Kristen Johnston Censors Critics & Conceal Antics

Kristen Johnston claims she was bullied and harassed with hundreds of stories and tweets. Read the 3 Stories written by Faux Reality that led to Johnston’s absurd inflammatory accusations:

Rise & Stand Victimizes Victims dated March 2, 2014 –READ FULL STORY

Did Rise & Stand Defraud Kristen Johnston dated June 17, 2014 –READ FULL STORY

Cable Actress Kristen Johnston – Where is She Now dated November 14, 2014 –READ FULL STORY

Read Faux Reality’s recent response to Kristen Johnston’s defamatory blog and her abusive attempts to suspend any twitter account who sought to tweet the truth and expose her erratic and bi polar social media behavior:

Kristen Johnston’s False Claims & Underhanded Tactics dated June 22, 2015- READ FULL STORY 

Yes folks, Kristen Johnston either lied or is delusional. There were never hundreds of articles and tweets.  There were 3 articles! The Delusional or lying nut known as Johnston wrote an inflammatory and slanderous blog, then her attorney sent a Cease and Desist Letter thinking they would shut Faux Reality down. It didn’t work.

Then in March, 2015, Johnston’s crazy escalated yet again when she accused Faux Reality of being involved in her melt down before the Alabama Drug Education Council.  Faux Reality did not write any articles in response to her delusions while her fans continue to attack Faux Reality for her reckless false accusations.

Then recently, Kristen Johnston’s crazy surfaced yet again, claiming she was being harassed and stalked by Faux Reality. My June 22, 2015 article was written in response to her tweets and Comments that she had been stalked FOR YEARS! Get Help. Get A Hobby. Because we all see you for what you are!

6 thoughts on “Kristen Johnston Censors Critics & Conceal Antics

  1. she has such a strong need for attention and she is getting it from all the wrong people on Twitter. She clearly needs help but will never find it there.

  2. Kjo should be more careful about who she promotes. Nevermind James McGibney- wait until she realizes she is promoting a child rape account under investigation and banned by Twitters CEO. Not smart Kjo, not smart at all.

  3. I had questioned her blog where she admits that she only heard about alleged tweets but didn’t actually witness any! She wouldn’t reply. Hmmmm?

    That tells me (and I really have nothing against her except the unscrupulous bunch of bullies she has chosen to associate with) that she herself is a bully also! To make false accusation on *hearsay* makes me realize she probably is not truthful in other questionable things/behavior in her life?

    ps text me I (((hugs)))

    • KJo is a complete contradiction from head to toe. She criticized LeAnn Rimes over what she described as “mean words” then attacks anyone who criticizes her. She pretends to be an anti bully advocate then encourages the worst accounts on twitter. She calls people addicts and meth users without basis then calls herself an advocate for recovery. She claims to be a victim of bullying but uses her followers to terrorize people – then gloats about it. She thrives on twitter flame wars. She constantly jumps to conclusions without proof based on the hearsay of Brophy and a Hooker. How many accounts have they attributed to me – just to pull KJo into fighting their battles? I can’t wait for this to be revealed.

  4. u got to get the story behind Michael. ask Ilana Angel. What KJ did to him was criminal. She is never around men except her gays and her ass kissers. Michael saw the real her. Ugly and crazy.

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