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42 thoughts on “About Us & Rights”

  1. Thank you for creating this website with the truth. I am a complete Teresa fan and it has been awful watching Bravo crucify her. I am thrilled to have some facts to back up my opinion that she has been targeted by Bravo Andy and the other housewives!

  2. Thank you for providing us with information a lot of use Tre fan’s knew there had to be additional proof. Once again thanks for an artical well written. Keep the facts coming.

  3. Administrator-please do some investigating on the sudden disapearance of Albie’s live in cheerleader GF. Something is fishy about this girl and their relationship. She came on the show as the love of Albies life and now she is gone-poof! There is a huge story here and I know you can find out the truth. I think she was a beard for Albie and never his GF. What self respecting self supporting gorgeous young woman would move in with 2 brotheres and their gay friend??? Please find the truth. Thank you.

    1. I have heard, and find it easy to believe, that Albie is indeed Gay. I also heard rumors that this is the reason why Bravo/Andy are so protective of the Manzos and Caroline. Albie has a special place in Andy’s life.

      1. I am a devoted Tre fan from The UK. Re: Albie’s “gf” being his beard – I thought the exact same thing from the beginning. Living with Greg whom he has known for YEARS but only appeared S4, the gf meeting the family for the first time in a gay club, then she was gone!!! Apart from ………. did any of you notice in S5, after the reunions, that she appeared very briefly in scenes that didn’t make the series? Where they showed Lauren’s grand opening of Cafface, she was working the till behind the counter! You see her for literally three seconds (Lindsay), a real blink and you miss her moment. I thought maybe she was an employee or friend of Lauren and not Albie’s gf after all!!!!

      2. I was browsing through webby land today & saw your comment. ITA. Albie Manzo is totally gay & Mama Carolying is in such denial it isn’t even funny. Personally I don’t like any of the 1/16 the Italian Manzo’s & hope their show gets canceled asap & they fall into oblivion even faster!

    2. I agree. He is totally gay. First off even if he weren’t, to score the kind of girls showcased on the show is not even possible. He is cute but no Brad Pitt. He is skinny, balding, not very bright, tied to his mama’s titty & cannot do anything on his own. His face is not all THAT handsome. The girls he uses as beards are more the type to date a Tom Brady or a Payton Manning not Albee Manslow.

  4. Hey GLH – I just noticed something, Caroline & Jachole have updated their Twitter profile pages & website pages. Neither states they are “Real Housewives of New Jersey” any longer, they used to…… Jac’s just says: “NJ housewife” which could apply to anyone….. Gorga changed her Twitter account info to say: “…..I LOVE music! That’s all.” Her picture & eveything else is the same, but it used to say that she was a star of RHONJ or something to that effect. I am not on Twitter but I do love to read your stuff & tweets from rrteri, you, faux mama elsa, etc… I love Teresa & her family (Juicy & their girls) and reading the info u & Fame Whorgas, etc… dig up has been wonderful as I could no longer watch the show/see T being beaten up : { So, since I just noticed this and have not read any mention thus far (I just hoped on the computer after the debate) I’d thought I would drop you a note. BTW: I am a 51 yr “housewive” w/several semi-serious health issues (Lupus being one) so some times I have to be in bed a lot, hence my ability to read all the tweets, websites, etc…
    Oh yeah, and one more thing, our son IS on the Austism spectrum – he is 22 now but when he was younger there was NO WAY I had time to watch tv, tweet etc… the reality is a mom w/a special needs child goes days without even washing her hair!! Seriously, if I had time to even put on makeup that was a miracle!! Jac is SOOOOOOO full of crap. P.S.S. Yesterday I purchased T’s first two cookbooks ( full price at B & N no less!) and my son & I are going to teach ourselves how to cook all of T’s delicious food : )

      1. Thanks! I hope it’s true : ) I would of course prefer the fish family disappear as well, but at least w/o J & C ( & her “kids”!) it will be a LOT less crap for T to deal with! I think all of these legal issues played a big part as to why they would get rid of the 3 witches, so keep up the good work!!
        Sorry about all the typos above: s/read: hopped not hoped; housewife not wive; sometimes not some times; and I’m sure there are others, those r jst the ones that popped out @ me. If u ever get to interview Teresa, please tell her that she is such an inspiration to so many of us across the country! : )

    1. Interesting, Tre’s still says star of RHNJ and Kim D says frequently seen on RHNJ but you are right the others have removed it from their twitter accounts. WOW how great would that be if it were true. A whole makeover could bring it back to it’s old days when it was fun to watch instead of painful.

