Former Editor of US Weekly Denied Entry To Concert Amidst Stalking Allegations

The public’s fascination with celebrities is endless and it is that fascination that has spawned tabloids and paparazzi.  Today more than ever, paparazzi are on a crusade for “THE” Photograph that will bring them fame and fortune.

The struggle, however is the public’s fascination versus the celebrities’ right to privacy; their children’s right to privacy – children who never chose to be in the public eye. It appears the controversy has hit a boiling point and celebrities are speaking up and taking action.

In California, Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner are leading the charge to strengthen laws and penalties against paparazzi who stalk celebrities and their children.  The proposed law makes it a crime to “place under surveillance” a celebrity or family member which results in “substantial emotional distress.”  On September 3 2014, the proposed law passed both the Senate and Assembly.  It awaits the Governor’s signature for enactment into law.

What necessitated such drastic protection for celebrities and their children? The following are the lengths with which one paparazza has gone to hunt a family she has labeled her “prey”:

Alleged trespass on private property in a gated community: Recently paparazza known on twitter as @BarbaraAngelo1 breached the security of a gated community and allegedly trespassed on private property to obtain photographs of Eddie Cibrian and his family.  She attempted to sell the photographs to Radar on Line who promptly rejected the photographs citing private property concerns.

blog radar private property

So @BarbaraAngelo1 rallied her twitter followers into a feeding frenzy and released the photographs evidencing her entry and her presence at the very home of the celebrity.

blog leann house

This sign appears on The Cibrian private Driveway

This sign appears on The Cibrian private Driveway

Without a shred of remorse or contrition, @BarbaraAngelo1 tweeted that she hid in the back seat of an SUV in order to accomplish her mission.

blog hiding in suv

Clearly someone was driving the SUV that breached security while @BarbaraAngelo1 hid in the back seat.

Crashing a little boy’s birthday party:  As if discovering an obsessed paparazza breached security and was on private property to find her “prey” wasn’t enough to cause substantial emotional stress, @BarbaraAngelo1 reveled in tweeting that she had infiltrated the birthday party of Mason’s  Cibrian, the son of Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville.  She not only took photographs of his celebrity parents but she also tweeted photographs of his friends and the young boy’s conversations with friends and family. @BarbaraAngelo1 rejoiced with her twitter followers about how she was able to get so close to the Cibrian family undetected.

blog birthday kids

blog jake was chatting with girls

blog birthday conversation with kid

blog admitted was in party

blog birthday party

[All children’s faces have been blurred unlike the photographs posted on social media by @BarbaraAngelo1].

As @BarbaraAngelo1 celebrated her deception, the Cibrian Family feared for the safety of their sons. What parent wouldn’t be alarmed to discover a stranger had  infiltrated their child’s birthday party; posted photographs and private conversations of the children; and was trying to sell the story to tabloids?

On yet another occasion @BarbaraAngelo1 followed/shadowed Eddie Cibrian, his mother and his young son. She brazenly announced that she was “Chasing Eddie.”

blog chasing eddie

@BarbaraAngelo1 miraculously encountered Cibrian while he ran errands. She posted several photographs while shadowing him.

blog follows ed in traffic 1 first

blog follows ed in traffic 1

Then continued to snap and post photographs as Cibrian loaded items into his vehicle. She then shouted at him while his mother and son sat in the vehicle “His ass is huge, Look at it!”

blog boss has to come clean said ass is huge

When Cibrian  sought to record her shenanigans, she became irate and began screaming at Cibrian in the presence of his mother and his son.

blog boss yelled to eddie 1

blog yelled to eddie 2

blog eddie yellng 3

Again, @BarbaraAngelo1 posted the encounter on social media and admitted to shopping tabloids to sell the story.

Why has this woman taken such an obsessive interest in the Cibrian family appearing on their property and allegedly focusing on their children? Do her alarming actions warrant a closer look? Is this how John Hinckley started?

