Is Brandi Glanville The Other Woman?

Brandi Glanville’s claim to fame and ticket to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was that her husband left her for a celebrity. She is quick to friend anyone who claims to have been jilted. Brandi claims she has no tolerance for cheaters because of how she was victimized.

Yet Brandi never stays true to her word.  She claims to have zero tolerance for cheaters but refers to Mohammed Hadid as her friend; a man she accused of cheating on his wife.  She claims to respect Donald Trump; a man who turned his back on his marriage for Marla Maples.  Most disturbing is Brandi’s on again off again relationship with a man to whom she refers as “JR” or her “real estate agent.”

sandra JRMeet Sandra and JR.

Sandra is the young woman at the center of a rising controversy which will allegedly be used as Brandi Glanville’s story line on RHOBH.

JR is a realtor who works with Kyle Richard’s husband Mauricio Umanski.

Last season on air, Brandi claimed that she and JR were dating.  She then claimed she was disillusioned when JR told her at the eleventh hour that he was “taking a trip with friends.”  Brandi’s spin was far from the truth.

Sandra and JR were a happily ever after couple, living together, vacationing together, making plans for the future . . . until Brandi stormed into their lives like a bull in a china shop.  Brandi allegedly made a point of tormenting Sandra on twitter until Sandra deactivated her account. Brandi’s veiled threats of “revenge” and “Book 3” were warning signs to JR for the world to see.

Sandra and JR Shit Revenge blog 1

brandi tweet boyfriend is cheater book 3 blog 2

Brandi acknowledged that JR had a girlfriend, so why continue the charade? What happened to Brandi’s  zero tolerance for cheaters? What happened to Brandi’s vow never to be “the other woman?”

The following is a chronology utilizing Brandi’s own words. Perhaps Book 3 should be entitled Cheating & Tweeting:

May 2014:

brandi tweet boyfriend is cheater book 3 blog 2

brandi kill girlfriend or ex boyfriend May 28 blog 3

brandi tweet ex boyfriend sex talk may 29 blog 4

brandi boyfriend damage control May 30 blog 5

June 2014:

brandi tweet June 12 crazi chemistry blog 6

brandi tweet june 28 should not talk blog 7

brandi tweet men lie June blog 8July 2014:

brandi boyfriend make out sessions JR July 13 blog 9

brandi tweet boyfriend has girlfriend spain july 13 blog 10

brandi tweet boyfriend brandi back to spain july 13 Blog 11

brandi dinner boyfriend july 21 blog 12

September 2014:

Brandi tweets JR Sept blog 13

Sandra and JR Shit Revenge blog 1

brandi tweet men double lives sept 18 Blog 13

As soon as Brandi realized her  cover was blown and she was “the other woman,” she immediately lashed out on social media against her ex husband’s family to deflect from her tattered image of being a victim. Within 40 minutes (and without provocation), Brandi redirected her fan base from JR and Sandra towards her ex husband’s wife:

brandi against leann within minutes of dumped blog 14

Viewers look forward to the spin Brandi Glanville puts on her relationship with JR and how she intends to smear Sandra the girlfriend / the ex girlfriend / the roommate.  

Stay tuned for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Book 3: Cheating & Tweeting. 

32 thoughts on “Is Brandi Glanville The Other Woman?

  1. Brandi has become so good at spinning the truth. I think she should win Butter Queen of the Century! Can’t wait to read this gem! HAHAHA

  2. Hey Brandi, ya dumbass, do you realize that all your insane and immature antics are being immortalized on the web for your boys to read and view in just a few short years?

  3. This is the 2nd time at least that Brandi has interfered with someone whom is married or taken. It was publicized all through her
    silly TV show of kissing Carlton and making out with her.
    Carlton is married. Brandi needs to realize that she is the cause of a lot
    of her problems and needs to stop playing the victim. I’ve read on so many sites about how she disrespects people who cheat. Well she needs to look in the mirror and point the finger at herself since she’s always hanging on other people’s husband, making out with married women and now this JR situation who she knows is taken. Pathetic, really!

    • Girl you know she already disrespect herself! I used to like her but now it’s over the top. I will say that I think when the EC/LR cheat feast came to light this scarred her for life bc she became a victim and became a household name. I feel sorry for her but some intense therapy should help out.

  4. Brandi was dating JR before Sandra was in the picture, or so she was told. All this Sandra/Jr stuff is really on JR. He’s the one who confused and led these women on to think that they were his one and only. Eddie did the same thing as Jr did. He left Brandi for Leann but to continued to have sexual relations with Brandi for a time period. Brandi shouldnt allow herself to be used the way these men have used her. She’s a scorpio so she’s probably hotter in bed than LeAnn or Sandra which is why the men couldnt let go. But as far as the Pilates tweet, that was not deflection. I truly believe that Brandi was extremely startled at such a bold move from LeAnn. LeAnn’s Swf’ng is well documented, but joining Brandi’s tiny pilates studio far away was the icing on the cake.

