RHONJ Exclusive: Joe Giudice’s Party Backdrop for Treachery

The Giudice family threw a party at the Blu Alehouse in Riverdale on March 21, 2016 so that Joe Giudice could celebrate with his family and friends before leaving. . . The bitter sweet celebration was meant to make lasting memories for the Giudice girls. It was a resounding success as Teresa and Joe made sure their girls had a blast. All in attendance had a fantastic time . . .

Well,  almost all. While Teresa and Joe celebrated with friends and family, cast members of the Real Housewives of New Jersey were hatching their latest plan to target returning housewife Jacqueline Laurita, who was not in attendance.

Production did not film the event . . . OFFICIALLY, but according to an inside source, they certainly had a hand in laying the foundation for what was to come.

“Since the start of filming, Jacqueline has been singled out as the villain. Each time, she has skirted her way out of being a target” says an inside source.  During the disastrous Vermont ski trip Jacqueline wasn’t able to get out of the way fast enough, but she was most hurt when Teresa didn’t speak up when new comer Robyn [Levy] attacked Jacqueline.  But Jacqueline drew comfort in the fact that she could count on Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania, both friends going way back.”

So fast forward to the night of Joe Giudice’s party, Jacqueline did not attend, Teresa was distracted as the hostess and had no idea what was to come.  “They corner Siggy and start asking her twisted questions – questions that would solicit answers that could be easily manipulated and misunderstood. AND THEY ARE VIDEO TAPING THE WHOLE CONVERSATION!” says the inside source.

True to form, the following day, the tape miraculously makes it’s way to Jacqueline.  What does Jacqueline do?

As a seasoned warrior of the Houswives’ games, Jacqueline does nothing. She is confident in her real friendships. Perfect call, because Siggy Flicker quickly showed her position by publicly tweeting the following at 11:05 am the following morning:

And that my friends is Check Mate: Jacqueline 2 and Production 0. It will be interesting to see how this is presented.

Stay tuned for more Exclusive Spoilers!

3 thoughts on “RHONJ Exclusive: Joe Giudice’s Party Backdrop for Treachery

  1. yeah, so glad to see you back. faux is my favorite place for info. i’m reformed tre hugger. she is not who I thought she was. why she having roxy attack Heather? looks like gorga was rite she gets other people do her dirt

  2. I knew Famegorga would make the party about her. Is Jacque gonna tell what she knows? If only we learn truth about Melissa. This will backfire on her. Jacque has the backing of the Manzos and they won’t let her fall to someone like Melissa. I can’t wait for this to hit tv.

  3. IMO it wld be easy enough to make JL the villain by just showcasing her bankruptcy lawsuit that the lauritas aledgedly used for their own luxuries.

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