The self proclaimed Boss Bitch rallies a handful of supporters who applaud and encourage her exploits. @BarbaraAngelo1 is no stranger to controversy.

jill face blog@BarbaraAngelo1 is Jill Ishkanian, the former West Coast editor of US Weekly. After leaving US Weekly, executives accused Ishkanian of allegedly hacking their computers to access stories and information. As a result, the FBI allegedly raided Ishkanian’s home to confiscate her computer. See: USA Today: FBI Probes Hacking Incident at US Weekly

Ishkanian sued US Weekly for making the claims against her. The Court dismissed the lawsuit and awarded US Weekly over $1 million in legal fees. See PageSix of the NYPost: Sleazy Does It: Ishkanian Is Running Out of Money Making Schemes

In 2008, Jill Ishkanian was accused of underhanded tactics regarding photographs of Heather Locklear’s arrest.  According to TMZ,  an anonymous caller contacted police that Locklear was driving erratically. Before police could arrive, Ishkanian was already negotiating with TMZ for the photographs of the arrest. TMZ wasn’t pleased when it later discovered that the anonymous caller was none other than Ishkanian. Apparently, Ishkanian was following Locklear at the time. See TMZ article: Heather 911 Caller Up To No Good

A source close to the LAPD revealed that earlier today Ishkanian allegedly appeared at Cibrian’s wife’s concert with an unidentified female companion. Due to Ishkanian’s prior actions towards Cibrian and his family, Security refused Ishkanian and her friend entry to the building. A source employed by the venue confirmed that Ishkanian and her friend were offered full refunds for their tickets before they were escorted out by a Sheriff’s officer.

An investigation is long overdue to determine how @BarbaraAngelo1 allegedly trespassed onto private property and how she infiltrated a child’s birthday party.

44 thoughts on “Former Editor of US Weekly Denied Entry To Concert Amidst Stalking Allegations

  1. Im curiois to why you’re calling this paparazzi person out when this is mild compared what paparazzi do and have done in the past?
    They hide out at schools, parks and even in the past sent flowers with recording devices inside them.
    She didn’t go on to the property, she was in the van. Some actually go on private property.
    Until the Governor signs the bill – this will keep going on.

    In my opinion, by you writing this and if she knows you, the only the thing she will do in the future is not tweet about it.

  2. There is a reason why Papz do this, there is a demand. Mags and sites like TMZ, Radar, Star, buy the photos. They buy the photos because their web sites numbers are high. There is plenty of blame to go around. I don’t condone what this woman does. As far as the other stuff, I don’t know if Barbara is this person so I won’t comment on that.

    As far as LeAnn, she has a right to kick anyone out she wants, but what I find ironic is, LeAnn had paparazzi come to the boys games in 2010 and 2011. That is a fact that has been verified. She also admitted ok Chelsea Lately she does.

    • Exactly.
      Everyone ones wants to blame the paparazzi, but they are only getting what the public wants and that is personal photos and photos caught off guard.
      I don’t think it is right at all, but let’s just not blame the crazy paparazzi either.

    • Agree with about Leann as well.
      She has photos on the startrack page. The one who plants the photos or something? I have no sympathy for celebrities, I do for the children however.

  3. It should not take laws to stop this – people should not buy these magazines who publish the crap. If they didn’t but it, they wouldn’t take the photos.

  4. breached the security of a gated community and allegedly trespassed on private property to obtain photographs of Eddie Cibrian and his family
    Where Leann lives at – someone had to have this person in. It’s not easy to get in, if this is the same place where I think you’r talking about.

    I’ll just say this: It is the people who buy these photos and post them everywhere are the ones who are the problem, it creates a demand.

    However she got in the party, I would like to no more details. It’s obvious she got in, but were there other photographers there? Someone in the family had to of noticed if it was a family event. There are too many pictures, something isn’t right here. I’m not saying it’s right, I am simply saying, something is not right.

    The other photos, let’s be real here, this is nothing, this happens everyday.

    I want to know how you know or think this person is Ishkanian , I don’t want to say anything until I know for sure it is her.

    • If she tags him with nasty comments, I think it’s inappropriate and she should be reported. What does that have to do with this article?

      • Thanks for answering. It wasn’t a nasty comment, it was a pic, that LeAnn posted from the wknd. The IG poster tagged M’s account. What does it have to do with this article? Nothing to do with the pap whom it was was written about, but about a family photo that a fan got from Twitter, posted on IG & tagged M in, thus exposing his personal account to the public. IMO, this article is also about celebrity’s children’s privacy.

