Jeff Lewis Flips Out on Jenni’s Tell All Book

No one can ever say that Jeff Lewis is a patient man. When Jeff’s assistant, Jenni Pulos told him that she was writing a book, he demanded to know what it said and requested a copy of the manuscript. When Pulos refused to provide a copy, Jeff flipped out and into the closest Court House. War of the Roses is going to seem tame compared to Flipping Out Legal Style.

On November 14, 2012, Jeff and his production company filed for an injunction to prevent the production and/or distribution of the book written by Jenni.

The Complaint alleges, among other things that:

In 2008 and again in 2010, Jenni executed a Confidentiality and NonDisclosure Agreement wherein she agreed not to disclose (and actively protect) confidential information regarding Jeff’s business or personal life. [Paragraph 9 of Complaint]

The Agreement provides that any violation or threatened violation of the Agreement would cause “irreparable injury to Jeff.”  Any violation would entitle Jeff to injunctive relief (meaning a restraining order) as well as the payment of attorneys fees. [Paragraph 10 of the Complaint]

In or about October, 2012, Jeff found out that Jenni was writing a book. Jeff reminded Jenni of the Confidentiality Agreement. [Paragraph 11 of the Complaint]

However, Jeff discovered that the book was finished and was entitled Hang In There, Baby – What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love. Jeff also learned that the book was already written, already assigned an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and is represented to be 288 pages. [Paragraph 12 of the Complaint]

Jeff sent written demands to Jenni and her agents, including a cease and desist in publishing the book. [Paragraph 13 of the Complaint]

The Complaint seeks a declaration that the Confidentiality Agreement remains in effect; that Jenni and her agents be prohibited from publishing and / or releasing the book; that  Jenni be responsible for injury and damage caused to Jeff.

Jenni woke to the news that her boss was suing her:

Word of advice for Jenni, referring to your boss as an uncool bully may not make for a very good working relationship. If the allegations of the Complaint are accurate, Jenni needs to get the 411 on a good defense attorney.

UPDATE: Shortly after the filing of the within lawsuit, Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos settled the matter, resolved their differences and began another season of their hit Bravo Reality Show.

32 thoughts on “Jeff Lewis Flips Out on Jenni’s Tell All Book

  1. Oh wow, Jenni did tweet this morning that she was being sued by her boss. But, I didn’t know which boss and she wouldn’t respond to anyone’s questions. Thanks for getting this latest news, Faux. Your site is red hot.

  2. What should be wondered about is when Jeff asked to see a rough copy she wouldn’t and wouldn’t say what it was about or about him. I think she has alot about him and that is the only way she could get a book deal. And that is to talk about Jeff and his craziness.

    • I think she is an ingrate who should go shit in her hat for betraying Jeff. That’s what I think. What a money-grubbing bitch.

  3. Don’t hate me but if any of this is true, I don’t blame him — she appears to have violated a true trust among friends. Also, seems I read a long time ago that she is the top producer of that show and owns a %, (like Kyle with HWOBH) — but — I could be wrong? Does anyone know? I just remembered when I read that I felt a little “duped” by her and Bravo thinking she kinda likes that victim role, but still does seem like a really good person, especially for a bravo reality girl .

  4. Jenni knows what a confidentiality agreement is. She signed one in 2008 and 2010. Plus she was untruthful that the book wasn’t finnished when it was. Jeff is right and she is just wrong.

    • I agree. Jenni has known for very long time what Jeff is like. She reap the rewards $$$$ Jeff shared with her.

      If there was nothing in the book about him why didnt she give him a copy?

      I can just hear Gage rooting Jeff on. EWWW

    • As I said before, she knows that the only thing that she could have written a book about and had published is about her boss Jeff. They want dirt about him and she gave it.

  5. I think Jenni is entitled to write a book if she wants to. If it disclosed any of Jeff’s secrets re:personal things or business then that is wrong but I really doubt she would do that. She’s been loyal to Jeff for years and I can’t see her bashing him. Jeff needs to lighten up.

    • Then why wouldn’t she show him a rough copy or a manuscript of the book for him to see? It’s because it’s totally about him and she wants to make her money off of him. Would there be a Jenni without Jeff as one person said, no way. The only reason she is somewhat known is because of her association with Jeff. She has done some commercials thats all but no shows (except for Jeff). Hell even her ex husband is back on track and making international wide commercials for companies (saw a few last month).

      • To further this point, according to Andy Cohen’s book, Jeff initially shopped a reality show around Jenni(which is undoubtedly why it’s his production company that produces Flipping Out-he was the one who got the ball rolling) to further her acting career and while they didn’t end up taking that idea, he was willing to make Flipping Out to help her. He initially had no interest in a reality show, but realized it would be a great opportunity for her, so agreed to it.

