Brandi Claims She Is Not A Liar or a Gossip Girl

brandi glanville headshot blog“Two Things I am definitely not are liar or a gossip girl” said Brandi Glanville in her Blog dated December 17, 2012.

Really Brandi? Explain the following:

  • Cedric & I modeled in Paris together (thanks @Bitte_B)
  • I didn’t know my girlfriend who accompanied me to Sur dated Adrienne’s husband
  • Kim Richards is a meth head.
  • The Maloofs used a surrogate.
  • Adrienne’s family only owns 2% of the Palms.
  • Adrienne is suing me.
  • Kim’s boyfriend is a gay bull mastiff.
  • Mohamed is a friend of mine.
  • Yolanda told me her ex had an affair while he was married.
  • Mohamed said her pussy smells.
  • Mauricio is cheating.
  • I called Joyce to talk about Lisa.
  • I should have listened to my friends that told me Joyce is a Shit Stirrer.
  • Joyce has fake teeth.
  • The whole reason I don’t get along with Joyce is because of Lisa
  • I talked to Kyle about Lisa.
  • Lisa put the tabloid about Mauricio in my bag.
  • Lisa went bankrupt.
  • Lisa forced Scheana on me repeatedly.
  • Lisa had Cedric deported (thanks @ntmyslftdy28)
  • Kyle told me many things about Lisa.

“In general I am a really fun happy person and don’t like drama filled Bullshit that usually comes with these women” Can Brandi Glanville be this detached from reality?

lisa vanderpump blog


As to her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi complains that she comes from a place of love & doesn’t understand why Lisa is so upset when Brandi described her as  “strategic”.

No Brandi. You said / wrote much more than Lisa is strategic. You sought to assassinate Lisa’s character/ reputation as follows:


  • I am Shocked to see all the digs Lisa took at Kyle. November 4, 2013 blog
  • I am Shocked at level of ass kissing between Lisa and Scheana. November 4, 2013 blog
  • Maybe when Lisa fainted, she hit her head, That would explain her memory loss. November 19, 2013 blog
  • I honestly feel Lisa is playing the victim card pretty hard here. November 19, 2013 blog
  • Lisa jabs-by-jokes.  November 24, 2013 blog
  • Blog December 2, 2013 Instead of summary of show, Brandi does Summary of Lisa’s “involvement” in Mauricio’s cheating.
  • Lisa is the whole reason I don’t get along with Joyce. January 7, 2014 blog
  • I warned Joyce that Lisa is “sensitive” January 13, 2014 blog
  • I don’t understand why Lisa’s first instinct is to lie. January 13, 2014 blog
  • Lisa and Ken throw a ton of events and expect us all to show up for them.  January 13, 2014 blog
  • We all know it’s Lisa’s way or the highway. February 4, 2014 blog
  • Lisa always talked trash about Kyle. February 25, 2014 blog
  • Lisa sought to put the tabloid about Mauricio cheating in my luggage. On show
  • I told Kyle about Lisa and the tabloids cause I was hurt and retaliating against Lisa. February 25, 2014 blog
  • I knew Lisa would run to Carlton cause that’s her MO. March 11, 2014 blog
  • I know how Mrs. Vanderpump rolls. March 11, 2014 blog
  • Kyle told me many stories about Lisa March 18, 2014 blog
  • Lisa has been in Joyce’s ear, Joyce is the new me. March 18, 2014 blog
  • Don’t get Lisa mad or she’ll come after you. On Show numerous times
  • Lisa had Cedric deported. On Show
  • Lisa went bankrupt. On Show
  • Suddenly Brandi claims Lisa repeatedly thrust Sheana on her contrary to her Blog
  • “Check mate Bitch” preview to RHOBH

Does anyone other than Brandi Glanville think this is not how a friend acts?

sheana blogAs to her ever changing lies regarding Lisa and Scheana of Vanderpump Rules fame, the following are Brandi’s own words regarding Lisa’s “involvement:

  • January 17, 2012 Blog:  Brandi states she was invited to the SUR opening.  Brandi came with her girlfriend – Brandi claims she didn’t know her girlfriend had dated Paul Nassif. When Brandi saw Scheana, she claims she couldn’t help herself and “blurted out” “you slept with my husband”  [on camera and mic’d].  Brandi thanked Lisa for removing Scheana as soon as she was advised who Scheana was even though Lisa hardly knew Brandi.
  • January 8, 2013 Blog:  Brandi states that after much reflection, BRANDI decided to sit and confront Scheana about the affair Scheana had [with her ex 8 years earlier: Scheana worked for Lisa for 5 years].
  • January 15, 2013 Blog:  Brandi is glad that “Mistress Gate” is behind her and looking forward to peace.
  • February 4, 2014 Blog:  Brandi claims she sat with Scheana at Lisa’s request and Brandi did her part “as a friend.”
  •  March 11, 2014 Blog:  Brandi claims she REPEATEDLY asked Lisa not to bring up Scheana, Lisa promised she would not but Lisa did it without warning. WOW look how things change when Brandi thinks she secured her position on RHOBH

Do you have any other examples of Brandi’s actions speaking louder than words? Let us know!!