      • The IG account becoming public will be helped along tremendously when someone tweets Brandi Glanville, Ilana Angel and Barbara Angelo to share her “concern” for a child’s privacy.

  5. That is like saying that if there was no demand for child pornography, it would go away. Disgusting and dangerous behavior is disgusting behavior, period. I have seen this woman’s twitter handle, but I had no idea she was a disgraced “journalist.” Now it makes more sense. She is flat out crazy and obsessed and that is a dangerous combination. She is a stalker along with I. Angel, no matter how you look at it, and stalkers are dangerous people. I can vouch for that. I have had one. Now we learn that she is not just cyber-stalking and bullying, but laying in the back of vans trying to gain access to their property? Oh, hell no. A restraining order must be obtained against the self-proclaimed blogger, (who by the way Jewish journal denies employing) and this Ishkanian person. Thank goodness for the alert security personnel. By the way, I Angel, you doughy sociopath, you stated yourself, in writing on social media that you intended to attend her concert with the sole purpose of mocking and harassing the performer. The only thing you have a right to is a refund for your tickets. Angel had begun cyber-bullying her before the concert even began, and made it quite clear she was there to disrupt. She is now tweeting that she was only there to “evaluate” her music. What a liar.
    Stalkers are very dangerous people, and these two nuts goaded on by their twelve leAnn Rimes haters have just demonstrated that they are capable of anything. Anything at all. These women are disturbed and have bad intentions. You are only as good as the company you keep, I.Angel. Look at the friends you have chosen to associate yourself with. The woman is a loose cannon. And has completely destroyed what little credibility had, if any. This is an extremely poor reflection on the Jewish Journal. as well.

    Thank you for the excellent reporting. I would have never known about who this real LeAnn Rimes hater was. Everybody has the right to be safe. These two women are crazy.

    • I don’t understand what the threat was from them attending the concert. They did not have anything on them that was disruptive, there are no restraining orders, it was a public concert and as you said Leanne knew for quite sometime they were planning on attending so if she truly had a problem her people could have contacted Ilana Angel and asked she not attend. She didn’t do that because she wanted to publicly “shame” them by having them escorted out.

      I do believe that celebs deserve their privacy but when they continually call the paparazzi for photo ops, sell stories, tip off media and post private details on social media they are inviting the world in and shouldn’t be upset when people take note and try to get pics and more stories.

      As for children all kids should be 100% OFF LIMITS. Not only by the media and bloggers but also PARENTS should not be posting private information, pictures and stories about them on social media. I’m not saying a bday shout out is inappropriate but posting when and where a childs activities will be and calling the paps for photo oops is way over the line and should be treated as child endangerment (emotional or physical). It boils down to common sense, which so many seem to be lacking.

      • I find a big difference between calling the media for photo ops and trespassing on private property to take photos. One is a choice and the other is a criminal act.

  6. BA & her twitter army go beyond mere “story” campaigning. We see daily the lengths her and her crew go to in order to harass & bully Eddie and leann. It’s well known that she’s friends with smandi frangrill, whom urges the army on. Law or no law as was stated above, saying it’s what the people want is ludicrous. This only confirms what I’ve felt all along, BA has crossed , no, took a flying leap, over a line that no moral person would. I commend you on this story. It’s time EVERYONE took a stand against stalking & bullying. Cyber or otherwise. Is there nothing she won’t do to further her very personal smear campaign against the Cibrians?

    • I now see what you mean. I have no doubt that Brandi Glanville takes great pleasure in encouraging the attention that these women bestow on the Cibrians. Unfortunately, Brandi is too narrow minded to see how her actions are hurting the Cibrian boys.

  7. You are so right about Ilana, Gessie, and good 4 U that you keep posting on her blog even though her simple-minded groupies deride you for it, even accuse you of being Leann herself.

    Now I’m not a fan of Leann, she does come off as crude, never said anything intelligent on the reality show with Eddie even though she had a lot of the control, said some tacky things in fact.

