Joe Francis Must Pay Muliti Million Dollar Judgment To Casino Mogul

UPDATED: November 12, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a very insecure boy . . . ALLEGEDLY. . .

And this insecure boy had a rather interesting childhood . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

As this insecure boy became a man, he decided to turn the tables on those that he felt bullied him . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

So the insecure man targeted beautiful young women who had ignored him by filming them in embarrassing situations and and producing gutter videos . . . ALEGEDLY . . .


As the insecure man made money, he acquired a false since of invincibility . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

The insecure man thought he could do and say anything he wanted without concern for the truth . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

After the insecure man raked up approximately $2 million dollars in gambling debts at the Wynn Casino in Vegas, the Casino sued the insecure man for recovery of the debts  . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

The insecure man countered by saying that Vegas Billianaire Steve Wynn threatened to kill him and bury him in a hole in the desert . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn was not happy with the insecure man’s false, slanderous comments . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

So Vegas Mogul sued the insecure man for slander, defamation for attempting to ruin his reputation . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

In or about September, 2012, Casino Mogul Steve Wynn was awarded $40 million dollars by a Jury, which included punitive damages . . .

. . . . NO ALLEGEDLY about it. . . . The Jury determined that Joseph Francis sought to defame Steve Wynn by making false statements about him and as such injured his reputation. In making these findings, the Jury determined that Joseph Francis LIED.

[insert court docs]

Billionaire Wynn advised that he intends to donate the funds to battered women and wounded soldiers. A statement released by Mr. Wynn stated:

Joe Francis represents a new kind of criminal type: the digital assassin. He takes advantage of the protection afforded by the Internet to issue intentionally destructive charges against someone’s reputation, knowing full well that in the age of the Internet those statements will live forever.

His actions present a new challenge to society created by technology and the instantaneous news cycle.  The inflammatory information goes up instantly and stays forever, unchallenged and unproven, to the misery and detriment of any citizen that is a victim. The only remedy is a long road, an expensive road, to a trial before 12 fellow citizens. Most citizens don’t have the time or the resources to defend themselves and find the truth in a courtroom before a jury of their peers.

In this case, with this unbelievably reckless human being, Joe Francis, I am a surrogate, a stand in, for all the people with any reputation or in any business, or even just a private citizen, who can be wildly attacked.

Thank God for the justice system that finally sent a message: if you think you’re taking a cheap shot, it may be a lot more expensive than you had imagined. Therefore, think before you post; think before you speak; hesitate before you start to destroy someone’s character. There may be a day of reckoning.

Moral of the story: Joe Francis shouldn’t be slandering Casino Moguls or wives of Night Club owners. So Joey might want to apologize to Romain Zago and Joanna Krupa because the foundation has already been LAID that he’s a big fat LIAR.

In or about November 12, 2012, the trial judge granted Francis’ motion to set aside the punitive portion of the verdict and upheld the verdict in the amount of $19 million. A punitive damage award must be based upon a Defendant’s net worth, since Wynn did not prove how much Francis was worth, the trial judge set aside the punitive portion of the $40 million award.

The trail judge refused to set aside the jury’s damage award in the amount of $19 million. It appears that Joe Francis has a long hard fight to get the remainder of the damage portion overturned since the trial judge strengthened the factual and legal conclusions.

22 thoughts on “Joe Francis Must Pay Muliti Million Dollar Judgment To Casino Mogul

  1. Am I the only person really annoyed by Joanna and Marta??? They are like birds squawking and Joanna sounds like a poodle barking when she laughs. I can’t stand them. Marta needs a job.

    • No, I find them annoying too, but I find Joe Francis beyond annoying. Joe Francis is the primordial ooze of the world. He makes scum look high class.

      • I find Joanna annoying, don’t think much of Marta, have no words for the despicable Joe Francis, and find crybaby Steve Wynn to be full of shit for trying to garner sympathy for his hurt feelings for being lied on by JF. This is the same man (SW) who is currently threatening to have to fire a significant portion of his employees if President Obama is reelected, which in my opinion should get him prosecuted for vote tampering.

    • I wondered how Lea knew him.

      Reading the article you posted, it was clear that Joe was circumventing the law. In the mature adult business, every film has to provide what is known as 2257 paperwork, which means, every actor must provide a photo ID proving their age and that they are over 18. The federal government can walk in and audit any company at will, this is why the information is taken so seriously. So his claim is totally bogus, to say that they claimed they were 18 is a huge red flag. Nope, these people must provide photo IDs as proof. No wonder he lost that case.

  2. Does Joe Francis still do a lot of Coke? He looked like it.
    I like Joanna, but I don’t like Marta, she’s wants Roman,it’s obvious.

  3. Huh, what Joe Francis did kind of reminds of what some other people are doing. Their names might start with a Jac, Car, and Mel.

  4. I used to respect Leah Black before last night’s RHOM episode. I didn’t like her, but respected the fact she worked and actually raised money for charity. Enter Joe Francis, and all the respect I had was gone. Why would she hang out with a man like that? Why does anyone hang out with him? He’s a pathetic little boy who lies, cheats and exploits women. Anyone who calls him a “friend” has no morals or values, I don’t care how much he paid your husband to represent him. Gross.

    • Because it was a setup pure and simple. I think that Joe already told Lea about him and the Krupa sisters. But to be honest with you, I think Lea knew about Joanna and her activities long before this. You have to remember she runs with very rich Miami people and I bet someone told her who or what Joanna was long ago before the filming.

  5. What I can’t understand is how Joe Francis and his company have managed to circumvent child porn charges? They are being sued by a woman who they filmed when she was 14. Granted she may have given consent but no contract is legal for a minor, how is it not considered child porn? How has his company not been in trouble for distribution of child porn, that was not the first incident of filming minors?

  6. Of course Lea brought Joe Francis to stir up drama. Do you think she would really want Lisa’s fundraiser to be a big success? Please.
    Am I the only one that remembers the Kardashian’s staying at JF’s house in Mexico? I don’t think he went to Lisa’s party just to stir the pot for Lea, but perhaps to get some brownie points from his Kardashian buddies???? hmmmm….

  7. I don’t see anything good about Steve Wynn either. The only people I have heard about winning ANY money in Vegas are SUSPICIOUSLY, rich people like Candy Spelling, who these casinos obviouly want to hook to drop big bucks in the casinos. Wynn comped a CREEP like Prince Harry, who had OBVIOUS means to pay. Rich people are getting comped and getting the jackpots made by the middle class people that shouldn’t be there, spending money they can’t afford to lose.

  8. anyone who goes to vegas and gambles money they can’t afford to loose is crazy – face it – it’s just entertainment and you shouldn’t be there if you can’t afford it –
    delusional people will be screwed.

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