      1. I know!! That w/be wonderful! And the more & more I read their tweets, blogs, etc… as well as comments from others close to them makes me think we may be on to something….. fingers crossed!! : )
        Take for instance Jachole anouncing in her blog that she’ll be writing for Parenting magazine (that is a horrifying thought) it’s like SHE knows she has been fired so she did not want to write her blog/say anything until she could “brag” about her fabulous new gig. You know what I mean? So after Bravo announces she can say it was what SHE wanted, that SHE decided to leave & focus on Autism & her child… blah…blah….blah

        BTW: It’s so hard for me to speak to this (type to this?LOL!) because I AM a mother of a child with Austism and everything Jachole is doing in regards to Autism repels me. Our son was almost 15 yrs old before I though myself qaulified enough to speak publicy about Autism & what families can do to help/outcomes for the child/various therapies, etc… and that’s after having researched it, worked and LIVED with it 24/7 for TWELEVE years!! She’s ignorant & unstable to begin with, then has the chutzpah to think that because she’s read a few articles on the Internet, perhaps consulted a couple of docs, that she’s qualified to “share” what she’s learned!?? She will end up doing more harm than good. In my opinion she is a disgrace!
        Okay – sorry, I gotta stop, See what I mean?! LOL

    2. Lovelove love-I think their contract states they can’t call themselves cast members if they are not but I an sure that Faux will find out the truth, stay tuned,

  5. I’m new to all of this stuff… like I said I am not even on Twitter! LOL My point was though, that I think Carowhine & Wacky-Jacky AND MeHo (see, told u I read all this stuff!LOL) have been fired!! HOORAY!! Unfortunately, it looks as though Fish-Face & his new grill along w/his wife Kaita-the-fish (TY Faux Mama Elsa!LOL) are staying. They’ve both cleaned up their Twitter feeds, but still saying starring in RHONJ or whatever.

  6. Lovelovelove-they may have been let go but haven’t changed their info yet. We can only hope! Katface’s nosejob and juviderm in her lips will have been for naught. LOL Richie is a pig. If my husband said I smelled like fish I would divorce him. Maybe Katfish doesn’t know how to clean her private area.

  7. Lovelovelove-I admire you for being such a devoted mother to your child. Autism is not a game or some gimmick to attract viewers. God Bless you and your child!

  8. Thank you loves – I just saw this. Very sweet of you to say : ) I appreciate it! And you are 100% correct – Autism is NOT a gimmick & should not be used as such. I’ve never gotten involved in any blogs or tweets or anything like this ever before but her actions/tweets/behaviour has just been SO wrong I found that I could not stay silent.

    Thank you again : ) Wish you all could meet our son – he is so awesome it’s not even funny!! We are so incredibly proud of him & everything he has accomplished thus far in life – he truly is the light of our lives!!

      1. Thank you Faux – I think u r pretty special too! And I am very grateful for this wonderful community that your hard work and dedication to truth & justice has brought together. TY for letting me be a part of it & making me feel so welcome : ) Keep up the good work!
        Sending u a big hug!

  9. Hey Faux – Wacko just posted a very inappropriate pic of her son Nick, the one she says has Austism, she needs to be locked up!! I am soooooooo angry right now. It is obvious that they are all intoxicated – there is booze everywhere in those pics, bottles of booze. The little kids are right there in the middle of it all. After JoGo got called out a few days ago about posted pics of his kids in the nude, now Wacko does this?! WTF??!!! I am beyond disgusted!!