    HOWEVER Ilana’s obsession with her and nastiness in the way she talks about her is shocking.. How can the Jewish Journal look the other way, no matter how many hits she brings the paper? She’s making them and all Jews look bad by association. If a Catholic or Baptist or Presbyterian magazine hired such a blogger you can bet Ilana would be all over them. Maybe even using the “anti-Semite” card as she does in her article because some random guy yelled something offensive at her about Israel’s attacks on Gaza. Free speech is one thing but Ilana uses hate speech, using words like “whore” and calling Leann “unfortunate looking” when Ilana herself is very homely and “doughie” is a great word for her.

    Ilana seems to be taking all her anger out on Leann for being dumped herself for another woman. Why else this obsession? And the fan adulation for Brandi is also disgusting! All Brandi had to do was grant her an interview and let her take some photos and Ilana is her slave, turning a blind eye to Brandi’s own tacky and crude behavior, her nasty tell-all book about Eddie — that makes her an “author?” That’s all she has as her claim to fame, and Leann’s name she has become associated with.

    Her drinking even on the show makes one wonder about her judgment and while she may be a good mother when she’s around the kids, letting them see her on tv like this?
    Some of her outfits make Leann’s look very modest yet Ilana rips Leann apart for dressing “slutty,” but that’s what Brandi does to get attention all the time…
    What kinds of loony fans idolize her as though she were Madonna?
    And what kind of role model for her son is Ilana? He must be so embarrassed!

    Ilana’s diatribe describing her arrest never mentioned that she was with this obsessed former celebrity writer/now blogger-stalker, and it was this woman who was on the “keep out” list — Ilana might have gotten in if she went on her own.
    WHY did Ilana go with someone who was also known to have an obsession with Leann and support Brandi, if not to harass her? She “went with an open mind?”
    If she thinks that she’s nuts.

    To top it off, Ilana can’t even write coherently: here’s how she describes the event:
    ” I have never heard of a performer not allowing a known critic to enter, especially when the critic was not actually a critic, just simply a curious writer.”
    In the SAME sentence she both claims to be a “known critic” yet “not actually a critic,” doesn’t even know who she is or how to write coherently. The woman has lost what talent she had and definitely decency and good judgment in her hate-filled obsession with Leann.

    • Dear Lana,
      Oh, so now she is a known critic? Maybe I should look her up on Rotten Tomatoes. lol. She has banned me from commenting on the Jewish Journal, although I have never cursed or did anything but disagree with her. I respect your feelings about LeAnn Rimes’ show, it wasn’t that great, but I get why they did it. She savaged it, as we knew she would even if it was fantastic. What I object to is the constant, relentless, cyber bullying of Leann Rimes that she puts forth into social media on a daily basis. I agree with your summary of her mental disorder. It seems that her husband left her and remarried and she resents the step-mother. She began mocking Leann even more to get the attention of Brandi Glanville. Brandi Glanville keeps a low profile when it comes to her association with Ilana Angel, she lets Ilana do her dirty work.

      Here is the upsetting part. She is now claiming that Leann Rimes and her fans (that includes me) are anti-Semites. This is an outrageous lie, especially since I am Jewish myself. How dare she pull the anti-Semite card as a desperate last gasp to slander Leann Rimes and her fans. It makes me sick.
      I have made it known to the Jewish Journal that I don’t think it is appropriate, (for lack of a better word) for them to employ a blogger who regularly demeans women by calling them whores, sluts, unfortunate looking, (look who’s talking) and all manner of horrific insults. She writes to hurt people. She likes to hurt people. Anybody who disagrees with her is a whore and evidently an anti-Semite. That is equal to being called a racist. What a slime-bucket. Nobody has ever insulted her religion, EVER, but it has been expressed that a person who claims to be a woman of faith who works for a religious organization should not spew such hatred toward women. Duh. Incredibly, she has the blessing of the Jewish Journal. Because they have not taken the time to do a full investigation into her foul tweets and blogs. It is the same thing as a Christian news organization having a blogger that called women whores, sluts, pigs, etc. It is perplexing to say the least. I am furious about her latest blog in which she feigns innocence with her unnamed companion. She claims she was just an innocent concert goer and had no intention of causing trouble even though this was all plotted out with a known paparazzi stalker. She claims that part is irrelevant. It is not irrelevant. In fact it is the heart of this matter. She is plotting actions to harass Leann Rimes with a known stalker. She chose to buy tickets in her name so as to slip past security. Her involvement as an accomplice to sneaking into Mr. Cibrian’s son’s birthday party is not yet known.
      She is a proven cyber-stalker and now she has moved her obsession from social media to real life. If I were Leann Rimes I would take her timeline to a police station and get a restraining order stat. The woman is unhinged and delusional. And now that she has been exposed for the crack-pot that she is, she hides behind her religion. I know of no religion which encourages hatred, cruelty, and harassment. I am outraged. I ask the Jewish Journal, where does the buck stop? They should be ashamed. They don’t represent me, I assure you! By the way, i know you are not a Leann rimes fan, but if you have the chance there is a clip on utube of her singing the most beautiful rendition of somewhere over the Rainbow. I’m going to go listen to it now to give myself a mood adjustment.

