Exclusive: RHONJ: Season 6 Returns to Family Values

The internet is replete with rumors and speculation about the cast shake up for Season 6 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Several media outlets have reported that Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are returning; Kathy Wakile will be down graded; Jacqueline Laurita is out; and Caroline Manzo will leave to star in her own spin off.

The million dollar question is who will join a show plagued with scandals of fabricated footage and manipulated scenes. Faux Reality Entertainment has learned by an inside source that two sisters from Colts Neck are being vetted for the slots.

Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Napolitano Aprea have been interviewed and have made the short list.  They have been offered the slots and are currently in contract negotiations – refusing to sign the contracts as presented to them by Production. Both are affluent, beautiful and intelligent women with strong family values.

teresa and nicole napolitano crop

Teresa Napolitano Aprea and her husband are well known in philanthropic circles in New Jersey.  Nicole owns a Diary Queen and is extremely successful.  Teresa and Nicole are “40ish” and twins.  Family is everything to these two and you won’t see the backstabbing that has become common place with Joe and Melissa Gorga.

It looks like Mama Santa Napolitano is going to give Mama Antonia Gorga a run for her money on the fabulous Italian Nonna award.

Stay tuned because Real Housewives of New Jersey has just told Melissa Gorga to sit at the back of the bus or get off.

77 thoughts on “Exclusive: RHONJ: Season 6 Returns to Family Values

  1. A whore such as MG deserves to sit under the bus…..cuz that’s where she has thrown her in-laws and everyone from her past. I hope this is true, not that I care because I will not be watching again as I cannot understand how this network, production company and show can support the Gorga’s and their disgusting cave-man attitudes.

    • I’m sure they are going to add these two in order to disrupt Melissa and Joe sense of entitlement. They can’t really bash Teresa anymore since she will be going to jail and her story line will be her fighting her case and trying to stay out of jail. And since JacDaniels is gone and Caroline is gone with her pilot, the only one that has put themselves out their for destruction is Melissa and Joe. I can’t wait to see how these women are around this group, it sounds like they may actually have real money.

  2. This is going to be great! Are you sure Bravo told Missy to sit down and shut up? Hopefully Teresa doesn’t step in and try to protect Melissa too much otherwise she might be disliked by these two other ladies! Let Melissa stand up for herself! Her (Melissa’s) true colors will come out soon enough for them!

  3. well i sure hope they bring these women, if its true what u say and they are successful intelligent women, i wanna see meho with them, she probably wont even open her mouth. oh and plz plz plz send mehos book “how to get raped by ur own husband” to them 😀

    • I wish Bravo would axe the Gorga’s. I don’t see why the would keep them on? Joe Gorga seems to be a liability for them. You can’t take him anywhere for fear his little temper will explode and he destroys everything in sight with his shoe polish head! He picks fight’s he has no intention of finishing because he knows someone will break it up! They’re both cowards who seem to lose money for Bravo instead of making them money!

  4. I was so hoping that the Gorga’s would go…I have gotten to the point that they turn my stomach. Another season of her singing and playing the victim, will drive me crazy…but Bravo Andy loves them…maybe the truth will come out that it wasn’t just rumors but the truth..come on Bulldog blow them out the water..maybe then I will watch.

  5. um guys… a question. How does one get to the private password protected threads? How do I sign up to get access to the Bowen and the other one, the twitter one?

  6. I tend to agree on that. Promises they knew so much some people and it all turned out to be crap. Laurita is cray cray and hostile to the viewers. She has expoited everyone except CJ, is he next? Manzo’s suck and I hope their pilot goes down the tubes. Walkieies (Sp) bring nothing at all to the table. The Gorgas with the latest on the book have to be removed. Tre has to go too, So who’s left a few underlings who amount to nothing. Scrap this show and bring forth another one with honest down to earth real housewives not the fake we just saw.

    • She expoited poor CJ, first by putting him up against Ashlee as the good child, then by disclosing his masturbation practices on national tv. What a great mom!

    • What’s fake is that they are both from NY….they are as Jersey as Snooki. They just live in Colts Neck now. Bad job by BRAVO.

      • It would be great to see “Real” housewives who take care of their house and kids and do not dress like hookers and have filthy mouths. And I’m sure New Jersey has thousands of them.
        I agree that Andy and Bravo enjoy making women look stupid. They have total control over what the show us. Maybe the state of New Jersey can sue them and ban them. Hmm, that’s a good idea. ; )) And picket Melissa’s book signings too!