    • I’m curious as to what facts support your statement that Brandi was dating JR before Sandra. Even if that is true (which I doubt) why would Brandi keep going back to him time after time after labeling him a cheater and a liar?

      • Wasnt JR on Rh’s kissing on Brandi? I honestly dont watch the show that much, but according to Brandi, they were dating first, and if she’s telling the truth, that exempts her from “the other woman” status regardless of the sequence of the breakups & makeups. Also the reply to your other question of why would Brandi go back to someone who was cheating & lying to her? Well…you mean to tell me that you’ve never made those kind of mistakes? Where you gave into a relationship your wiser mind knew was toxic, or bad for you? Good for you if you’ve always made rational decisions over what your heart desires, but most people I know are fallible and sometimes say things in hopes of living up to the standards they impose on themselves, but when confronted with those decisions, they fail to meet those standards, cause they’re head & their heart are not always in sync. So, maybe it’s better people dont blurt out opinions or express what they dont stand for or tolerate, incase they contradict themselves and look foolish in public.

      • I agree with you that we all make bad decisions. But Brandi’s claim to fame is her victim status so I find it difficult to believe she would be so reckless if there was even a hint of another woman.

        According to an inside source Sandra was living with JR before Brandi came into their lives. I have never heard Brandi say otherwise.

      • Brandi covered the story in her second book. She was going out with JR before he went on holiday and met Sandra.

      • Then why continue to date / “make out” / tweet about it if Brandi already knows he had some sort of unidentified relationship with Sandra?

      • Didn’t this all happen last summer? Brandi broke up with JR, it was filmed and aired on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

        Also Brandi dated Drew Carter last summer and Fall and was also photographed hugging another man.

        It does not look like Brandi and Jonathan/JR were in a committed relationship.

      • They broke up after that trip to Spain because he didn’t invite her – he didn’t seem to be as committed as she was! So if she learned about Sandra after that why is JR still in the picture now?

      • She has very distorted views and loves the negative attention: creating a split between moms and stop moms is repulsive, she perpetuates the hatred of step mothers to feed her ego.

    • Even if that was the case – she now knows he is living with Sandra (until she goes back to Spain according to BG) and she knows he was cheating and yet she still makes out with him? IF this is all on JR then shouldn’t Brandi adopt the same stance with LeAnn and Scheana? Isn’t she just the same as them?

  5. The men Brandi falls for and gets obsessed with are not prizes – whatever the case, Jonathan Ruiz / JR knew he was with Sandra when he was hooking up with Brandi in a bathroom, or he knew he was still screwing Brandi on and off when he got with Sandra.

    Eddie knew he was in a relationship when he hooked up with Brandi in a bar, and of course he knew he was married when he had affairs with Scheana and LeAnn.

    Brandi said that every man she’s been with since her divorce has cheated on her.

    What it comes down to is that Brandi Glanville has lousy taste in men but it’s her life and her prerogative. What I don’t buy and can’t abide is Brandi alternating between playing the victim and acting out viciously against her enemies, and these lovers become enemies after they discard her and it finally sinks in that the man has moved on.

    Jonathan Ruiz’s and Eddie Cibrian’s actions during their relationships with Brandi were terrible, but I don’t believe for one minute that Brandi did not know about Julianne, Eddie’s actress girlfriend when they hooked up, all the self-proclaimed gossip slut and tabloid reader had to do was pick up a soap opera magazine which sit on the supermarket right next to The National Enquirer, Us Weekly and Star.

    I don’t believe for one minute that Brandi did not know about Eddie’s affairs when they were married, rather I think that she turned a blind eye as long as Eddie stayed married to her and paid the bills for their high-end lifestyle.

    Brandi recommended “hall passes” to one of her castmates, which is one spouse giving permission to the other to have sex outside the marriage. Was Scheana a hall pass? LeAnn?

    Again it is Brandi Glanville’s prerogative to allow herself to be mistreated by men, to become obsessed, to give them access to “her goodies” and sex skills even when she knows there are other women, and engage in desperate actions to hang onto them, but now that I know what a liar and schemer she is, I am not going to be in her cheering section when she goes on her scorned woman rampage against the men who do her wrong, she knew exactly what she was doing when she got with these men and let them cheat on her / cheat with her.

    • You’re so right about the hall pass thing – how can someone who claims she was so devastated by her husbands affairs even talk like that? And didn’t Brandi say that she took part in threesomes for Eddie? Their marriage was in trouble long before LeAnn Rimes or Scheana arrived on the scene.

    • Given the bohemian lifestyle she had growing up I totally believe she was in denial and didn’t look at gossip papers or websites, I do think it’s her rebellion now though as well as rebellion. I think it’s a screw or be screwed attitude now. I think she was very honest initially but now caught up in drama and loves it; except when it involves her kids.

  6. Oh shucks. I love this site when it’s investigating the nasty Laurita’s and other criminals by Bravo. Sad to see all the Brandi hate taking over this site. I don’t think she’s that bad. No filter and kinda trashy, but definitely not evil or a bad person.