      • Oh, and by the way, how can you purchase tickets weeks before the concert was scheduled, Ilana? Curious minds want to know.

      • My comments on Ilana’s blog have also been always removed and my name is probably banned. What a hypocrite she is! Probably because we write intelligently and persuasively — she does allow a few dissenting comments but mostly if they’re poorly written and her acolytes can make fun of them.

        On one of her diatribes about Leann my comment was one of over a dozen also expressing similar abhorrence at her defaming this woman so obsessively and they were ALL later removed — with a comment from Ilana that she allows dissent but not attacks against herself. She equates the two! Thinks she’s some celebrity deserving of her own unquestioning fans.

        I too wrote the editors of the JJ along the same lines you did, and left detailed voice mails for the Sr. Editor Eshman I think it is, and the Entertainment editor…all ignored apparently.

        Part of my argument at the time was Ilana was bashing Leann out of the blue when she didn’t even have a show. While I feel Ilana goes way over the top in “criticizing” the RH franchises,
        those women were on a SHOW and could arguably be “asking for it.” HOWEVER Angel attacks them as people not just how they appear on the show, and gets personal and vitriolic about some of them, bordering on what she does to Leann — except she has singled out Leann out of the blue and even when she didn’t have a show. (This was a distinction I made in my removed comment also — guess it hit home.)

        Well now Leann did have a show, not a good one, but Angel went way beyond what Leann (and Eddie) did or said on the show to random assaults on who they are. That makes her a critical lunatic not a “critic” of the productions themselves.
        The shows are just an excuse for her to get vicious if she feels like it, and especially if the victim won’t grant her an interview because, you know, they fail to see her “open mind.”

        Apparently many people tried to get the JJ’s attention but failed, e.g. this website had many signatures but now of course, “comments are closed.”

      • You and I must be kindred spirits. I, too was disturbed by her attacks on Leann in her blogs way before the VH1 show. I was a fan of the RH shows which is how I discovered her blogs. I would just google recaps. Then I noticed her relentless one-sided harassment of Leann and I thought to myself this is bizarre. What is her problem? This woman is so crazy and cruel to keep doing this. And now we see the obsession grow and grow until she joins forces with another stalker, and we have the situation at hand.
        The ironic thing is I probably would not be a fan of Leann unless this happened, I started listening to her music, I went to a concert and I brought all my Latin friends (live in Miami)I tricked the men into going because they thought she was hot in “Coyote Ugly” and now they are fans of her music. My husband went to the hospital and told his friends that his wife was taking him to a Leann Rimes concert, and all of these random docs wanted to go, too. She is one of the best singers of her generation, and now that she is free from Curb records, I predict great things in her future. However I do digress. At this point I believe that Angel has crossed the line permanently by crossing over from social media stalking to real life. I feel for Leann like I would feel for any person who was being viciously harassed by these nuts. I come to her defense because I see so few people doing it. Somehow the media has decided that she should be the poster child for marital infidelity, which is so unfair. Imagine how thrilled I was to find that Faux, who I have followed for years, decided to be fair to Leann. She does that a lot. She will do a little research and discover fraud, and deception of people on the internet put two and two together and write a great piece. She is now being harassed for giving Leann a fair shake and having the audacity to expose them. I am glad that everybody knows the truth about these losers. All I can say about Ilana Angel is get a life. Your husband left you for another woman and it is not Leann rimes fault. They have therapists for that. It’s just so gross.

