In the Life: The Story of Mob Royalty – Little Linda Scarpa

Growing up in an Italian neighborhood in Jersey City, NJ, I was fascinated by those ” In The Life” – the term used to describe the men who kept the neighborhood safe. Those men drove fancy cars, lived in amazing houses and their kids were treated like royalty by the locals. We knew who the wiseguys were, but not exactly what they did for a living, nor did we care. To us, they were our friends’ fathers or uncles who gave us money for ice cream, bought boxes of our girl scout cookies (and let us keep the cookies!!) and threw the most lavish parties for their kids.

linda scarpa and her dadDecades later, I have again become fascinated by a young woman who grew up “in the life” – Little Linda Scarpa, daughter of the late Greg Scarpa (Greg Scarpa was legendary in our neighborhood).

Linda Scarpa was one of kids that would have been treated like royalty in our neighborhood. Linda grew up privileged: parents who adored her, private schools, drivers, designer clothes and anything money could buy.

Fast forward to 2013, the young woman from the privileged past lost her father as she turned 25 years old. She was forced to reconcile the loving father with the stories of his “alternate” life wherein he played “judge, jury and executioner.”  The life, which surrounded her, while tragic, shaped Linda Scarpa into the woman she is today.

linda scarpaI Married A Mobster. She is currently writing her memoir as the daughter of the man feared by all wiseguys. In addition, Linda was just slated to star in an upcoming show entitled Boss Ladies.

So why does Linda Scarpa stand out among the wives, daughters, etc that have recently come under the spotlight?  It’s simple. . .

Linda is real. She tells it as it is – good, bad or otherwise. Whether Linda is interacting with a celebrity or the street sweeper, she treats people with the respect she deems they deserve – unaffected by financial status.

Anyone who follows Linda on twitter (@LindaScarpa) can readily see that she enjoys interacting with family, friends and fans. She has been and continues to be outspoken regarding the Mobwives Series – often questioning how “real” the “reality” show is.

Linda does not shy away from any question, but do not cross the line because her straight forward approach is never more evident than when Linda is schooling someone on proper respect. Linda uses words as her weapon of choice.

When a blogger sought to question Linda’s parent’s marital status, Linda shut the blogger down faster than “a speeding bullet.”  When a Mobwives groupie crossed the line regarding Linda’s family, Linda made it her mission to expose him for the fraud he turned out to be – she revealed that he faked being twitter “verified.” Shortly thereafter, he announced he was shutting down his account.

From Daddy’s privileged princess  . . . to the harsh family tragedies . . .

. . . Little Linda Scarpa . . . her star keeps rising.



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  1. When my grandparents immigrated from Italy them landed in Jersey City. My father was born there. It will be nice to hear about this.

  2. I follow Linda Scarpa on twitter. She is fantastic. I want to see her interact with some of those fools on mob wives. She would kick ass.

  3. Maybe I need to start following her on Twitter or something. I’ve found Twitter to be very enlightening – although I’m still a novice. Is there a sequel to this story coming soon?

  4. I remember watching this story on the crime channel in australia (they also showed Love Majeski’s story) and I was fascinated. I must admit I’m a bit of a mob freak I love anything mob related, books, movies, tv shows.

    Linda’s dad is the one who died of AIDS isn’t he?

  5. I remember watching this story recently, maybe a year ago. Didn’t the other wise guys donate blood for his transfusion, at his request? Then, didn’t the brother end up being killed? It was sad,watching the mom cry and tell the story.

