Cable Actress Kristen Johnston – Where Is She Now

It’s heartbreaking to see actors who were once popular fall into total despair, often because of addictions to drugs or alcohol. More tragic are those that attempt to crawl their way back from total ruin only to trade former addictions for new dependencies. Such is the case with Kristen Johnston (@KJoTheSmartAss on twitter).

This once successful actress who claims to have conquered her drug and alcohol addictions can be found daily on social media. Unfortunately she seems to have traded her prior addictions for an unhealthy dependency on acceptance by a handful of followers who are often recovering addicts.

Johnston professes to stay away from controversy (or twitter wars). In fact, when asked in a recent appearance on Kelly and Michael about negativity on social media, she responded that she does not engage in twitter wars. What could possibly be clouding Johnston’s memory?

Johnston seems to have a bi polar personality on social media. She is notorious for inserting herself in controversy; promoting and encouraging her follow base to engage in twitter warfare; then stepping away and professing how she abhors bullies and their tactics (while encouraging and promoting the biggest abusers).

The following is the latest example of Kristen Johnston’s bizarre bi polar approach to social media and her dependency on followers to advance her twisted agenda:

Johnston spin on LeAnn Rimes

On the evening of September 28, 2014, after months of terrifying incidents, the Sheriff’s Department and Venue Security removed an alleged stalker from a LeAnn Rimes Cibrian Concert in California. The alleged stalker had previously crashed the Cibrian’s young child’s birthday party, posting child’s conversations on social media, trespassed on Cibrian’s private property and confronted Cibrian in the presence of their young son. See Full Story of Removal. As soon as the alleged stalker was removed from the concert venue, Johnston posted the following tweets:

At first blush it appeared that Johnston didn’t know the back story and as such commented prematurely . . .

. . . Surely, if Johnston knew the facts, she wouldn’t have called LeAnn Rimes an idiot for looking to protect her family . . .

. . .  Surely if Johnston knew the facts, she wouldn’t have tweeted that the alleged stalker was ejected because she “writes mean shit.”

The alleged stalker crashed her boy’s birthday party! The alleged stalker trespassed onto their private property to take photographs! The alleged stalker followed the Cibrian family and in the presence of their young boy, hollered obscenities at Cibrian. That is far from “writing mean shit.” Why would Johnston minimize the incidents and comment on ejecting the alleged stalker?

Johnston was called out on twitter for tweeting nonsense without knowing the story. In turn, Johnston published a kumbaya blog about why everybody would get along. Johnston claimed to detest bullies and the dark side of twitter.

What Johnston failed to reveal is she was and is a friend of the alleged stalker, Jill Ishkanian. In fact, Johnston continues to follow, promote and encourage Ishkanian on twitter as Ishkanian posts non stop personal information in an effort to intimidate people into silence. So basically Kristen Johnton is full of shit when she states she abhors such tactics.

[insert examples of Jill Ishkanian’s vile tweets]

Upon information and belief, Johnston knew Ishkanian’s prior actions towards LeAnn Rimes and she knew the actual reason Ishkanian was ejected from the concert when she sought to mislead by posting that “the blogger was ejected for writing mean shit.”

Johnston repeatedly states she detests bullies. What she means is she detests bullies unless they do HER bidding.

Recently, Johnston retweeted an account whose sole existence is to torment people on twitter. The account Mary Whack is named to harass a woman known on twitter as Mary Mac who the Mary Whack account drove off twitter. The account is a favorite of Johnston because it identifies anyone who criticizes Johnston’s hypocrisy so that Johnston can subtweet: kjo retweets mary whack thorazine drip blog So while tweeting complete and utter nonsense claiming to abhor bullies who post addresses and call employers, Johnston interacts with the very account that posted this woman’s child! Why? Because @BlueMoonMonday is no longer a Johnston cheerleader. Johnston continues to encourage, promote and interact with the worst most abusive, repulsive accounts on twitter:

I challenge Kristen Johnston to name ANYONE that Faux Reality has bullied. If she is able to provide the name of one individual that didn’t come for Faux Reality first, I will shut down twitter and his website immediately. If she cannot, I suggest she get whatever psychological help she needs – I understand addictions and dependencies stem from mental disorders and hers seem deep and ever evolving. Perhaps her next book should be entitled No Guts.

