Brandi Glanville Honored By Friend’s Charity

No one can dispute that Brandi Glanville has had a rough time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season ended with Brandi being estranged from four of the six fellow housewives. Viewers were horrified by her antics on the show. Glanville admitted that she tells her sons “she’s acting” to explain her behavior.

Public relation experts opined that unless Brandi could repair her image, she would not be invited back for another season. So the question was where would she start?

On May 6, 2015, Glanville received a Woman’s Achievement Award from a Charity known as the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies based in California. Full story on ceremony on All Things Real Housewives.

According to the Charity’s website, the Award “honors women of achievement” and was created “to recognize women who have been major influences in their industries and in the community.”

So the puzzling question was in what industry or community is Brandi Glanville a “major influence.”  What factors did the Charity utilize that would result in Brandi receiving such an award?

Interesting to note that Brandi has a connection to the Charity:  Brandi’s good friend and former cast mate, Carlton Gebbia! It’s a family affair!

Carlton’s mother in law, Gloria Gebbia, is President of the Charity and Carlton’s father in law, John J.  Gebbia, is Vice President of Corporate Affairs for the Charity. Link to Officers and Directors.

What an interesting coincidence!

Special thanks to @Suzannah10Gem and @STLUCIANIDOL91 for their assistance.

5 thoughts on “Brandi Glanville Honored By Friend’s Charity

  1. Ummmm…are you sure you didn’t find this on The Onion? Seriously, this just makes the Gebbia’s look really stupid.

  2. Isn’t Carlton’s mother in law, the president of the charity? Brandi would never get that award on her own merits. Carlton is just trying to help Brandi improve her image by pulling strings to give her an award she does not deserve.

    • As soon as I read that Brandi was getting an achievement award, I knew something was odd. The fact she didn’t thank Carlton for her in law’s support shows their involvement with charity was to remain under the radar.

      • I agree. What, exactly, did this woman “achieve” that is so distinctive and unusual?

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