  6. I follow Little Linda on Twitter and made me go learn about her story. Fantastic. Interesting. Gritty. I want more.

  7. Looking forward to reading the rest of this story! I follow Linda on Twitter but know nothing about her life. Thanks Faux, can’t wait! Xoxoxo

  8. First off I just wanted to say your posts are amazing! Im doing a project for my 10th grade English class on the five major crime families in NYC (Gambino, Bonanno, Colombo, Genovese & Lucchese) and was wondering if we could get in touch! I have to interview someone who has study the topic, has lived through it, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  9. I Follow her on twitter. She is beautiful, witty and courageous! Love reading her tweets! I look forward to seeing more of her! Thanks faux for this insight into the history of her life! You always bring such honesty and perception to your writing! Love your blog! And LOVE Linda!! Xoxo

  10. This article was kind to Linda, but why the hell is she referred to as LITTLE Linda? She’s a grown woman; fascinating, wise, strong n very intelligent. It seems a bit demeaning to call her LITTLE Linda, though I’m certain this was not your intention. I do not engage in Twitter, but I understand this wonderful woman STILL hasn’t received all the goodness she deserves. I hope everything she touches turns to GOLD.

    • Its because her mom’s name is also Linda! So there’s Big Linda Schiro (her mom) and Little Linda Scarpa!

    • Rely Michael. My father’s legitimate daughter was Debbie Scarpa. Oh yes by the way she never carried the scarpa’s name. Her last name is shiro and my father was never married to big Linda.I can go on with my story but, as Linda loved exposing all these things that were going on, she didn’t realize I was first born and yes dad did come a visit on Sundays when he was living with big Linda. Dad said really sickening things and I wouldn’t brag about it, but I did no a lot of things that were going on. I would call it He’s other life.

      • You sound very immature, insecure, and ugly. Wouldn’t be surprised if your blended family are like you!

      • Her name and big Linda are kIll Linda Schiro and big Linda is Linda Schiro. Never married to my dad. That last name did well for them. Truth be told

    • Her name and big Linda are kIll Linda Schiro and big Linda is Linda Schiro. Never married to my dad. That last name did well for them. Truth be told

  11. Sorry Katie,

    My reply to your question is being held in the queue ‘awaiting moderation’ (possibly cos I included a link to the book on amazon?) so here is the info again –

    It is called ‘Mafia Son: The Scarpa Mob Family, the FBI, and a Story of Betrayal’ and was written in conjunction with an author called Sandra Harmon.

    I downloaded the audiobook from itunes. I love the guys voice who reads it out. Lends it extra authenticity.

  12. No bother. Glad I could help. Hope you enjoy the book! Another great book if you’re interested is ‘Casino – Love and Honor in Las Vegas’ by Nick Pileggi – the real life version of events that inspired the film. I loved that book. Casino was my fave ever film for the longest time. I could recite the lines off by heart!

  13. No bother. Glad I could help. Hope you enjoy the book! Another great book if you’re interested is ‘Casino – Love and Honor in Las Vegas’ by Nick Pileggi – the real life version of events that inspired the film. I loved that book. Casino was my fave ever film for the longest time. I could recite the lines off by heart!

    (Sorry to the website mod for repeated posting – I made a typo in my email addy so it did not recognise me.)

    • Ill make sure to check it out! I did a big research project on the five crime families since I love learning about them! I was the only one to make the 10 min time limit!

      • Oh wow! That’s great! Nice one. :-) Did you come to any conclusions after all your research? Is that how you landed on this forum or are you also a RHONJ fan? I love seeing the scenes when they cook or bake. It always looks amazing. I totally wish I was Italian. Haha. It was the same when I used to watch The Sopranos and Carmella would be making something delicious for their dinner. Why is it watching shows about Italian families always makes me soooo hungry? Lol. I cannot cook to save my life. Guess I should buy Teresa’s recipe book….