Where is Kristen Johnston now? She’s on twitter making a fool of herself and recruiting co dependent followers to do her bidding. She’s on twitter encouraging the vilest bully on twitter – Queenz of Media – Skyler St Coxx:


See . Here are a small sampling of Queenz of Media’s typical tweets contacting minors on twitter to torment their mothers, ridiculing cancer victims, applauding the death of another target’s mother, telling a mother that her son sucks a mean cock, threatening to contact another target’s employer, tormenting a professional by accusing her of teaching her students to say “nigger”:

blog queenz KJo Tweet 8 jake

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 12 brian

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 5 cancer

Blog queens KJo Tweet 1 cancer

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 6 death of mom

Blog queens KJo Tweet 2 stevenBlog queenz KJo Tweet 3 ex husbandBlog queenz KJo Tweet 4 jen daughter

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 7 steven

blog queenz KJo tweet 13 julie niggerBlog queenz KJo Tweet 9 on Reality Julie

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 10 on Autumn

blog queenz KJo tweet 11 on johnny the greek

Congratulations Johnston, you have hit rock bottom by encouraging everything you profess to hate. First Michael, then Anthony, then Tori, then Just Jen, then of course Bling, now meeeeeee! But YOU “don’t do twitter wars.”

Part 2 of the Kristen Johnston – Where is she now: includes her request for money from fans to fund a lawsuit; Johnston’s attempts to censor the truth

FOOTNOTE: Kristen Johnson’s tweets are embedded from her Twitter Account since she frowns upon the posting of screen shots by claiming her tweets are copyrighted (*cough cough, Bullshit) in an effort to censor / silence anyone from exposing her type of crazy.

45 thoughts on “Cable Actress Kristen Johnston – Where Is She Now

  1. She loves bashing Teresa from jersey houswives by retweeting disgusting accounts about Teresa is illiterate and shit. I’m sure Teresa sold more books then this drunk ever will. She is a jealous meglomaniac who makes fool of herself all the time. Doesn’t like bullies my ass. She loves working her idiot fans up and then running away from fight. Look who she associates with.

    • I saw Johnston’s nasty RTs about Teresa Giudice etc. For someone who claims to be a compassionate person who wants to be forgiven for her past addictions, her lack of empathy shows her true nature.

  2. Let me tell you a bit about two-faced KJO. She used to DM me and say let us gather dirt on Ilana Angel and get her fired from JJ this 100% the truth. KJO hates Ilana and Jill but she is afraid they will give her bad press.

    As for running people off twitter, well that not the real truth. Sometimes it is best to go and let the swamp dwellers fight amongst themselves.

    KJO has been thick in the HW business since NYC housewives year one. After they were a hit she wanted to be considered for the show. This is no lie or stretch it was from KJO back in 2007 or 2008. I have the old DM.

    I loved KJO. She was a fantastic comedic attress and still is fantastic. I do not understand her siding with Ilana and Jill because she despises them. You can find an old quote from May of 2013 where KJO went after Ilana due to Ilana’s unsympathetic threats on the memory of Lynn Hudson.

    So, what changed? KJO could not deal with Iggy’s growing crazy Brandi Nuts. They supported Iggy and attacked KJO for defending Lynn’s memory.

    KJO goes with the crowd. She hates controversy. She is a fair weather friend and that is fine just remember who she is.

    • I know you’re right about her going with the crowd because she would DM me when TEB and she were at war. As soon as they became friends, she DMed me that she could no longer follow me cause of her new friends. I didn’t think much of it until I realized she is completely bonkers. When I saw documented proof of the way she attempted to destroy an established business with lies to feed her sick obsession, I realized her issues run deep. She labels people bullies while encouraging and hiding behind the worst of the worst. It will all come out, it always does. Thank you for the background, I was not aware of this.

      If you ever want to share your DMs, I would love to do a story.

  3. I have to find it but I have all her DMs. Also that nancy character is a trip. You should see the people she outed even falsely on ROL.