29 thoughts on “Brandi Claims She Is Not A Liar or a Gossip Girl

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Clearly you are not a fan of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last time I checked, LeAnn Rimes was not on that show but maybe that will change.

    • Wow, why would you bring up Leann? Deflecting much because this articles has accurate information that has actually been written by Brandi or its been on her show. Next time please post on the topic and this topic is about all the lies Brandi has been caught in.

    • She said that she learned of Lisa’s bankruptcy and living in Calabasas while doing a background check on a blind date and it cost $9.99.
      This year she said Kyle told her.

  1. Not being snarky but seriously how do you track her comments so you can reference them in such detail? I kept a journal when I would talk to my ex about our child to prevent as problems and even that wasn’t as detailed. You took a comment she made two years ago and then tried to nail her as a lair with other comments, some of which have no context and seem to be her answering a direct question. I’m not questioning what she said because I am sure she made each of those comments. Her someone was made two years ago and does not seem relevant to anything going on in the present makes me curious which is why I’m asking. I have no vested interest in her other than I find it fascinating how the intense people get in discussions about her and/or LeAnn Rimes, even when an article like yours says nothing about LeAnn. I had alot of time on my hands when I went thru chemo and radiation in 2012-13 so I read tons of blogs and tweets to keep my mind off my own problems and I still can not figure out what makes either of these woman so important that people devote so much time and energy bashing one or the other. I’m telling you that in hopes that you will see that I am not trying to be rude or create any bad feelings, I truly am curious why you (or anyone else) would go to so much time and trouble over a statement like this?

    • @Susie,
      I’m not the blogger but I’ll tell you why I think this is a good topic for an entertainment blog. It’s not just this one comment, a couple years ago Brandi Glanville proclaimed herself “The Truth Cannon” and has used the perception that she is honest, as well as the victim of bad people, to get the public on her side, and then viciously goes after her enemies. In addition to the general public, she gets new friends, acquaintances and co-workers on her side, but the interesting thing is that many of these superficial relationships destruct because Brandi ends up turning on and screwing over the very people who’ve helped and supported her.

      Brandi has famously feuded with Lisa Vanderpump, Joyce Giraud, Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes, Adrienne Maloof and others. Since she’s gotten into the public eye, and especially since being on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi has gotten into countless conflicts with people including Mohammed Hadid, Joanna Krupa, an editor at RadarOnline and many of her co-stars. She also accused her last, not one but TWO landlords of being shady.

      What it comes down to is that in the past few years Brandi has been embroiled in countless conflicts and messy situations and Brandi is a master at portraying herself as the victim and the other party as the villain. I THINK THAT IN MOST OF THESE FEUDS AND CONFLICTS THAT THERE IS MORE TO THE STORY THAN BRANDI’S SIDE! I’m not saying that the other side is totally innocent, but I think that Brandi has strategically taken her battles with other people public, not only to get people on her side, but to then pull out her favorite weapon in her arsenal – spilling personal information, which may or may not be true, about her enemy.

      I think that it is a good thing that she is being called out as a liar and a person who makes untrue claims about her character because that way when she pulls her tricks in future feuds and conflicts, maybe people will not automatically assume that her version of things is the truth and she is the innocent victim.

    • Susie, Do you ask all bloggers why they waste their time to research their topics?

      Congrats on your continued recovery.

      • I literally just LOL at @Susies comment because even as far back as elementary school, writing any good paper required someone to research and include detail to what the topic was about to keep the reader interested! Faux does all those things & it is what makes her such an excellent blogger and often times controversial. LOL! It goes with the territory. It’s obvious people don’t like this particular topic but Faux is a Reality blogger…. She writes about all things related to that. Some that people love and some that you love to hate.

