RHONJ: L&S Magazine – Melissa Gorga’s Image Shows Cracks

Since Melissa Marco Gorga was first introduced to the viewers of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, she has worked relentlessly to create an image of the perfect wife and the perfect mother with the perfect life.

The February 25, 2013 edition of Life & Style Magazine reports that Melissa Gorga’s perfect life is crumbling . . .

In Touch Story Melissa does not want

and Melissa is “scrambling to save the image of her ‘perfect marriage.'”

Melissa expected Season 5 would concentrate on her “blossoming” music career.  But it appears that the dream is quickly turning into a nightmare that Missy never anticipated.  Not only has her music career tanked, but the image of her perfect marriage has hit a Titanic size iceberg.

shamlsLife & Style Magazine questions whether the Gorga’s “love at first sight” story is ALL A SHAM.  The story seems to have been created without much forethought since Melissa’s past is coming out to contradict her head on.

“The only reason she [Missy] went with Joe is because Bulldog didn’t want to settle down. . .”

Scenes filmed on January 31, 2013 for Season 5 have opened the door for a very rocky road for the image created by Melissa Gorga.  As the “wholesome image” crumbles, where oh where does Melissa turn?

The Marco camp spin machine seem to be relying heavily on viewer sympathy, “why ruin the reputation of a wife and mother?” Yet, it is Missy who attempted to build on the “wholesome girl victimized by evil sister in law Teresa Giudice.”

Who can forget Joey Gorga’s Reunion declaration that he followed his father’s advice and picked a girl that “walks a straight line.” Well, it appears that the only walk Missy has done is a walk of shame.  


Hopefully Papa Gorga will counsel Joey Gorga on what to do about the latest allegations of Melissa Gorga’s infidelity.

kim and melissaSources confirm that Kim D “smiles” and plays one cast mate against the other as she peddles her merchandise. Kim D banks on the fact that no one is talking to each other so her treachery is safe for the time being.

pennyWhen Kim D was unable to deliver, Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis was summoned to the rescue. According to Life & Style, “Penny is Bringing the Drama.”

Until recently, it was unclear whether Penny would appear on Season 5 since she refused to be Kim D’s side kick.

Life & Style reports that Penny will appear in Season 5.  As a successful salon owner, Penny was able to answer many of the yet unanswered questions about Melissa’s past.

Inside sources confirm that Penny’s responses to questions regarding Missy’s past will not be evasive or vague.

76 thoughts on “RHONJ: L&S Magazine – Melissa Gorga’s Image Shows Cracks

  1. I love it! They keep trying to fool everyone but super faux outs them again. Thank you again faux for all your hard work giving us the real Melissa!

  2. Faux, your the best! Look forward to your blogs! Bring it on and let the truth be told! Can’t wait for Penny to show Melissa who she really is! Gold digger, stripper, hoe?

  3. I should be ashamed of my self for jumping in glee that melissa the ho will be exposed,
    But I don’t care what anyone says….. I want to see that bi*** fall. What she did to teresa and her parents is disgusting, I don’t even joe schmo gorga is family,he must have been adopted as a child.
    all I can say is what goes around comes around…..or visa versa….lol

  4. Glad karmas comming for those lowlifes. I love this blog and does anyone get why Queenz of crap is slowly getting Teresas supporters with her shit stirring bullshit? I have my own theory on lisalying but now bino also? How can anyone support what queenz does and has done? Happy Valentine’s to all and keep up the great work you do on here. If anyone is interested on a little history on lisa and Honnie read this link one about honnie was last year when she was using honnie badger.

    • If queenz is getting to them, then they were probably plants to begin with. Gathering info, like good little trolls. I think it’s sad to watch grown women dying to have a relationship with “cool n the gang” to begin with. Every-single-person who has cozied up to queenz, with the exception of one, has been turned on, and had their dms, and text posted on her tl. It will serve every one of them right when it happens to them. In fact, several of them who get spittle in the corners of their mouth over the mention of queenz, have already been attacked viciously by queenz, and they go crawling back. It’s actually hilarious!

  5. Looks like Ms Andy keeps betting on the wrong horse. All the time and money spent trying to make this sleeze something she is not and can never be…..couldn’t happen to a better bunch of losers.