      • My teacher wanted to me say how the mafia is a negative thing but my look out on it is i dont agree with the killing but its their life and they can live it the way they want! When i was researching last year for my project i found this website. I do watch the rhonj when i have a chance! I just got done watching the godfather I, II, and III on They were good movies if you’re into the day to day stuff that takes place in a “family”. Ive seen a few episodes of mobwives but im not one for all the drama that goes on i already have enough of it in my life lol! Ive always wished that i was Italian too :)

      • I like both De Niro and Al Pacino! There’s a movie that came out a bit ago De Niro is in it! Its called The Family its about a guy who’s dad was the godfather of a family and he starts working with the FBI so his family goes into witness protection program. Thats also on muchmovies its pretty funny but you have to give it a bit before it becomes interesting! Ive seen Goodfellas and the 1932ish Scarface. Same here i thought for sure joe gorga had ties to the mafia. I cant decide who i like better Melissa or Teresa. They both have moments where they are nice and where they are b***** excuse my language! If you want email me at so we dont make the comment part super long lolif not thats totally fine! Its sure hard to fine people who are interested in the mafia :)

      • I haven’t seen The Family cos I saw it got really bad reviews….I think De Niro’s career went off the boil a while ago tbh. :-( I’ve never actually seen the original Scarface! Only the Pacino version.
        I do know what u mean about Melissa and Teresa but so much of it comes down to manipulated storylines and selective editing, u know? With all the stuff u read online it’s so hard to know fact from fiction. I don’t like the idea of having to pick sides btwn them. I think Teresa is nice enough and good comedy value, and I think Melissa is beautiful and confident and interesting. I know that I shouldn’t say that here since it seems to be the Melissa bashing forum!! I just don’t c the need for so much hatred. It’s only a tv show, right? I want 2 put sum positivity back on the internet – sick of all the trolls!
        We can make the comments section as long as we want! 😉 I listened to/watched Melissa’s song ‘I just Wanna’ on youtube and it got stuck in my head. V catchy. Ppl make fun of her using autotune, but almost every popstar does these days! Britney, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, even Kanye West! So, who cares? Most dance artists especially use it loads.

      • The Family was good but it took awhile before the story line came out. I liked it because of the Mafia connection. If you’re not into that stuff than yeah i can see where people didnt care to much for it. I know what you mean you never really know the whole story of why those two are fighting. Ive wondered if they brought Melissa on since she and Teresa were arguing about something. The only site that seems to have true stories is! I liked I just Wanna it has a good beat to it! If you dont mind me asking where are you from???

      • I am from…..drumroll please….Glasgow in Scotland! About as far away from all the mafia stuff as u can get. Lol. We do have quite a lot of Scots Italians and loads of Scots Irish here though. My dad’s family on his mum’s side is originally from Italy, near the Swiss border. And his father’s side were Irish. Where r u from?
        I can’t believe how much Melissa looks like J-Lo these days. Good on her for trying. Nothing wrong with trying to make a dream come true. But yes, I agree with you about their reason for bringing her on the show – (cos I read online that her and Joe had made an audition tape saying they would “destroy Teresa” or something.) Very strange. Still, I just watch the show for entertainment. Best not to get to caught up in all the details or you will go insane trying to figure it all out!! I look forward to the next series since Jacqueline and Caroline and Cathy had pretty much become dead wood. Surplus to requirements. I wonder what the new cast will be like.
        Not sure when it airs. I think that RHOC is due to start up in April though.

      • I live in michigan in the U.S. its the state surround by lakes and looks like a left mitten lol! I just followed you back :) i like the RHOBH and RHOA the best. Its always interesting to see how the other half lives!

  14. Next to Canada! I have fam in Toronto. :-) Yes, def the other half. The mega rich half. Lol. The only ones I watch are Orange County and New Jersey. I tried a few eps of the other series but couldn’t get into them. I love the scenery and sunshine and downright glamour of OC, and the drama and chaos on NJ.

  15. Hi Katie,

    Just to let u know, I deleted my twitter cos it just wasnt for me. Too many spammers etc trying to follow all the time. Sorry about that! Hope ur well and still enjoying the Real Housewives. Take care. :-)

  16. Linda Scarpa sold her book rights. I think they are making the movie. I cant wait to see it. Syvester Stallone is involved and the entire neighborhood is celbrating.

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