    • I don’t understand how 2 factual articles with proof of what Brandi said is interpreted as “Brandi hate taking over site” so perhaps you may want to read articles.

      • I removed the Laurita bankruptcy articles when the other cast member was criminally charged. I did not want to be an outline for a criminal indictment against the Lauritas. Reality TV is fun but not when it leads to criminal indictments for the cast. That is the main reason the articles were removed. At no time did Jacqueline forward me a court Order (or even a letter) to remove the articles. If she had tried or if I had been given proof that she made such absurd claims, the articles would not have been removed. All were factually accurate. Thank you for the information you provided. I normally don’t tweet about cast members who no longer appear, but I will review the information and let you know.

      • Pardon my rude manners while I insert myself in this conversation.
        I assume you are talking about Jacqueline Laurita. “Liarita”

        As my mamma used to tell me, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” I wish you would talk about it more personally, Ms Faux. Sure, Reality TV is fun, but when you tweet to your cast mates “friends” they kept spending and spending meanwhile you and your husband were doing the same thing.. Why not put her on blast? You could have a field day if you wanted, Ms Faux. This is your website and you can do whatever you want. I just wish you would post more. I enjoy your blogs.

        As far as Brandi, I am sure many women post here, I am also sure many of us women had cheating mates. Sure it hurts – I related to Brandi, but when she started to make it her career by bashing her ex, at first, what I thought where she was going with it, I said to myself, no.. I found my self giving the side eye. It became evident Brandi was going to milk it for everything she could and I no longer found myself relateable. I saw a grown ass woman trying to fund her career off of pity and I am not down for that. It’s not even just with Eddie, Brandi blames EVERYONE else for her problems.
        Leann, that is another story, I find her inappropriate and I will leave it at that. She has enough haters.

  7. This is exactly what Brandi does – she plays the victim in everything but she is often the perpetrator. She got on that show thanks to her ex’s relationship with a waitress at Villa Blanca, she made friends with Lisa knowing that Scheana was her employee of 5 years and a friend of her daughter but then she tries to play the victim and make out Lisa used her!! Brandi turned on Lisa when Vanderpump Rules was a success and Scheana was in the spotlight just as much as Brandi – that’s what killed Brandi more than anything. She doesn’t care whether Lisa is her friend or not, what bothers her is she can no longer say to Scheana “look at your life and look at mine, I win” because Scheana is a reality star too now just like Brandi. Brandi thought that befriending Lisa would stop Scheana getting on that show.
    And you’re so right Faux, Brandi has no problem being around cheaters if they are wealthy or famous and she can hang out with them.

    • This x1000!!!!!

      The way I see it is that at first Brandi went along with Lisa’s shenanigans relating to Scheana because she was desperate to get on the show, then once she was on the show she went along because she wanted to rub it in Scheana’s face that she was a reality star and waitress Scheana had to serve her.

      Brandi said that when the first run in with Scheana happened she was told that it was a set up but Brandi didn’t believe it, but then she starts believing the things that she’s being told about Lisa’s manipulations once Scheana becomes a reality TV star and Brandi has another rich BFF (Yolanda) to fall back on. Furthermore, once she and Lisa were no longer BFFs, Brandi tried to paint the picture that she was a victim/pawn of Lisa’s when to me it looked more like she and Lisa were partners and Brandi enjoyed being Lisa’s attack dog and in the thick of drama.

      • ITA!! She knew BEFORE she became friends with Lisa that Scheana worked for her and why would the producers pick Brandi out of all the eligible women in Beverly Hills other than for the drama of Eddie’s ex working for Lisa. Brandi really had nothing else to offer. She doesn’t throw parties or entertain or run charity events. Nothing. At that sit down she had with Scheana in SUR she actually said to her “look at where you are and look at me, I win”. She really thought the payback to Scheana was that she was a lowly waitress and Brandi was a reality star. Brandi latched on to Lisa and I actually think she was in Lisa’s ear more than Lisa in hers – she encouraged the fall out between Lisa and Kyle because that meant she could take her place. She made comments at the reunion about Kyle “at least I don’t talk sh*t about Lisa behind her back” making herself out to be oh so loyal. Same with the Adrienne fall out, Brandi was the one to tell Lisa about Adrienne planning to take her down, so as much as people call Lisa was in Brandi’s ear to me it seems Brandi was the one telling Lisa things. Now she’s doing the same with Yolanda, attacking anyone who even answers back to Yolanda, like in Palm Springs with her drunk slurring “you go after her you go after me” nonsense and questioning what kind of friend Lisa is. Brandi is ruthless, she will step on anyone to make drama and keep herself in Bravo’s good books.

      • You are so right! Brandi is only on the RHOBH for shock value and drama. Plus she thought by being BFFs with Lisa she could get Shenea fired. Then when Lisa didn’t want to let go of her best employees she backstabbed Lisa! Brandi will say and do anything to stay on the show. Her last rich friend from the group is Yolanda. After that she has nothing!

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