  6. Little Joey will displace his anger yet again on Teresa. Melissa will cry about Teresa trying to destroy her, and everyone is a liar but her.

    I hope Bravo does not protect Melissa from this, as they have been for the past 2 seasons.

  7. Gm Faux!! TY! Been waiting for your post on this .. Twitter is heating up & so many twitter fights going on now! It’s becoming a full time job trying to figure out who is who? I give you props for protecting Bryan & offering him your help to tell his side of story. I am shocked @ how nasty some people r on twitter, shocked! Faux, you know 1 in part I am talking about. I refuse to use their name but they have been attacking my friends Bryan & John and I am sick of their foul mouths! Wish Twitter would kick them off! Ugh!

  8. Maybe Melissa and Joe will opt to bow out of the whole reality thing for the sake of their kids. Maybe they will realize that everything catches up with you sooner or later and even if you’ve changed your ways, you either have to own your past and refuse to discuss it or say that it was while you were young and wild or you have to just run, duck and cover and hope nobody really cares enough to look for you. If Joey is such a good businessman, surely he can support his family without all the crap being thrown because they want to be “on display”. Very poor judgement for them to have made up the love at first sight story if they knew how easy that was to disprove and how others would love the chance to do just that. Could it be they are just not too bright?

  9. Faux I sincerely hope that Penny doesn’t couch her info on Melissa in riddles or double talk, but I’m afraid if she speaks the truth, Bravo will either leave her comments on the cutting room floor, or edit them to appear to be something else entirely. Reality shows aren’t “real” and once Penny signs her name to the contract, she will have no control over what she “says” on the show. Bravo has an agenda and they will edit footage to fit that agenda, no matter what the truth is. I hope that Penny and Johnny will not be run thru the Bravo mill and crushed-they both seem like good people, and good people are just more grist for the Bravo mill…

  10. has anyone considered that Melissa has been played the fool? I am wondering if that producer was just cozying up to Melissa to get all the details to use at a later date?

    What is the queen of media and how is she taking Teresa supporters. I am a huge Teresa fan but I listen to what Teresa says not what anyone has to say about her.

    • Melissa has not been played the fool, she knew exactly what she was doing and certainly what she was saying as she was attacking her husbands sister on national television. I do not feel sorry for, just feel sorry for her children. Hopefully Teresa’s girls will be around to defend their cousins.

  11. Slow Joe is a fool and even his parents know it along with his sister Teresa. That is why Joe Giudice is treated like a son more so than Joe Gorga, because his father sees Joe is weak and simplton. Teresa is protecting him but how long can that last. Joe is being set up for a major take down when she decides to leave him and use the excuse of abuse and his involvement in that rape that happened in school. He’s going to get taken down and embarrassed and it won’t be pretty.

  12. I just hope all this comes to fruition and Miss Andy doesn’t take the scissors and edits out the truth. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. So, I will wait and see how it all plays out and if Meho and Jogo actually get their comeuppance. As much as Miss Andy hates Teresa, I’m afraid so much of it will end up on the cutting room floor to make Teresa look bad (again) and Meho will shine – again.

    • IMO Miss Andy be shiteing her panties . Bravo has a finger in everyone’s pie and this book deal is going to blow up in his face, MeGo’s face, JoGos face. Andy can edit and spin until he’s dizzy but the truth is leaking out. Batten down the hatches boyz the Marcos are a bad wind that bows no good. Who would buy a book from a lying, cheating wannabe?

  13. This is the real deal , Karma, making a very special and long awaited visit to the Marcos. All this breaking as MeGo plans to publish her book on how to keep the romance in a marriage. Bwhahahahaha. Isn’t it ironic?

