Jaime Primak Sullivan Brings The Cannoli in Jersey Belle

Faux Reality Entertainment is proud to have interviewed the dynamic Jaime Primak Sullivan President of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment and star or Bravo’s Jersey Belle.

To be successful, it is necessary to make others see things as you see them . . .  That’s exactly why Jaime Primak Sullivan is so successful in her professional and personal life.  She makes us see things as she sees them!

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Meet Jaime: President of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment and producer of Jersey Belle!

I am brass, outspoken, inappropriate, quick tempered and passionate about the people on my planet – but I am a ride or die friend.   I love unconditionally and I am so fucking fun.  I chose happiness, I choose to live the life I actually want to live. I am the example that with hard work, you can make your dreams come true.  Michael and I are a testament that, although opposites do attract, real all-consuming love does exist.


Jaime’s life is documented in Bravo TV’s sensational hit show Jersey Belle – a Jersey native juggling family, friends, business and the cultural divide between her native Freehold, New Jersey and her new home in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Jaime’s goal for Jersey Belle was a recipe for ratings gold: Show how “women from very different backgrounds could love each other despite all of their differences.”  So when people kept commenting to her that a Jersey girl who worked as an entertainment publicist from a small office in Mt Brook, Alabama would make for great TV, Jaime thought to show the beautiful appropriate parts of the south through the eyes of a Yankee.

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To insure Jersey Belle’s success, not only did Jaime pitch the show to Bravo executives, she also produces it.  When asked about the most significant career accomplishment to date, Jaime responds:

Jersey Belle – hands down. To pitch a show, a reality show, based on comedy and friendship, to a network that is notorious for buying very little, but at the same time the gold standard for this type of programming… to sell it, star in it, produce it and then see that they made the exact show you pitched – nothing contrived – To say that I’m proud is a gross understatement. My cup truly runneth over.

 Viewers are thrilled with Jaime and her zany Belle’s Luci, Arden, Danielle, Scarlett, Leigh and Haley.  So which Belle would Jaime nominate for Dancing With The Stars, Jaime nominates the the friend “with the best China pattern” Luci: “That woman can’t do much more than the running man, but boy does she try.”

When Jaime is not producing Jersey Belle, she is the President of a highly successful entertainment public relations firm known as Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment which she founded in 2005.  She is currently working on Cawfee Tawks on line and she is producing two films, a horror film and a comedy. As if that is not enough, Jaime has a BIG project to be announced in the near future . . . Perhaps the “Big Project” will be announced on Season 2 of Jersey Belle.

As a wife and mother of three children under the age of six, Jaime juggles her professional and personal life.  She is motivated by how her children view her success and how it inspires them.

jaime family Success is a huge motivator for me. I love to see hard work pay off and my ideas come to life. My children. My daughters watch me in awe when I’m on the phone pitching or closing a deal, Olivia especially. She is fascinated with “How fast mommy talks” … and I love that. It is so important to me that all my children don’t just know but truly believe they can be who and whatever they want to be.

Jaime’s husband, Michael Sullivan is a State political lobbyist in Alabama. So does the outspoken Jaime have to filter herself due to her husband’s straight laced business dealings? Jaime is the first to say she has no idea how to filter herself.  A man of few words, Michael makes every one of them count. Clearly, Michael sticks to Alabama state politics and leaves the entertainment and promotional business to Jaime.

So it’s no surprise when asked about where she wants to be in five years, Jaime responds without hesitation:

 Happily married with healthy children hopefully filming a reverse Jersey Belle where Michael is now trying desperately to fit in living in New Jersey. . .


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