      • Those kind of women aren’t stupid enough to ruin their lives by doing a reality show with a contract that is 100% against you and what ever rights you may have had before you signed the contract. It even says we hate women and their disgusting children in the contract. How is Andy Cohen not a walking hate crime?

        Anyway, I may be too sad to watch this year. I finally get what I want Carowhiner and Janax are gone, but Super T isn’t feeling so super. We shall see. Do I expect Bravo to do a good job of recasting? Carlton, Pam/Dana and Brandi.
        So, no. I do not.

  7. Bravo needs to remove both Gorgas ASAP. If they had any credibility left after these past two seasons, they have lost it. Andy is over on twitter talking about boycotting Barilla pasta (anti-gay) yet he has said nothing about the Gorga book that advocates marital rape and violence against women.

    • But guess who brought it to his attention Kathy tweeted him a link to the article and started the ball rolling stating that she’ll never have barilla in her kitchen and when people comment she has nothing else to say.

      • I’m going out on a limb here and wondering if Kathy bothered to do any fact checking before deciding Barilla is guilty of any of this before sending that link.

      • To me just another case of Kathy brown nosing Andy . If you have a problem speak up protest why tweet Andy so he can get out the big guns and pat here on the head!

      • who cares what andy and kathy say, if i like the product i’ll buy it. i don’t like kathy or andy, but am stuck with them on my tv too,but won’t buy kathy’s cannoli kits

      • I will buy nothing that that smelly crotch and her vile husband hawk. All we have are Barilla Macaroni in the house.

      • think i only have one box of ziti left, we just had it yesterday. so have to stock up i need some italian bread too lol

      • The Marco sisters have been hard at work knocking the Barilla brand. I guess they figured that was the only way they could “deflect” from all the bad press “Sissy” is getting over the “advice bible”. The Jersey Rat Pack needs to go & take a jump off the GW.

      • somebody better tell the marco sisters, we buy what our families like, my hubby loves barillo brand. he is more important than them. so i will continue to buy it. i don’t like the marco sisters ,melissa and andy and they are still on my tv

    • The Women’s movemement has ALWAYS supported Gay Rights. Always will. Reciprocity. Time for Andy to publically repudiate Joe Gorga’s “ignore your wife if she says no and MAKE HER do it anyway, women are into being dominated” statement. It is an ethical and moral imperative in the face of such an socially irresponsible and egregious statement by an employee of his network.

      • Applause and well said!
        I’m done with Bravo. There’s way better programs to entertain us without hurting so many people and little kids. Bravo ruins. They are ABBADONS!
        I’m so disappointed and disgusted with Cohen and his vile, cruelty. Either way, he wins ratings just by mentioning him or Bravo, good or bad. It’s all Win/Win for him and the ratings. I’m sick of it and over it. The only way to stop him is to shun him and this network. Basically, STOP TALKING about Bravo or any of the shows anywhere, any time, anyplace. That’s the ONLY way to SHUT THEM ALL DOWN, Forever!
        FREEZE Bravo out. It’s really the only way. Ignore, shun, silence.

      • Write & complain to the people who pay to advertise on his shows. That is the only way to make a change otherwise, Bravo will continue to shove this trash down our throats.

      • there aren’t any good programs on bravo anyway. if they can cut and edit jersey,that means they did it to every other reality show too. even the cooking ones. so not watching it after jersey is done next week,can’t stand andy, never watch him unless teresa is on lol

    • Andy Cohen, Bravo TV along with St. Martin’s Press are going to end up with egg all over their faces. It’s one thing to promote the bimbo and auto-tuned singing, but damn hard to remove “written words” that are so disrespectful to women of all ages & more importantly the sanctity of marriage. Joe & Melissa are entitled to their “freak show” of a marriage, but please spare us the details.

    • That infuriates me. Clean up your own misogynist ways you man-whore. Some devout Catholic Italians can’t practice their religious beliefs because it hurts your wittle feelings? Go ahead and boycott Barilla pasta. I wish he would get caught at a rest stop doing the nasty and it would make the front page of the New York times for ten weeks in a row.