  14. I’m dying! That image of Kim D gossiping in the ear of Melissa is hilarious. Who is Melissa’s stylist now? Queenz! She’s looking more & more like a transsexual. Bad call, Melissa. Everybody knows that queenz looks like a man in a wig. Roids-queen! Ask queenz real friends, queendinagling, aka: its_tea_time, & Daryl Was**ngton. The self-proclaimed tran*y rap**t. (Title of his blog) His words, not mine. He was the announcer for queenzofmedia but you can read more about their friendship on the other webistes they frequent. It’s mindboggling how queenz can be associated with the likes of Daryl, and Melissa in the same lifetime. IMO that says a lot about Melissa and all of the other do-gooders (frauds) who associate with queenz.
    I think it’s interesting that the ‘marcos’ portray Queenz as this influential, transsexual advocate, when she is hiding behind anonymity on twitter, ashamed to show her extremely clockable mug, and using insults that can only be attributed to some type of serious mental illness. Body dysphoria! Maybe she’s done some work in the past that the Marcos admire, but she’s done 1000 indisputable wrongs on twitter against everyday people who deserve the same rights she insist on receiving. Not everyone can hide behind words like “transphobia” to get the crowd in an uproar. That doesn’t mean that their right to privacy and respect is any less important.

  15. I have been reading your Twitter, Faux, and from what I can gather, Tre is forgiving MeGo & Joe and having them move in with her because Joe (husband) can’t drive…..I am so gonna be pissed if I understand this correctly. Teresa is a dumbass and I am real tired of supporting this kind of crap. I adore your writing and your FACTS about everything! I only can hope that BullDog comes out with the truth soon in a reputable media and it fucks up Bravo’s little fairytale. Also, if I understand correctly, Teresa is on her own for me these days…..I just want the real truth to surface. I am sickened by the TRASH associated with MeGo on twitter – disgusting animals….Shame on Teresa. Thank you for your honesty and I will always support you and your perfect work.

    • The worst thing that could happen is for MeGo and JoGo to ride on Tree’s coattails AGAIN when she gets her spinoff. arrrrggggggg. Surely Tree sees this right? Or maybe we have all been jerked around from the very start. And the real reason for MeGo joining the show was to make an underdog out of Tree thereby gaining her more fans? So confused. Surely it cant be THAT elaborate… and blaming the Guidice girls for MeGo having to move? Would Tree be OK with that? Shame on them if this is all a bunch of crap.

    • I made the comment about moving in with the Giudice Family as a joke. At no time did I mean for anyone to believe that the Gorga Family was moving in with the Giudice Family

      • now that poison joe and melissa are losing there home, they might have to move in with teresa lol remember there credit will be ruined too, so won’t be easy to get rental they want lol lol

      • You don’t need perfect or even near perfect credit to find a rental. Especially in this day and age. Do you realize how many homeless people there would be if you did? With so many foreclosed on or selling in short sale, etc. there are more rentals needed than ever. Most landlords are quite liberal with their standards on credit. As long as the income is there and the debt to income ratio isn’t over the top, someone can find a rental easy enough.

      • Do you realize how many homeless people are homeless for exactly that reason. Certainly MeGo and Joey de Marco can rent a roach infested dump somewhere . Or rent a van down by the river…..The De Marcos dreams are shattered, they’ve lost their home, the music career is relegated to a few appearances at Flea markets and coming soon to a garage sale near you. MeGo blew her own book deal and so I doubt her Bravo paycheck will get a bump. More like a pink slip.

      • in jersey almost everyplace wants credit check, most people go thru real estate to rent now, apts and homes aren’t easy to get anymore since sandy hit us bad.

      • it was just a funny thought,after everything they did to teresa,would never wish that on her. but then they might have nerve to ring teresa’s doorbell with kids and suitcases l.ol

  16. faux, I’ve been watching what has been happening to you on twitter and I can’t help but feel awful from the start you have shown us the trueth behind the Bravo fantasy factory and of course the crazies are coming after you. Your blogs are so informative that my question is is it to much information for Bravo to handle? Why are they coming for you so hard? Who is really behind these attacks? I’m not team anybody I just could not stand the complete unfairness of the story lines and when you started showing us who these people really are it made me even more angry. I am so sorry you have to go through this but thank you for showing these fools that you will not be intimidated!

