Brandi Glanville Is Honored With a Little Help From Her Friend

No one can dispute that Brandi Glanville has had a rough time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The season ended with Brandi being estranged from four of the six fellow housewives. Viewers were horrified by her antics on the show. Glanville admitted that she tells her sons “she’s acting” to explain her behavior.

Public relation experts opined that unless Brandi could repair her image, she would not be invited back for another season. So the question was where would she start?

On May 6, 2015, Glanville received a Woman’s Achievement Award from a Charity known as the Associates for Breast and Prostate Cancer Studies based in California. Full story on ceremony on All Things Real Housewives.

According to the Charity’s website, the Award “honors women of achievement” and was created “to recognize women who have been major influences in their industries and in the community.”

So the puzzling question was in what industry or community is Brandi Glanville a “major influence.”  What factors did the Charity utilize that would result in Brandi receiving such an award?

Interesting to note that Brandi has a connection to the Charity:  Brandi’s good friend and former cast mate, Carlton Gebbia! It’s a family affair!

Carlton’s mother in law, Gloria Gebbia, is President of the Charity and Carlton’s father in law, John J.  Gebbia, is Vice President of Corporate Affairs for the Charity. Link to Officers and Directors.

What an interesting coincidence!

Special thanks to @Suzannah10Gem and @STLUCIANIDOL91 for their assistance.

Kristen Johnston Attempts to Censor Critics & Conceal Her Antics

Just when we thought Kristen Johnston had reached rock bottom, she falls off a cliff into full troll mode. In last few days Johnston has joined trolls in attacking an anti bully site known on Twitter as @AntiBullyEmpire.

Johnston reposted and recklessly participated in spreading a false and horrific claim about the man behind the Anti Bully Empire Forum.   A  review of the Forum, the twitter time line of @AntiBullyEmpire or the troll who first made the accusation show how absurd such a dangerous accusation is. Yet, rather than review any of these items, Kristen Johnston (who in the past falsely referred to twitter users as meth dicks, addicts and faking cancer) reposted the reckless accusation with her commentary:

Kristen johnston tweet on AntiBully Web Site

Johnston further reposted false and unsubstanted lies told by notorious internet troll Carrie Magnuson known as @20hmygata (previously suspended as @2ohmygata for posting child exploitation tweets)

Kristen Johnston Blog Carrie Magnuson

See full article on Carrie Lynn Magnuson, samples of her vile trolling and read  her disgusting twitter feed here twitter @20hmygata.

Carrie chase threatens jobs

carrie with serious mode saying to fuck a boy modified blog

carrie posting J miller daughter pic blog

Compare Magnuson’s feed to @AntiBullyEmpire and determine for yourselves why Kristen Johnston is promoting Magnuson and perpetuating the lies told to ruin the Anti Bully Forum.

Kristen Johnston claims she was bullied and harassed with hundreds of stories and tweets. Read the 3 Stories written by Faux Reality that led to Johnston’s absurd inflammatory accusations:

Rise & Stand Victimizes Victims dated March 2, 2014 –READ FULL STORY

Did Rise & Stand Defraud Kristen Johnston dated June 17, 2014 –READ FULL STORY

Cable Actress Kristen Johnston – Where is She Now dated November 14, 2014 –READ FULL STORY

Read Faux Reality’s recent response to Kristen Johnston’s defamatory blog and her abusive attempts to suspend any twitter account who sought to tweet the truth and expose her erratic and bi polar social media behavior:

Kristen Johnston’s False Claims & Underhanded Tactics dated June 22, 2015- READ FULL STORY 

Yes folks, Kristen Johnston either lied or is delusional. There were never hundreds of articles and tweets.  There were 3 articles! The Delusional or lying nut known as Johnston wrote an inflammatory and slanderous blog, then her attorney sent a Cease and Desist Letter thinking they would shut Faux Reality down. It didn’t work.

Then in March, 2015, Johnston’s crazy escalated yet again when she accused Faux Reality of being involved in her melt down before the Alabama Drug Education Council.  Faux Reality did not write any articles in response to her delusions while her fans continue to attack Faux Reality for her reckless false accusations.

Then recently, Kristen Johnston’s crazy surfaced yet again, claiming she was being harassed and stalked by Faux Reality. My June 22, 2015 article was written in response to her tweets and Comments that she had been stalked FOR YEARS!

Get Help. Get A Hobby. Because we all see you for what you are!

RHOBH Season 5, The Reunion And Unanswered Questions

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion is still fresh on the minds of viewers.

  • Lisa Rinna’s Double Standard Dance;
  • Yolanda Foster’s heartbreaking health issues;
  • Eileen Davidson’s voice of reason and common sense;
  • Brandi Glanville’s quest for a tampon endorsement;
  • Lisa Vanderpump’s journey to cut the negative out of her life;
  • Kim Richard’s complete denials and outbursts; and
  • Kyle Richard’s heart wrenching awakening.

After 19 episodes, viewers become invested in the Season and as such expected answers at the Reunion.

Unfortunately, Brandi Glanville made sure that the Reunion would ignore most of her bad behavior throughout the season and instead highlight the issue of Kim Richard’s sobriety.

The following is a synopsis of Season 5. After reviewing same, Please determine whether the Reunion was balanced in it’s focus:

Episode 1: Brandi’s move and her preoccupation with the 23 year old mover Jake Ryan.  Kyle and family vacation in Lake Tahoe. Brandi and Kim decide to stalk Brandi’s ex-boyfriend JR, a man Brandi claimed cheated on her while they were dating (as per Brandi’s November 25, 2014 Blog).

Episode 2: Kyle’s white party is the perfect backdrop for the return of the original housewives Adrienne Maloof, Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong. Brandi asks Adrienne to meet with her to apologize for past wrongs and Adrienne agrees. As part of the apology to Adrienne, Brandi claims that her close friendship with Lisa Vanderpump clouded her judgment towards Adrienne (thus blaming Lisa for her actions). Not surprisingly, Lisa Vanderpump is not receptive to Brandi’s attempts to put the past behind them.

Episode 3: Lisa Vanderpump throws Lisa Rinna a birthday party at Pump. Brandi is airing her legal issues with her ex husband with on camera discussions with her attorney. Kim and her daughter are shopping for a wedding dress. Lisa Rinna introduces us to Eileen Davidson.

Episode 4: Kyle and family meet up with Yolanda in Spain for a vacation on a private yacht. The vacation is interrupted when Yolanda gets word that her daughter was pulled over for a DUI.

Episode 5: Kim’s daughter gets married. Lisa Vanderpump receives a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Yolanda attends to her daughter.

Episode 6: Yolanda and Eileen bond over lunch. Lisa Rinna returns to her hometown in Medford Oregon to visit her parents. Kyle hosts a BBQ where Eileen meets the women. Brandi continues to badger Lisa Vanderpump about attending her housewarming party.

Episode 7: Brandi holds a housewarming party. Kyle shows her concern as her daughter prepares to leave for college. Lisa Vanderpump holds a charity event at PUMP – Brandi asks if she wants her to eat her pussy to the shock of all.

Episode 8: Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump meet for lunch where Lisa makes it clear that she will be cordial but their tenuous friendship will never be the same. During lunch with Eileen, Lisa Rinna and Yolanda, Brandi throws wine at Eileen. Yolanda hosts a dinner party where Brandi is forced to apologize about throwing wine, but then proceeds to act the fool in front of Yolanda’s guests.

Episode 9: Brandi critiques her ex husband’s reality show.  Yolanda and Kyle leave their children at college. Lisa Rinna stars in a movie with her husband and Penn Jillette.

Episode 10: Wine Tasting. Poker night at Eileen’s home. Lisa Rinna has the ride from hell with Kim. Brandi and Kim exhibit bizarre behavior at the poker party. Brandi and Kyle get into a physical altercation.

Episode 11: Confrontation between Kyle and Brandi continues. Lisa Rinna hosts a jewelry party where Brandi is confronted by Eileen and Yolanda about her behavior.

Episode 12: Max announces to Lisa Vanderpump that he wants to research his past. Kyle visits Kim and discusses the reasons for her bizarre behavior. Brandi visits Kim to discuss the reasons for her bizarre behavior. Brandi crashes Kyle’s mixer where the two fight with Brandi telling Kyle that not even her husband wants her.

Episode 13: Lisa Vanderpump and Max receive the DNA results. Eileen calls for a lunch with Kim and Kyle to discuss their issues. The ladies are concerned about Brandi’s friendship with Kim. Lisa Rinna does Brandi’s podcast then has lunch with Brandi to discuss her behavior. Brandi turns the discussion topic to Kim.

