RHOBH: Brandi & Yolo Play Assault Card Against Ken

ken and lisaOn March 10, 2014, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired the Finale. It was the cookie cutter Housewives’ finale where the fan favorite is attacked by the others. In this train wreck, Lisa Vanderpump was forced to endure a night of constant battles as she was confronted by Kyle, Brandi, Yolanda and even Kim – often two and three at a time.

When Lisa’s husband, Ken, attempted to extricate Lisa from a particularly brutal attack by Brandi and Yolanda, he was accused of assaulting Yolanda. Nothing is further from the truth. It was Brandi’s careless actions, Yolanda’s over the top dramatics sprinkled with manipulative editing that gave the false impression that Ken assaulted Yolanda.

The following is a detailed transcript of the exchange among Yolanda, Brandi and Ken. The shoddy editing fails to show a critical component of the exchange in order to make Yolanda appear the victim and Ken the villain.

Yolanda (hereinafter “Y”), Brandi (hereinafter “B”) and Ken (hereinafter “K”) Ken had not even reached the ladies’ table when Yolanda began her verbal assault. . . 

Y: Ken, can you stay out of this, we’re having a girls’ talk and again you’re walking into it. I don’t appreciate it.

K: If your husband was here . . .

Y: He would not get involved.

B: He wouldn’t be talking to her like this.

K: What do you mean I wouldn’t be talking to him?

Y: My husband would not get involved, Ken.

K: One day your husband might come and we can have a chat.

Y: My husband. Do you think my husband wants to hang with somebody like you?

hang with somebody like you

B: Her husband actually works.

Y: . . . who attacks somebody’s woman in public. I mean , do you kidding me [sic]?

K: Your husband . . .

Y: You’re kidding me.

K: Let your husband tell me that.

Now look closely, Brandi grabs Yolanda’s face and turns her face away from Ken in the midst of the exchange.

brandi grabs yolandas face and mouth 1

brandi grabs yolandas face and mouth 2

Ken touches Yolanda’s arm to get her attention.

brandi grabs yolandas face and mouth 3

Yolanda slaps Ken’s arm away violently while screaming:

Y: Don’t touch me!

brandi grabs yolandas face and mouth 4

brandi grabs yolandas face and mouth 5

 Yolanda leans over Ken and screams again.

Y: Don’t touch me!

yolanda screams last

Ken was stunned. In fact, everyone was stunned except for Yolanda who continued her dramatic performance as Lisa Vanderpump pulled her husband to safety.

Due to Brandi Glanville’s repeated desire to take a lie detector test, Faux has arranged for an expert Polygraph operator to administer the test.  We want to make sure Brandi’s wish comes true. We await Brandi’s response to the offer.

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RHOM: Dr Hochstein Mocks Breast Cancer Survivor on Twitter

Anyone who frequents twitter has seen Richard Wakile, formerly of the Real Housewives of New Jersey go on his infamous twitter rampages against women, insulting and attempting to demean them. See article on Richard Wakile

dr lenny hochsteinWe’ve come to expect vile behavior from Wakile.  Recently, however Lenny Hochstein, husband of Lisa Hochstein of the Real Housewives of Miami sought to take the title of Most Despicable Husband away from Wakile.

Does Lenny Hochstein have a problem with weight? Does that problem manifest itself into mocking women on twitter?

The October 1, 2013 Episode of RHOM included a scene where Lenny Hochstein revealed the bruising he had from a liposuction procedure to remove his fat.  The episode included an extensive scene where Lisa took care of Lenny during his recovery from the surgery.

Recently Lenny took to twitter to mock a woman (@jeannie165V) who tweeted his wife. Lenny called @jeannie165V “too fat” and told her obesity would shorten her life.  Specifically, he tweeted the following:

lenny weight mocking tweet hochsteinAs if calling a woman fat and telling her it will shorten her life wasn’t bad enough, Jeannie’s response revealed the tragedy of the situation. . .

lenny women cancerJeannie had just finished her treatment for cancer when Lenny made the vile unsolicited comment to her.

friend of woman with cancer

Even though Jeannie had replied to Lenny that her weight was the after math of her battle with cancer, Lisa Hochstein favored her husband’s tweet.

woman says lisa favored his comment

How heartless and vain could Dr. Hochstein and his wife be to mock a cancer survivor?  The Crown for most repulsive tweets may now belong to Lenny and Lisa Hochstein of the Real Housewives of Miami.

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RHOM: Smoke & Mirrors to Deflect from Adriana & Lisa

Part 1 of Real Housewives of Miami Reunion was packed with name calling and accusations but very little in the way of fact finding.



Adriana de Moura seems to have pulled off the biggest scam in the franchise history with little to no fall out.

As you may recall, in Season 1, Adriana asked her young son for permission to marry her long time fiance Frederic Marq.  Soon after announcing the engagement, Adriana was bombarded with rumors that she was already married. For months, she and Frederic denied they were already married.


On January 4, 2013, I posed the question driectly to Frederic:

frederics question on marriage

Frederic retweeted the question and responded “NO” that he and Adriana were not married. The couple continued to perpetuate the charade that they were not married  . . .  for months  . . .

When finally confronted with the marriage license, Adriana gave a litany of excuses why she lied:

  • she didn’t feel married;
  • she had to protect her son;
  • it was Frederic’s fault, etc.

It was absurd.  Adriana apologized at the Reunion after viewers suffered thru months of lies and a farce of a wedding. Did she apologize for lying OR for getting caught in the lie?

No sooner did Adriana apologize about her lie regarding her marital status, Lea Black revealed that the heartwrenching story Adriana told in Season 1 about getting a call from her Husband’s “wife” in Brazil was also a LIE!  Contrary to Adriana’s heart breaking story that she found out “her first husband” had a second family in Brazil, the truth is Adriana was DIVORCED at the time! Adriana’s response to her deceit? She claims that even though she was “technically” divorced from her first husband, they were living as a married couple.

Clearly, Adriana De Moura needs a refresher course on the definition of MARRIAGE.

Lea Black went on to reveal that while Adriana was “secretly” married to Frederic, Lea was setting Adriana up on dates (with men capable of providing the lifestyle to which Adriana thought she was entitled)!

Instead of apologizing for getting caught in another lie, Adriana did what she does best . . . unleashed her fishmonger mouth and directed her attacks at those around her.  What was clear from the attacks was that Adriana spends an inordinate amount of time concerned about Romain’s sex life and choice of partners. Perhaps Frederic’s “boat don’t float.”

Adriana then implicated Brandi Granville and things that were allegedly said to her “in confidence.” Adriana then steered the conversation to the “harsh treatment of Lisa.” Lisa immediately went into a melt down about how cruel it was that people commented on her drinking and her odd behavior.  A careful review of the Reunion proves it was Lisa and Adriana who initially brought up Lisa’s infertility issues.

It is astonishing that Lisa who told Alexia to “SUCK HER DICK” would accuse others of being crude. It is further astonishing that Lisa and Adriana would bring up “rumors” when “rumors” about Lisa appear throughout the internet.

As to Lisa Hochstein (formerly known as Mackay) the following are some of the “rumors” (with citations provided):

Lisa appears on the Gold Club – World Class Gentlemen’s Club website:

lisa h on hooker site 500

Lisa’s movie credits include Hot Tub Girls and the role of “stripper 1″ in The Last Kiss:

lisa movies crop


Lisa’s modeling gigs require redacting in order to post, thus links are provided with originals. Viewer discretion is advised:

lisa mackay modeling


lisa mackay nudes


Lisa’s Magazine cover:

lisa mackay cover


Lisa was also involved in an interesting version of BasketBall:

lisa mackay basketball


Lisa’s past friends have been less than kind in their descriptions:

[pending verification]

Most interesting to note: Dr. L Hochstien was involved in a lawsuit where he was forced to vacate a $500,000 Default Judgment that Monica Hansen obtained against him.  Monica Hanson was Maxim Woman of the Year 2006 and dated Dr. Hochstein.  Thereafter Dr. Hochstein posted on his medical website that Monica was “an alleged escort.” Link herein: http://www.lhochsteinmd.com/blog/leonard-hochstein-miami-herald/ How professional.

Unfortunately, rumors are just that. . . repeating them does not make them true or false, it just perpetuates the rumor. Perhaps Adriana and Lisa (and her husband) should concentrate on their own lives and the stories they tell rather than focusing on “rumors” regarding others.

Tune into Bravo at 9:00 pm this evening for Part 2 of the Explosive RHOM Reunion!

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RHONJ: “Successful Developer” Gorga Downgrades

melissa-and-joe-gorga-arrive-at-fort-lauderdale-airport cropMelissa Gorga once described her husband as a “successful developer” but it appears that she has taken her Louis Vuitton bags and moved back to Green Acres.

Melissa has given numerous inconsistent reasons for moving from her “dream” love shack: She initially declared to the world that she needed to get her kids away from the Giudice girls. This year, however, Melissa reluctantly admitted that her nieces weren’t “the only reason” she wanted to move; She wanted to move back to Franklin Lakes, where she initially met her husband. Oddly enough, instead of waiting for her “successful developer” husband to build another dream shack, Melissa packed up their love shack:

montville house

and moved to a rental. Speculation and bank records seem to indicate that the Gorgas overextended themselves and had to cut back their extravagant lifestyle.

The following are exclusive photos of the house that Melissa Gorga and family currently occupies:

Rental Home Gorga 2


Rental Home Gorga


Rental home Gorga 4By Franklin Lakes standards, this rental is on the low end of the market. Since filming for Season 6 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey begins on November 11, 2013, it will be interesting to see if Melissa Gorga films at her current residence.


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RHONJ: Jacqueline Laurita Sees Tweets That Don’t Exist

Jacqueline accusing Dina of lying on S 1 Finale

Jacqueline accusing Dina of lying on S 1 Finale

Jacqueline Laurita made headlines when she claimed that John Karagiorgis harassed her on twitter by tweeting negative comments about her autistic son. Her accusations were reported in numerous media outlets. Notwithstanding the allegations, the alleged tweets were never produced.

Faux Reality undertook an investigation to see if Jacqueline ever responded “in real time” to the alleged tweets.  After all, anyone who is familiar with Jacqueline on twitter has seen her unprecedented melt downs when she perceives she has been slighted or attacked.

Is it possible Jacqueline didn’t respond to such heinous tweets? Or is it probably that the tweets never existed? In this instance, there are no exchanges regarding her son on or before March 30, 2013 (night of Brawl). It is clear that Jacqueline has falsely accused yet another individual (as she did Teresa, Juicy, Dina, Danielle, RealityJulie, etc.)

An observant investigator uncovered something far more interesting; Jacqueline repeatedly retweets and responds to people who praise her for her strength, her “work” as an autism advocate, etc. Here’s the problem:

  • The people she’s tweeting don’t exist; and/or
  • The original tweets were never sent.

Jacqueline seems to be responding to imaginary people and/or imaginary tweets. The following are some, but not all examples of Jacqueline’s bizarre imaginary praise and retweets:

On October 2, 2013, Jacqueline retweeted a tweet from @BradClifton that she is “important, valuable and unique.”

brad clifton laurita fake tweets crop

But @BradClifton hasn’t tweeted since 2009, when he tweeted a total of 4 tweets and he never tweeted anything about Jacqueline Laurita.

brad clifton crop

On September 25, 2013, Jacqueline retweeted a tweet from @Michele:

michele no english clip

Why would a male chef from Italy who tweets mostly in his native tongue of Italian care about Jacqueline’s blog? A review of his time line proves that @Michele never tweeted Jacqueline, he didn’t love her blog, he didn’t say she was awesome and he didn’t tell her to keep moving toward the light.