    Nancy and that TC person called KJO a drunk on Just Say Jenn. I don’t see why she approves of their actions. I think kjo just does what she thinks will benefit herself.

    • I would appreciate the DMs. I just asked Just Say Jenn to follow me. I want to document Johnston’s craziness and all the people she’s targeted.

      A friend from one of the main stream media outlets said she would be interested to see if it’s a pattern.

      • Well now that KJO is following crazy parody account the account holder “Nancy” thinks KJO is her friend. One thing I know about KJO and I know her well she really really dislikes Nancy for calling her a drunk over many months and a hasbeen actress and no amount of nice tweets will repair that because KJO knows who she is.

        Faux just go to the TL and you will see the events unfolding. If the group doesn’t see the insincerity of people gathering together to bully they are stupid.

        KJO is not the villian. She goes with the crowd that is not being bullied. KJO is weak but in the face of this rabid mob, her weakness is something I cannot blame because anyone would weak.

        I just think that shining the light on the Brandi Nuts who are after you is a stronger theme. The Brandi Nuts are the true problem.

        KJO buried Rise and Stand in her tweets from May onward. KJO does not look too in-depth into some of her supporters and she hates to be proven wrong.

        I understand your point that KJO fosters and supports the bullies. She does IMO unwittingly. She spends two seconds on background and then forms an opinion that is why I don’t see her as more than a member of the crowd not a leader. The leaders are the ones you need to expose. They create not only drama but also an environment of threats, deceit and bullying.

        My two cents.

      • I have personal experience with Johnston going back to when she was bad mouthing the very people she now embraces. She knows the truth, but deliberately, maliciously and with intent to deceive, tweets otherwise. It has come to a head.

      • I would tread very, very lightly when it comes to dealing with Just Say Jenn, in fact I would not tread at all!

  4. KJo is nothing like the champion of underdogs she purports to be. She dives in to alllll sorts of Twitter drama. She OFTEN insinuates herself into the drama – but ONLY via DM. She is happy to ask for details or offer details… But only behind the scenes. And should her pals become mired in the drama, she will suddenly need a ‘twitter break’. The same is true on facebook. She befriends everyone…. Then complains loudly when the little people ask for too much of her precious time. She needs to be worshipped – but ONLY when it requires nothing from her. She has conquered her pill addiction – with a SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION! Read back thru her FB Or Twitter rants… She sucks people in like she’s a pal… Then she complains when the little people dare speak to her. She blocks those who dare speak to her on times other than when she is raising money for a pal she deems worthy. But even when she does that, she dumps said worthy pal the moment they call her a ‘pal’, because, after all, she is several levels above us all. For example, she left Facebook because the folks she had asked for money from, dared to private message her and she felt that it was far beneath her privileged self to READ them. She posted a msg on FB announcing how she was driven away by those who wished friendship from the great and mighty star of fucking CABLE TV!!! – KJo. Watch Wendy Williams – Kjo denies ever participating in twitter drama. And she bashes the small minds who do!! I bet there are hundreds of dm’s out there saying otherwise??? She’s a master instigater and manipulator!! Be warned!

  5. It’s just pathetic really how she has a constant need for attention on social media. And all these crazy shenanigans could hurt her “career” if they haven’t already. She needs to get a grip.

  6. I take back everything I said about KJO. She is running scared. She is DMing everyone she follows about you. She hates the blog. I have the DMs. I never share them but kjo went off the deep end. She even said she would deal with anyone to get rid of you.

    • Tell her to have a drink and sit down. She shouldn’t be giving anyone advice about anything with her bi polar craziness.