Episode 14: Table read at Eileen’s home. Yolanda confronts Brandi about her drinking, Brandi brings up Yolanda’s daughter. Brandi meets her friend on the beach to discuss Kim’s sobriety. While on the beach, Ken calls to invite Brandi to Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise party provided she is on her best behavior. The ladies attend Lisa Vanderpump’s party.

Episode 15: Scavenger Hunt. Flashback to Brandi telling Kim that Lisa Rinna is questioning her sobriety. Brandi mistates what was said at her lunch with Lisa Rinna. On plane, Kim snaps at Lisa Rinna. David Foster’s charity gala. Amsterdam – Kim is hostile to Kyle at the airport.

Episode 16: Dinner where Kim and Lisa Rinna brawl. Space cake fun turns sour when Brandi goes after Kyle about being a hypocrite.

Episode 17: Ladies split up to tour Amsterdam. Differing opinions on how they handled situation with Kim and Lisa Rinna. Dinner on Boat turns ugly when Brandi repeats rumors about each person while claiming it was a joke. Brandi then slaps Lisa Vanderpump.

Episode 18: Brandi’s attempts to apologize about the slap falls on deaf ears. Brandi goes out with Max’s young friend. Lisa Rinna tells Kyle about Brandi’s comments. Kyle confronts Kim in Palm Springs about Brandi.

Episode 19: FINALE: Adrienne invites the ladies to her party with plenty of fireworks. Lisa refuses to accept Brandi’s apology which causes Brandi to throw a tantrum. Kim initially asks what Lisa Rinna said then doesn’t want to listen when Lisa Rinna finally agrees to respond. Brandi storms out of the party.

Much was left unanswered at the Reunion while so much attention was focused on Kim Richards:

  • There were no questions about Brandi’s relationship with JR, despite her tweets indicating that the love triangle among JR, Sandra and her would be answered in Season 5.
  • There were no questions about Brandi’s antics at Kyle’s mixer; her “eating pussy” remark; her unprovoked verbal attacks on Kyle or Yolanda’s daughter.
  • There were no questions to Brandi about her scenes with her lawyer or watching her ex’s reality show.   Brandi was not called out on saying she never watches her ex husband’s reality show, then commenting that he talked about her in every episode.
  • There were no questions to Brandi about her “apology”to Adrienne wrapped in digs that it was her friendship with Lisa Vanderpump that made her do what she did.

In fact, a review of the above synopisis clearly illustrate that Brandi remained unaccountable for most of her antics throughout the season.

RHOBH: Eileen Davidson Shuts Down Brandi Glanville

The second installment of the Reunion for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is explosive. The First Look Preview addressed Brandi Glanville’s obsession with Eileen Davidson’s marital history.  Eileen is fed up and she is hanging up on the issue and Brandi once and for all. . .

When Andy Cohen broached the subject of the infamous wine toss, the floodgates opened. While Brandi initially blamed the wine toss on being a super fan, Brandi’s comments throughout the season proved a more nefarious reason for her verbal and physical assaults on Eileen.

A series of Flashbacks were shown to illustrate Brandi’s questionable interaction with Eileen throughout the season:

Flashback to Wine Toss Lunch

Brandi: He was married when you met him.

Eileen: We both were.

[Brandi Confessional: It’s not like I’m the scorned woman police, but it’s hard for me not to feel mad . . .]

Brandi: She’s a whore on TV. . . Do it. Do it. [Brandi throws wine at Eileen]

Flashback to Poker Party

Brandi: I mean. . . I feel like I wanna have sex with him [him being Vince, Eileen’s husband]

Eileen: [Looks at Brandi in shock] Maybe not.

Flashback to Lisa Rinna’s Jewelry Fundraiser

Brandi: I’m really sorry [about throwing the wine]

*      *     *     *

Eileen: [about Brandi’s conduct at the Poker party] cursing and my sons are upstairs. It’s a little disrespectful.

[Brandi’s Confessional: If she thinks fucking saying fuck is provocative, she needs to get out more.]

[Eileen’s Confessional: I think Brandi needs a thesaurus. Find some other ways of expressing herself.]

Flashback to Boat Dinner in Amsterdam

Brandi: [Points to Eileen] being a home wrecker.

Eileen: Don’t call me a home wrecker. Don’t bring it up. Braaandi.

[Brandi’s Confessional: Did Eileen sleep with a married man while she was married? She did. I know a lot about it.]

END FLASHBACKS. Back to Reunion.

Andy indicates there is much to discuss and so it begins:

Andy: [to Brandi] What were you thinking when you threw the wine in her face?

Brandi: I guess I wasn’t thinking. Caught in the moment.

Eileen: The wine thing started out with “Oh I’m a fan.” Then in the interviews, Brandi said it was about how I met my husband when we were married to other people.  [Looks at Brandi] And that became your thing with me. I’m like ok, I didn’t know you felt that way until I started seeing it, then I said OH MY GOD. Then I realized it had gotten leaked, calling my husband’s ex-wife, different tabloids. I had to have conversations with my children.

Brandi: What?

Eileen: With. My. Children. I had to let them know.

Brandi: I read it on line.

Eileen: I had to let them know it was out there. Throwing the wine then saying it in interviews.

Brandi: It was on line.

Eileen: I know that Brandi, but saying it in interviews. And calling me names. . .

Rinna [to Brandi]: Why do you do the things you do? Why do you say such hurtful things? What happened to you as a child?

Brandi: Nothing. I had a great childhood. So don’t go there. Parents together. In love.

Rinna: I wanted to know at our lunch. What happened and why do you act the way you do?

Brandi: You’re not a therapist.

Rinna: I’m not. But I’m around this. I can ask about your behavior. You can ask me too.

Eileen: Can I say something, since this started with my whole thing.  When the tabloids called my husband’s ex wife, you know what she said, “Eileen and I are great friends. She’s an amazing step mother” and she hung up. And I’m hanging up on you and this topic because I’m sick of it. . .

Brandi: okay

Eileen: And I can tell you one thing, try to make things better with your husband’s new wife for your children’s sake. . .

Brandi: You don’t know anything about that.

Eileen: . . . that’s all I’m saying. I’m not saying you have to forgive. That’s all I’m saying.

Well Andy wasn’t done with the issue so he addressed it from a slightly different angle.

Andy [to Brandi]: Was that a trigger? Knowing how she met Vince?

Brandi: I don’t have any friend that would fool around with a married man. I had one and I dropped her as a friend.

Eileen: Because you are the moral compass of the show.

Brandi: I never said I was.

Eileen: But you’re not judgmental.

Brandi: I never said that I wasn’t. We’re all judgmental.

Eileen: Then Shut the Fuck up.

Brandi: No Fuck you.

Eileen. No. Fuck you.

Brandi: I’m not shutting the fuck up.

Eileen: You talk too much and that’s your problem.

Andy: Going back to the wine she apologized to you for throwing the wine. Did you erase it or was it still there.

Eileen: I went “Oh Crap. That’s who these people are.”

Rinna: It freaked you [Eileen] out.

Brandi: She did not accept my apology.

Eileen: Because of what she said in the interviews. I did accept your apology. When I realized you weren’t sincere and that you were just saying that and it was really about how I met my husband, I went ok then she’s not sorry at all and you weren’t being honest and you were being judgmental.

Brandi: I was being honest.

Eileen: Not to my face.

Brandi: I did say you’re a home wrecker. I did say that to your face.

Eileen: I am a home maker.  And I have a great family. Thank You Very Much.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is how a Lady shuts down a judgmental hypocrite.

RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Uses Kim Richards As Human Shield

“If she really had a concern, she would have come to me because that is what people do.”

These are the words of Kim Richards. She makes it clear that people who have a concern about someone, should address it with that person.

So if Kim Richards’ best friend Brandi Glanville has a concern, she should bring it to Kim “because that’s what people do!” Right?

Well apparently, Brandi didn’t get the memo dictated by Kim Richards. Let’s review a conversation that occurred on camera after Brandi’s lunch with Lisa Rinna.

Brandi and her friend / “addiction specialist” Jennifer discuss Kim’s sobriety AND Kim’s medical issues (who does that?).

As with the Rinna conversation, it is Brandi who brings up the topic of Kim Richards.


BG: [walks up to Jennifer on the beach] It’s like a workout trying to find you.

JG: Hi.

BG: You look cute. How are you?

JG: I have had better days. Better weeks. Just dealing with my break up. I do want to ask you if I can stay the night. . . maybe for a few nights. I kind of need a little time together. I don’t want to be alone.

BG: Yeah.

[phone rings – speaker phone – Ken Todd invites Brandi to Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise party. Asks her to be on her best behavior]


BG: Kinda fucked up.

BG: I went to lunch with Lisa Rinna, she asked me why all of us were all pretending like Kim Richards was sober. Recently she took a pill of Monty’s . . .

JG: That’s called RELAPSING. You don’t take someone else’s pills. You don’t take the pills you were prescribed and abuse them either. I have not seen her do any drugs . . .