On September 24, 2013, Jacqueline retweeted a tweet from @Roxygirl calling her “an amazing inspiration2parents”:

roxy girl crop

A review of @Roxygirl’s account shows that it is an egg that has never tweeted anyone.

roxy girl never tweeted

The aforementioned are limited examples of a much more disturbing picture. There are dozens of examples of alleged retweets where the account doesn’t exist.

It appears that Jacqueline Laurita not only sees tweets about her son that don’t exist, but also retweets fabricated tweets praising her and retweets them in her world of illusion.

jacqueline blow on amendment

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RHONJ: Caro Caught Between Dina & Protecting Chris

DinaCarolineMergecropFor years, loyal viewers of RHONJ wondered about the Manzo/Laurita mystery: What happened to cause the rift between Caroline and her young sister, Dina? Why would two sisters suddenly stop speaking to each other? In essence, Dina left the RHONJ franchise after Season One.  At the time, Dina stated that she “wouldn’t recommend that other families get involved in reality shows.” New York Post, June 11, 2010.  At the Season One Reunion, Caroline ranted that Danielle Staub “did something to Dina that was unforgivable” but refused to identify what Danielle had done.  Viewers assumed that “the unforgivable act by Danielle” was the reason Dina left. Shortly thereafter, Caroline suddenly declared that Teresa Giudice was “the cause” of the rift between her and Dina. Chris Laurita also implied that Teresa was involved in Dina distancing herself from their family.  But the facts didn’t support the statement or the implications. The true cause of the rift between Caroline and Dina was the unfettered support that Caroline showed  Jacqueline.  Jacqueline repeatedly attacked and undermined Dina. But Caroline has not and will not turn her back on Jacqueline. Why you ask? Caroline views her support of Jacqueline as her attempt to protect her brother Chris from an unstable wife.  Caroline will not leave Chris to deal with Jacqueline on his own and if Caroline turns her back on Jacqueline, she will be doing just that! Follow the bouncing ball: Season One Finale, Jacqueline exploded on Dina calling her a liar and stating that she would no longer be silenced regarding Dina’s deceptions towards Danielle.  The following photo clearly shows Jacqueline ranting (and swearing) at  Dina:

Jac Screaming at Dina

Photo via bravotv.com

Dina was visibly mortified and shaken by Jacqueline’s accusations. Caroline attempted to stop Jacqueline by reminding Jacqueline that she was breaking their parents’ hearts. Jacqueline climbed into Chris’ lap who then stepped up to defend Jacqueline. So Dina left RHONJ but Caroline and Jacqueline remained. The family refused to discuss the reason that Dina won’t speak to Caroline or Chris and Jacqueline. True to form, Caroline blamed Teresa in order to deflect blame from the true problem: Jacqueline. But Jacqueline couldn’t keep quiet due to her twitter tourettes. One evening, Jacqueline went too far with Dina as her target and tweeted that Dina would be “taken down.” On October 21, 2012 at midnight, Dina finally responded (but never mentioned Jacqueline). As soon as Dina responded, Ashlee (Jacqueline’s daughter) immediately asked that Dina delete her tweet. The following is the exchange: ashley and dina on their mother more complete blog Dina Manzo stated that Jacqueline should keep as quiet as Dina does because things will never work themselves out “if the behind the scenes stuff doesn’t stop.” Interesting to note that during Season One, Dina and Caroline incorrectly suspected that Danielle Staub was releasing negative stories about Dina’s personal life and charity. But it wasn’t Danielle, it was Jacqueline; Jacqueline who released negative stories about Teresa; Jacqueline who has lied about autism advocates and other twitter users to satisfy her self serving ego. After witnessing the Season One Finale meltdown, Caroline stayed glued to Jacqueline, not because she loves her more than Dina, but in order to keep Jacqueline contained for the benefit of Chris and their children. So the reason that Caroline, Chris and Dina don’t talk is Jacqueline Laurita who hides behind the love Caroline and Dina have for their brother. Does Jacqueline sound like another RHONJ cast mate?

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RHONJ: Criminal Court Dismissal Means More Litigation

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Earlier today Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita, Chris Laurita and John Karagiorgis appeared in Ridgewood Municipal Court to answer the charges of assault, harassment and / or terroristic threats.

Pursuant to the private attorneys’ agreements, the prosecutor made a Motion to Dismiss the charges against all parties. Normally this would end the legal maneuvering . . .  but this is Real Housewives of New Jersey. . .  when is anything “normal” when RHONJ is involved?

JohnnyTheGreekStilettoInjury copyThe disposition of the criminal charges has now cleared the path for the civil case. An inside source confirmed that in exchange for dismissal of the criminal case, the “appearance waiver” in the agreement executed by Johnny will not prevent him from pursuing claims against not only Joe, Jacqueline and Chris, but also Siren (Production Company), Bravo, the Security Company, Owners of the Salon and any other parties responsible. The list of potential Defendants may also include Melissa Gorga, the Wakiles and other cast members since the confrontation was allegedly premeditated. In addition, Joe Gorga’s propensity for violence was well known by Defendants and documented by Production.

The within civil suit will be the second strike for Siren and Bravo. They were sued in 2011 for a fight in Punta Cana caused during filming of RHONJ. The Punta Cana Complaint alleged that Bravo & Sirens Media:

encourage, promote and demand that the cast of RHONJ engage in verbal and physical conflict with one another and members of the public, creating a culture, climate and/or atmosphere of confrontation, hostility and violence in order to attract viewers

Paragraph 26 of the Punta Cana Complaint. Full Story on Punta Cana. The Punta Cana Lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed confidential amount.

From the looks of things, the within lawsuit is destined to be a financial and emotional headache for Bravo for the following reasons:

  • Jacqueline Laurita is a “loose canon” who cannot control her impulse behavior;
  • Siren and Bravo already televised Joe Gorga’s propensity for violence, including his wife’s admissions that he has violent outbursts;
  • Johnny was allegedly enticed and misled to attend the function by cast and crew; and
  • The Punta Cana lawsuit put the parties on notice of such dangers.

It will be interesting to see what part the civil suit will be in Season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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Exclusive: Season 6 of RHONJ Returns to Family Values

The internet is replete with rumors and speculation about the cast shake up for Season 6 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Several media outlets have reported that Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga are returning; Kathy Wakile will be down graded; Jacqueline Laurita is out; and Caroline Manzo will leave to star in her own spin off.

The million dollar question is who will join a show plagued with scandals of fabricated footage and manipulated scenes. Faux Reality Entertainment has learned by an inside source that two sisters from Colts Neck are being vetted for the slots.

Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Napolitano Aprea have been interviewed and have made the short list.  They have been offered the slots and are currently in contract negotiations – refusing to sign the contracts as presented to them by Production. Both are affluent, beautiful and intelligent women with strong family values.

teresa and nicole napolitano crop

Teresa Napolitano Aprea and her husband are well known in philanthropic circles in New Jersey.  Nicole owns a Diary Queen and is extremely successful.  Teresa and Nicole are “40ish” and twins.  Family is everything to these two and you won’t see the backstabbing that has become common place with Joe and Melissa Gorga.

It looks like Mama Santa Napolitano is going to give Mama Antonia Gorga a run for her money on the fabulous Italian Nonna award.

Stay tuned because Real Housewives of New Jersey has just told Melissa Gorga to sit at the back of the bus or get off.

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RHONJ: Analysis of Bad Editing in Gorga/Drossos Exchange

On February 28, 2013, Penny Drossos met Melissa and Joe Gorga at Chakra in Paramus. At the time, the filming was reported in blogs and newspaper outlets including the Bergen Dot Com.  Anyone present at Chakra that evening witnessed the film crew and the participants – filming lasted over 3 hours.

chakra penny drossos 2

On September 15, 2013, the Chakra meeting was aired. The footage lasted less than 2 minutes. Despite the presence of numerous cameras, the critical components of the exchange fail to capture the person while he/she is talking – the reason is that the conversation was pieced together to fabricate as story that the Producers want. Why else would Melissa Gorga tell her husband they have no proof of Teresa’s involvement on the Arizona trip that was 2 weeks after the Chakra meeting! This exchange is disjointed with questions and answers not matching up. In short, the scene is a mess.

The following is a detailed transcript of the exchange. Brackets [ ] have been placed around words that were said without the benefit of seeing the person who allegedly spoke them. The shoddy editing proves that the conversation does not flow, words are clearly dubbed, sound volume does not match – all indicators that words were strung together to form fabricated answers to create the illusion of blame on the part of Teresa:

Melissa (hereinafter “M”) walks over to Penny (hereinafter “P”) 

M: We were over there. It’s date night . . . (points to Joe Gorga at the table)

talking head after Arizona

Melissa Gorga’s Talking Head Interview (taped after the March 16, 2013 trip to Arizona): Teresa and I made a pact that we were going to approach these people together, but the last time I saw Penny it seemed like she had more to say and wasn’t saying it. So if I’m going to see this woman alone, of course I am going to get to the bottom of this. So why did Melissa say there was “no proof yet” when they were in Arizona?

P: So Milania Hair Care, it was great seeing you there.

M: I just feel there was something more you wanted to say.

M: If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. said in response to being told it was not Teresa

P: [You're right] said several times throughout the conversation but never in response to needing to say more.

Joe Gorga walks over.

M: Joe, you remember Penny.

J: How are you.

P: Good

J: [Can I join you?]

P: As long as you don’t get crazy on me. said in response to whether J can ask about Angelo

J: [Who's behind] this cheating thing?

P: [I was asked] to attend Milania Hair Care was the actual question.

M: [By who]

P: [It wasn't Jan, it's not Kim] words pieced together

M: Where are you pointing?

P: It was your sister who invited Penny to Milania Hair Care.

P: She asked me if I knew who BLEEP [was and she asked me to confront my brother about it] was asked to confront brother to confirm who brought up lover

M: She asked you to confront [him about my ex]

P: Yeah 

J: [Why]

P: [I don't know]

M: [Wait, hold on. At that Milania Party] she said to you we’re not friends [right you don't know me right]

P: [Right] That’s a lie when asked about raising money for the Celebrity Apprentice

J: [Then why did you lie that night?] For her?

P: Yes was said numerous times, never admitting to having lied about or for Teresa

M: She doesn’t like you at all

P: As far as her not liking me, there are a lot of things I can say.  . .

P: I can show you on my phone right now, I have her house number and her home number, want me to show you?

J: Yes

M: It doesn’t matter in response to Joe’s question on how Penny knows Melissa

P: [Am I lying]

J: [No]

P: I’m not going to take the bullet for everything regarding the rumors about Manzo cheating scandal.

P: [John has text messages]

M: Who?

J: Who?

J: [You mean . . . Is your husband the one behind the computer doing all those tweets?]

P: Yeah 

J: [Johnny the Greek?]

P: Yeah

melissa talking head johnny abusing herMelissa Gorga’s Talking Head Interview: This guy Johnny has really been abusing me hard on twitter social media. I could see his wife doing this, but now the tie in between Penny and Teresa. It is starting to make sense in my head there is a connection between the three of them.



Two tweets are shown – - allegedly from Penny’s husband Johnny the Greek. Interesting to note that the photo next to the tweets was never posted on twitter.  RHONJ Production/Bravo used a photo of Johnny the Greek taken at the Moxie Posche II Grand Opening held on March 30, 2013 where all attendees executed written permission to use their likeness on the show:

johnny tweets on visiting father

johnnys tweet during Melissa's talking head

P: She invites me places. I don’t just appear . . . In response to Gorga’s statement that Teresa thinks you stalk her.

M: She says you just show up

P:. . .  I have better things to do.

