RHONJ: Kathy Wakile’s Forty Year Grudge

Kathy Wakile has been on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for two seasons. As we all know, Kathy is Teresa Giudice’s cousin (Kathy’s mother and Teresa’s father are sister and brother).

Kathy was cast as the warm stay at home mom, wife and homemaker. Kathy’s self serving tags describe her as sweet, old school and respectful. In Season 3, Kathy’s tag line was “People say that I’m sweet but I’m tough, so don’t cross me.” In Season 4, Kathy’s tag line was “We’re old school. We believe in respect.”

Faux Reality says Kathy Wakile is a sweet bystander who is often caught in the cross fire between Teresa and her sister in law, Melissa Marco Gorga. But reality shows a different person. . . Kathy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Kathy is far from the innocent bystander, she not only targets Teresa, she targets one of Teresa’s achilles’ heels – Teresa’s parents.  The following are examples of Kathy’s systematic and premeditated attacks on Teresa’s parents (without reference to the Wakile’s attacks on Teresa, her husband and the Giudice children).

Kathy’s subtle attempts to taint the viewer against Teresa’s father:

  • Kathy (through the use of her faux granny like mother) discloses a feud between her father and Teresa’s father which caused them not to speak for years;
  • Kathy encourages her mother to disclose that as a child in Italy, Kathy’s mother was separated from her parents and siblings to be raised by her aunt;
  • Kathy discloses that her father is responsible for bringing Teresa’s father to the United States.

Keep in mind that Kathy knows Teresa’s triggers. So now we come to the Reunion.  Once again Kathy Wakile comes with a play book. The other wives are of the belief that Kathy is in sync with their plan to embarrass Teresa and ultimately convince Bravo that Teresa is expendable.

Kathy intended to avenge her father and was unable to hide her scorn

But Kathy’s game plan is far more devious, not only does she want to ruin Teresa, but vindicate her father for the perceived slight that he endured at the hands of Teresa’s father.

Kathy’s first comment at the Reunion was to inject her unsolicited observation that Teresa was a nervous wreck during the Posche Fashion Show, thus implying that Teresa must have been guilty. Kathy’s next unsolicited comment was to join Caroline Manzo in halting Teresa from expressing her concern for baby Nicholas Laurita.

Fifty minutes into the reunion, Kathy Wakile finally becomes the focus of questioning. After exchanging jabs with Teresa, Kathy commences to implement her master plan.  Kathy’s ad hominem attack on Teresa’s parents was launched as follows:

  • Without any discussion about parents or inlaws, Kathy volunteers that Teresa used to call her to complain about her in laws;
  • Kathy then aims her fangs for the jugular vein and calls Teresa’s mother a fucking liar who allegedly spread rumors that Kathy had Lap Band surgery (a double play by insulting Teresa’s mother and further enraging Caroline Manzo whose daughter recently had lap band surgery);
  • Kathy then sinks to an all time low by calling Teresa’s father a coward;
  • Kathy further screams that if it wasn’t for Kathy’s father, Teresa wouldn’t be in this country.

Kathy’s actions and comments throughout two seasons (as highlighted by her outburst at the reunion) are not that of a sweet, old school, respectful housewife. They are the actions of a woman who feels that she has been crossed and is seeking revenge.

The Faux Reality of being caught in the cross fire between Teresa and Melissa has given way to the Reality that Kathy Wakile holds a 40 year family grudge. . .  Kathy  Wakile believes that Teresa Gorga Giudice owes her for her successes stemming from the day Kathy’s father brought Teresa’s father to the United States. . .  and Kathy will stop at nothing to collect.  This isn’t the sweet, old school, respectful housewife we were promised.