BG: I haven’t either.

JG: But I can tell you , I assure you if you spot it, you got it. I work in the field. I am a recovering alcoholic / drug addict. Taking her husband’s medication because her back hurts? My back hurts. . .

BG: She has a hernia. . . hey I don’t know.

[BG’s Interview – When Kim told me she took the pain pill that wasn’t hers, the way she behaved that night, it scared the shit out of me cause I know she’s in a fragile state]

BG: Should I be the person hanging out with her since I like my vino? NO.

JG: She should not be hanging out in these circles yet. Like. It took me five years in my sobriety until I could be out on my own.

BG: I know. I feel weird having a glass of wine in front of her. She was fine. . . FOR A WHILE.

BG: She tells me how proud of her sobriety she is, she trusts me and she loves me.

JG: Does she go to meetings. Does she have a sponsor. Does she go to therapy. Is she involved in all that stuff?

BG: I wish she had people to lean on like a therapist or like sober friends.

JG: Do you have the tools to save her or help her? No one can save Kim but Kim.

BG: She doesn’t have the tools right now.

JG: First of all Kyle . . .

BG: That is not the route to go, Kyle and Kim have a fucked up relationship where Kim . . .

JG: Has Kyle gone off on her recently?

BG: Gone off like crazy.

[BG’s Interview – I don’t believe Kyle understands what Kim is going thru at the moment in her life. Kyle believes that it’s history once again repeating itself and there is so much more to it.]

BG: Oh my God, I don’t know what to do.


Clearly Brandi’s responses indicate the following:

  • Kim has serious problems;
  • Kim needs help;
  • Brandi is not qualified to provide the help she believes Kim needs;
  • Kyle doesn’t know the extent of Kim’s problems;
  • Kim has a “fucked up relationship” with Kyle (magnified by Brandi’s involvement in their lives).

So what does Brandi do?  Does she ask Jennifer the “addiction specialist” to speak to Kim? Does she go to Kim off camera like a friend would do? Does she contact the dozens of other family members that love Kim? Does she remember that she acknowledged to Lisa Rinna that Kim would kill herself if she thought people were discussing her sobriety in public?

Brandi’s version of Rinna Lunch Differs From The Truth

In true Brandi “shock and awe” bombings, three days before the Amsterdam trip, Brandi tells Kim her version of the Brandi / Rinna conversation. Transcript of the Brandi / Rinna conversation click here.

[ BG’s Taking Head- BG says – “Kim’s pissed cause I told her what Lisa Rinna and I talked about at our lunch”]   

BG: The first thing she said when she sat down is “why is everyone pretending Kim is sober when she is not.” Because of the one pill thing, she said that makes you not sober. She wants to know if you have a sponsor and if you have sober friends. I just felt like I was put in a messed up place and I just wanted you to know before we all went on a trip together that this is clearly a conversation she is having with people.

[ BG’s Taking Head- BG says – “I felt like it needed to get said to Kim and not behind her back.”]            

Brandi LIE. Truth is Lisa Rinna started the conversation about Brandi Glanville being mean. It was Brandi who deflected the topic to bring up Kim Richards.

Brandi LIE. Truth is Rinna never asked Brandi who her sponsor was or whether she had sober friends. Those questions were raised during Brandi’s conversation with Jennifer Gimenez.

[KR’s Taking Head- KR says – “These are personal questions, I don’t think it’s anybody’s business where I  went to treatment and if I have a sponsor”]  

KR: My program, my sobriety is my business. If somebody thinks me taking that pill the other night makes me not sober in their eyes it’s their opinion and their problem. I was in pain and I took it. It definitely didn’t agree with me but that doesn’t make me not sober today.

[ KR’s Taking Head- KR says – “If she really had a concern, she would have come to me because that is what people do.”]  

Brandi knew she was going on the Amsterdam trip with a bullseye on her back for her misdeeds. So she took Kim, her only ally, spoon fed her misinformation about the most vulnerable area of her life – her sobriety and sat back to watch the blood bath.

With friends like Brandi . . .

RHOBH: Brandi Glanville Killed Three Birds With One Stone

The Season Finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills left many unanswered questions.

Viewers of the popular reality show were left wondering what did Brandi Glanville and Lisa Rinna actually discuss about sobriety;  will Kim Richards ever see through Brandi’s manipulations;  when will Kyle Richards stop feeling responsible for her abusive sister; when will Yolanda Foster smash Brandi in the head with a lemon; will Lisa Vanderpump finally buy Brandi’s rental, evict her and turn it into Chateau Scheana; and will Eileen Davidson run for the hills – far far away from DramaVille?

The Season seems to have focused on who started a rumor as opposed to whether the rumor is true.  Viewers are being force fed that whether Kim Richard’s needs help is not nearly as important as who said she needs help.

Brandi Glanville took aim at Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards and Kim Richards – Brandi’s weapon of choice? a seemingly friendly conversation Brandi had with Lisa Rinna that she then misquoted to Kim.  The conversation was the catalyst for all the dissension that occurred thereafter. Here is how it came to pass. . .

On the same day that Lisa Rinna appeared on Brandi’s podcast, Rinna and Brandi met for lunch to discuss why Brandi was so angry with the other women.  The following is a transcript of the conversation between Brandi and Rinna:

LR: You did great, by the way [on the podcast].

BG: I felt odd because I wasn’t 100% prepared.

LR: I’m going to be honest with you, I have been with the girls and there’s been a lot of conversation . I’m trying to figure you out. They are very upset and they don’t understand why you’re so mean and I go ok, if she’s mean, why is she mean? What happened? Have you been abused? I bring all this up because I go . . .

BG: I’m not mean.

LR: Is she in pain? They say you’re mean. I’ve seen the aftermath of what’s gone down with the Richards’ sisters.

BG: Am I temperamental? Yes I am. Am I a mama bear? I want to protect people, yes. When you hit me, I go lower unfortunately.

LR: You can really go there to hurt.

BG: I’ve never had any issues with Yolanda or the stuff with Kim from years ago was because she wasn’t well. I mean we get along lovely now. I feel like her big sister and she’ older than me.

LR: Interesting dynamic.

BG: Yeah, it’s hard for me because it’s not something I signed up for. Kim came to me. She doesn’t have a lot of girlfriends and she told me that I’m her best friend. And it makes me sad. That puts a lot of pressure on my shoulders. I’m not the best person . . . I’m not a therapist. I’m not a sober companion. I am none of those things. You know and so it’s hard for me. I can’t change who I am to take care of Kim but at the same time, I can’t just let go of her.

LR: She’s taking pills, she’s taking something.

BG: She has a hernia. Like I told her. She said she’s just doing the patch. I’m not going to call her a liar.

LR: I know you can’t. Also if nobody wants help. . .

BG: Have I seen her smoke, drink, take a pill? No I haven’t.

LR: Does Kyle realize that her sister is in this kind of trouble?

BG: Does anyone not?

LR: I see people acting like this is not a big deal and this looks like a really big deal to me.

BG: I can’t say anything.

LR: It sounds serious. It looks serious. It smells serious.

BG: It can’t exist for me. She feels safe with that.

LR: So basically when you’re with her, you have to live a lie and not really deal with it?

BG: [Brandi nods] We are all thinking we are protecting her by not saying it.

LR: You’re not. You’re hurting her. Something is going to happen. Well, something has already happened.

BG: More than you even know.

LR: [Looks shocked]

BG: If anyone were to say, we were wondering about your sobriety, she would die.

LR: You know what? There’s a lot of opinions, there’s a lot of things going on but I do think that the pressing issue is . . .

BG: Kim.

LR: Kim and her health. I mean it’s not like we can do an intervention on her.

BG: No, she’s not.

LR: It’s not our place. But we are privy to someone who is in pain. . . who is suffering.

BG: Maybe you have an intervention with all of us. Seriously.

LR: Huh? Well we do all need an intervention.

BG: No. Seriously. I know that’s a way of not putting it on any one person and making the therapist be the bad guy.

BG: I don’t know what to do. Have you spoke [sic] to Kyle about it? I can’t talk to Kyle about it.

LR: I can try.

BG: No one else has the fucking balls to do it and Kim would murder me and probably kill herself.

[BG’s interview: My heart and my head don’t usually agree. My heart says I need to talk to Kim and see if she needs to get help. My head says that she says she’s sober so I know when you say you’re sober, you’re sober until you say you’re not.]

LR: I’m concerned because I don’t see people behave like this.

BG: We’re pretending like it’s not happening.


Anyone reading the aforementioned conversation would conclude that Kim Richard’s best friend wants her to get help! In fact, Brandi insinuated that Kim was worse off than anyone knew.  Instead of getting Kim help, Brandi spins the conversation by pandering to Kim’s fears (that people were talking about her sobriety).

