Exclusive: Brandi Glanville’s Bizarre Media Blitz

Brandi Glanville Media BlitzBrandi Glanville’s claim to fame is being the jilted ex wife of Eddie Cibrian. It is no surprise that each time Glanville needs publicity, she seems to target her ex husband or his wife, LeAnn Rimes Cibrian.  So it would appear that Glanville is in need of publicity, cue the attacks on the Cibrians.

Less than 48 hours after Glanville’s little buddy, Matt, “broke the news” that Glanville stopped following Cibrian on social media, he reported that LeAnn hired a man to harass Brandi Glanville. The man is a cyber security specialist and web designer by the name of Brandon King.

The proof that he was hired to harass Glanville . . . NONE

  • Tweets from King to Glanville? None
  • Any Contact from King to Glanville? None

Perhaps Matt or Glanville can enlighten us by identifying how Glanville was harassed. Don’t you need some sort of harassment if Glanville was harassed?  It never happened because Brandon King was never hired by Cibrian or anyone else to harass Glanville.

The “LeAnn Paid to Harass Glanville” article is allegedly based upon a transcript in a custody battle wherein Mr. King was asked to list his clients. He listed clients. Not the scope of his work.  So we contacted Mr. King to ask about the scope of his work and whether he was hired to harass Glanville:

“Absolutely not. It’s ridiculous. I wasn’t hired to harass Brandi Glanville. Her name never came up. I was tasked to do a computer related job on behalf of LeAnn Rimes by her manager which is customary in the business when dealing with celebrities. 

It is unfortunate that a transcript of my custody case was leaked and is being used to negatively impact the Cibrians and defame my business. The only people in my custody case convicted of domestic battery were my ex and her husband, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story. Fabricating a story that has no basis in fact is low even for a reality personality. ” 

As to the origin of this story, it is interesting to note:

Matt is known as Mr. Housewife on twitter. Each story written for Matt’s blog (known as Mr. Housewife) is tweeted from the Glanville twitter account. It is unclear at this time whether Matt has access to Glanville’s twitter.  Matt now writes for The Dirty.

The Dirty did not speak to Ed Cibrian.  According to Cibrian, the conversation was a series of convoluted text messages. Cibrian responded “to what he knew at the time.”

Brandi Glanville keeps her tabloid friends close to maximize the media blitz against those she seeks to target whether it be Cibrian’s wife: See Entry To Concert Denied Amidst Stalking Allegations


Kyle Richards who Star Magazine enjoys trashing:

Brandi Glanville Friend at Star Magazine tweet




We can always count on Brandi Glanville to leave a path of destruction in her wake.

16 thoughts on “Exclusive: Brandi Glanville’s Bizarre Media Blitz

  1. It’s hard to believe Brandi and her obsessed fans are still going after the Cibrians after all this time. But here they are. Crazy.

  2. I wish people would read the whole transcript and not just the headlines and article. If they did they would see that Brandi isn’t even mentioned and the job Mr. King was doing was computer security/web design and identifying trolls for those clients that wanted it.
    Nowhere does it state that Mr. King was paid to troll ANYONE for LeAnn Rimes.
    This is merely fake news. Nothing more.

    And i would just like to say I am a Brandi fan and don’t like LeAnn.

  3. Disgusting she gets away with the shit she says Rimes does. how about when her friends Smiley, Jeez, boss bitch they spend all their time harassing her ex husband and his family. She’s got brass balls saying anything about harassment. Hipocrite

  4. I love Brandi and feel the total opposite for Leeann, but after reading the court transcripts you can clearly see Brandi has nothing to do with this, she has been used to spread hate towards Mr King by a number of internet trolls who have nothing better to do than sit at home all day playing with their keyboards and manginas.

    • Jacqueline Laurita was wonderful when Kristen Johnston and her trolls approached her to attempt to attack this site. I have the up most respect for her for the way she handled the situation regarding this site, especially when we were critical of her in the past. In addition, I think Jacqueline would make for great drama considering Danielle Staub is back.

      • Come on Faux,
        You can’t drop tid bits like that. Tell more? What do you mean Mad Kjo approached her? Did Jacqueline tell you this?

      • Ok that explains your situation & I tx u 4 that. I am trying to find the name of the person u made reference to on Ths site as I thk I just saw her in twtr & want to make sure I don’t get involved in any conversation ps wth the said person. Is it a @KimBurton?

  5. Brandi is going off the deep end again.She’s not on twitter much and when she is she rants. She is glued to real housewives. thinks shes going back. It’s over. The show is doing better than ever with Erika EIleen and Lisa Rinna. She’s back to harassing Eddie and LeAnn. They want no part in her.

  6. I read the transcript.
    The transcript didn’t say he trolled Brandi. On page 8 it says he USED to something that was.. “troll accounts” it’s no secret for anyone who knew Brandon. It’s not a big deal either. We all trolled someone at onetime or another.

    “Just fell into it from working for people online. I used to do something that was — I would identify what they would call “troll accounts” for celebrities”

    Then on page 19 he stated he had a contract to do web design for Leanna Rimes (Leann Rimes)

    That’s web design, and web development, and also some
    security. And I — and I have a contract with Leanna Rhimes, too. I forgot that one, too.

    The person everyone should be pissed off at is James McGibney He is the one who gave the website the transcript knowing no one reads his website anymore. Anyone who reads the transcript can see what it says.

    I don’t care for Brandi or Leann but it sad false allegations will put a strain on their relationship.
    Read the transcript.. And be mad at James McGibney for trying to start WW3.
    Yes, I used a fake email address to comment because I don’t want to dragged in to this mess, but it irks me that no one read the transcript.

  7. What am I missing here?
    I went over to the Dirty and read the whole transcript. (I hope the gentleman is able to settle his issues respectfully)
    Nothing was ever said about being paid to stalk or to troll Brandi Granville.
    Mentioned was trolling in the beginning, BUT he never mentioned who.. matter in fact, no one is mentioned who he trolled.. but later at the end of the transcript when asked what his job was and what kind of clients, he said was doing web design for Leann Rhimes.

    I don’t understand what the big fuss is? And I also don’t understand why that trouble maker McGibney at bullyVILLE is trying to start trouble?

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