      • As for Leann’s voice and talent, they’re unquestionable except of course by Ilana! Unfortunately I do find her to be clearly uneducated and uncultured, talking about boobs and money and the like, she should be above that level with her talent.
        She’s definitely showing insecurity.

        I too understand why they did the show, what they thought they would accomplish in winning audiences, but they failed, the reviews were generally harsh and for reasons I can’t fathom Leann is also pursued by haters on the comments section of the VH1 blog, anywhere her name appears. Who has the time?

        But whatever she does they’ll be there: Eddie is right, she has to ignore them and Glandi, not engage.

        I have to think it’s a small group that are everywhere, then accuse Leann’s defenders (I say defenders not necessarily supporters, I defend her right to be free of hate speech and the kinds of things Ilana and some of their sociopathic group say and do, all while claiming to do it to preserve “decency.”)”
        Leann and Eddie did nothing many others don’t do, certainnly among actors and musicians, and look at Glandi’s behavior.

        And if these haters are so sanctimonious why are they trying to break up THIS family of Eddie’s, where’s their phony concern for the kids there? They can’t shove him back with Glandi however hard they try! They really think he wants anything to do with her, especially after some of the really nasty and low things she said about him, incl. his personal apparatus, in her sleazy book?

        I don’t know her relationship to Ilana: she may well be using obsessed fan Ilana the way Lisa Vanderpump was alleged to have been using Blandi, to say things she didn’t want to be seen saying so she could preserve the facade of innocence. But she sure hasn’t disassociated from Ilana as she should when it comes to the obsessive trashing of her kids’ step-mother and by association, their father.

      • I read that book and I was amazed at how much Brandi revealed about her character and behavior. (unwittingly)
        She admits she created all of this tabloid mess and perpetuates it, she admits she sold stories to the tabloids for years, she admits she is a promiscuous drunk. She may have thought she got in a few zingers at the Cibrians, but she made herself look like an ass. Imagine what the book would have revealed had she not had a ghostwriter compose it. Basically it boils down to people who have education, class and dignity vs. the worshipers of the eight grade dropout with a titanium vagina and silicone face. Even Brandi’s bio has changed from make-up artist to famous model. She was never a famous model or even successful one. She slept with some guy for money until she met Eddie. It’s in her book..

      • I never read “the book,” thanks for doing it so I don’t have to (what Ilana CLAIMS she’s doing for the RH franchise but they’re doing just fine and even better without her vitriol, thank you!).

        I wouldn’t know Glandi is an 8th-grade drop-out but not surprised, had no idea who she was when she joined the show, was sort of just a hanger-on to the wealthy Vanderpumps and seemed pretty broke until the money from the show and sleazy “book” which unfortunately none of her fans ever actually read it seems.
        Or how could they characterize this aptly put “promiscuous drunk” (you have such a way with descriptions! “Titanium vagina” and god, even fans are commenting on that frozen face and she’s only 40!) as the Virgin Mary of mothers.

        Why the media has made her “the poster child for infidelity” is beyond me too, when they’re sainting Angelina Jolie for example, look at her garish and promiscuous past. How she broke up brad and America’s Sweetheart Jen and yet…

        Maybe Leann and Eddie should’ve taken up some international cause involving children preferably 3rd world orphans, seriously…
        of course Angel and the haters would find something wrong with that. But I do think, not that Leann is asking for my advice, that putting herself “out there” through some charity instead of trying to appease the haters which she should now see is impossible as an end in itself, might be the best route for her. She can mentor some prodigy music program, woulda been great gig to get on The Voice of the like, but I guess she has to rebuild her career to get to that level.

        I thought it perfect that Chelsea Handler had her on one of her last shows and at the finale with all the A-listers, Chelsea always poked fun at her own less than virgin image too — but she knows talent. Ilana caught that and criticized Chelsea for it, hey Ilana who but some stalker who seems to have crossed the line into being truly dangerous, is inviting YOU anywhere?

      • P.S. Since I never read the “book,” the parts I know came from when Glandi was on the View and the hosts zeroed in on her indelicate comments about Eddie and wondered what he had to say about it, as the father of her children…
        I don’t think they thought too highly of her and their chat looked forced but the producers must’ve arranged this show for ratings.