  7. Coming from an outsider I remember a lot of hogwash (there’s just no other word) going down between Kristen, a couple of women named Tori and Lisa that were nuts, the Faux reality account, some of this Housewives crap which I know nothing about and don’t care to, LeAnn Rhimes, and a whole slew of other accounts that, if I wanted to waste a perfectly good early Monday morning, I would wrack my brain to remember remember, but as it is, I don’t care to do that either. I don’t know the “whole story” to about 99% of the crap that shows up on her twitter list, or why. But here’s the difference between her, anyone that dukes it out with her, and I: I DON’T CARE. As civilians, we follow and maybe even frequent the accounts of celebs and other professionals for insights into their newest projects. And that’s all. I have learned that I would much rather tweet celebrity A 100 times and never get a response, than become buddies with celebrity B. Virtually none of them have their heads screwed on straight or they wouldn’t be in this business, and it will inevitably lead to disappointment and heartache when you find out that the morality and idealism portrayed in your favorite character in no way whatsoever resembles the actor that plays them. It’s soul crushing, especially to the 16-30 group.

    HOWEVER. No battle is ever fought one-sided. Anyone that has had more than one negative exchange with KJ, willingly, is at the same fault as she, and I stand by that statement.

    In addition, I was in the age group that cherished Leann Rimes from the day “Blue” was first played on the radio. I was about 10. I have seen what she has become, and I have about as much sympathy for her as I do for KJ. No one puts her family out there except her. As a celebrity, you make a choice. Do I want this career and the luxuries it affords? Or do I want a private life and safety for my children. Unfortunately, you don’t ever get both. In a bit of defense to nutty KJ, while she should realize that she’s in the celebrity brood, and that means her mouth needs to move less on social media, or at least with a bit more filter, she is a human and she made a statement about someone she didn’t like, and she’s entitled to that right. Moving on.

    As for this Housewives debacle? I had never even heard of the shows until I followed KJ, and to this day I refuse to google them, as I put them in the same category as the likes of Snooki and Theresa Caputo. The drama coming from some of the accounts associated with them is real. (And boring.)

    Now, you could rebut with, “If you know all this, you must be on Twitter a lot yourself!” You would think so. Alas, no. THIS is just what an outsider sees EVERY SINGLE TIME they log onto twitter and look at Ms. Johnston’s account (which I haven’t followed in about 8 months now). But here’s the kicker: again, she doesn’t tweet to herself. It’s coming from any and all accounts associated with her. And that puts everyone involved at fault.

    All of that being said, I will tell you a little tale of why Ms. Johnston but the dust with me. She made herself a door mat for any freak that drinks alcohol. Given that my dad was an alcoholic, I’ve never touched a drop. My dad chose to drink, and said so, and her little tirade about medical professionals saying it’s completely genetic and out of their control is utter bs and I will never believe that. (Anybody that wants to fight me on that can go flush themselves down the toilet now and save the trouble). She also opened herself up to any derelict with mental issues. One day I was having a bad day and given that she was following me, SHE responded to one of my tweets. Normally I block anyone that speaks to me. I use twitter purely for the purpose of following Taco Bell, or my city’s page for upcoming events — that kind of thing. I don’t engage with people I don’t know like she does. But she was my idol at 13 (I know, I guess I didn’t set my standards high enough then), and I was tickled enough that she followed me, and now she was talking to me. Long story short, after I had vented on my own twitter page, she write me to let me know that she was having all these horrible medical problems — 16 doctors and soon to see #17, she had been through (I believe, don’t quote me though), a spinal tap, and possibly a bone marrow coming up if nothing showed, blood tests galore, and a whole bunch of other crap I don’t care to remember), and moral of the story is that my problems were water under the bridge compared to hers and that I should just “be quiet”. TRUE STORY. Now, I’m a cold-hearted bitch and I don’t mince words. You screw with me, you’re going to be picking up fragile pieces of your psyche off the floor by the time I’ve handed your ass back to you. But this special type of nut? Nah…I didn’t touch that with a 10-foot pole. Not that I was afraid of her cronies — those peeps that love her unconditionally can’t be changed either, but they’re not to be feared. I heard someone call them “flying monkeys” once, and that’s accurate. I simply blocked her and forgot about her, because she is the only that can help her in the fragile condition that she’s in.

    Moral of the story: the woman’s nuts, but anyone that interacts with her, even once, or lets her get your goat, is even nuttier. Remember that new followers see that and it makes all accounts involved look bad. Better to address her privately or via a different forum like this one. Just my 2 cents.