  17. Sorry Faux – I misinterpreted comments!! Bottom line is I cannot understand some of these Tre fans befriending this Queen person….especially after all the evil twitter remarks to Bulldog. Bino, etc., I am shocked. I am just glad you mean what you say and always have something worthwhile and true to say – very rare these days. I am just so sick of the Gorgas, Lauritas,Walkilirs and Manzos that I honestly have to question Andy’s true common sense at thos point. Just ONCE, I wish he would take the viewers advice and have a storyline about these dirtbags and their real true scummy lives. Doesn’t he realize the ratings would probably exceed any HW ratings in history??? What is wrong with Bravo and their dumbass producers.Isn’t it all about ratings and $$$…..well duh!

    • IMO Bravo practices “plausible denial” by removing itself from the day to day filming and editing. It leaves it to the Production Company to film and edit so it can deny actual knowledge. If you recall, when Andy was asked why he didn’t inquire about the Laurita bankrutpcy, he responded that he never saw the tweets regarding same. By removing himself from the actual knowledge, he insulates what he wants to hear and know.

  18. Andy is a liar – several people were tweeting and emailing him when the story was unfolding in real life – tons of people emailed and tweeted him to question the Lauritas on the reunion. Andy lies pure and simple.

    • I don’t know if Andy is as much a liar as he is very literal in what he says. Example: Kelly from RHONY said that Bravo forced her to go on the crazy Island trip and Andy denied it repeatedly at the Reunion. First, it may have been the production company that forced Kelly to go, not Bravo. Second, Kelly may not have been forced to go in the literal sense of the word, but it may have been phrased as follows, “you either go on the trip or you will pay the liquidated damages clause contained in your contract.”

  19. Faux, Sorry for the craziness in your twitter life. You know I read all. Love you, you know what is going on and help us readers with your blogs. I read every word and I also read every post.

  20. Oh my sounds like MeGo got caught with her panties down. None of this is news to Teresa or her family . This is exactly what Teresa knew and feared would come out about her brother’s wife. Fault Teresa but Bravo runs RHONJ and if they say film a make nice scene with your brother and his wife, does she really have a choice? I won’t criticize Terea she has 2 Gorga nephews and a niece to consider. However Bravo can’t control the blogs and twitter and the nasty news is out about MeHo’s extracurricular activities. Wow? Will Bryan and her backseat antics at the Sushi Bar rate a chapter in her happy marriage/blissful wife book? ROFLMA. Bwahahahahahah. caroline’s book is floating like a giant turd in Amazon’s toilet bowl. Melissa’s book will make Caroline’s disaster look tame. IMO even Stevie Wonder can see the handwriting on the wall and that is HW products in future will be tainted by Andy shoving HWs like MeGo down our throats.

  21. I was about to ask the same thing. I came back specifically to check the comments on that story. Could it have been removed due to the intimidation tactics of Ms Stark? Thats what I read has happened on that Do Not Play In The Devils Orchard blog..


    • I also am missing the same post and want to know what is happening with it. Did you take it down Faux or did Stark play a game? :-(

  22. Everything alright? That was an excellent last post – sorry to see that it’s gone! Hope that you haven’t been subjected to pressure or harassment. You run a terrific site :)
    Kudos to you for a wonderful job and obviously, much hard work and integrity.

  23. Hey Faux I saw that Chris Stark deleted all her tweets about Bulldog and Penny and when I came to post it I noticed your blog is down. Did you remove the blog because she deleted all her tweets or did her warden put her back in the pscyh ward?

  24. Faux –

    This is your blog to do with as you see fit and what you feel is best. I don’t know what it is but I have the utmost confidence in you that whatever it is – you have good reason and I will respect that.

  25. love the new article! wow for all this twitter drama too! You true buddies (like me) will ALWAYS have your back!!! :)

    Melissa going bust with their fairytale marriage really puts a quirky evil smile on my face. Karma meet Melissa, hope you 2 are happy. LMAO!

  26. Teresa Giudice loves her brother and his kids to death. She will do anything to get them back, including eating dirt. So if she has to make up with SIL she will. I agree that she will throw anybody under the bus for her brother and his kids. So Kim D and Penny D are disposable. If they don’t know that, they’re stupid. They got on the show and anything that happens to them is fair game. Teresa never hid her agenda or her motives – make money, save her family, don’t get in her way

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