P: She asks Johnny if he could get appearances [That Neo Cafe that she did last year ] That’s John’s family. John got her that gig. In response to questions about Teresa’s appearances

talking head joe train wreakJoe Gorga’s Talking Head Interview (taped after the March 16, 2013 trip to Arizona – no more spray on hair): You’re looking at a woman like Penny and she looks like a train wreak. Could she be reliable? Normally you would not take her seriously, but in these case, she knows too much and that’s the type of person that will go and do someone’s dirty work. A woman who looks like that. Says the angry little man with spray on hair.

M: [Teresa is wrong for whatever she's done] But you are also wrong for getting involved in the family circle.

J: Honestly, what I would do, as a human being and a normal person . . .

P: So did you approach John? In response to question about how Johnny knew Melissa didn’t go see Papa Gorga in hospital

J: Oh, I, I will.

J: I don’t even know the guy.

P: It’s time the two of you come together.

J It’s terrible what he’s done. 

P: I’m done. Your sister in law told me to squash it.

M: Maybe she’s done now.

J: [Listen, I've heard enough. I can't take anymore. Let's go]

The red font are statements or words that were said in response to different questions/topics  pursuant to Penelope PitStop of the FHOGS.

The Green font are terms that were  never used in the presence of Penelope PitStop of the FHOGS.

Please read Penelope PitStop’s blog for an understanding of the manner in which FHOGS is spliced together.

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RHONJ: Gorga Admission Proves Editing Targets Teresa

Tabloids and Social Media is abuzz about Real Housewives of New Jersey. Bravo has once again shifted the focus of whether Melissa Gorga cheated (thus making her Marriage Advice Book a farce) to whether Teresa Giudice was involved in the cheating rumor.

Bravo commenced a media blitz, complete with select previews and E OnLine stories (E-OnLine is owned by NBC) while Siren Media attempts to shut down the target of the blitz from defending herself.

The previews of Episode 16 allegedly show Penny telling Joe and Melissa Gorga that Teresa is behind the cheating rumor. But nothing is what it seems when it comes to RHONJ.

As previously reported herein and on numerous sites,

  • On February 28, 2013, Joe and Melissa Gorga met with Penny Drossos at Chakra;
  • On March 16, 2013, the Gorgas went to Arizona with the rest of the RHONJ cast.

While in Arizona, Melissa Gorga states that there is no proof that Teresa was involved in spreading the cheating rumor. The following is the clip from Bravo TV evidencing Melissa stating “there is no proof”:

Clip from RHONJ BravoTV.com

So as of March 16, 2013, Melissa Gorga acknowledges that there is no proof that Teresa was involved!

The preview that Bravo has released is a “spliced and diced” meeting that the Gorgas had with Penny Drossos on February 28, 2013!

Why would Melissa Gorga say there was no proof if Penny Drossos had outed Teresa 2 weeks earlier? It’s simple.

Penny never outed Teresa at Chakra. Melissa and Joe didn’t have proof in Arizona (2 weeks later). Somewhere along the line, the Chakra footage was edited to give the illusion that Teresa was to blame. But Chakra could not be shown in sequential order because the Gorgas couldn’t confront Teresa with “proof” that didn’t exist. No problem for Bravo. They simply switched the order in which they aired the Arizona trip and Chakra.


With some crafty editing and attempts to shut down the parties who know the truth, Teresa comes out looking like she was responsible, Melissa once again plays victim and Penny looks like she turned.

After 5 Seasons of being force fed bad editing, we’re not buying it! Can we have another?

For those still in doubt, perhaps this will help, Production orders Pump Rules star Kristen to leave the location or be arrested then Bravo blames her for leaving:

Bravo plays games Pump Rules

Another glaring example or the “Blame Teresa Game” is Teresa’s conversation with her mother in law, Filomena Giudice, when the dialogue was edited to make it appear as if Mama Giudice was talking about Melissa when she was not:

Mother in law Melissa Filomena

Even though Melissa knew the truth, she played Victim once again, thanks to Bravo.

Reality by Bravo. . .

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RHONJ: The Carnage Continues – Blame Teresa

tied_to_the_stakeIn lieu of Bravo’s version of water boarding, commonly known as Season 5 of RHONJ, Bravo should have aired a one hour special where Teresa Giudice is tied to a stake in the middle of the Roman Colosseum; Melissa, Kathy, Caroline & Jacqueline can throw stones, boulders, arrows, xanax bottles or whatever they choose to the cheers of their husbands.

Such a special would have been more humane to Teresa and her supporters rather than the carnage that is presented each week on Bravo as edited and fabricated by Siren Media.

The show is not entertaining. It’s torture – slow, progressive, systematic inhuman torture. Furthermore, it is infuriating to know that viewers are manipulated by shoddy editing, with no regard for the real life chronological sequence of events. Truth means nothing. Time means nothing.  At the end of the day, all that matters is that Teresa must be blamed for “victimizing” Melissa. Has anyone seen Groundhog Day?

The September 8th episode ended with the cast having an after dinner drink at the Miraval lounge on their last night in Arizona.  Everyone was enjoying their final hours at Miraval when Caroline interrupted the joking to proclaim that it was imperative that they reveal any additional issues that remained unsettled.  Why would Caroline feel the need to open old wounds after days of endless therapy sessions with paid unbiased professionals?

Let’s put a few things in prospective in order to understand Caroline’s self serving motives in cranking up Joe Gorga and shifting the focus back to Teresa.

The following is a time line of relevant events in Season 5:

  • December 3, 2013 – Posche Holiday Party
  • January 18, 2013- Kim D Jewelry Launch
  • January 31, 2013- Drinks at Bellisimo
  • February 18, 2013- Milania Launch 
  • February 28, 2013 – Gorgas & Penny Drossos dinner at Chakra
  • March 2013- J Gorga & R Wakile go to Penny’s husband’s business “off the record”
  • March 16, 2013- Miraval in Arizona for entire cast
  • March 29, 2013- Wakiles telephone Karagiorgis “off the record”
  • March 3o, 2013- Posche II Grand Opening at Moxie Salon in Ridgewood

Shortly after the Milania Launch, the Gorgas and Wakiles made several overtures to Penny Drossos’ husband Johnny Karagiorgis (@JohnnyTheGrk), to implicate Teresa for the cheating rumors.  The Gorgas and Wakiles attempted to poison Penny against Teresa while promising Penny future filming endeavors with Melissa and Kathy.  The Wakiles were on the phone with Karagiorgis for over an hour the night before Posche II Grand Opening despite Kathy Wakile’s proclamation that “family must stick together against outsiders.”

On March 14, 2013, a little bird told Caroline that one of the producers sought to reveal a rumor regarding Albert Sr. Caroline sought the identity of the producer. When no one would reveal who it was, Caroline pointed her finger at Penny.  So the anger and hostility that Caroline & Albert displayed at Miraval in stirring the others was not to “help heal the Gorgas/Giudices” but rather to vilify Penny (as she did Danielle in Seasons 1 and 2).

Caroline Manzo tells Joe Gorga “ Joe, hug your sister because she is standing up for you. You go deal with that bitch.”

Albert Manzo chimes in “You’re not wrong. If the two of you confront those pieces of garbage, when it’s over, you will be united.”

Not once does Caroline mention her true motivation. She simply cranks up Joe Gorga, the man she knows to be violent and easily provoked to do her dirty work against her perceived threat.

In order to further the recurring “Teresa’s Fault” theme, Production is permitted to edit and/or fabricate footage to tell it’s tale.  Season 5′s tale is more disjointed than usual since it appears Production can’t make up it’s mind whether it wants to pretend that Teresa is the puppet master for Jan, Kim D or Penny. Furthermore, Production can’t seem to decide whether it wants to portray Teresa as “slow” or a master manipulator.  The truth is clear: these women are not Teresa’s puppets. They have repeatedly declared that Teresa did not encourage, participate or promote the rumor that Melissa was cheating.

Perhaps Siren Media and/or Bravo can finally focus on answering the burning question: Did Melissa cheat? thus making her marriage advice book the biggest joke since the launch of her lip syncing non existent music career.

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RHONJ: Tweets To Justify Gorgas’ Violence – New Low

This evening’s episode of RHONJ included the introduction of an UNDATED tweet sent by Penny Dross0s-Karagiorgis.

 she did wt! Really Mel u want to go there! How did u meet Joe ? Bitch

The tweet was used in regards to “cheating rumors for Season 5.” Joe Gorga used the tweet to justify yet another violent tirade against his sister Teresa.

Joe Gorga twitter gate

Once again Production splices the footage with “spit and a prayer”  in the worst editing job in Franchise history. Does Production think viewers are this stupid?

The tweet was sent October 17, 2012; before Season 5 began filming. The following are the true facts surrounding the tweet:

On October 14, 2012, during Part 3 of the RHONJ reunion, Melissa Gorga’s sister, Kim Pirrella retweeted the following regarding John Karagiorgis, Penny’s husband:

Its quite comical that @JohnnyTheGrk banked on being cast on rhwnj even charging a new set of teeth for @pdkhair and BRAVO PASSED!! LMFAO

By Bravo blog dated October 16, 2012, Melissa Gorga threw one of many shots at Penny and Johnny:

As you can see, there are many desperate people on Twitter begging to be on the show. None of them get cast. It’s not Bravo’s style. The more you want it, the less likely you are to get it.

On October 17, 2012 at 7:00 AM – 17 Oct 12, KoKo_Kush @Keena620 alerted Penny to Melissa’s blog and asked Penny to respond:

@MelissaGorga threw a dig at @PDKhair and her hubby in her new blog. Penny plz call this bitch out

@PDKhair she said there are many desperate ppl on Twitter begging to be on the show. Hmmm made me think of u. I wish bravo would cast u.

On October 17, 2012 at 7:32 AM – 17 Oct 12, Penny Drossos responded as follows:

@Keena620 @MelissaGorga she did wt! Really Mel u want to go there! How did u meet Joe ? Bitch

Penny’s reply  tweet was in response to Melissa’s unsolicited ad hominem attack on Penny and Melissa’s sister’s attack on Penny’s husband.

Fast forward to Season 5:

On February 28, 2013, Joe and Melissa Gorga filmed with Penny at Chakra in Paramus where the Gorgas allegedly tried to convince Penny to say that Teresa Giudice prompted the cheating rumors.

In or about March, 2013, Joe Gorga and Richard Wakile showed up at Johnny’s place of business with a proposition. Johnny refused.

In Mid March, the cast went to Arizona to film the Spa retreat at Miraval. Joe Gorga stated “i  don’t know the woman Penny. I don’t know her husband” Joe failed to mention that days earlier he and Melissa filmed with Penny, nor did he admit that he and Rich Wakile traveled to Johnny’s business, Rutt’s Hut to meet with Johnny. Notwithstanding these encounters, Joe  insisted that Teresa must confront Penny about the cheating rumors that plague Melissa.

Throughout the scene, Melissa looked scared: Scared that eventually the focus would shift from who started the rumors, to whether the rumors were true.

If Melissa Gorga wanted the nasty tweets to stop, why did she and her sisters not only attack people on twitter but encourage others to attack on their behalf?

Tonight’s verbal assault on Penny Drossos was staged to justify Joe Gorga’s violent attack on Johnny Karagiorgis which occurred within days upon their return to New Jersey.

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RHONJ renamed “The Bash Teresa Till Viewers Hurl Show”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is not scripted! Something that is scripted cannot possibly be so utterly inconsistent and so far afield from believability.

Instead, RHONJ has become a poorly edited piecemeal series of vignettes patched together with bubblegum and spit.

Teresa at the lunch inThe July 7th episode should be renamed “The Bash Teresa Till Viewers Hurl Show” because every scene was heavily edited to either discuss what a monster Teresa is or to show Teresa reveling in the news that Melissa made a cuckold of Teresa’s brother.  I call bull on Bravo!