    1. Wow, I searched her twitter. That’s a real classy pic. And is he supposed to be doing that on purpose, cuz I thought he was too withdrawn at this point. Of course, it will just be “a joke” when she drags her ass out of bed at noon tomorrow. And I read her tweets for today and it is nick, nick, nick. She mentioned CJ once. Real nice Jac, real nice.

      1. It’s disgraceful isn’t it?! How would she feel if someone took a pciture of her like that & posted it for all the world to see? And she is an adult (supposedly).U know she’d be filing lawsuits left & right!
        A mother is supposed to protect her children – years from now when he’s trying to make his way in school, perhaps being mainstreamed for the first time & a classmate is perhaps jealous of the attention he’s getting or dislikes the little guy for whatever reason… well guess what? That pic is out there now – no way for her to take it back. People all over the country have tweeted & re-tweeted it by now. So imagine how her son will feel when his classmate brings a copy of THAT photo to school to make fun of him.
        When you are the parent of a special needs child you DO have to think that far in advance. You do have to try & think of all the differnet scenarios. I should know – I’ve lived it for over 20yrs!!

        1. You are so right. It is amazing to me that she would not have enough foresight to see what could happen, she has an older child! The Manzos and Chris and Jac seem to be very anxious to exploit their children in unbecoming ways. Did you read about the Baby Joe G. twitter fiasco? These people seem pretty twisted.

  10. I do not know how else to contact you so I hope u get this info, see the pics for yourself & perhaps someone can do something to help that poor child. I am serious – if I lived in NJ I would call CPS. You have an innocent special needs child being photographed without his consent (he is too young to consent!) and his own mother is posting a picture of his bare bottom for all the world to see. Heaven only knows what else is ging on around there. When our son was little we NEVER had booze in the house – seriously. We never allowed anyone under the influence around him. These children need adults with their wits about them to interact with them – not drunken fools!
    Sorry for the rant – this is so upsetting. : {

    1. P.S. It’s 1am here on the East coast – what in the world are all of their little kids (I saw ‘lil Joey in 1 of the pics too) doing up at this hour??!! And if her son does indeed have Austism, all of those bright lights, all the chattering, all of the activity – mini trampoline, pinball machines, etc… – is NOT the environment he needs at this hour! He needs to be in his room, cuddled up with a parent, lights low, soothing sound machine playing for “white noise” and that parent reading to him or singing a soothing lullaby. It does not matter what end of the Autism spectrum he is on, what is going on in that room is NOT an appropriate environment for him! Period.

      1. Wow, call CPS, really? Isn’t that a little extreme? You may just need to step away from your computer and stop obsessing over this woman’s miserable, famewhorish life. Her self destruction needs no help from outsiders.

  11. A certain blogger uses your stories and calls them her own. I am glad you posted your rules. Let’s see if she abides by them. You have a great blog and you always get the Tea before other bloggers. Great work. Do you want your fans to give you the “heads up” when we find a story we think has been taken from your blog?

  12. I haven’t watched any HW shows in 2 weeks. I used to be a regular viewer, Now that I know how produced the shows are it has ruined my love of the shows. Anyone else feel this way? Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  13. my name from paula. can you please do this for me? thank you Faux. I was wondering if you could ask Famewhorgas if I can be a commenter on her site. It is requiring a username and password. I have been viewing her site for a long time and I’ve never been negative. I’ve talked to her personelly once via email and always been cordial. Also I’ve changed my name from Paula to the one above. Thank you so much.

  14. Hi faux, I fell for a fake twitter site made of your name, as did Joanna Krupa. (Nobody else did, it’s all Arabic accts (probably purchased). You prob already know but in case you didn’t, the handle is @faUxReAlEnT (faux real ent). Just popped up last night. First said hey I’m back & thanks for follow Joanna (I pinged her to let her know it’s fake). If you scroll down it says a bunch of bs lies about you. I blocked the acct, none of your other followers fell for it. Hope this helps.

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