        Since Andy is close with both Jeff and Jenni, I don’t see any reason for him to make this up.

        Flipping Out is one of my favorite shows ever – I laugh so hard that I often fall off of my couch- and while I think Jeff is hysterical, I think they are both great and seem to have a very genuine and real friendship and it really saddens me that this is going on, but if the facts stated in the lawsuit are true, I completely side with Jeff on this one.

        This site is great!

      • I LOVE JEFF and I LOVE FLIPPING OUT!!! Jeff is HILARIOUS! He’s honest about his OCD,Anxiety and other quirks. I have anxiety, so watching someone else do the things I do or say things that “normal” people would not say makes me laugh hysterically! Jeff isn’t a dummy, he’s a businessman of many years. I like Jenni as well, BUT I think she knows what she is doing is WRONG, that’s why she didn’t show jeff a copy of the book. If she’s not to mention him or his business at all, HOW does she think she can title the book and directly reference JEFF? She did just marry a Doctor. Is this newfound wealth making her think she can do things that she was warned not to do? Does she not “need” the job now that she married money, like she did when she was with that LOSER of an ex husband?
        Jeff will WIN. I’m sure of it!

      • So he could not steal her material. She is a comediane. They historically do not share material. Their words arw their bankroll. It’s called intellectual property and is one of the hardest thefts to prove. Jeff is a theif. I and mollions of others have seen him take credit for others work(and I don’t mean just his emplyees!).

      • I understand the concept of intellectual property. When you say that Jeff is a thief, what do you mean? Do you mean that his employees have ideas related to the business that he, as the owner of the business, takes credit for? Welcome to the world. Unfortunately, when you are an employee being paid for your ideas, many times the “firm” gets the money and the accolades for what you have produced. Or are you saying Jeff stole something else? I like Jenny, but I think she did go on the Cancun trip without telling Jeff because she knew he wouldn’t like it and would probably stop it.

  6. I dunno…I have plenty of funny I could have revealed about employers, but it’s something you don’t do. If you don’t have anything to hide, what’s the problem with showing him the manuscript when it’s done? She’s probably praising him because she’d be an idiot to do otherwise when he’s made her famous.

  7. Not right at all. There would be no Jenni without Jeff. Bullies aren’t cool Jenni. Neither are you. This is high level betrayal. I don’t even repeat a friends funny story without asking. It is theirs to tell.

  8. I have always liked jenni, but if she is writing something about Jeff that is confidental then he has every right to try and stop her. This is really too bad cuz they seem to have a good relationship and I’m sure this will destroy it.

    • I agree. This is a publicity stunt. Ratings for Flipping Out have fallen, and Jeff and Jenni; who both own a percentage of the show, are attempting to create drama. I used to love this show, but not anymore. Pathetic posers.

      • I don’t think it’s for publicity. Viewers like Jeff & Jenni together. This is not good for either one of them as far as their two shows go.

  9. I swear if this is not a publicity stunt, I have really lost all respect for Jenny. Quite frankly Jeff has enriched her with so much oppurtunity. I never saw her as talented and her rap music and voice grate my nerves. I really doubt she would have any gigs or deodorant commercials without Jeff’s generousity in reality tv. Between Jeff and Andy-she has been able to be noticed in ways I doubt she ever would have been. For someone recently married, it is a shame she would take this direction. Many people have tweeted her with questions — not rude or mean — just questions fans have a right to at least ask. She has no response. That pisses me off.

  10. Jenni got on my nerves tonight – am I crazy, or was she simply lying to Jeff & his therapist? It showed the scene from her wedding rehersel dinner and she was pirposely not telling Jeff about Cabo?

  11. It is hard to believe that Jenni really did not have a clue that her Cabo trip, using one of Jeff”s clients that way, would really and truly piss him off. She knows him so well and that was just unprofessional. Would she have done that before she remarried? I don’t think so. Her ex-husband was a disgusting liar and I felt so much sympathy for her and wondered why she didn’t dump him long before she did. Jeff is brutally honest and he expects his friends and employees to be the same even if it means he, Jeff, will pitch 1,000 fits, he’d rather be told the truth. Jenni was sneaky. For her to write a book that in any way disparages Jeff doesn’t make sense to me, especially since she has that contract. If she violated that, she may end up giving Jeff any money she makes from the sale of her book.

  12. i tend to think it’s a publicity stunt. they are filming or have already filmed their other show – the one where they stay at the home for a week. jeff was worried about the confidentiality of his clients too. i don’t think she has set out to hurt his business. why would she do that? if he was really this angry, i truly doubt he would film with her again. this is just the best way to sell books – have a huge controversy before it comes out so that more and more people will want to read it.

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