Bravo captioned a photo of Teresa  as follows: “Is this the new Teresa? She doesn’t want to be involved in a rumor about Melissa?” thus implying that the old Teresa was involved in setting Melissa up. It never stops!

What is more disturbing than the farce of an episode is the spin that is being played out on Twitter and in blogs to attempt to “save face” from the evil powers of Production.

The Episode aired a scene with Teresa, Kim D, Jennifer Dalton, Penny and Jan at a restaurant. The conversation was clearly choppy and edited. Teresa looked like she would rather be having her teeth pulled than sitting at that table and she has since tweeted that she left (escaped, ran, parachuted away from) the table as quickly as she could.  Frankly, Teresa must have a pit in her stomach every time a camera crew says action.

Why is it that a production crew that normally films with 2 to 3 cameras with little to no action scenes never seems to capture a person talking at the most critical times?  Why is it when someone is filmed actually talking, they never complete a full thought before the camera and sound cut to someone else in the room? 

The scene filmed in late January 2013. It was not the first time the cheating issues was discussed on camera so all the parties present at the table were fully aware about the extent of Jan’s knowledge.

In order to save face, Jennifer Dalton tweeted that Kim D set up the meeting with Jan and Penny to discuss Milania Hair Care:

Jen Dalton says Kim D set up meeting with Penny & Jan crop

Teresa’s close friend and book co-writer tweeted that Teresa, Kim D & Jennifer were out for drinks and “Jan and Penny just came over”:

Heather MacLean says Tre were out for Drinks and jan just came over

How does anyone reconcile these inconsistent tweets? Simple. Both are true depending on the production assistant assigned to each member of the cast.

Production sets up these ridiculous scenes and each production assistant assigned to the Housewives, Friends of the Housewives and Friends of Friends of the Housewives LIES to their respective charge! Production either tells their charge not to tell the others what the topic will be OR counts on the fact the parties don’t communicate outside the bounds of filming.

The cheating issue was initially discussed on camera at the December 3, 2012 Holiday Party. It included “the telephone call with Mike” and the real characters who revealed and discussed Melissa Gorga’s cheating ways. Why Production did not air the truth seems to be to tack the blame squarely on Teresa’s shoulders!

Dear Bravo, Congratulations, the Viewers have finally hurled.

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RHONJ: Melissa Gorga Fails to Silence Her Past

A few months ago I was told that a man by the name of Anthony Arater could confirm many of the rumors regarding Melissa Gorga’s past and her alleged cheating.  Unfortunately, Anthony no longer lived in New Jersey, I didn’t have his phone number and he didn’t have a twitter account so it was difficult to contact him.

Then one day, I was able to speak to Anthony by telephone and his insight and detail clearly showed that he had dated Melissa at a young age and continued to maintain a
“relationship” with her well after her marriage to Joe Gorga. Anthony had proof in the form of letters and photographs.  Clearly Melissa remembers Club Karma – where Anthony worked at the time.  Anthony was able to explain many of the missing pieces in Melissa’s sordid history.

anthony arater club karma melissa

Anthony at Club Karma with colleague

Anthony also explained that he was negotiating with a certain publication to print his story.  Unfortunately, the negotiations were allegedly leaked to Melissa’s camp.

Anthony claims that he was contacted by Melissa Gorga’s cousin. Anthony said that Melissa’s cousin and he remained friends throughout his relationship with Melissa.  Melissa’s cousin asked why he would “want to hurt Melissa by disclosing intimate details of their relationship.” Anthony also alleges that Melissa’s cousin told him that if it’s a matter of money, he should “let them know.” Anthony refused any further discussion and told Melissa’s cousin that if Melissa or Joe Gorga wanted to talk to him they knew how to reach him.

Shortly thereafter, according to Anthony, Melissa Gorga called him. After exchanging minor pleasantries, she asked him if he would reconsider publishing his story. Melissa told him that it would hurt her book sales. When she realized that Anthony was not swayed, she allegedly asked him how much he was being paid because “her publisher would be interested in the story.” Anthony explained that he was not interested in any payoff and ended the conversation.

Anthony has confirmed that he arrived in New Jersey last week to finalize negotiations to tell the Real history of his relationship with Melissa Gorga before and after her marriage.

Stay tuned because Anthony leaves nothing to the imagination! Anthony Arater has confirmed “I won’t be bought off and I won’t be silenced.”

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Mobwife Antics Overshadow Fifth Grade Graduation

What happens when a member of VH1′s Mobwives takes her crazy into real life. . .

The following post was spotted on Linda Scarpa’s Facebook page:

Nothing like being slapped in your face by the fakest mobwife of them all at your kids graduation . . . Gotta laugh cant control lowlives even if they think they are living the high life . . . dont change the fact that your still a LOWLIFE. . . who does that shit at a kids’ graduation. . . SMH — feeling annoyed

linda scarpa fb comment cropFacebook comments are comical- (over 100 comments to date)

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/linda.scarpa.33

linda scarpa

It appears that Linda Scarpa  is less than pleased with a “Mobwife” making an ass of herself at the Fifth Grade Graduation of Linda’s twins.  So rather than engage at the graduation, Linda is calling her out on social media.

Linda is not impressed by the woman’s  TV show – the focus of the day was supposed to be the children. Instead the focus became the woman’s screaming tantrum.


Who is the “fakest mobwife” that would start a scene in front of hundreds of people at a Fifth Grade Graduation with no regard for the other children or parents? None other than . . .

carla knife 2

. . . Carla Facciolo

Looks like Carla Facciolo thinks she’s still filming the show but no one at the Graduation was impressed by her antics. Lucky for her, Linda didn’t want to engage with her twins, family and attendees watching the drama unfold.

Carla’s actions come on the heels of Linda’s unrelenting defense of Carla on Twitter after a disgusting tweet appeared accusing Carla of using a homophobic slur.

carla facc says fag

Horror! Outrage! . . . as all pounced on Carla for the tweet.  Even Carla’s closest allies distanced themselves. Linda, however, hunkered down. As a friend of over 25 years she remained steadfast in her belief that Carla would not make such a despicable statement.

As soon as the tweet appeared, Linda (@LindaScarpa) immediately tweeted that it was a hoax. Shortly thereafter, while the attacks continued on Carla, Linda posted proof of the photoshopped tweet. . . the boy making the accusations inadvertently tweeted a different version of what was supposed to be the same tweet. HOAX REVEALED! Crisis over.

So why did Carla suddenly feel compelled to physically assault Linda and make a scene? A scene that had the attendees asking Linda where were the film crews hiding! Frankly, nothing justifies physically assaulting someone (in front of her children) . . . didn’t Carla say as much when Love assaulted her?

Instead of apologizing, Carla responded by posting the following:

carla says friends of 25 yearsInteresting to note, none of those “friends of 25 years” came to Carla’s defense when the homophobic tweet was posted with the exception of Linda Scarpa.

Linda Scarpa commented to the within story as follows:

linda scarpa comments on story red

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RHONJ: Exxon In Hot Pursuit of Wakile & Sons, Inc.

wakile exxonRichard Wakile (husband of Kathy Wakile of RHONJ) is no stranger to the judiciary in New Jersey.

Wakile’s legal escapades, including but not limited to his landscaper’s successful lawsuit against him and Exxon’s lawsuit, have previously been reported by various media outlets.  Discussion of the Exxon lawsuit was  resurrected as a result of Wakile’s famous twitter escapades.

Wakile’s famous twitter escapades are well documented on a twitter feed entitled @WakileMustGo. He has directed his inappropriate tweets at women of varying ages, calling them skanks, douches, dogs, claiming to know where they work, etc. His most offensive tweets are those targeting young women-one in particular stands out where he felt the need to mention the profession of a blogger’s father. After each tirade, Wakile deletes all offensive tweets.

On the evening of June 25, 2013, Wakile commenced yet another “twitter women hater rant.”  The following are highlights of his depravity:

wakile rant 1

wakile rant 2

As a result of Wakile’s rampage, I sought answers regarding the Judgment obtained by Exxon in the Wakile matter.  Wakile repeatedly refused to answer whether the $113,449.46 Judgment had been paid, but insisted that “Richard Wakile” did not appear “in the papers”.

Wakile rich never not paid

(except of course the landscaper) Exxon?

It appears that Wakile learned to answer questions about his legal issues from Jacqueline Laurita.

In accordance with the invitation of Richard Wakile, I read ALL the pleadings in the matter entitled ExxonMobil Oil Corporation vs. Wakile & Sons, Inc. and Adel Abouzid, Civil Docket No. CV-09-1265 (hereinafter Exxon v. Wakile)

The procedural history of the case is replete with strategic maneuvering by Defendants, but not once did Defendants deny any of the allegations made by Exxon.  The Complaint alleged among other things, breach of contract, trespass and conversion (improper taking of Exxon’s property).

The Federal Court issued a preliminary injunction forbidding Defendants from transferring, removing, selling or giving away any of Exxon’s property:

Wakile order injunctive relief crop 1

Wakile order injunctive relief crop 2

Defendants never denied the allegations of the Complaint, never denied that they wrote bad checks, never denied that they converted (improperly took) Exxon’s equipment or that they owed the funds. Defendants admitted that they forged letters from the Bank.

Defendants did nothing UNTIL after Exxon obtained a Judgment against Defendants which awarded Exxon $113,449.56 against the Defendants.

Wakile Judgment

After Exxon obtained its Judgment, it sought to collect it’s money from Defendants.  When Defendants failed to pay, Exxon asked for depositions (questioning under oath) to explore its post judgment remedies and to determine Defendants’ assets.  That is where the games began.

Defendants failed to appear for depositions on numerous occasions in violation of Subpoena and Court Orders. Exxon attempted to to reschedule the depositions on several occasions. On one such occasion, Exxon obtained a Court Order scheduling the depositions to take place on November 19. Defendant failed to appear.

Shortly after the date of the scheduled deposition, Defendants’ attorney faxed a “Bankruptcy Petition” listing Exxon’s Judgment in an effort to discharge (wipe out) Defendants’ obligation to pay the money. Bankruptcy law allows persons to discharge debts provided it was not obtained by fraud or other exemptions.

By letter dated December 1, Exxon’s Counsel advised the Federal Judge that Defendants had failed to notify Exxon of the alleged Bankruptcy (and failed to provide the proper address for Exxon on the Bankruptcy Petition). Exxon contended that it was entitled to question Adel Abouzid to determine the assets and shareholders of Wakile & Sons, Inc. and to determine what happened to Exxon’s equipment.

The Federal Judge agreed with Exxon and held Defendants Wakile & Sons, Inc. and Adel Abouzid in contempt for their repeated failures to appear, Ordered that the U.S. Marshall arrest Adul Abouzid and awarded Exxon counsel fees to be paid by Defendants.

Wakile Order Contempt both Defendants cropAdditional arrest warrants have been issued, but the US Marshal’s Office has not yet executed the warrants.  Without Defendant Adel Abouzid’s testimony, Exxon may not be aware that Richard Wakile was/is a shareholder of Wakile & Sons, Inc. Furthermore, if there is a finding of alleged fraud, Exxon may “pierce the corporate veil” of Wakile & Sons, Inc. and look to it’s shareholders to cover the liabilities of the corporation.


Richard Wakile may want to spend less time on twitter calling women douches, dogs and skanks and more time resolving the Exxon Judgment against Wakile & Sons, Inc.

Wakile Exxon blog last pic


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RHOM: Miami’s Hottest Couple Wed: FIRST LOOK

Miami’s hottest couple Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago were married on June 13, 2013 in an incredibly romantic ceremony in California. Cameras & Cell Phones were banned for obvious reasons.