      • I was curious because it seems odd to me that anyone would go to such lengths and quite frankly wondered how you tracked it. If the story had been same info but LeAnn had been focus I would have asked same thing. I have asked other bloggers and on twitter in the past. I got so much hate because people assumed I was on one side or the other that I disabled my twitter acct. It was scary. As for the replies of other bloggers, some seemed open and honest and others found my asking offensive. I still do not understand why people feel so invested w these women and this story to go to such lengths to bash or praise either one of them. Neither has many redeeming qualities or is doing anything important that affects our lives in an important way so what is the draw? Why is it so important that people take such a strong stance on either one?
        I wasn’t saying they are not good fodder for entertainment blogs because they obviously are. Its not about sides for me, its the why what’s the point? I’m not asking because I have an agenda its plain curiosity. I am entertained by all of this, not the women themselves but the reactions of people are so strong that its fascinating to me.
        I wish neither would post pics or detailed info of the kids tho. Lil cute stories or shout outs are one thing but the rest is too much. As a mother I cant understand how either parent would allow that knowing there are people out there that are so consumed with their lives. I am not a celeb, famous or anything and I am still very particular about what I post or write about my child. Its my responsibility to keep her safe, if I knew someone hated me with such passion as people hate either Brandi or LeAnn I would file restraining orders and keep my private life private.
        So I guess my curiosity is really about both these things: the why people are so passionate, invested whatever about either woman and why as parents the 3 adults do not do more to protect them and keep them out of the public. Obviously that’s a question only they could answer so I’ll have to be content just trying to figure out the first part. Its entertaining and interesting to me.

      • The article is about Brandi’s comments surrounding Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I am at a loss as to what children or LeAnn Rimes has to do with it or why you continue to include her in your responses. But thanks for commenting.

  2. Even though this blog is about Brandi, The Persona, and the many lies she told on #RHOBH it’s painfully obvious to me by the constant reference of Leann she will forever be known as the poor, unsuspecting wife who was victimized by her husband who cheated with a very famous Leann Rimes! Truthfully, it’s a tragic thing that happened to her family but she also used it to further her career. So I ask how has it hurt her? According to rumors I heard from her over zealous fans her ex is an out of work, unemployable actor. So Leann really did her a favor, right? Taking an unemployed actor off her hands AND making HER famous. If he had left for a no-name nobody like Scheana what would have happened then? Brandi is the one who brought to our television screens and she is this one who keeps this fresh in everyone’s mind. If you ask me it’s sad to watch a beautiful woman destroy herself and her children because of a child like vendetta over a man she knew was a cheater! She just never believed he would ever have the nerve to leave her. As a mother that isn’t the legacy I would want to leave my children. Not in print or any other kind of way.

    • You are dead on! I have always said that! I don’t understand the victim card when the affair has actually done nothing but help her in a career she never would have had otherwise.

    • @lLucky– I so agree with you. I do think that Brandi has played the victim card way too much. Yes it was wrong what Eddie did, very wrong but doesn’t Brandi make comments like, she makes a lot of mistakes, etc. but when anyone else makes mistakes Brandi is the first to point out other people’s flaws. She used her divorce to cash in on her career to write a few books focusing on Leann and Eddie. Even though I didn’t read the books I read that they both focused too much on Leann and Eddie and that the second book wasn’t supposed to have anything to do with Leann and Eddie and that she did end up writing about them. She’s a proven liar, it’s all over her tv show, and she publicized about Leann Last record and continually stated how it wasn’t doing well in sales, etc.
      Her double standard is ridiculous, she was very upset that LR wrote the record yet she has written 2 books, been on a reality tv show constantly referring to them. Her wording said that she wrote the books to make money, yet when LR record came out she was upset? Hmmm double standard, it’s ok for Brandi to use the divorce to make a living but when LR did it she was being vindictive All parties should have had some sort of gag order and that would have stopped so many issues. The last thing that made me angry was that Brandi was overpaid support from Eddie, and tried to lie about it. Eddie doesn’t talk a lot about his ex but this was one thing he did get right by putting out a statement that what she said was false. I just want brandi to accept the things that she has done so she can heal. Right now she is enjoying stirring the pot and playing victim when it suits her!

  3. As always, an excellent blog Faux. And I especially love how it gets all the Brandi Whiners panties in a bunch because they can’t dispute all the evidence that Brandi is indeed a L*I*A*R

  4. Brandi and gossip.. Hmmmm, I read somewhere she talked about having sex with her agent in Maurice’s parking lot?
    And didn’t she blame her landlord for a lease she signed that was up also and decided to drink and tweeted she was dancing the night away?
    I also remember something about her then blaming the agent.
    Oh my favorite was her tampon string, now that my friend is NOT gossip!