  8. I have no desire to watch one second of Lookers and SpraycanHead fake nice to Teresa and u know that will be their agenda. After what these 2 have done to her, not excluding their snitching to put her and Juicy in prison – I cannot and will not support anymore of their crap….I can only hope Lookers is exposed for every slutty thing she pulled during her fake marriage and dumbass just needs to go get of roifs and grow a brain and a heart. I can’t stomach either of them. Hope they get some heat and some press about all their fed shadiness and get to worry about going to prison as well.

    • i hope messy and poison are worried about there jobs now. poison’s contractors license expired last yr, so he can;t build his dream house lol.they both should look for real jobs now

  9. Jacko had to go, she’s insane. They should replace the entire cast. I stopped watching so I really don’t care what they do. These two don’t look too classy more trashy.

  10. Faux,

    You do know that outing these twins on the short list for Bravo was a kiss of death for them. Once bravo sees any news for ur site regarding cast shake ups or cast addition they will cancel their plan and do something different. Tons of sites reported a couple of months prior to this season beginning that Kathy and Jacqueline were out and then when the season started Bravo decided to keep them. The more ppl report of supposed “insider info” the network will switch things up.

  11. I will not watch next season if Tsil and Tb are on. This is a HOUSEWIFE show they come as a couple! Tb gets just as much air time as Tsil it is just stoopid! It is so obvious they are only relevant because of Teresa. Get rid of them all!!

  12. So thrilled to hear Crackerjax is leaving. She was out of control this season with her behavior especially stilettogate! It would be great if Bravo added women who actually have family values and money but they are probably too smart to let Bravo ruin their lives. Unless Bravo changes the way they operate, I don’t have much hope of viewers getting what we want.

    Thanks Faux for getting this great scoop for us! Xoxoxo

  13. The rumor last year was a big shake up and look what we got this year. They said Teresa’s make-up artist and Jen Dalton and they were on very little. I have a feeling it’s going to be them promoting Melissa. She can’t sing, she can’t write, maybe this year she can become a Magician and disappear or make Joey disappear.

    • If in fact, Bravo makes money off of Melissa’s ill-fated book, the proceeds are going to be very slim. Book reviews are among the worst I’ve ever read & now all the media outlets are slamming both Melissa & Joe over the “caveman” remarks in the book. Melissa has been exposed as a liar, she can’t carry a tune & obviously needs help with her writing skills. They are no longer an asset, but an uncomfortable hindrance. Very doubtful I could watch the two “hot & sexy” couple interact without a picture of him grabbing her hair, ripping her clothes off & forcing himself on her all the while her saying “no”. Very disturbing.

      • If that is the case, then she, the ghostwriter or the editor are idiots. Taking someone by force is not considered playful flirting, foreplay or even sexy. Taking someone by force for their pleasure is a means of control & never for the sex.

      • hell kitty, do you think melissa really cares what we think/ she wants us to buy her book, listen to cd’s thats all. with the price of her books i can buy the mallomars, they are out now lol, lie on my bed and have a feast

  14. I do not believe anything the show is about any longer. It’s impossible to now that everything officially came to light. I’m done. In fact haven’t even bend watching since Penny got the screw job she got and That skanky no voice having Gorga has been promoted.
    I read stuff on twitter for entertainment now.

  15. Time for Bravo TV to take a good hard look at why at this point in time they would even want a return of the Gorgas. For several seasons, we’ve had to endure the disgusting marks from Joe Gorga regarding his “Tarzan” and releasing the “poison”, his anger management issues, the failed singing career & now the “advice bible”. None of it has been an asset to the show. Bravo needs to take a stand & say “enough is enough”. They will rally around gay rights, bullying, illegal behavior, but when it comes to “martial rape” they give a “Hail Mary pass”. Write Bravo or better yet the advertisers & make your voice heard.

  16. These girls are liars, fighters and the worse possible choice for the show. It’s laughable that they have family values. Really ???? I saw them in the gym terrorizing a woman way prettier and had more class then they could ever possess. And the woman had a child with her , they r monsters.

    • @dawndelbianco WOW! after that woman in the gym committed adultery, ruined a 14-year marriage and broke up a family…not to mention what she did to her own family… a verbal altercation is all she got????? a knock-out would have been more appropriate…she got off easy if you ask me. who’s the real monster here?!

  17. These 2 new patential ladies don’t wow me. I would rather see Dina and Jan perhaps come in. Jan can do her damage on her ex girlfriend. I guess we will see what happens though.

  18. Do we know which dairy queen? Would love to go supoort. Not the healthest food but I do have to say it is good. Love faux always bringing the info to us.

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