This is a First Look at the Bride and Groom with much more to follow:

zago wedding

krupa wedding 2

joanna krupa dress

 All photos courtesy of Fame.Fly.Net.UK.Com

What do you think so far?

Please return for the details of the Wedding of Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago.

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RHOM: Joanna Krupa Not Only Model in the Family

Miami is abuzz with the much anticipated wedding of Romain Zago  and Joanna Krupa of Real Housewives of Miami.  The super model and successful nightclub owner have decided to marry this summer in California.

As Faux Reality was preparing the pre wedding article, it was discovered that Joanna is not the only model in the family. . .

Do you know who else has walked the runway?

See at :30 Seconds into the Show.  In or about 1999, Romain was walking the runway for Designer Icon known as the “architect of fashion” Gianfranco Ferré.

At 26, Romain Zago was representing the House of Gianfranco Ferré:

zago on gianfranco ferre

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RHONJ: Is Bravo Liable for Bravolebrities’ Raging Assaults

RageChristeningBravo introduced Joe Gorga to RHONJ viewers as he raged at his son’s Christening.  Gorga turned his infant son’s religious celebration into a battle royale: guests were punched, kicked, thrown, pushed – all because Gorga was unable to control his anger.  With the addition of Joe and Melissa Gorga, RHONJ has become a series of vignettes wrapped in insults, screaming matches, threats, heartbreak and violence.

In fact, Bravo was unable to air most of the Punta Cana footage because of a lawsuit which alleged that Bravo and Sirens Media:

encourage, promote and demand that the cast of RHONJ engage in verbal and physical conflict with one another and members of the public, creating a culture, climate and/or atmosphere of confrontation, hostility and violence in order to attract viewers.

See specifics on Punta Cana lawsuit.

In Season 4, Gorga continued his failure/refusal to control his violent outbursts through out the season. During the Wakile pool party, Gorga raged at his sister, cursing within ear shot of the children.

pfs joe gorgaIn the season finale Gorga attacked Kim D at her own fashion show, calling her a scum of the earth, whore and accusing her of being high, etc. Fellow RHONJ castmates tweeted their support by indicating they admired Gorga for “rescuing his wife.”  On what alternate Universe does a man bellow insults at a woman, call her scum and a  whore in front of a crowd and is admired for doing it? Oh, yes the Faux Reality known as BravoTV.

Season 5 premieres on June 2, 2013.  Several cast members, including Joe Gorga have been charged with assault and terrorist threats for causing bodily injury to a third party during filming.  Notwithstanding the pending charges, Bravo is promoting Season 5 by previewing a brawl wherein Gorga attacks Joe Giudice (or so he tried.) The following are still shots of the melee:

Juicy 1











QUESTION: Is Bravo liable for the Bravolebrities’ Raging Assaults in StilletoGate?

ANSWER: YES, Bravo and Siren Media had ample proof of Gorga’s propensity for violence, his outbursts were encouraged, within the scope of his employment and thus foreseeable.

In New Jersey, there is a legal doctrine that holds employers liable to third parties for the acts committed by an employee “within the scope of his employment.” The question as to whether the employee acted “within the  scope” is fact sensitive to each case. Courts use the following factors to guide their analysis:

  1. whether the act is of the kind he is employed to perform;
  2. whether the act occurs substantially within the authorized time and space limits;
  3. whether the act is actuated, at least in part, by a purpose to serve the employer; and
  4. whether the use of force is foreseeable.

As to Factor (1), Gorga is employed to create drama. The fact that Bravo used Gorga’s outbursts to promote the upcoming season indicates that he is employed to participate and perpetuate these violent outbursts.

As to Factor (2), there is no question that the alleged assault occurred while filming on site. If reports are accurate, Siren Media prepared the site for the physical confrontation by rearranging furniture and putting security into place.

As to Factor (3), the violent outburst served Bravo’s purpose to create the type of over the top drama to attract viewers and pump up ratings.

Regarding Factor (4), Bravo has filmed Gorga’s violent outbursts for years. Foreseeability of the employee’s act is “crucial” to a finding of liability and Gorga’s outbursts are easily documented.

In the instant matter, Gorga’s repeated consistent rages (without consequence by Bravo) make it clear that his violent behavior is both foreseeable and within the scope of his employment. Thus, Bravo may once again be forced to pay for the bad behavior of it’s Bravolebrities.

The aforementioned analysis deals with the civil liability associated with injuries/damages caused by Bravolebrities. Keep in mind that the criminal charges are separate matters and remain pending with the Bergen County Prosecutor.

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RHONJ Marco Sisters’ Fan Tells All

marco sisters fan blog sizeFaux was recently contacted by a woman who was entrusted with running one of the Marco Sisters’ Twitter Fan Pages.  Due to reasons that will become evident hereinafter, this woman shall be known by the alias Jane Doe.

Jane sought a forum to reveal the alleged underhanded tactics employed by the Marco Sisters in pursuing their alleged goals – those being the following:

  • Ensuring Melissa Gorga’s longevity in the limelight
  • Teleporting Kim and Lysa into the RHONJ; and
  • Tarnishing Teresa Giudice’s image so that she would be compelled to depart from Bravo.

silhouette-womanJane agreed to a telephone interview to ensure a free flow of information and follow up questioning.   She agreed to answer all questions without reservation. Not once did she “take the Fifth.”   Jane was brutally honest; accepting responsibility for lying to assist the Marco’s propaganda machine. Her awakening shows the truth shall always prevail:

Faux:    Jane, I understand you ran a Fan Page for the Marco Sisters, is that correct?

 Jane:    Yes, I did.

 Faux:   Tell me how running the Marco Sisters’ Fan Page come to pass.

 Jane:    I was a big fan of Melissa Gorga and I used to tweet her all the time. I was supportive of Melissa and Joe. Eventually Melissa’s sisters Kim and Lysa followed me. We would tweet.  Then Kim asked if I would be interested in running a fan account for Melissa. I was flattered. I loved that Melissa took care of her family, she is beautiful, she was sweet to her fans.

 Faux:   Did Melissa’s sister, Kim, tell you what “running a fan page for Melissa Gorga” would entail and whether you would be compensated?

 Jane:    Kim told me that I would have to tweet and retweet things in support of Melissa & Joe Gorga, make sure I kept up with all her appearances, show what a great wife and mother she was and what a nice person she was. She told me not to be negative. I wasn’t getting paid but she said I would get to know things about Melissa in advance and I would get invited to events.

 Faux:     So how did you go from agreeing to run a Melissa Gorga Fan page to running a Marcos’ Sisters’ Fan page?

 Jane:      Kim told me that her niece wanted to run the Melissa account and told me I could run Marco Sisters account instead.

 Faux:     So tell me about your experience running the Marco Sisters’ page. Was it everything you thought it would be?

Jane:    At first it was great. I would get recognition from Melissa and her sisters. I kept it positive. I worked with their niece who ran some of the other accounts. It was loads of fun. Kim told me that she and Lysa expected to be on the show by next season. They told me they would be taking Teresa and Kathy’s place. So we should show our support by tweeting about them too.

 Faux:     It sounds like things were going well, yet eventually Kim asked you to deactivate the page, correct?

Jane:     Yes.

 Faux:     So how did you fall out of grace with the Marcos?

Jane:     Everything Kim told me was a lie but I didn’t realize it. Kim and Lysa told me that some of Teresa’s fans were doing evil things to Melissa and the fan pages needed to focus on them. Lysa told me a fan named Bino and a blogger named AllAboutTRH were trashing the Gorga family and part of my job was to go after them.

 Faux:     What did you understand her to mean by “go after them?”

 Jane:      Lysa told me that those two were making up lies about Melissa and  run interference, spread the word that Bino and Roxy who ran a blog called All About The Real Housewives were getting their instructions directly from Teresa. It got dark. I spent all my time attacking Bino and AllAboutTRH. It got worse like a snowball. Kim told me to tweet Bino sent me messages. I was doing things I was so uncomfortable doing. I was sliding into a negative place. All of us that were running fan accounts spent more time trashing the Giudices than we spent promoting the Gorgas.

Faux:    So was there a water shed moment for you?

 Jane:     Yes. One night Melissa’s make up guy started bashing Teresa bad. I mean he worked for Melissa and that was her sister in law and he was saying disgusting things. I told Lysa and Kim and they wouldn’t answer me. I told him stop but he got even more nasty and told me to mind my business. Before this when I tweeted about Laurita, Kim sent me a message to take down my tweet before Jacqueline saw it. I didn’t like attacking Joe Gorga’s sister. I wouldn’t do it and one of Kim’s friends told me that I wasn’t a team player. I did everything they asked and I was pissed when they said I wasn’t a team player.

 Faux:     What did you do?

Jane:     I sent Kim and Lisa messages telling them what happened and how I felt. I thought if they knew what the makeup guy was doing, they would tell him to stop. I was wrong. They didn’t get him to stop. They stopped talking to me except to tell me to deactivate the account. Kim’s friend came after me and wouldn’t leave me alone. She threatened to expose me. I saw what she did to people when she went after them.

Faux:    Did you deactivate the account?

 Jane:     At first I was. Then I thought it’s better if I tell what was going on. I posted some of what happened. Kim’s squad came after me full throttle.  They knew they had to destroy me because I knew the truth about them. It’s all an act and they use fans like me, feed us lies and make us attack and make up rumors about Teresa and her supporters. The make up guy and the people that work for Melissa know if they don’t do what they’re told, they’ll be replaced with people who will. I won’t deactivate the account because I created it, I worked at it, so why should they find another unsuspecting fan to use it for spreading lies about Melissa’s sister in law.

 Faux:    Jane, what do you want our readers to know about the Marco Sisters?

Jane:     Thanks for giving me a chance to tell what happened to me. I want everyone to know that Melissa, Kim and Lysa are after fame and money. They don’t care who they have to slaughter or who they lie to get those two things. Kim and Lysa want to be on the show so bad they both work on losing weight and getting plastic surgery like Melissa, but they are so ugly on the inside.  I have the messages saved so I can prove everything. I know how they use people to attack Teresa, family and her fans. They have 5 people handling at least 40 accounts that I know. I stopped watching the show because of them. It was a terrible experience I don’t wish on my worst enemy.

The interview lasted in excess of two hours. The aforementioned excerpts are intended to reveal the reality behind fan pages, and the dark world of Gorga Marco Fan pages. This interview sent us tumbling down the rabbit hole.

UPDATE: May 5, 2013 -True to Form: This evening, the account @MarcoSistersFan tweeted that it never gave an interview to Faux Reality Entertainment. It claimed that it stumbled upon the within interview and felt compelled to set the record straight.

Gorga / Marco Spin continues:

  • How could an account that hasn’t tweeted since September 2012, remarkably return the SAME day as the posting of the aforementioned interview?
  • Why would an account who when last tweeted sparred with Gorga/Marco suddenly be united on the SAME day of the posting of the aforementioned interview?
  • Why would a person who claims he/she runs the account fail to email Faux or post on the Faux site to proclaim imposter, but instead took to twitter?
  • Why would anti Melissa Gorga tweets by @Bino989 suddenly disappear from the TL of the account?

marco sisters caption

Simple – Jane Doe’s telephonic interview occurred on April 12, 2013. Prior to the interview, in order to prove custody of the account, Jane allowed me an opportunity to log into @MarcoSistersFan. Jane confirmed that she would relinquish the account on or about April 16, 2013 (prior to the publishing of the within interview). Jane was certain that upon the posting of the interview, the new custodian would react – and react they did.  

Stay tuned, Part 2 will include the identity of the accounts run by House of Marco together with the identity of the Marco family members running them.