  8. She absolutely humiliated Tori, one of the people she is on twitter to help. As usual, she tweeted her passive aggresive crap to rally all of her “supporters” to come after Tori. Even non Jenn supporters see that the smartass judged her by her past deeds. Please dont judge Kjo by her past or here come her minions. After all, she has boundaries which don’t seem to be all that concrete. She is admittedly no expert but she considers her ideas superior to Dr. Drew or ihe intervention show (which has had success with addicts). Higher power or AA, NAH she didnt need them because she is that good. All you need is her dangerous ramblings, on sale at Amazon to turn your life around. Why do other actors manage twitter so well but she can’t? She is one braincell away from being Amanda Bynes.

    • I don’t know who Tori is but KJo’s pattern is consistent. Her latest associations will be her downfall. There is no escaping what she embraced.

    • I’m don’t know who Jenn is, but I’ve heard the name tossed around. The reason I mentioned Tori was one of the first people I ever spoke to on twitter, albeit brief as I have a tendency to come and go on twitter, staying off for months at a time. KJo is pretty selective about who she follows back at first, as we all know. It takes a minute to receive that “privilege”. But I did talk to many of her followers, Tori being one. After getting annoyed with some peeps, I took about an 8 month break from twitter, during which crap obviously had gone down, and they weren’t friends anymore. So when I refollowed both Tori and Kristen unknowingly, and from Tori’s end, all I saw was this constant brigade of subtweets between her and another woman named Lisa. It was sickening and childish, from both parties involved. One would expect that out of KJo, but others…not so much. Tori is clearly the same age if not a bit older than KJo (from the one pic she actually has posted of herself), yet her “problems” are that of a 15 year old girl. Then I abruptly got unfollowed by her, and then shit-talked behind my back. I don’t even know these people, nor do I care to develop a click on twitter by any means. I was just being friendly. KJo may very well have done her wrong — she certainly has everyone else.

  9. spot on.
    drama, maliciousness, manipulation, obsession. awful to go through.
    I’m blocked, but I understand! I was once fooled!

  10. Could Debra O I never look at twitter but read this blog be a Fan-atic, an employee or even the Smartass Johnston herself?

    • A) I don’t read blogs. Frankly, I think they’re a waste of a breath coming from a lot of people wishing to have their 15 minutes of fame. B) As you should be clearly able to tell, I’m not a writer. I’ll give Ms. Johnston that much credit — she can sum up her words better than most ever could. C) Why don’t you just ask me, rather than openly referring to me in the third person via someone else’s blog? A bit childish. I stumble upon this blog because “Faux Reality” was blowing up my TL, until I virtually muted or unfollowed anyone having to do with KJo. I thought I did that before, but clearly I missed several.

      I came to the blog make the statement that dirty gossip and rumor-starting is never one-sided. You just illustrated that point brilliantly.

  11. If Kitty is following a “friend” with a supposed good follower of the BBs then I think KJO is being taken for a ride. KJO is not going to be happy with the latest follows of certain shit stirrers and she has been ranting that not only Kitty edited the two emails, but also what a vile human being Kitty is. Tick tock.

  12. faux Kristen Johnston started on you again. how long are you private on twitter? I guess you not saying a word about her and charity and she still obsessed with you. She teamed up with that queenz tranny. I guess she’s afraid you’ll find out she’s stil in the closet. CHeck it out Medication must be off kilter again. she would know insanity thats for shore

    she done this to jen to michael to tons of people. unemployment doesn’t agree with her. Im gonna write to every place she works and show them what she done to people.

  13. All about the truth has comments on queenzofmedia story more on you then on story. of course Roxanne approved them. Didn’t she steal one of your stories? I remember her doing that to you too. Now she kisses James Leonardo’s ass after he called her a skank. Cool story she uses Teresa haters to shank a site that is always on Teresa’s side. Oh well, what do you expect Rox ratted out Heather McC\lean even after Heather helped her with her book.

  14. ur stalker is at it again. first crazy kristen is warning jacqueline laurita today she’s saying just block bullies. Fucking lunatic should be committed. I reported her tweets. Oh best part is she is tweeting loyalty with @josephvlopez that’s they guy who creates all those accounts using dead relatives from people he hates. I reported him too.

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