    • She lied about a break-in at her house and a dog napping. She lied about Adrienne suing her for slander, she lied about Eddie trying to get alimony from her, when the truth of the matter is that it was the final audit of assets that SHE requested which revealed he had overpaid, and he was kind enough to deduct it from her IRA so she wouldn’t have to cough it up.

  5. What the heck are you doing talking about Brandi for?
    It’s RHNJ time! Write something up or immma get Judge Salas after you.kidding. But not kidding, would like to you to write something on RHNJ.

    • We can’t forget the marrying her ‘friend’ in Las Vegas over a drunk trip and of course her DUI.. Who can forget her podcast telling about her sister molestation and being upset that it didn’t happen to her because she was
      Pretty. Just makes me sick thinking about that.
      I also don’t feel it’s appropriate to post photo of your young son in his underwear or talk about him peeing the bed. Some things need
      to be kept private.

  6. I have found that people who over exclaim “I am real!” or “I am honest!” are usually not. If you have to go around telling everybody how real and honest you are then you have a problem Someone who is truly real and honest doesn’t have to say it, their actions show it!

    So i have always been distrusting of Brandi and her exclamations of how she only speaks truth….

  7. There’s a group of weirdo’s on twitter that are infatuated with Brandi and attack in the most vicious manner anyone whom they perceive to be her enemy. For example they have taken it upon themselve to cyberbully Lianne Rimes and even anyone that says something nice about her. Leah Remini got backlash when she, who was also at Chelsea’s finale, said she enjoyed Liannes singing in response to a positive tweet about the both of them. It was disturbing to say the least. Brandi’s so called “army” seem really pathological and deranged, which may explain why they identify so strongly with Brandi.

    • I unfortunately am one of the people that has been attacked by Brandi fans.
      I’ve never tweeted anything negative to Brandi,
      I don’t follow her but there are so many people that joined twitter to only bash Leann it’s terrible. LR wished me a happy birthday and
      I was slammed by haters. The haters seem to think anyone that likes her music must actually be LR. Several times I’ve been told that I’m LR. Sorry, I’m from Kansas but the hate has been so bad that I’ve closed
      my account several times. I don’t know if brandi involved in that bit she does seem to be ok with LR being bashed.
      They both could benefit from a twitter break.

  8. Can we add: “I’ll even lie about those closest to me to make a dime” to that list?

    Daddy’s own words. Sad indeeed :-(

    Telling friends that he’s going to be on RHOBH – clarifying to friends that his daughter lied…..and….it hurt.

    Guy Dale Glanville: Pat you have no idea. Thanks for your support everyone. By the way, this next show that Brandi is in will be an emotional one for her. Her first book came out and a few things were said about me that were total fabrications and consequently I blew up. The idea of these fabrications being in a book was alarming for me and I reacted negatively. Still bothers me that it will be there forever. The book was a best seller on the NewYork Times list and I thought (oh great) the world thinks I’m this type of person no. (I know get over it) a few close friends and family members told me the same thing, listen Guy she’s just trying to take advantage of her new found fame. Well, the way I look at, if you read the book this fabrication about me really didn’t need to be in it. Her book was very entertaining and funny. I don’t think she has any idea how much that hurt. To be put into a group of people I have no respect for. Time heals and sometimes I feel I overacted. Unfortunately when I’m approached by friends who know who I am and kid me about it, I react not so positively. Fortunately our fences are mended and like my wife says (GUY GET OVER IT). Moving on !

    ……but she got ya a car, Guy!

    • She pretty much slandered herself and made an ass out of herself in her two books. She outed herself as a one night stand kind of gal. She wouldn’t name the “famous people that she had slept with even though she promised she would, but they were all one night stands. She is so proud of herself that a big actor let her spend the night and leave in the morning! I guess she is used to being thrown out on her arse. Another guy she says pulled over and they had sex in the road.

  9. Another Brandi Glanville misrepresentation from her Bravo blog, :

    “I arrived home from NYC to our house lease that was up and only one day to move my entire family out of our house, having not yet found a new place to live. It was a very stressful time, but I knew I could handle it, and I did.. Welcome to three months of the boys and I being gypsies.”

    Look like to me that Brandi wants people to think that she did not have ample notice that her lease was not being renewed, but she knew prior to leaving town to film Celebrity Apprentice that she had to move out, so if she experienced stress because she and her sons were gypsies that’s on her.

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