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RHONJ: Melissa Gorga GUILTY to Failing to Use Child Safety Restraint

melissa gorga courtWith all the rumors swirling around, this will confirm that Melissa Gorga was in fact a guest of Boonton Township Municipal Court!  Missy was charged with the following violations:

  • NJSA 39:3-76.2A – Failing to have proper safety restraint on child
  • NJSA 39:8-1 – Failing to have Vehicle Inspected
  • NJSA 39:3-33 Failure to properly display license plate
  • NJSA 39:3-29B Failure to have Registration 
  • NJSA 39:3-29C Failure to have Insurance Card 

On April 30, 2013, Missy appeared in Court for what was supposed to be a first appearance to enter a plea.  Due to the confrontation that Missy had with the police officer, the Prosecutor indicated that he could not amend or dismiss any violations.  Missy’s request to seal the record (so that it would not be available to the public) was rejected.

In an effort to do damage control, the Gorga team requested to plead Guilty and be done with the entire matter. So, on April 30, 2013, Defendant Melissa Gorga pled as follows:

  • GUILTY to Failing to have proper safety restraint on child
  • GUILTY to Failing to have Vehicle Inspected
  • GUILTY to Failure to properly display license plates

The remaining violations were dismissed with court costs assessed against Melissa since she produced a registration and an insurance card for the Prosecutor.

We look forward to Melissa Gorga’s explanation on how Teresa Giudice is responsible for her failure to use proper safety restraints for her child.

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Exclusive: #RHONJ – Bryan Bowen Sets the Record Straight

Season 5Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 is scheduled to premier on June 2, 2013 and rumors are rampant.  Speculation is abound. Viewers want to know:

  • Will Teresa Giudice receive the “bad edit” yet again;
  • Will Melissa Gorga’s infidelities be exposed;
  • Will Jacqueline Laurita’s foreclosure and financial crisis be acknowledged;
  • Will Caroline Manzo stop breast feeding her adult children;
  • What Kim D event will be used as the backdrop for Season’s 5 “set up;”
  • Will Penny Drossos, Jennifer D and Elvira run for the hills when they see the crazy workings of RHONJ?
  • Will Kathy Wakile get a story line that doesn’t bore everyone to sleep?

So many questions and so much speculation. . .

One of the most anticipated questions revolve around Melissa Gorga’s infidelities. Various media outlets have opined that discussions of Melissa’s infidelities have been filmed.  There have been reports that Melissa’s ex-boyfriend, Bryan Bowen was included in the filming of Season 5.

On February 11, 2013, Radar OnLine reported that “a source close to the show” stated that while filming the December 3, 2012 Fashion Show, Penny Drossos telephoned Bryan Bowen regarding Melissa Gorga’s infidelities:

radar on line brian bulldog phone call

Anyone who knows Bryan Bowen or who follows him on twitter  (@Bulldog_NJ) for more than a New York minute knows that Bryan Bowen does not cower or go by an alias “Mike.” The Radar OnLine story as described by “the source close to the show” seemed contrived and unbelievable.

Express permission photo

So I asked Bryan if he would agree to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT to a very limited series of direct questions about Radar OnLine’s story and he agreed.  The following is my Exclusive interview with BRYAN BOWEN:

Faux: Bryan, did you talk to Penny Drossos on December 3, 2012 regarding Melissa Gorga?

Bryan: No, I didn’t talk to Penny or anyone else from the show about Melissa Gorga on December 3rd.

Faux: Have you ever been known as “Mike” on the show, and by show I mean Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Bryan: (smiles) Not that I know of.

Faux: So is Radar OnLine’s source incorrect when he or she stated that you were on a telephone call, known as Mike and you validated things regarding Melissa?

Bryan: The source was wrong.

Faux: Have you been contacted by Bravo or Production about Season 5? Okay, Okay, I withdraw the question, but you can’t blame me for trying. 

Thank you Bryan for setting the record straight. On behalf of viewers and your fans, we all look forward to you telling your story on Bravo or elsewhere.


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In the Life: The Story of Mob Royalty – Little Linda Scarpa

Growing up in an Italian neighborhood in Jersey City, NJ, I was fascinated by those ” In The Life” – the term used to describe the men who kept the neighborhood safe. Those men drove fancy cars, lived in amazing houses and their kids were treated like royalty by the locals. We knew who the wiseguys were, but not exactly what they did for a living, nor did we care. To us, they were our friends’ fathers or uncles who gave us money for ice cream, bought boxes of our girl scout cookies (and let us keep the cookies!!) and threw the most lavish parties for their kids.

linda scarpa and her dadDecades later, I have again become fascinated by a young woman who grew up “in the life” – Little Linda Scarpa, daughter of the late Greg Scarpa (Greg Scarpa was legendary in our neighborhood).

Linda Scarpa was one of kids that would have been treated like royalty in our neighborhood. Linda grew up privileged: parents who adored her, private schools, drivers, designer clothes and anything money could buy.

Fast forward to 2013, the young woman from the privileged past lost her father as she turned 25 years old. She was forced to reconcile the loving father with the stories of his “alternate” life wherein he played “judge, jury and executioner.”  The life, which surrounded her, while tragic, shaped Linda Scarpa into the woman she is today.

linda scarpaI Married A Mobster. She is currently writing her memoir as the daughter of the man feared by all wiseguys. In addition, Linda was just slated to star in an upcoming show entitled Boss Ladies.

So why does Linda Scarpa stand out among the wives, daughters, etc that have recently come under the spotlight?  It’s simple. . .

Linda is real. She tells it as it is – good, bad or otherwise. Whether Linda is interacting with a celebrity or the street sweeper, she treats people with the respect she deems they deserve – unaffected by financial status.

Anyone who follows Linda on twitter (@LindaScarpa) can readily see that she enjoys interacting with family, friends and fans. She has been and continues to be outspoken regarding the Mobwives Series – often questioning how “real” the “reality” show is.

Linda does not shy away from any question, but do not cross the line because her straight forward approach is never more evident than when Linda is schooling someone on proper respect. Linda uses words as her weapon of choice.

When a blogger sought to question Linda’s parent’s marital status, Linda shut the blogger down faster than “a speeding bullet.”  When a Mobwives groupie crossed the line regarding Linda’s family, Linda made it her mission to expose him for the fraud he turned out to be – she revealed that he faked being twitter “verified.” Shortly thereafter, he announced he was shutting down his account.

From Daddy’s privileged princess  . . . to the harsh family tragedies . . .

. . . Little Linda Scarpa . . . her star keeps rising.



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StilettoGate: RHONJ Brawl Leads to Charges of Assault & Terroristic Threats

Jacqueline-has-had-enoughSome people never learn . . .

The blonde girl is always the first to get hacked up in horror films;

The guy wearing the red shirt is always killed on Star Trek; and

A brawl always breaks out at Kim D parties with Jacqueline Laurita at the center of the controversy. . .

. . . it’s as certain as paying taxes and death.

So let’s tell a tale, a tale of a Grand Opening and Kim D’s promise to Bravo to deliver with a little help from her friends . . .

Throughout filming of Season 5, Kim D continued to schedule “events” and invite her RHONJ “friends” because her orders were to sponsor events until “something of interest” was captured on film.

Kim D scheduled the Grand Opening of a second location for her store in Ridgewood, NJ.  The event was scheduled so quickly that Production failed to obtain the requisite permits and insurance (town retroactively issued one of the requisite permits the following day). It is unclear whether the landlord’s permission was necessary pursuant to the provisions of the lease. Furthermore, it is unclear whether the State provided the proper licensing for hair/waxing services (all of which were offered and captured on film).

In order to lure Penny Drossos (known as PDKhair) and her husband, John Karagiorgis (known as @JohnnyTheGrk) to the March 30, 2013 event, Joe Gorga and Richard Wakile spent the weeks preceding the event contacting @JohnnyTheGrk, offering to have their wives film with Penny and obtaining Karagiorgis’ commitment to attend the event (in order to publicly prove that any strife was behind them).  Production asked Karagiorgis to attend in writing, confirming same the evening of the event.

On March 30, 2013, the invited guests were permitted entry according to a pre-arranged time table. As invited guests, Penny Drossos and her girlfriend were escorted into the salon, John Karagiorgis and three remaining guests were told to wait outside for their cue (they along with other guests waited for over an hour).

Upon entry, Penny Drossos was immediately confronted by Jacqueline Laurita who in a span of minutes went from asking if they knew each other, to making accusations about her autistic son, to apologizing to Penny Drossos and bursting into tears. Surrounding guests were stunned!!

Production then ushered Penny Drossos to Teresa Giudice. When Teresa asked Penny Drossos to back her up that it was Penny who brought up Melissa’s past at a prior event (this Season), Penny Drossos reminded Teresa that it was Teresa and Kim D who asked Penny to confirm who Melissa’s ex was because of a phone call Juicy allegedly received.  [In fact, last year, Twitterland was abuzz when various individuals  tweeted about Melissa's alleged infidelities and compromising pictures from Cancun, etc.]

As the drama among the housewives continued, furniture was rearranged, security moved into position and Jacqueline Laurita removed her shoes.  John Karagiorgis was cued to enter the salon and greet Joe Gorga, which Karagiorgis thought was in accordance with discussions he and Gorga had prior to filming. Instead of the friendly banter that Gorga had promised, Gorga turned purple with rage and was unable to “find his words” as soon as Karagiorgis greeted him.  Gorga erupted into a physical assault upon Mr. Karagiorgis. The Lauritas followed Gorga’s lead and Jacqueline Laurita ultimately attacked striking Karagiorgis in the head with the heel of her stiletto.

[Details of the brawl have been withheld - matter is subject of criminal investigation for indictment purposes]

Production refused to contact the police. Mr. Karagiorgis proceeded to the Ridgewood Police Department. While Karagiorgis was reporting the incident, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita ran home.

While at the Ridgewood Police Department, Mr. Karagiorgis’ demeanor was evaluated, he received medical attention, his injuries were documented and he was permitted to file the following charges:

  • Joe Gorga: assault and terroristic threats
  • Chris Laurita: assault and terroristic threats
  • Jacqueline Laurita: assault

On the following day, while Karagiorgios sought further medical attention, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita celebrated Easter with their families.

Classy Easter table March 31 day after fight

Shortly thereafter, Jacqueline Laurita commenced her all too familiar campaign of sending text messages (via cell phone) and direct messages (via tweeter) to Karagiorgios’ family members and friends and on twitter. Her messages ranged from insisting that she didn’t hit anyone with a shoe, to messages insisting that she “didn’t mean to hit” Mr. Karagiorgis.

On April 2, 2013, on World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD), Jacqueline Laurita took the time to taunt an autism advocate by falsely alleging that the advocate wanted Jacqueline to keep her son “a secret.” Laurita knew her tweet was false and was fully aware that such a tweet would cause her fans to attack @RealityJulie.  People who knew @RealityJulie to be a true autism advocate were outraged by Jacqueline Laurita’s blatant disregard for the truth and the harm to Julie.

jac on julie and autism

On Thursday, April 4, 2013, Joe Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita and Chris Laurita learned that they were charged with criminal complaints. The same day, they filed cross complaints against Karagiorgis.

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Original Photograph by Don Smith Staff Photographer for NorthJersey.Com and Altered by @AWenchLikeMe

Fortunately, the charges filed by Gorga and the Lauritas forced them to testify as to their version of the incident.  The testimony was predictable and inconsistent with the lapse in time from the brawl to reporting, etc. The unedited footage of the event has been demanded by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.

Contrary to Jacqueline Laurita’s advice to her daughter (when Ashlee assaulted Danielle Staub in Season 2), Jacqueline refuses to take responsibility for her actions.

