A Miami Love Story: I Will Love You Until . . .

“I will love you until the day after forever . . . ”


What happens when the Sexiest Top Model in the World falls in love with the handsome owner of the top nightclub in South Beach? For Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago . . . Fireworks!

joanna_krupa_by_somalo_crop nameJoanna Krupa provides viewers with an interesting prospective into the life of a self-made career woman.  RHOM depicts Joanna’s struggle to balance the demands of her professional career with her personal life.  As a stunning model and philanthropist, there seems to be little time for her fiancé.

Joanna is not only a top model and animal rights activist, the multi-talented Polish beauty is also an advocate for children, an actress, a TV host and a poker enthusiast. She is a recurring guest on Fox Business Channel and CNN HDL .  In fact, Joanna’s biography lists an endless stream of professional accomplishments.

romain zago portraitRomain Zago is the owner of one of the most exclusive night clubs in Miami, Mynt Lounge.  RHOM viewers observe as Romain operates a demanding business while coping with a high octane and volatile relationship.

Romain was born in France, raised in Brazil and now calls the United States his home. His meteoric rise from manager to owner culminated in a milestone celebration in 2012 – the ten year anniversary of Mynt Lounge.

Joanna and Romain survived a season of disturbing emails, tattling phone calls and MMA type dinner parties.  After viewing the tumultuous relationship, viewers cheered as Romain renewed his proposal to Joanna in the Finale . . . rose petals, tears, and heartfelt vows . . .

                . . .  And they lived happily ever after   . . .  NOT SO FAST . . .

The Fireworks continued even after the show ended as fans were mesmerized by what would happen.

joanna breaks upShortly after the airing of the RHOM Finale, Joanna announced that she had broken the engagement. She immediately removed any trace of photographs with Romain from her twitter account. Romain celebrated his Birthday party at Mynt Lounge sans Joanna.  The couple, who actively interacted on a daily basis with fans on twitter, all but disappeared.

Viewers felt the agony of the broken relationship as it permeated their respective twitter accounts. Was the relationship salvageable; would the power couple survive the storm; how would (or could) they mend broken hearts?

krupa broken heart

So what would the affluent nightclub owner do? Impress his lady with diamonds . . . a car . . . an exotic vacation? No No No.

Romain knew that Joanna would not be impressed by expensive gifts.  Big love and a big break up require a grand gesture so Romain called in the Big Gun.

jolanta krupa

Jolanta Krupa!

Knowing how much Joanna admires her mother, it was clear who would be the voice of reason.  Game on. Would Jolanta pick up the gauntlet and get RHOM’s power couple back together?

“I’ll love you until the day after forever” said the Prince to his Princess. Not long after Jolanta’s intervention, Romain and Joanna were seen on the beach. From the looks of it, it appears that the tears are behind them.

5 krupa

Shortly thereafter, twitter was flooded with congratulatory tweets, asking when and where the wedding would be.

With the introduction of the New Year, Mynt Lounge was the setting for a spectacular celebration as the Miami Love Story continues  . . .

Krupa new years

We look forward to the broadcast of the wedding of the Power Couple that has captivated viewers of RHOM.

22 thoughts on “A Miami Love Story: I Will Love You Until . . .

  1. I love this stuff, what people will do to make it seem as if they are the chosen ones is crazy. I’ve been in these clubs and usually they are overpriced and boring BUT you can tell everyone you got in…and generally most people could not care less. But Miami is full of hopefuls and hanger-ons so it works. I would probably not make the cut these days but I’d rather be at the dive karaoke bar anyway.

  2. Romain is hot!!!!

    I’m not a huge Joanna fan. It’s hard to tell what is “real” on the “reality” shows so she is just “meh” IMO. I think she has a little growing up to do to learn when it’s appropriate to fight and when it’s appropriate to walk away. Maybe she’ll come off as less unhinged on the next season of RHOM (if there is one). Perhaps it was a bad time in her life, but the girl needs to lay off the booze if it causes her to be overly emotional.

    Thanks for the story, Faux!

  3. Hello Faux, I would love to follow you on Twitter but, I’m blocked! I love reading your blog also! You were always so, so funny as GregsLooseHole or something like that. LOL

  4. Looks like Romain is gonna win the hottie contest! (Who the heck would vote for Joey Marco? Was that a pity vote? C’mon!)

  5. Beautiful photos! Romain & Joanna are my favorite Real couple. Romain is lovely inside & out and Joanna is perfection! She shows us her real self on the show. It’s so nice to see real people on a Reality show for a change.

    Great article, can’t wait to read the happy ending!

  6. I dont believe in butting in, but having said that: Romain Zago is a beautiful and adorable man and i think J needs to wake up and take care of what she’s got. It was heartbreaking to hear him say, during her (first) cooking attempt, that that and a watch were the only things she had given him in 10 years. Wake up J
    It aint all that great out there on your own. Take care of your man!!

  7. Joanna and romaine are too good for the Miami show. They should be on the real housewives of Beverly hills.

    • Hello ,

      What a hateful comment to make about Miami ( a melting pot of many cultures ) . Get a little culture , what is the Big Deal with Bev Hills . Come to Miami and I would love to show you around , it’s a beautifull city . I am sorry your are so shortsighted . Offers on !

  8. Hi Fauxreality,
    Neat Post, When I went to visit new york 4 months ago and i love it. I stayed in brooklyn because i got family over there and my brother used to live there. I got to admit, before i left miami i was scared of brooklyn because the stories i heard. When i went to brooklyn, i like it. I even i got keychain that says brooklyn bridge. So, is it okay for me to represent brooklyn if don’t live there, got family there and just like brooklyn? I still represent miami because that is where i am from but i just like brooklyn.
    Nice One!

  9. Congrats to a wonderful couple. Much happiness for as long as you live.
    I met Joanna briefly at the Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood airport end of April, 2011, she was on the way either to Costa Rica or to the Bahamas, such a lovely lady.
    Fun to watch her, a gem
    Any man who marries Polish Laday is very lucky. I am am of Russian Polish Austrian and Greek parentage, I should know. Many of my male friends who married Polish ladies, were extremely happy.

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