amount without doing any work?? In 2007, they were cracking down on this practice. It’s what sunk the real estate and mortgage markets. They claimed bankrupcy? WTF!!!
    This is mortgage fraud!! They should be in jail.
    How do people live the high life on borrowed money then claim bankrupcy???
    It’s Bullshit!!
    How the hell do they own a home now???
    Isn’t she the same woman begging for housewives of South Jersey? Ugh! This family is pathetic!

  20. Maggs says:

    great article Faux! Keep them coming! :)

  21. Catherine says:

    I know the Marco sisters, they are white trash, none of them have an eduction and
    they are lal are broke. Melissa was a stripper looking for a guy with money nd she got Joe, a chimpanzee who is nothing but a landscaper. He has so many liens and judgements aginst him. Hes also a pig, Lysa husbnd is a crook and a uneducated barber, this fmily is nothing but scum bags!!!! Work the pole Mel!!!!! Your daughter will be so proud when she knows the truth about you! Yuck!

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