Brandi met Kim and summarized her discussion with Rinna by telling Kim that Rinna wanted to know why everyone was pretending Kim was sober; Rinna wanted to know if Kim had a sponsor; Rinna wanted to know if Kim had sober friends. Brandi told Kim that Rinna was questioning Kim’s sobriety with other people.

By misrepresenting the context of the conversation, Brandi undermined Kim’s already shakey relationship with Rinna. She also poisoned Kim’s mind against Kyle for failing to defend her. And finally, Brandi aired all of Kim’s dirty laundry by misrepresenting Rinna’s deep seeded need to help a potential addict in pain.

Why would Brandi admit that Kim “would die” if her sobriety were questioned, then question her sobriety (in the name of Rinna)? Why would Brandi imply that Kim is in trouble and when pressed on the issue Brandi replied “more than you know?” Why would Brandi insist that they pretend to have an “intervention” for all of them, and blame the therapist? Why would Brandi encourage Rinna to tell Kyle that Kim needed help, then misquote the discussion to Kim?

RHOBH: Dinner Parties By Bravo Lisa Rinna vs Kim Richards

What a great adventure: The ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills traveled to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Yolanda Foster’s homeland. But majestic scenery and exotic locations are never enough for Bravo. . .

While touring the incredible countryside, the tension between Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards continues to build. An explosion is inevitable because Dinner Parties by Bravo always brings the matter to a head. There is no doubt Bravo would have aired the “Christians being fed to the Lions at the Coliseum” if it had been given the opportunity.  So away we go. . .

Since the start of the Season, Brandi Glanville has been portrayed as the evil backstabbing trouble maker to the point that she has become a one dimensional cartoon character. Even Brandi’s critics see the absurdity of the editing.

The viewers have been steered to the Amsterdam trip thinking that Brandi will be the catalyst for the verbal and physical assault. Think again!

The following is a detailed frame by frame depiction of the altercation:

Kim Richards brings up Lisa Rinna’s husband. As Eileen looks on, Lisa immediately reacts to her husband being dragged into the discussion.



Kim is amused by Lisa’s outrage and continues to jab her by mentioning Lisa’s husband.



Lisa is further outraged by Kim’s nonchalant and repeated jabs regarding Lisa’s husband.



As Lisa becomes more agitated, Kyle Richards gets up from the table and attempts to calm Lisa down.


Kim continues to antagonize Lisa. Kyle bursts into tears, begging Kim to stop.

Lisa lunges towards the table and Brandi grabs Lisa’s hand.



Lisa grabs a glass and throws water at Kim.




Kim was unphased. She got up and continued to taunt Lisa while Brandi was forced to restrain Kim.





Yolanda grabbed Lisa to talk distract her from Kim’s taunts.



As the argument escalated, Kyle was so overcome that she fled the scene.



Once again Kim Richards destroys a social gathering with her aggression. Once again Kyle Richards leaves a party in tears because of her sister’s unpredictable and unstable behavior.

The remaining cast members are left wondering what they could have done to prevent it. The Answer is simple – Leave Kim Richards home.

Joanna Krupa Demands Brandi Glanville Tell The Truth

Krupa Glanville Head Shot BlogBrandi Glanville stepped in it AGAIN – her mouth can’t seem to get out of it’s own way lately!

Glanville of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has become notorious for her unpredictable tourretts-like insults about her cast mates, other stars, families, their pets, etc.  But it looks like, this time, Glanville picked the wrong Super Model to trash.

On January 6, 2015, Joanna Krupa retained high powered lawyer Raymond J. Rafool to send Glanville a missive that is loud and clear: “we intend to sue you for lying.”

The missive makes it clear that Glanville’s repeated actions in spreading unsavory statements about Joanna Krupa will come to a stop or additional causes of action will be utilized in addition to those existing thus far. The following letter was served on Glanville:

KrupaGlanvilleWM1 blog

Both Lisa Vanderpump and Mohamed Hadid have denied Glanville’s assertions and backed Joanna Krupa.  In fact, Hadid took to twitter when Glanville first made the statement on November 11, 2013 to denounce Glanville and make it clear that Glanville was lying:


So is Brandi Glanville prepared to say Mohamed Hadid is lying? It appears Glanville will have to prove that Vanderpump and Hadid are lying in addition to showing that what she said (and continues to say) about Joanna is true.

Brandi Krupa Blog Head Shot 2Glanville has repeatedly stated that she cannot control what she says, especially when she is angered.  She has also made false statements about Lisa Vanderpump (that she filed for bankruptcy and was responsible for getting Cedric deported, etc.)

This would be a good time for Glanville to reform her ways since Joanna Krupa has just called her bluff and it’s a very legal, very powerful CHECK MATE.

The Lizard Nada Kohm and the Custodian

awenchlikemeEarlier today I received the mad rambling tweets of a woman on twitter known as @AWenchLikeMe and affectionately known as #Lizard (Nada Kohm ). Without ever having sad a negative word about her, #Lizard has repeatedly flip flopped in her insane ramblings about me.  So here is the history with #Lizard:

#Lizard held herself out to be a broken meek pathetic woman whose husband died leaving her  battling his children for his pitiful estate. #Lizard and I were friendly, often exchanging stories, until one day, she advised me that she would have to unfollow on twitter  because she didn’t want to be attacked by others who had targeted my followers.

A few weeks later, I discovered #Lizard’s proxy account was following me. I was annoyed that she didn’t have the decency to tell me that she had a proxy account following me, so I blocked both the proxy and her main account.

Shortly thereafter, #Lizard’s friend (insert name) told me that #Lizard needed to follow me because #Lizard was being harassed by Frank Abba—- the #Custodian and wanted my assistance in getting him to stop.


The #Custodian was allegedly sexting #Lizard, asking her to send him nudes and inviting #Lizard to New Jersey to “meet up” with him in person. The #Custodian was married at the time (he has since separated from his wife).  I was told #Lizard was upset and wanted nothing further to do with him. Believing that #Lizard was fragile, I acquiesed

#Lizard then sent me the sexting messages that the #Custodian had sent her (all under the pretense that his advances were unwanted).

email and sexting messages

I was able to get the Custodian to stop harassing #Lizard and all was right in the world. Unfortunately, #Lizard is a flighty flip flopper so once she achieved what she wanted from me, she was off to the races again. As soon as the friend who had asked me to intervene on #Lizard’s behalf gave the word, #Lizard was back to taking shots at me. The Queen of her reptilian world came out from under her bed to passively aggressively sub tweet about someone’s who had the audacity to help her when she requested assistance.  What does Nada mean in Spanish? . . .  Exactly.

wench against frankUpdate: After the publishing of the within story, Lizard responded that she had lied about being harassed by the Custodian. It appears that Lizard is not above accusing a man of sexually harassing her AND crying wolf to the friends around her to further her deception.  Pitiful and Dangerous Individual. It’s unclear if the friend she employed to relay the information to me was in on the deception or if she was also deceived by this woman who falsely accused a man of sexually harassing her. What I didn’t know at the time was she had threatened the Custodian “that she had saved the texts FYI.” Was this her way of blackmailing him or was it all a lie? 



Cable Actress Kristen Johnston – Where Is She Now

It’s heartbreaking to see actors who were once popular fall into total despair, often because of addictions to drugs or alcohol. More tragic are those that attempt to crawl their way back from total ruin only to trade former addictions for new dependencies. Such is the case with Kristen Johnston (@KJoTheSmartAss on twitter).

This once successful actress who claims to have conquered her drug and alcohol addictions can be found daily on social media. Unfortunately she seems to have traded her prior addictions for an unhealthy dependency on acceptance by a handful of followers who are often recovering addicts.

Johnston professes to stay away from controversy (or twitter wars). In fact, when asked in a recent appearance on Kelly and Michael about negativity on social media, she responded that she does not engage in twitter wars. What could possibly be clouding Johnston’s memory?

Johnston seems to have a bi polar personality on social media. She is notorious for inserting herself in controversy; promoting and encouraging her follow base to engage in twitter warfare; then stepping away and professing how she abhors bullies and their tactics (while encouraging and promoting the biggest abusers).

The following is the latest example of Kristen Johnston’s bizarre bi polar approach to social media and her dependency on followers to advance her twisted agenda:

Johnston spin on LeAnn Rimes

On the evening of September 28, 2014, after months of terrifying incidents, the Sheriff’s Department and Venue Security removed an alleged stalker from a LeAnn Rimes Cibrian Concert in California. The alleged stalker had previously crashed the Cibrian’s young child’s birthday party, posting child’s conversations on social media, trespassed on Cibrian’s private property and confronted Cibrian in the presence of their young son. See Full Story of Removal. As soon as the alleged stalker was removed from the concert venue, Johnston posted the following tweets:

At first blush it appeared that Johnston didn’t know the back story and as such commented prematurely . . .