There are so many unanswered questions:

  • Why would the Gorgas who claimed they have been stalked for “years” wait until they were charged to file cross complaints?
  • Why would Joe Gorga and his wife film with Penny Drossos less than a month earlier at Chakra in Paramus if they felt they were being stalked and cyberbullied?
  • Why would the Producers insist that Drossos and Karagiorgis attend Kim D’s event?
  • Why would Jacqueline Laurita send dozens of messages contradicting her Court testimony?
  • Why would Karagiorgis go to the Police and seek medical attention the night of the brawl if he was “on drugs” (as alleged by Jacqueline Laurita)?

Unlike Bravo, all unanswered questions will be answered courtesy of the Bergen County Judiciary.

#StilettoGate was coined by Autism Advocate and twitter personality extraordinaire @RealityJulie

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EXCLUSIVE: Life & Style Magazine – Melissa Gorga’s Image Shows Cracks

Since Melissa Marco Gorga was first introduced to the viewers of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, she has worked relentlessly to create an image of the perfect wife and the perfect mother with the perfect life.

The February 25, 2013 edition of Life & Style Magazine reports that Melissa Gorga’s perfect life is crumbling . . .

In Touch Story Melissa does not want

and Melissa is “scrambling to save the image of her ‘perfect marriage.’”

Melissa expected Season 5 would concentrate on her “blossoming” music career.  But it appears that the dream is quickly turning into a nightmare that Missy never anticipated.  Not only has her music career tanked, but the image of her perfect marriage has hit a Titanic size iceberg.

shamlsLife & Style Magazine questions whether the Gorga’s “love at first sight” story is ALL A SHAM.  The story seems to have been created without much forethought since Melissa’s past is coming out to contradict her head on.

“The only reason she [Missy] went with Joe is because Bulldog didn’t want to settle down. . .”

Scenes filmed on January 31, 2013 for Season 5 have opened the door for a very rocky road for the image created by Melissa Gorga.  As the “wholesome image” crumbles, where oh where does Melissa turn?

The Marco camp spin machine seem to be relying heavily on viewer sympathy, “why ruin the reputation of a wife and mother?” Yet, it is Missy who attempted to build on the “wholesome girl victimized by evil sister in law Teresa Giudice.”

Who can forget Joey Gorga’s Reunion declaration that he followed his father’s advice and picked a girl that “walks a straight line.” Well, it appears that the only walk Missy has done is a walk of shame.  


Hopefully Papa Gorga will counsel Joey Gorga on what to do about the latest allegations of Melissa Gorga’s infidelity.

kim and melissaSources confirm that Kim D “smiles” and plays one cast mate against the other as she peddles her merchandise. Kim D banks on the fact that no one is talking to each other so her treachery is safe for the time being.

pennyWhen Kim D was unable to deliver, Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis was summoned to the rescue. According to Life & Style, “Penny is Bringing the Drama.”

Until recently, it was unclear whether Penny DK would appear on Season 5 since she refused to be Kim D’s side kick.

Life & Style reports that Penny DK will appear in Season 5.  As a successful salon owner, Penny DK was able to answer many of the yet unanswered questions about Melissa’s past.

Inside sources confirm that Penny’s responses to questions regarding Missy’s past will not be evasive or vague.

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EXCLUSIVE: Bryan Bowen Courted By Numerous Media Outlets

bryan bowen


Several weeks ago, twitter exploded when Fame Whorgas identified Bryan Bowen as Melissa Gorga’s ex boyfriend. Within minutes, Melissa’s camp attacked Mr Bowen with vile comments about his recent brain surgery. Bowen responded by wishing them well in their endeavors, maintaining his composure, never stooping to their level.

An inside source close to Mr. Bowen has advised that Mr. Bowen is being bombarded with requests to tell details of his and his family’s dealings with Melissa Marco Gorga and the Marco Family.

While initially resisting such requests, the inside source stated:

“Bro thought they were joking. Then her and her family started in on him opening their mouths. He’s not lookin’ to hurt her. But the truth is the truth and seems psycho forgot he knows it.”

When asked who “they” were, the inside source identified “they” as various media outlets that have already offered to provide Mr. Bowen with a platform to tell his story.  When asked to clarify who “psycho” was, the inside source responded “that’s Melissa Marco, she’s psycho girl. We used to call her fatal attraction girl”.

Mr. Bowen has revealed some of Melissa’s bizarre behavior during their relationship in recent tweets. He tweeted that his father threw Melissa out of their home after an 8 months stint when Melissa moved in to the Bowen family home. Donna Marco, Melissa’s mother immediately apologized to Bowen’s father so there was no need for police intervention.

Mr. Bowen detailed some of Melissa’s obsessive behavior indicating that Melissa went thru his parent’s mail, tried to hit him with a vehicle and would hide in the bushes.

Mr. Bowen further tweeted that one evening Melissa gave him an ultimatum or she “would marry the millionaire.” According to Mr. Bowen’s tweet, Melissa was married to Joey Gorga 3 months later.  Bowen also tweeted that Melissa continued to wear a cross pendant that he had purchased for her.  This puts a serious crimp in Melissa’s “love at first sight happily ever after” story.

It appears that Mr. Bowen has ignored Melissa’s sister’s telephone call to his friend and tweets requesting that he stop making public statements.

With the scintillating tidbits that Mr. Bowen has disclosed on twitter, it is no wonder that the media frenzy to get the details of the volatile Bowen / Melissa Macro relationship has begun.

bulldog pic 2 crop

Our inside source has indicated that Mr. Bowen is close to making a decision on the Media outlet that will get the REAL and UNCENSORED story regarding Real Housewife of New Jersey Melissa Marco Gorga.

melissa on nj giudo crop

As we sit and wait for the great reveal, we wonder how Melissa Marco is handling the unraveling of her most guarded secrets.

It appears that Melissa Marco is terribly concerned about what Bryan intends to say because she has vocalized her support for those posting the most vile attacks against him.

Our inside source has advised that Mr. Bowen is in the final stages of a deal with a media outlet for a tell all on all aspects of his relationship with Melissa Marco Gorga. Perhaps Missy shouldn’t have issued such a public challenge because it appears that her challenge will be met.


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Sandy Relief: Time to Help JR’s Ocean Bar & Grill

The power of twitter has recently brought us someone from Melissa Gorga’s past, Bryan known as @bulldog_nj. Byran has been attacked, ridiculed and tormented by the Macro clan for just existing. His response to these unwarranted attacks has been to explain that he owns his past and he looks forward to his future.

Throughout the twitter storm, Bryan has asked for nothing. In fact, while being attacked, he mentioned that his friend JR’s Ocean Bar & Grill lost everything during Storm Sandy.

jr ocean bar

So while we may not be able to stop the attacks on Bryan, Faux Reality Entertainment wants to help in a constructive way. We have contacted JR’s Ocean Bar & Grill and seek to coordinate any assistance, financial or otherwise that we can provide. We ask our readers do the same. We will post the information as soon as we receive same from JR Ocean Bar & Grill, located in Seaside Heights, NJ.

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Gorga: Shirtless Man in Hotel Room with Joey Gorga Revealed

Joey Gorga’s tweets are often strange and difficult to follow since he posts like a horny teenager. He never fails to surpass his bizarre behavior.


Last week was no exception.  On or about Saturday, January 19, 2013, Melissa Gorga posted that she and Joey were dining with friends.  The photograph is interesting in that Melissa made no attempt to get close to “the love of her life.”

Joey Melissa with sergio and lisa

At 1:30 am that evening, Joey Gorga tweeted the following:

joey gorga and shirt less manWho was the shirtless man, what was he doing in a hotel room at 1:30 am with Joey Gorga and why was Joey asking his tweeter followers what they thought of “his boys [sic] body”?

Yesterday, Joey Gorga posted a photo with shirtless man stating that “life is good”

joey gorga shirtless sergio life is goodIn the photo are Melissa Gorga’s mother’s boyfriend, Melissa’s Brother in law Scott Simpson and shirtless man. The “women” took a separate photo:

gorga lisa roberti dinner with melissa

We know that the Gorgas crave publicity and we wouldn’t put it past them to use the Kim Z and Danielle Staub trick of feigning a same sex relationship to please the network.

Shirtless man’s wife has a twitter acct that sent 7 tweets since August, 2012, all tweets are about their encounters with the Gorgas. Nevertheless, shirtless man seems to have become attached to Joey Gorga as of late.

A source close to Joey Gorga has revealed that shirtless man is Sergio Roberti. His wife’s name is Lisa and they have become “close” to the Gorgas as of late.

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A Miami Love Story: I Will Love You Until . . .

“I will love you until the day after forever . . . ”


What happens when the Sexiest Top Model in the World falls in love with the handsome owner of the top nightclub in South Beach? For Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago . . . Fireworks!

joanna_krupa_by_somalo_crop nameJoanna Krupa provides viewers with an interesting prospective into the life of a self-made career woman.  RHOM depicts Joanna’s struggle to balance the demands of her professional career with her personal life.  As a stunning model and philanthropist, there seems to be little time for her fiancé.

Joanna is not only a top model and animal rights activist, the multi-talented Polish beauty is also an advocate for children, an actress, a TV host and a poker enthusiast. She is a recurring guest on Fox Business Channel and CNN HDL .  In fact, Joanna’s biography lists an endless stream of professional accomplishments.

romain zago portraitRomain Zago is the owner of one of the most exclusive night clubs in Miami, Mynt Lounge.  RHOM viewers observe as Romain operates a demanding business while coping with a high octane and volatile relationship.

Romain was born in France, raised in Brazil and now calls the United States his home. His meteoric rise from manager to owner culminated in a milestone celebration in 2012 – the ten year anniversary of Mynt Lounge.

Joanna and Romain survived a season of disturbing emails, tattling phone calls and MMA type dinner parties.  After viewing the tumultuous relationship, viewers cheered as Romain renewed his proposal to Joanna in the Finale . . . rose petals, tears, and heartfelt vows . . .

                . . .  And they lived happily ever after   . . .  NOT SO FAST . . .

The Fireworks continued even after the show ended as fans were mesmerized by what would happen.

joanna breaks upShortly after the airing of the RHOM Finale, Joanna announced that she had broken the engagement. She immediately removed any trace of photographs with Romain from her twitter account. Romain celebrated his Birthday party at Mynt Lounge sans Joanna.  The couple, who actively interacted on a daily basis with fans on twitter, all but disappeared.

Viewers felt the agony of the broken relationship as it permeated their respective twitter accounts. Was the relationship salvageable; would the power couple survive the storm; how would (or could) they mend broken hearts?

krupa broken heart

So what would the affluent nightclub owner do? Impress his lady with diamonds . . . a car . . . an exotic vacation? No No No.

Romain knew that Joanna would not be impressed by expensive gifts.  Big love and a big break up require a grand gesture so Romain called in the Big Gun.

jolanta krupa

Jolanta Krupa!

Knowing how much Joanna admires her mother, it was clear who would be the voice of reason.  Game on. Would Jolanta pick up the gauntlet and get RHOM’s power couple back together?

“I’ll love you until the day after forever” said the Prince to his Princess. Not long after Jolanta’s intervention, Romain and Joanna were seen on the beach. From the looks of it, it appears that the tears are behind them.

5 krupa

Shortly thereafter, twitter was flooded with congratulatory tweets, asking when and where the wedding would be.

With the introduction of the New Year, Mynt Lounge was the setting for a spectacular celebration as the Miami Love Story continues  . . .

Krupa new years

We look forward to the broadcast of the wedding of the Power Couple that has captivated viewers of RHOM.

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Exclusive RHONJ: Jewelry Launch or Cage Fight at Il Tulipano

EXCLUSIVE – Season 5 Filming

On January 18, 2013, RHONJ filmed the launch for Kim DePaolo’s Jewelry Line at Il Tulipano in Cedar Grove. . . Cuffs by Kim D. The event will be part of the much anticipated Season 5.

