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Mystery woman implicated by Jacqueline says she shagged Chris Laurita

In a startling revelation during a Xanax induced flurry,  Jacqueline Laurita claims that Zoila Chavez from Flipping Out fame was the mystery woman that Juicy Joe Giudice shagged on his desk. Is Laurita telling the truth? Or is she looking to start a rivalry between superstar Teresa Giudice and hottie Zoila Chaves.


Zoila has agreed to an interview with yours truly.

Q: Zoila, Thank you for joining me today.  As you know recently Jacqueline Laurita identified you as the mystery lady who Joe Giudice shagged on a desk in his office?

A: She crazzzzy.

Q: Zoila, are you saying you weren’t the mystery lady on the desk?

A: No, me no say that.

Q: Okay, let me break this down. Have you ever been shagged on a desk?

A: But of course. It was goooood.

Q: WOW, Zoila, how long have you and Joe Giudice been an item?

A: Juicy Joe? NO NO NO, My Grande Papa (translation Big Papa) es Cris, me amore.

Q: Are you telling me that you’re Big Papa is Chris, Chris Laurita! Chris is your love?

A: Si, jes, Cris Laurita. Me and Cris, we in mucho love.

Q: Zoila, why would Jacqueline say that you were with Joe Giudice?

A: She loca. Cris tell me that she no right in da head. She drink e drink e drink.

Q: Does Jacqueline know about you and Chris?

A: Si, jes. Cris tell her he stay with her because of no money to leave. He no sleep with la loca.

Q: Zoila, I am shocked. Can you give me any proof that you and Chris are together.

A: Si, Cris, he love rubia (translation blonde hair). So me wear  peluca rubia


Zoila says Chris Laurita prefers blondes!!

Zoila says Chris Laurita prefers blondes!!

Thank you Zoila for showing that Jacqueline Laurita should do what Joe Giudice suggested to HAVE HER HEAD CHECKED.

This interview was given by a parody of Zoila Chavez. This was produced to show how ridiculous and outrageous Jacqueline Laurita’s accusations have become. A woman who wishes that that the father of 4 little girls goes to jail.

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  1. omg. funny. Great Job.
    I love the Bravo Clip where Shorty Whorga Joey says to Tree, “you took mommy and daddy away from me” then Tree sys, ” not true, mommy and daddy love you” they go back and forth. Then Wacko Jacko jumps in and Andy (finally) tells Jac to stay out of it. Then Caroline (enables) says its had for her [Wacko] to sit there, then Andy says again, Wacko I mean Jac stay out of it… Finally Andy…
    Im sure T has vented to Jac. as a friend, but that don’t mean tell defy secret b/c u get in a fight. what a cu know what.
    The best part of this post is, Jac has no problem talking about T’s marriage, but when T fires back, Jac cries foul.

  2. Exactly, I am anxious for Nov 13 when jaq has to go to court for her deposition I think is what it was called..and she has the nerve to say she wants Joe to go to jail when she is being charged as a defendant as well. I also read somewhere that the filming of think has been ordered as evidence for the case against the guidices and they want to air on that stage and act like a bunch of dumb assessing asking Teresa why she didnt want them to talk about it. And then Jaq constantly wanting Teresa to discuss her court case with her on camera now we know her intentions she wants to take her down is all she wants, she can’t stand T’s success. She did interviews with articles to answer questions properly no different then her with her son’s autism she wanted it done in a controlled setting. I have never been so into a tv show as i am this think situation because of how this family has been treated I just want Teresa and her family to pull thru and be vindicated and the people who have wronged her, the so called friends and family, to get what they deserve for all they have done to try to destroy this family with their four beautiful daughters. And although I thought Danielle was a wild card I don’t think her and her daughters deserved all of what they got and Jaq was the ring leader of all of that as well while trying to play the friend card and stirred up the pot by playing both sides. Teresa is a reacter not the shit starter. But she can hold her own, however with that even if a person can hold there own it doesn’t mean it isn’t bullying.

  3. i really can’t believe they are filmiing wacko again….she is as crazy as a bed bug, and mean…omg did you see the look on her face as she was screaming what she claims to be teresa’s personal business, i have real doubts about anything jacki said at the reunion, but that look on her face…pure hate

  4. BAHAHAHAHA! That was so believable that I actually thought it might be real until I got to the parody part! Thank you for making me laugh! I Loved it! Xoxo

  5. I have to say I have miss you for awhile there I couldn’t believe I couldn’t get back on this Blog, I love all you guys on Faux cuz I know you have the whole Truth an nothing but the truth, lol !! But all an all I very happy that your here.

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