. . . Surely, if Johnston knew the facts, she wouldn’t have called LeAnn Rimes an idiot for looking to protect her family . . .

. . .  Surely if Johnston knew the facts, she wouldn’t have tweeted that the alleged stalker was ejected because she “writes mean shit.”

The alleged stalker crashed her boy’s birthday party! The alleged stalker trespassed onto their private property to take photographs! The alleged stalker followed the Cibrian family and in the presence of their young boy, hollered obscenities at Cibrian. That is far from “writing mean shit.” Why would Johnston minimize the incidents and comment on ejecting the alleged stalker?

Johnston was called out on twitter for tweeting nonsense without knowing the story. In turn, Johnston published a kumbaya blog about why everybody would get along. Johnston claimed to detest bullies and the dark side of twitter.

What Johnston failed to reveal is she was and is a friend of the alleged stalker, Jill Ishkanian. In fact, Johnston continues to follow, promote and encourage Ishkanian on twitter as Ishkanian posts non stop personal information in an effort to intimidate people into silence. So basically Kristen Johnton is full of shit when she states she abhors such tactics.

[insert examples of Jill Ishkanian’s vile tweets]

Upon information and belief, Johnston knew Ishkanian’s prior actions towards LeAnn Rimes and she knew the actual reason Ishkanian was ejected from the concert when she sought to mislead by posting that “the blogger was ejected for writing mean shit.”

Johnston repeatedly states she detests bullies. What she means is she detests bullies unless they do HER bidding.

Recently, Johnston retweeted an account whose sole existence is to torment people on twitter. The account Mary Whack is named to harass a woman known on twitter as Mary Mac who the Mary Whack account drove off twitter. The account is a favorite of Johnston because it identifies anyone who criticizes Johnston’s hypocrisy so that Johnston can subtweet: kjo retweets mary whack thorazine drip blog So while tweeting complete and utter nonsense claiming to abhor bullies who post addresses and call employers, Johnston interacts with the very account that posted this woman’s child! Why? Because @BlueMoonMonday is no longer a Johnston cheerleader. Johnston continues to encourage, promote and interact with the worst most abusive, repulsive accounts on twitter:

I challenge Kristen Johnston to name ANYONE that Faux Reality has bullied. If she is able to provide the name of one individual that didn’t come for Faux Reality first, I will shut down twitter and his website immediately. If she cannot, I suggest she get whatever psychological help she needs – I understand addictions and dependencies stem from mental disorders and hers seem deep and ever evolving. Perhaps her next book should be entitled No Guts.

Where is Kristen Johnston now? She’s on twitter making a fool of herself and recruiting co dependent followers to do her bidding. She’s on twitter encouraging the vilest bully on twitter – Queenz of Media – Skyler St Coxx:


See . Here are a small sampling of Queenz of Media’s typical tweets contacting minors on twitter to torment their mothers, ridiculing cancer victims, applauding the death of another target’s mother, telling a mother that her son sucks a mean cock, threatening to contact another target’s employer, tormenting a professional by accusing her of teaching her students to say “nigger”:

blog queenz KJo Tweet 8 jake

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 12 brian

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 5 cancer

Blog queens KJo Tweet 1 cancer

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 6 death of mom

Blog queens KJo Tweet 2 stevenBlog queenz KJo Tweet 3 ex husbandBlog queenz KJo Tweet 4 jen daughter

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 7 steven

blog queenz KJo tweet 13 julie niggerBlog queenz KJo Tweet 9 on Reality Julie

Blog queenz KJo Tweet 10 on Autumn

blog queenz KJo tweet 11 on johnny the greek

Congratulations Johnston, you have hit rock bottom by encouraging everything you profess to hate. First Michael, then Anthony, then Tori, then Just Jen, then of course Bling, now meeeeeee! But YOU “don’t do twitter wars.”

Part 2 of the Kristen Johnston – Where is she now: includes her request for money from fans to fund a lawsuit; Johnston’s attempts to censor the truth

FOOTNOTE: Kristen Johnson’s tweets are embedded from her Twitter Account since she frowns upon the posting of screen shots by claiming her tweets are copyrighted (*cough cough, Bullshit) in an effort to censor / silence anyone from exposing her type of crazy.

RHONJ Teresa Giudice Foils Bravo’s Plans For Reunion Chaos

The first part of RHONJ Reunion trilogy aired on November 2, 2014.  The ladies looked stunning . . .


. . . always a contrast to the blood bath that occurs.

Fans of Teresa Giudice were elated that Dina Manzo had rejoined the cast. As a true friend to Teresa, Dina would be present to shield Teresa from Andy’s machine gun fire questions and cast attacks usually reserved for Teresa.  But a funny thing happened “on the way to the waterboarding” . . .

Teresa’s cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri, showed up at the Reunion. Why? What exactly was their contribution to Season 6 that warranted an invitation to the Reunion? It wasn’t long before the reason for their appearance became obscenely obvious.

Rosie and Kathy were invited to provoke Teresa and Dina. Fortunately, the Pierri sisters failed miserably because both Teresa and Dina responded in like.

As to Teresa:

rhonj reunion last year rosie and kathyBackground: Season 4 Reunion. Kathy gratuitously accused Teresa of bad mouthing her mother in law AND then called Teresa’s mother “a fucking liar” and father “a coward.” Teresa responded that her father was far from a coward, in fact he was more of a father to the Pierri family than Papa Pierri.

Rosie snapped. Security had to restrain Rosie backstage to prevent her from storming the stage as she raged at Teresa, “I’ll cut your fucking tongue out . . . I’ll kill you.”

When Teresa asked what was that, Kathy smugly replied, “You know exactly what that is.” Kathy and Rosie justified their actions by shouting that “PARENTS ARE OFF LIMITS.”  By “PARENTS” Kathy and Rosie meant THEIR parents are off limits, not Teresa or Joe’s parents.

The exchange was repulsive.  It was bad enough that it occurred, but it was far worse that Bravo felt the need to air the threats AND Andy was giddy in replaying the threats over and over as he fawned over Rosie. “Everybody loves Rosie” exclaimed Andy.  Only Bravo would applaud terroristic threats.

Season 6 Reunion: Bravo invited Kathy and Rosie to appear at the Reunion even though both were marginal characters throughout the season.

Andy knew the family history; he knew Kathy’s uncanny ability to push Teresa’s buttons; he knew Teresa’s delicate emotional state; and he knew Rosie’s violent explosive reaction to the mere mention of her parents.  So what did Andy do?

Andy replayed the clip where Mama Pierri (Teresa’s aunt) commented on Teresa and Joe’s legal issues by saying “you make mistakes, they catch up to you.”   Andy then asked Teresa to respond to her aunt’s repulsive reaction to her legal issues.

If Teresa had responded there is no doubt that Security would have been pulling the women apart.  Teresa however, foiled Bravo’s plans for chaos at the reunion. Teresa stood up in the middle of Andy’s question and simply walked off stage:

rhonj reunion tree walks off 1

Andy was left to ask Kathy about Mama Pierri’s comments facing an empty chair where Teresa had been. Teresa refused to return until the Pierri sisters were done.  The whole reason for their appearance at the reunion was foiled by Teresa’s refusal to play into the drama. So instead of the explosive confrontation that Rosie awaited:

rhonj reunion rosie screaming

she was left to insult Teresa by tweeting during the airing of the Reunion:

rosie on teresa during reunion tweets run away blog

[Rosie must have forgotten that at the Reunion she stated that “everyone should stay off social media, twitter, twatter.”]

As to Dina:

Rosie and Kathy brought Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee, to do their make up. What a coincidence that they switched to a new make up artist who lives on the West Coast and happens to be Dina’s niece, the niece who has repeatedly attacked Dina on social media. A niece that attacked Dina on social media less than 30 days before the Reunion was taped.

Dina remained unfazed by the Pierri sisters and their coincidental choice of make up artist.  Clearly Dina got the last laugh – by the looks of Kathy and Rosie, it appears that Ashlee is still a make up artist in training.

As far as blanket declarations that parents are off limits, it doesn’t work that way.  If parents film, they are fair game and the pubic has a right to comment.  This is not the first time Mama Pierri was used to hurt Teresa and her parents. See Kathy Wakile’s Forty Year Grudge  Perhaps Kathy, Rosie and Mama Pierri should take note that Teresa is “a parent” to four impressionable daughters when they are busy bashing her without provocation.

Is Brandi Glanville The Other Woman?

Brandi Glanville’s claim to fame and ticket to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was that her husband left her for a celebrity. She is quick to friend anyone who claims to have been jilted. Brandi claims she has no tolerance for cheaters because of how she was victimized.

