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  • Does Social Media Shape Story Lines
  • Followgate Resolved – Credit Card information tracks to Cathedral California
  • Twitter / Multiple Accounts / TweetP0lice & Cheryl’s

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  1. Other things to check out:
    1) Someone sued Kathy in Small Claims Court in Jan, 2012 – why?
    2) Lysa Marco Simpson and husband Scott Simpson: Foreclosure by Bank of America filed 10/26/2010, still active. Your sister pays her bills, what about you?
    3) Not the first time at the rodeo for Scott Simpson. Has cases against him a mile long. Other foreclosure action in Nov, 2009. NJ Natural Gas sued him for non payment of his bill. Judgment entered for $2072 against him in 2004. Funny how they could sit there at that christening making fun of Joe Giudice for not paying his bills, right?
    4) Chris Not-slim-but-shady Laurita filed a suit against someone “Harold P. Cook III” on 8/23/12, requested Jury Trial. What’s that all about? If you google him, you will see what a crook he is, and probably the evidence Juicy used to make the statement “shady.”

    1. Jenny, thanks for intel. Will look into it. Harold Cook is Lawyer in Passaic who recently got into ethics trouble for being involved with a lot of shady land and mortgage deals. Cook was also a municipal judge in the area. I will work on this information and post. Thanks again.

      1. I wish they would show the bottling plant that is doing the bottling, why so shy about that Laurita’s? I mean showing a video on your site of your bottling plant putting Black Water in your bottles and such would show that your a sound company and on sound footing.

        I did a little research down a few levels in the web and I came up with some interesting things concerning the company. I think Chris either bought out and/or took over another company that was making the same product (and I don’t mean the Canadian one). The other company is Total Eclipse Water (I will post a link to their website). I was trying to find out what company was bottling their goods and in NJ there are companies that will bottle package goods for a company thats their service (I have a list that I will also post a link to, may not be all). I couldn’t find the bottling company but once I got to the Eclipse water something hit me, the bottle is the same design (shape and size) as the BLK water bottle. The only difference is the lettering on the outside. Also the company and the name of the INC has their phone number out of Nevada (known for shell companies). I tried to find the bottle of Eclipse on amazon and it wasn’t on there, on BLK was. They took over that company somehow. I’ll post a link to a vid of eclipse, but it showed how the “spring water” was infused (mixed) with fulvic acid (looked like black dye).

        Somehow or another they are having a bottling company bottle their product and mix this solution into regular spring water that you can probably get by the industrial drum full with fulvic acid solution. And then since they own the company and renamed the bottle, they can call it BLK. Chris is smart, but not to smart. Check an old review page of Eclipse and amazon pic of BLK and see the similarities.

        1. This is interesting. Makes you wonder. How do you find out what other corporations he has in his name, kids names and Jacko’s name. And anything he has with his sistter?

  2. After reading about Jacquelines interview on gma, I was curious that she mentions she’s a licensed cosmetologist.I wondered why she would keep her license active when she wasn’t in the biz. I searched her name on the NJ state website that allows you to check on professional licenses.Unless Im mistaken she is not listed as a licensed cosmetologist,neither active nor expired. However Kathy Wakile did check out.I continued to the Nevada state cosmetology licensee search and Jacqueline Laurita is actively licensed as a cosmetologist for the state of NEVADA, effective as of July 1st 2009! What thee hell.2009?! There are no licensees under her maiden name Jacqueline Grippe or Holmes. her former married name.WHY would she renew her license in the state of Nevada when she has been a NJ resident for years? Nevada licensees are required to renew every 2 years. It appears she lied about being a cosmetologist when she met Chris,and obtained her license in the state of Nevada 3 years ago to appear halfway legit. I know this isn’t a huge scandal lol but if its true it proves she’s shady. Id love if you could confirm or add to this for me, I love your blog!!

        1. She has been a member of SAG-AFTRA (acting) since 2009. That is not the same as the cosmetologist license. I am an attorney, and my license is renewed every year and it doesn’t state that I have been licensed since 1994. I have no idea when she became a cosmetologist, but SAG-AFTRA has nothing to do with it.

    1. “It appears she lied about being a cosmetologist when she met Chris,and obtained her license in the state of Nevada 3 years ago to appear halfway legit.” She didn’t lie to him, he knew what she was, she was a stripper/escort who was good at what she did and during their relationship she thought it was a good idea to trap him with a child so he would marry him (maybe she found out he had a fiance). That is the reason why they didn’t have a real wedding.

  3. I love, love, LOVE this site. Awesome job! I’d love to know about Joe Gorga’s previous fiances. It’s such a strange thing that has never really be covered. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SITE!!! When i want the “truth” i come here! What i’d like to know more about is why does US magazine.. who are suppose to be reporting info.. not even try to interview Teresa yet have these low lifes appear on covers to attack her? I refuse to EVER buy another US mag since i was disgusted… so is Mego having an affair with someone over there?? LOL ALSO CAN YOU GIVE US THE LOW DOWN ON BLK WATER??? Are they doing well?? or are they all going to go under.. Sadly i think they are such terrible people… and publicly tried to destroy a family on national tv.. that it would serve them right if they all lost their shirts.. but i’d like to know are people really buying this water?? LOL :):) THANKS FAUX!!!

  5. I read that the original water company was suing them or something of the sort. Please dig that up!! My husband asked about the product a while back and I googled. Shouldn’t be hard to find (in bed falling asleep or I would!)

      1. Thanks for the Patch link. By blatantly telling people or even inferring that a dietary supplement (fulvic acid is considered a dietary supplement, NOT a drug), can cure or treat cancer, they are totally breaking FDA law. All the FDA has to do is catch wind of these outrageous illegal claims — and they immediately send a warning letter. The manzos/lauritas will ignore the warning letter (after all, they are “above” the law), and then they will get slapped with humongo fines and not be able to distribute their dietary supplement drink.

      2. seriously it is so disgusting to prey upon people who are sick, thinking this is a cure when in fact it isn’t and could interact with medications or treatments sick people at taking with their doctors approval, you have t be really careful about mixing medications, even innocent things like licorce can interact with medicines…never take anything without a doctor or a pharmisists approval with medicine

      3. What I don’t understand is how Blk Water is still in business. I haven’t seen it here in South Florida in ages. How can this company be in the red?

    1. Marianne this is great intel. Can you post it on the latest Laurita article where it is most likely to be seen? Thank you

  6. Faux, “Does social media shape storylines” sounds brilliant! I really look forward to this forthcoming masterpiece. You may need to do it in several parts because I believe there are truly tons of examples out there, such as, off the top of my head, the incident with Johnny the Greek and the Lauritas.

    Again, thanks for your outstanding investigative-style work. You’re fun to read!

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