        When they had Leann and Eddie on more recently together, they were much more respectful to them, and I think Leann sang — she’s a self-made talent, Glandi is a dubious self-made tv “personality” who exists by attaching herself to someone’s fame, and cleverly utilizing the celebrity idolatry of homely and often “doughie” women like Ilana who have some psychiatric problems and abandonment issues of their own,
        and then they in turn attach themselves to Glandi to repeat the process, one big rung lower down on the social ladder.

        The whole thing is a sadly revealing social phenomena.

        I have to say when I’ve seen Eddie on his own on a late-night talk show (one of the Jimmy’s I think) he conducted himself well, with as much dignity as he could, and when asked about this Twitter Battle Royale just said — only after much prodding to weigh in — that the “other one” who he didn’t even name, liked to create drama.

  8. Faux takes a stand for truth, justice and the American f***ing way wherever she sees a need. You are going to get me on twitter one of these days. I remember you when you were just a large male orifice.
    You tweet more wit in one sentence than the bloated hypocrite has in all of her drunken, bland ramblings. Know it. Of course, by that I mean, know it. Funny how someone who worships an actual whore likes to call other people whores. Actually it isn’t funny. It’s creepy.

      • I am afraid my phone will beep all freaking day long. But I may have to do it to show you my support. And by the way, Stop making sense and stating facts! Some people find it really annoying.

  9. By the way I meant to say “idolize her as if she were THE madonna,” as in mother of Christ considered a saint by Christians — NOT Madonna the singer! Though she’d be a far better role model IMO than Brandi.
    NOT: “as though she were Madonna?”

  10. I had a little run in with Jill Ishkanian when her name was disclosed as the source of the phone call AND photo of Heather Locklear, several years back.

    I wrote an essay about her on my site, and a person I believe to be her, showed up shortly after, blasting me for my criticism.

    I still stand by the original sentiments, which were (are) that when someone becomes part of the story that might not otherwise be known, and then “reports” on it, they are wallowing in the gutters of the worst kind of tabloid trash journalism.

    Why Ishkanian is fascinated with Cibrian & Rimes, is not clear.

    But, plenty can be done to report her ongoing attempts to potentially capitalize on her efforts.

  11. I’d love to know how wannabe celebrity Illyanna Angell got hooked up with her.

    And I’d LOVE to know what Brandi Glanville thinks about this lady spying on her kids, eavesdropping on their private conversations, crashing their parties, and following their dad and one of the boys around town, shouting things at them.


  12. As always, great work Faux. We can always count on you to bring truth to light and expose criminals such as this one. It is all so disturbing on so many levels. This woman really needs some mental evaluation before she gets someone hurt. And some of the comments on here are equally disturbing. What is wrong with people? Does something horrific have to happen before they get it? This is not Twitter drama people, this is real fucking life.

    • I wish I could write this article without the names of Eddie Cibrian, Brandi Glanville and LeAnn Rimes and see if everyone would join in on the need to put this woman in jail.

  13. HOW repulsive and mentally unstable this woman is. Those kids need to be under tighter security. I would be terrified if I were Lr and Ec. Illana angel spews nothing but foulness and is a headcase.

  14. How can anyone be for this type of behavior whether it’s a celebrity or not? It’s crossing a line. This woman is an ego maniac with an inferiority complex. Look how she refers to herself… Boss? While that’s laughable in itself her mindless followers call themselves an Army which is truly frightening because they sit and wait to be told what to do in order to keep in her good graces while calling out others for the bad behavior their spineless jilted and jealous leader does. Who cares what Leann does or doesn’t do? It isn’t their job to monitor her life or her actions. The same as it isn’t for some over the top Leann fans to monitor Brandi’s. If Leann is a skanky has been singer that nobody likes why does it take this crazy stalker & her army to try and take her out? Especially if Brandi is over it and has moved on in her life? It’s sad these grown women get off on obsessing over someone else’s life that they know nothing about. Their perceptions are warped. Why is it so difficult for these nuts to just let it go already?

    • I haven’t decided whether I’m more repulsed by her actions or the women who cheer her on to stalk a family to satisfy their own shortcomings.

  15. Get in touch with me – I divorced Jill Ishkanian’s cheating brother. The whole family is evil. I have tons of information on them.

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