Yet Brandi never stays true to her word.  She claims to have zero tolerance for cheaters but refers to Mohammed Hadid as her friend; a man she accused of cheating on his wife.  She claims to respect Donald Trump; a man who turned his back on his marriage for Marla Maples.  Most disturbing is Brandi’s on again off again relationship with a man to whom she refers as “JR” or her “real estate agent.”

sandra JRMeet Sandra and JR.

Sandra is the young woman at the center of a rising controversy which will allegedly be used as Brandi Glanville’s story line on RHOBH.

JR is a realtor who works with Kyle Richard’s husband Mauricio Umanski.

Last season on air, Brandi claimed that she and JR were dating.  She then claimed she was disillusioned when JR told her at the eleventh hour that he was “taking a trip with friends.”  Brandi’s spin was far from the truth.

Sandra and JR were a happily ever after couple, living together, vacationing together, making plans for the future . . . until Brandi stormed into their lives like a bull in a china shop.  Brandi allegedly made a point of tormenting Sandra on twitter until Sandra deactivated her account. Brandi’s veiled threats of “revenge” and “Book 3” were warning signs to JR for the world to see.

Sandra and JR Shit Revenge blog 1

brandi tweet boyfriend is cheater book 3 blog 2

Brandi acknowledged that JR had a girlfriend, so why continue the charade? What happened to Brandi’s  zero tolerance for cheaters? What happened to Brandi’s vow never to be “the other woman?”

The following is a chronology utilizing Brandi’s own words. Perhaps Book 3 should be entitled Cheating & Tweeting:

May 2014:

brandi tweet boyfriend is cheater book 3 blog 2

brandi kill girlfriend or ex boyfriend May 28 blog 3

brandi tweet ex boyfriend sex talk may 29 blog 4

brandi boyfriend damage control May 30 blog 5

June 2014:

brandi tweet June 12 crazi chemistry blog 6

brandi tweet june 28 should not talk blog 7

brandi tweet men lie June blog 8July 2014:

brandi boyfriend make out sessions JR July 13 blog 9

brandi tweet boyfriend has girlfriend spain july 13 blog 10

brandi tweet boyfriend brandi back to spain july 13 Blog 11

brandi dinner boyfriend july 21 blog 12

September 2014:

Brandi tweets JR Sept blog 13

Sandra and JR Shit Revenge blog 1

brandi tweet men double lives sept 18 Blog 13

As soon as Brandi realized her  cover was blown and she was “the other woman,” she immediately lashed out on social media against her ex husband’s family to deflect from her tattered image of being a victim. Within 40 minutes (and without provocation), Brandi redirected her fan base from JR and Sandra towards her ex husband’s wife:

brandi against leann within minutes of dumped blog 14

Viewers look forward to the spin Brandi Glanville puts on her relationship with JR and how she intends to smear Sandra the girlfriend / the ex girlfriend / the roommate.  

Stay tuned for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Book 3: Cheating & Tweeting. 

Brandi Claims She Is Not A Liar or a Gossip Girl

brandi glanville headshot blog“Two Things I am definitely not are liar or a gossip girl” said Brandi Glanville in her Blog dated December 17, 2012.

Really Brandi? Explain the following:

  • Cedric & I modeled in Paris together (thanks @Bitte_B)
  • I didn’t know my girlfriend who accompanied me to Sur dated Adrienne’s husband
  • Kim Richards is a meth head.
  • The Maloofs used a surrogate.
  • Adrienne’s family only owns 2% of the Palms.
  • Adrienne is suing me.
  • Kim’s boyfriend is a gay bull mastiff.
  • Mohamed is a friend of mine.
  • Yolanda told me her ex had an affair while he was married.
  • Mohamed said her pussy smells.
  • Mauricio is cheating.
  • I called Joyce to talk about Lisa.
  • I should have listened to my friends that told me Joyce is a Shit Stirrer.
  • Joyce has fake teeth.
  • The whole reason I don’t get along with Joyce is because of Lisa
  • I talked to Kyle about Lisa.
  • Lisa put the tabloid about Mauricio in my bag.
  • Lisa went bankrupt.
  • Lisa forced Scheana on me repeatedly.
  • Lisa had Cedric deported (thanks @ntmyslftdy28)
  • Kyle told me many things about Lisa.

“In general I am a really fun happy person and don’t like drama filled Bullshit that usually comes with these women” Can Brandi Glanville be this detached from reality?

lisa vanderpump blog


As to her relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi complains that she comes from a place of love & doesn’t understand why Lisa is so upset when Brandi described her as  “strategic”.

No Brandi. You said / wrote much more than Lisa is strategic. You sought to assassinate Lisa’s character/ reputation as follows:


  • I am Shocked to see all the digs Lisa took at Kyle. November 4, 2013 blog
  • I am Shocked at level of ass kissing between Lisa and Scheana. November 4, 2013 blog
  • Maybe when Lisa fainted, she hit her head, That would explain her memory loss. November 19, 2013 blog
  • I honestly feel Lisa is playing the victim card pretty hard here. November 19, 2013 blog
  • Lisa jabs-by-jokes.  November 24, 2013 blog
  • Blog December 2, 2013 Instead of summary of show, Brandi does Summary of Lisa’s “involvement” in Mauricio’s cheating.
  • Lisa is the whole reason I don’t get along with Joyce. January 7, 2014 blog
  • I warned Joyce that Lisa is “sensitive” January 13, 2014 blog
  • I don’t understand why Lisa’s first instinct is to lie. January 13, 2014 blog
  • Lisa and Ken throw a ton of events and expect us all to show up for them.  January 13, 2014 blog
  • We all know it’s Lisa’s way or the highway. February 4, 2014 blog
  • Lisa always talked trash about Kyle. February 25, 2014 blog
  • Lisa sought to put the tabloid about Mauricio cheating in my luggage. On show
  • I told Kyle about Lisa and the tabloids cause I was hurt and retaliating against Lisa. February 25, 2014 blog
  • I knew Lisa would run to Carlton cause that’s her MO. March 11, 2014 blog
  • I know how Mrs. Vanderpump rolls. March 11, 2014 blog
  • Kyle told me many stories about Lisa March 18, 2014 blog
  • Lisa has been in Joyce’s ear, Joyce is the new me. March 18, 2014 blog
  • Don’t get Lisa mad or she’ll come after you. On Show numerous times
  • Lisa had Cedric deported. On Show
  • Lisa went bankrupt. On Show
  • Suddenly Brandi claims Lisa repeatedly thrust Sheana on her contrary to her Blog
  • “Check mate Bitch” preview to RHOBH

Does anyone other than Brandi Glanville think this is not how a friend acts?

sheana blogAs to her ever changing lies regarding Lisa and Scheana of Vanderpump Rules fame, the following are Brandi’s own words regarding Lisa’s “involvement:

  • January 17, 2012 Blog:  Brandi states she was invited to the SUR opening.  Brandi came with her girlfriend – Brandi claims she didn’t know her girlfriend had dated Paul Nassif. When Brandi saw Scheana, she claims she couldn’t help herself and “blurted out” “you slept with my husband”  [on camera and mic’d].  Brandi thanked Lisa for removing Scheana as soon as she was advised who Scheana was even though Lisa hardly knew Brandi.
  • January 8, 2013 Blog:  Brandi states that after much reflection, BRANDI decided to sit and confront Scheana about the affair Scheana had [with her ex 8 years earlier: Scheana worked for Lisa for 5 years].
  • January 15, 2013 Blog:  Brandi is glad that “Mistress Gate” is behind her and looking forward to peace.
  • February 4, 2014 Blog:  Brandi claims she sat with Scheana at Lisa’s request and Brandi did her part “as a friend.”
  •  March 11, 2014 Blog:  Brandi claims she REPEATEDLY asked Lisa not to bring up Scheana, Lisa promised she would not but Lisa did it without warning. WOW look how things change when Brandi thinks she secured her position on RHOBH

Do you have any other examples of Brandi’s actions speaking louder than words? Let us know!!

Former Editor of US Weekly Denied Entry To Concert Amidst Stalking Allegations

The public’s fascination with celebrities is endless and it is that fascination that has spawned tabloids and paparazzi.  Today more than ever, paparazzi are on a crusade for “THE” Photograph that will bring them fame and fortune.

The struggle, however is the public’s fascination versus the celebrities’ right to privacy; their children’s right to privacy – children who never chose to be in the public eye. It appears the controversy has hit a boiling point and celebrities are speaking up and taking action.

In California, Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner are leading the charge to strengthen laws and penalties against paparazzi who stalk celebrities and their children.  The proposed law makes it a crime to “place under surveillance” a celebrity or family member which results in “substantial emotional distress.”  On September 3 2014, the proposed law passed both the Senate and Assembly.  It awaits the Governor’s signature for enactment into law.

What necessitated such drastic protection for celebrities and their children? The following are the lengths with which one paparazza has gone to hunt a family she has labeled her “prey”:

Alleged trespass on private property in a gated community: Recently paparazza known on twitter as @BarbaraAngelo1 breached the security of a gated community and allegedly trespassed on private property to obtain photographs of Eddie Cibrian and his family.  She attempted to sell the photographs to Radar on Line who promptly rejected the photographs citing private property concerns.

blog radar private property

So @BarbaraAngelo1 rallied her twitter followers into a feeding frenzy and released the photographs evidencing her entry and her presence at the very home of the celebrity.

blog leann house

This sign appears on The Cibrian private Driveway
This sign appears on The Cibrian private Driveway

Without a shred of remorse or contrition, @BarbaraAngelo1 tweeted that she hid in the back seat of an SUV in order to accomplish her mission.

blog hiding in suv

Clearly someone was driving the SUV that breached security while @BarbaraAngelo1 hid in the back seat.

Crashing a little boy’s birthday party:  As if discovering an obsessed paparazza breached security and was on private property to find her “prey” wasn’t enough to cause substantial emotional stress, @BarbaraAngelo1 reveled in tweeting that she had infiltrated the birthday party of Mason’s  Cibrian, the son of Eddie Cibrian and Brandi Glanville.  She not only took photographs of his celebrity parents but she also tweeted photographs of his friends and the young boy’s conversations with friends and family. @BarbaraAngelo1 rejoiced with her twitter followers about how she was able to get so close to the Cibrian family undetected.

blog birthday kids

blog jake was chatting with girls

blog birthday conversation with kid

blog admitted was in party

blog birthday party

[All children’s faces have been blurred unlike the photographs posted on social media by @BarbaraAngelo1].

As @BarbaraAngelo1 celebrated her deception, the Cibrian Family feared for the safety of their sons. What parent wouldn’t be alarmed to discover a stranger had  infiltrated their child’s birthday party; posted photographs and private conversations of the children; and was trying to sell the story to tabloids?

On yet another occasion @BarbaraAngelo1 followed/shadowed Eddie Cibrian, his mother and his young son. She brazenly announced that she was “Chasing Eddie.”

blog chasing eddie

@BarbaraAngelo1 miraculously encountered Cibrian while he ran errands. She posted several photographs while shadowing him.

blog follows ed in traffic 1 first

blog follows ed in traffic 1

Then continued to snap and post photographs as Cibrian loaded items into his vehicle. She then shouted at him while his mother and son sat in the vehicle “His ass is huge, Look at it!”

blog boss has to come clean said ass is huge

When Cibrian  sought to record her shenanigans, she became irate and began screaming at Cibrian in the presence of his mother and his son.

blog boss yelled to eddie 1

blog yelled to eddie 2

blog eddie yellng 3

Again, @BarbaraAngelo1 posted the encounter on social media and admitted to shopping tabloids to sell the story.

Why has this woman taken such an obsessive interest in the Cibrian family appearing on their property and allegedly focusing on their children? Do her alarming actions warrant a closer look? Is this how John Hinckley started?

The self proclaimed Boss Bitch rallies a handful of supporters who applaud and encourage her exploits. @BarbaraAngelo1 is no stranger to controversy.

jill face blog@BarbaraAngelo1 is Jill Ishkanian, the former West Coast editor of US Weekly. After leaving US Weekly, executives accused Ishkanian of allegedly hacking their computers to access stories and information. As a result, the FBI allegedly raided Ishkanian’s home to confiscate her computer. See: USA Today: FBI Probes Hacking Incident at US Weekly

Ishkanian sued US Weekly for making the claims against her. The Court dismissed the lawsuit and awarded US Weekly over $1 million in legal fees. See PageSix of the NYPost: Sleazy Does It: Ishkanian Is Running Out of Money Making Schemes

In 2008, Jill Ishkanian was accused of underhanded tactics regarding photographs of Heather Locklear’s arrest.  According to TMZ,  an anonymous caller contacted police that Locklear was driving erratically. Before police could arrive, Ishkanian was already negotiating with TMZ for the photographs of the arrest. TMZ wasn’t pleased when it later discovered that the anonymous caller was none other than Ishkanian. Apparently, Ishkanian was following Locklear at the time. See TMZ article: Heather 911 Caller Up To No Good

A source close to the LAPD revealed that earlier today Ishkanian allegedly appeared at Cibrian’s wife’s concert with an unidentified female companion. Due to Ishkanian’s prior actions towards Cibrian and his family, Security refused Ishkanian and her friend entry to the building. A source employed by the venue confirmed that Ishkanian and her friend were offered full refunds for their tickets before they were escorted out by a Sheriff’s officer.

An investigation is long overdue to determine how @BarbaraAngelo1 allegedly trespassed onto private property and how she infiltrated a child’s birthday party.

Jaime Primak Sullivan Brings The Cannoli in Jersey Belle

Faux Reality Entertainment is proud to have interviewed the dynamic Jaime Primak Sullivan President of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment and star or Bravo’s Jersey Belle.

To be successful, it is necessary to make others see things as you see them . . .  That’s exactly why Jaime Primak Sullivan is so successful in her professional and personal life.  She makes us see things as she sees them!

jaime head shot big enough smaller

Meet Jaime: President of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment and producer of Jersey Belle!

I am brass, outspoken, inappropriate, quick tempered and passionate about the people on my planet – but I am a ride or die friend.   I love unconditionally and I am so fucking fun.  I chose happiness, I choose to live the life I actually want to live. I am the example that with hard work, you can make your dreams come true.  Michael and I are a testament that, although opposites do attract, real all-consuming love does exist.


Jaime’s life is documented in Bravo TV’s sensational hit show Jersey Belle – a Jersey native juggling family, friends, business and the cultural divide between her native Freehold, New Jersey and her new home in Mountain Brook, Alabama.

Jaime’s goal for Jersey Belle was a recipe for ratings gold: Show how “women from very different backgrounds could love each other despite all of their differences.”  So when people kept commenting to her that a Jersey girl who worked as an entertainment publicist from a small office in Mt Brook, Alabama would make for great TV, Jaime thought to show the beautiful appropriate parts of the south through the eyes of a Yankee.

jaime sullivan arden photography blog

To insure Jersey Belle’s success, not only did Jaime pitch the show to Bravo executives, she also produces it.  When asked about the most significant career accomplishment to date, Jaime responds:

Jersey Belle – hands down. To pitch a show, a reality show, based on comedy and friendship, to a network that is notorious for buying very little, but at the same time the gold standard for this type of programming… to sell it, star in it, produce it and then see that they made the exact show you pitched – nothing contrived – To say that I’m proud is a gross understatement. My cup truly runneth over.

 Viewers are thrilled with Jaime and her zany Belle’s Luci, Arden, Danielle, Scarlett, Leigh and Haley.  So which Belle would Jaime nominate for Dancing With The Stars, Jaime nominates the the friend “with the best China pattern” Luci: “That woman can’t do much more than the running man, but boy does she try.”

When Jaime is not producing Jersey Belle, she is the President of a highly successful entertainment public relations firm known as Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment which she founded in 2005.  She is currently working on Cawfee Tawks on line and she is producing two films, a horror film and a comedy. As if that is not enough, Jaime has a BIG project to be announced in the near future . . . Perhaps the “Big Project” will be announced on Season 2 of Jersey Belle.

As a wife and mother of three children under the age of six, Jaime juggles her professional and personal life.  She is motivated by how her children view her success and how it inspires them.

jaime family Success is a huge motivator for me. I love to see hard work pay off and my ideas come to life. My children. My daughters watch me in awe when I’m on the phone pitching or closing a deal, Olivia especially. She is fascinated with “How fast mommy talks” … and I love that. It is so important to me that all my children don’t just know but truly believe they can be who and whatever they want to be.

Jaime’s husband, Michael Sullivan is a State political lobbyist in Alabama. So does the outspoken Jaime have to filter herself due to her husband’s straight laced business dealings? Jaime is the first to say she has no idea how to filter herself.  A man of few words, Michael makes every one of them count. Clearly, Michael sticks to Alabama state politics and leaves the entertainment and promotional business to Jaime.

So it’s no surprise when asked about where she wants to be in five years, Jaime responds without hesitation:

 Happily married with healthy children hopefully filming a reverse Jersey Belle where Michael is now trying desperately to fit in living in New Jersey. . .


RHONJ: Gotti Dishes on Rino’s Wondering Eye

Teresa Aprea is half of the hot new dynamic twins on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  She has it all: a successful marriage, husband who is always the life of the party, a handsome son and two (soon to be three) successful family restaurants. 

Teresa (pronounced Te-Ressa) makes it all look effortless. But getting to where she is today took grit and determination that only a super hero could have pulled off.

teresa twins blogTeresa and Rino were married in 1991. Shortly thereafter in 1995, their son Giovanni was born – a loving family by all appearances.  But “happily ever after” wasn’t meant to be.

In 1999, Teresa caught Rino with another woman – a dancer / stripper (or by Melissa’s definition – bartender).  Teresa packed Rino’s bags and sent him on his way. They divorced that same year. “No one puts Teresa in the corner” not even Rino.

Not to be outdone or discouraged, Teresa started a new chapter in her life.  She didn’t dwell on “the other woman,” but rather focused on her son and concentrating on herself. Teresa was no longer the stay at home mom waiting for her man to come home.   She respected Rino for being Giovanni’s dad but everything else was over . . . almost. . .

After Rino’s initial interest in the stripper / dancer / bartender, he woke up to a lonely house as a part time dad and no loving wife. So the “entrepeNOOR” set his mind to getting his family back.

twins teresa family afterAfter a sentence of ELEVEN YEARS (felons get less time) which required lots of making up, Teresa let Rino back into her heart (and her house) full time. Teresa and Rino remarried on New Years Eve in 2010 with friends and family at their home.

As they resume their Happily Ever After. . .

So why does Victoria Gotti spill the tea? It looks like producers want to perpetuate the myth that the dynamic Napolitano twins are knee deep in family scandals. Don’t be fooled – these ladies are straight up family oriented women.

How does Victoria Gotti know the Twins? The Napolitano family grew up in Victoria Gotti and Linda Scarpa’s old neighborhood. Oh if we could get them to dish about old times and old loves . . .

RHONJ: Marchese’s Relationship to U.S. Attorney

marchese blog jamesRHONJ’s new bad boy is Mortgage Banker James Marchese  (hereinafter “Marchese”), husband of Amber Corbino Marchese. Viewers were shocked and/or relieved by Marchese’s “in your face” style informing Joe Giudice that he wanted no part of him.  Marchese claimed his relationship with the U.S. Attorney’s office made it impossible for him to  associate with Teresa and Joe Giudice.

Tabloids exploded with stories that Marchese allegedly lied about his involvement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  Radar On Line called Marchese a “real faker” saying he “lied about his link to Giudice prosecutor.”

Newsflash: The Tabloids are 100% wrong.  Marchese didn’t lie and he is no faker when it comes to his relationship with the U.S. Attorney’s Office under the local supervision of Paul Fishman, U.S. Attorney.

By Faux Reality article dated May 23, 2014, Marchese’s involvement as the star witness for the U.S. Attorney’s Office was well documented. See: RHONJ Spoiler Alert Amber & Jim Marchese Full ThrottleHowever, Marchese’s relationship continues as detailed below:

First and foremost, a layperson uses the terms “Attorney General” and “U.S. Attorney” interchangeably. There is a distinction: The Attorney General’s Office is the State of New Jersey’s highest ranking attorney who prosecutes state law violations. The U.S. Attorney’s office is a Federal Agency under the Department of Justice run by Eric Holder that enforces federal law.  Marchese & Giudice are both involved with the same U.S. Attorney’s office (not the Attorney General’s office).

In or about 2010, Marchese purchased interest in a mortgage company known as Mortgage Now Inc.  Unbeknown to Marchese at the time of the purchase, the U.S. Attorney had been investigating massive fraudulent dealings within the mortgage industry dating back to 2008 that impacted Mortgage Now (Mortgage Now was named as a victim in the massive criminal case).

Soon thereafter, the U.S. Attorney charged a litany of people with mortgage fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, conspiracy to commit murder, witness tampering, wire fraud, etc in what may turn out to be one of the biggest mortgage fraud cases in New Jersey history.

mortgage now case caption james marchese faux blog

One of the Defendants/witnesses involved was a former employee with Mortgage Now.  It was alleged, among other criminal activities, that as a result of a Grand Jury Subpoena served on Mortgage Now, Defendants conspired and did in fact take a witness to a wooded area in an attempt to shoot him.

mortgage now shoot witness james marchese blog

mortgage now case james marchese conspiracy to commit murder blog

As part of the State v. Ricks, et als investigation, Marchese provided the U.S. Attorney with his expertise regarding Mortgage Now’s operating procedures, etc. (details redacted due to the sensitive nature of the matter). The matter is scheduled to proceed to trial later this year.

Based upon Marchese’s participation in State v. Ricks, et al., it was determined that it would be reckless to place Marchese in a social setting with Teresa or Joe Giudice for the the good of the Giudice family AND Marchese where things may be said jokingly or otherwise that Marchese would then have an obligation to report to the U.S. Attorney. (Can you imagine Rich Wakile saying “Hey Joe, I know where the money is buried” or some other idiotic statement?)  Rather than place anyone in such a position, Marchese made it clear TO ALL prior to filming that he would not film with Teresa or Joe Giudice, and would immediately remove himself from any discussions regarding their legal issues.

So why did Marchese attend the First Responder’s Party you ask. . . .

. . . Let’s not forget the adventures of Penelope PitStop where she revealed the escapades of Production in forcing / tricking people to show up at events under false pretenses. See the Adventures of Penelope PitStop.

An inside source revealed to Faux Reality that Marchese attended the First Responder’s Party to escort his wife to a fun filled party and film with his friend of 10 years, Bobby Ciasulli.  Marchese was assured that Production would abide by his wishes not to discuss the Giudice legal issues with them or others and not to film with them.

Our inside source confirmed that Marchese was stunned when his wife was assaulted and further shocked when his reason for not filming with Teresa and Joe became the focus of arguments between him and other cast members.

“Clearly the show has shifted from focusing on Amber’s well adjusted happy family!”

james marchese and family

Welcome to Real Housewives of New Jersey where even the criminal justice system takes a back seat to chicanery!!

RHOBH Lisa Vanderpump Remains On Top

lisa vanderpump blanca  blog photoNo one can deny the intoxicating allure of business woman, philanthropist and trend setter Lisa Vanderpump of Bravo fame. Wife to Ken Todd, mother to Pandora & Max, star of two top rated shows, and co owner of two successful restaurants, Villa Blanca and Sur, Lisa has plenty on her silver platter.

With fame comes controversy and Lisa handles same with the same grace that she handles all else in her hectic beautiful life.  In October 2012, a former waitress from Villa Blanca sued the restaurant, the shift manager Michael Govia, and the owners Lisa and Ken,  for $5 million dollars claiming Govia sexually harassed her. The waitress alleged that when she complained, nothing was done to correct the situation.  Furthermore, the waitress alleged she was forced to quit  because conditions became intolerable.

Specifically, the waitress alleged the following:

  • Govia attempted to kiss the waitress. She informed him that his behavior was inappropriate;
  • After the waitress complained to the general manager (who was not named in the lawsuit), Govia allegedly called her a bitch and a cunt for complaining;
  • Several months later, Govia grabbed and twisted the waitress’ wrists while arguing over change for $20 and the shift’s money;
  • Govia told the waitress to “check your schedule next time” which she interpreted as meaning he was threatening to suspend her or remove her from lucrative shifts;
  • The waitress was allegedly assigned to less lucrative shifts to avoid working with Govia thus causing her to earn less in tips;
  • Villa Blanca allegedly refused to take any corrective action and thus the waitress was forced to quit because of the “intolerable working conditions caused by the harassment and discrimination to which [the waitress] was subjected, the retaliation to which [the waitress] was subjected to for complaining, and Villa Blanca’s refusal to take any corrective action to investigate or end the harassment and discrimination.”

A month after leaving her job at Villa Blanca, the former waitress sued for assault, sexual battery (improper and unwarranted touching), sexual harassment, gender violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and wrongful termination. She sought $5 million dollars in damages.

On June 12, 2014, a jury awarded the former waitress a nominal amount of $6,250 against Villa Blanca but exonerated Govia from any liability as her harasser.  Such a nominal award is a victory for Villa Blanca since (1) in all probability the waitress was offered at least $10,000 to resolve the case and avoid costs associated with bringing the case to trial; and (2) the nominal amount will probably be paid by Villa Blanca’s insurance company.

Interesting to note, the Judge concluded that neither Lisa, nor Ken will have to contribute to the $6,250 award since Villa Blanca (thru it’s insurance company) is fully capable of paying the nominal amount.

The only wrinkle left to be resolved was the  jury found that Villa Blanca acted “with malice” thus subjecting the restaurant to a punitive damages phase.  Earlier today, the waitress was awarded $100,000 in punitive damages. Again, a nominal award considering punitive damages are awarded based upon a Defendant’s worth – and Villa Blanca is worth millions.

Villa Blanca has vowed to appeal the decision since the punitive award contradicts the jury’s verdict which exonerated the alleged harasser Govia. Stay tuned to see how this real life court room drama plays out.