Since Kim D’s 2012 Annual Fashion Show was uneventful, it was imperative to assemble the cast for a dynamic event.  What better way then to utilize Kim D’s expert skills at causing mayhem.

all 450

Kim D enticed Teresa Giudice into attending the Launch by insisting that Fabellini wine and accessories would be prominently displayed and marketed throughout the evening.

fabellini products

Teresa was accompanied by her in laws, Peter & Sheila Giudice and her friend, Priscilla DiStasio.

Also present were Caroline Manzo, Rosie Pierri, Melissa and Joey Gorga.  It is unclear if Kathy Wakile attended the party since, even when Kathy attends an event, her contribution is minimal and rather forgettable.

rosie with caroline in backgroundRosie Pierri was her lovable unsophisticated self in her cardigan sweater as she tried on leather cuffs. Carolina Manzo can be seen over Rosie’s shoulder, preaching to an unsuspecting attendee.

The evening would not have been complete without the requisite beat on Teresa Giudice fest.

A source who attended the launch party confirmed to Faux Reality that as Kim D stood by, Theresa Giudice was confronted by her brother, Joey Gorga who berated his sister for the cameras and the amusement of the other attendees.  Joey Gorga had been released from the hospital earlier in the week.  Not to be outdone, Caroline Manzo could not pass up an opportunity to “add her 2 cents” by telling Teresa that she was responsible for all that is wrong in the world.

It appears that as Season 5 continues to film, Faux Reality’s prediction that Kim D is only out for Kim D is coming to fruition.

kim d with cupcakes

As Kim D offers the viewers a cupcake, Teresa Giudice continues to battle the wolves thrust upon her by Bravo.

PS: All desserts were safe for human consumption.  Fortunately, Kathy Wakile did not have to break out her Easy Bake Oven.

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Little Boy Joe Francis Invokes the 5th Amendment

It appears that Joe Francis is once again the focus of legal drama. If the Federal Criminal Matter and the Vegas Mogul case weren’t bad enough:

On November 26, 2012, while testifying about his assets, Joe Francis invoked the Constitutional Right against Self Incrimination on more than 50 occasions. It appears that Francis is concerned that the IRS may be less than thrilled with the manner in which his taxable income is (or is not) reported.

Attorneys asked that Francis be held in contempt and jailed if he doesn’t produce corporate records.

In April 2012, Tamara Favazza obtained a $5.8 million dollar judgment against Joe Francis’ Girls Gone Wild Franchise. Favazza alleged that a member of the production company lifted her top without her consent and subsequently distributed the video.  Ms. Favazza was 20 years old at the time of the incident and can be seen on the video saying “no”.

The November 26, 2012 hearing is a post judgment discovery hearing to determine Joe Francis’ assets to collect on the judgment.  During the hearing, the Judge declared that Francis “appeared was playing some kind of game” with the Court.  Francis’ attorneys warned Francis several times to “stop talking.”

Francis invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination throughout the hearing. However, since he partially answered questions, Ms. Favazza’s attorneys argued that Francis waived his right to remain silent and was obligated to answer the questions concerning his alleged transfer of assets that drained his companies to avoid payment of judgments.

The attorneys are expected to return to Court this week so stay tuned.


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RHONJ: Kim DePaolo’s Campaign To Join RHONJ Promises What She Can’t Deliver

Kim DePaolo has made guest appearances in all 4 Seasons of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In past seasons, Kim was part of the scenery. Kim’s shop and her fashion show provided the backdrop for much of the drama caused by the housewives.

Season 4 was the first time that Kim was invited to the Reunion to answer questions about the dramatic Finale. Viewers wanted answers to the following questions:

  • Who invited Melissa Gorga’s former manager to the Fashion Show?
  • Did Teresa know that the former manager would confront Melissa? and
  • Was Melissa a dancer?

Kim led Bravo and viewers to believe she had the answers.

Unfortunately, Kim failed to provide responsive answers to the questions – mainly because she was motivated by a not too hidden agenda to show Bravo that she could deliver sensational story lines.

Kim failed to inform Bravo that she did not mastermind the confrontation, nor could she have coordinated the attendance of the key players.

Faux Reality shows Kim as a business woman who “seems to have opportunities just fall in her lap.”

Reality does not require a brick to the head. Hit with Brick CLUNK

Kim has been masterful at drawing people into her web, gathering information and parlaying that information to her advantage (alla Herbert Hoover).  After all, she’s related (by marriage) to Kim Granatell.

Kim admitted that she speaks to Jacqueline on a daily basis and that she and Caroline “go way back.”

In fact, in Season 2 Kim and her former boyfriend Mike D attended the Sheriff’s Fundraiser at the Manzo’s Franklin Lakes home, wherein she excited Caroline by “volunteering” that Danielle Staub owed her $400.

It is this divided (questionable) loyalty that prevented Kim from providing responsive answers to questions surrounding the Fashion Show at the Reunion.  Kim was vague about Teresa’s involvement and advanced knowledge. Kim’s explanation regarding the presence of Melissa’s former manager left viewers more confused than before her appearance. Kim repeatedly refused to exonerate Teresa when Jacqueline and Caroline proclaimed that Kim told them that Teresa was involved in the Fashion Show confrontation.

So why is Kim straddling the Giudice/Manzo/Laurita fence? Why didn’t Kim explain how Melissa’s former manager came to attend the Fashion Show? Why didn’t she admit who orchestrated the drama instead of simply stating that “opportunities fall in her lap?”

Answer: Kim looks out for Kim without regard for Caroline, Teresa or Jacqueline (her so called “friends”).


BravoTV needed a Finale.  Faux Reality dictates that the Finale would be an unscripted sensational spontaneous occurrence during the course of filming. Reality was that BravoTV sought to invite people to the Fashion Show to maximize the dramatic conclusion for Season 4:

  • Danielle Staub refused to attend without adequate compensation and because she refused to promote Kim’s Show
  • Kim Granatell didn’t trust Bravo after it’s unflattering editing in Season 3

A Bravo Bird advised Faux Reality that Bravo turned to a woman from Melissa’s past, Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis. Penny’s family owned the club where Missy “bartended for $100 tips”; Penny knew Missy before her marriage to Joey; Penny knew how Missy met Joey; and, Penny could coordinate a meeting between Missy and her past. 

Kim named Penny the Artistic Stylist for the Fashion Show and Penny helped with the Fashion Show “Guest List.”

After filming the Season 4 Finale, Kim approached Bravo about offering her a contract to appear in Season 5.  A Bravo Bird advised Faux Reality that in order to entice Bravo, Kim guaranteed Bravo that she could deliver Penny and Kim G (without the need to contract with them) anytime Bravo needed them.

Faux Reality seeks to confirm whether Penny and Kim G have agreed that they will appear without compensation in order to assist Kim in obtaining a contract from Bravo.

When asked if Penny agreed to film free to assist Kim in obtaining a contract with Bravo, Penny’s husband @JohnnyTheGreek responded as follows:

Kim is a friend & wish everyone nothing but the best, but nothing in life is ever free, Is it?

Not knowing what the hell that meant, we responded:

Platitudes not necessary. Yes or No, did Penny agree to appear for free to help Kim D land contract?

No one has provided a responsive answer to the inquiry. So, all that is certain is that the Bravo Birdie confirmed that Kim may have parlayed her relationship with Penny and her familial relationship with Kim G into a Bravo contract.

All the ladies of RHONJ need to be cautious with Kim DePaolo because she has proven for the last Four Seasons that her loyalty lies with whomever can deliver what’s best for Kim.  The only person who is on to Kim’s true character is Missy Gorga.


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Dumb & Dumber : Dumbest Couple on Bravo

Who is the dumbest couple of the Real Housewives’ franchises?

Just when Faux Reality shows Missy and Joey as the perfect little nymphomaniacs of the franchises, reality hits us smack between the eyes to show that Dumb and Dumber belong together. [Please pull out the Dictionary of Stupid Translations to decipher what Dumb and Dumber mean hereinunder]

The 2nd Grade teacher wannabe who made $100 tips for serving drinks states that she means it when she calls a WHAT?

Bless Missy’s Non-Existent Heart!

How many times did it take for the 2nd Grade teacher wannabe (who needed bigger boobs)  to “EGGMIT” IT . . .

This is the VICTIM who called her  in laws dumb and dumber? Clearly she hadn’t heard of the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” sing-a-long.

When a fan asks Joey to send a tweet to her deployed  husband, how does Dumber respond?

Clearly Brad shouldn’t “quick” when another door opens.


Just when Dumber finally begins to “learn his letters” . . .

Reality shows that he’s still a dummy because he plagiarized the tweet from Madea:

“Joey, I know Madea, and u Joey, are no Madea!” Then again if Madea helps Joey Dummy Pants learn his alphabet, maybe violating basic twitter terms isn’t that bad.

When Dumber was called on the plagiarized tweet, his response was to plagiarize yet another tweet:

The only thing worse than a dummy is a dummy who thinks he’s a Genius.

Of course who can ever forget Orange man’s tweet thanking the best sis:

So pop quiz time, who is the dumbest couple of Reality TV?

Special thanks and shout out to Plagiarism Police Sucka @USoCrazay and Madepiley for her entertaining Videos!!

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Interruption due to Hurricane Sandy: Post or Email if You Need Assistance

Sorry for the Interruption Due to Hurricane Sandy. This site is back up and ready to go with Legal Issues involving Housewives!!

If anyone that was effected by Hurricane Sandy needs any assistance please post what u need or send an email to Faux.Reality@Yahoo.com. If you want it kept confidential, we will not reveal, but will try to get you anything you need!!

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The Incestuous Family Known As Bravo TV

Faux reality portrays BravoTV as a group of executives that have discovered a successful formula to turn a profit:  ”reality” shows that are inexpensive to produce. Writers, actors, and sets are not needed so overhead is minimal.  As a result, Bravo claims to deliver “real” people as they live their lives.

Yet we, the viewer keep seeing Bloopers that have us scratching our heads regarding how real these shows are. Time and time again the behind the scenes drama seems to overtake the filmed version.  The incestuous relationships among cast, crew and producers are truly fascinating.

With regard to Ryan Seacrest:

Bravo has repeatedly used Ryan Seacrest to promote the Housewives’ music ventures.  On various occasions Missy Gorga was filmed talking to Seacrest regarding her music. Her songs appear on Seacreat’s web page.

“What is Seacrest’s relationship to Bravo?” you ask.  Seacrest’s company produces Shahs of Sunset.  Scratching the other’s back allows Bravo to use Seacrest’s popularity in the music industry to promote the housewives’ singing ventures while Seacrest’s production company reaps the benefits of a show on Bravo.

With regard to Mohamed Hadid:

Mohamed Hadid was initially introduced to viewers on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Lisa Vanderpump’s friend. Mr. Hadid’s mega mansion was used as the venue for Pandora Vanderpump’s engagement party. Mr. Hadid is easy to spot, he always the beautiful young super model draped over his arm.

Then Mr. Hadid was showcased on Shahs of Sunset. He and his latest multi-million dollar mansion were featured when he allowed Sammy to oversee some of the over the top renovations.

Mr. Hadid’s ex wife is Yolanda Hadid Foster, the new housewife of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Yolanda’s current husband is David Foster (Find out who David Foster is)

Mohamed and Yolanda have three children: Gigi, Bella & Anwar. Gigi is the face of Guess. Bella is an award winning equestrian.

Joe Francis recently mentioned “his friend Mohamed” on Real Housewives of Miami during the argument between Joe Francis and Joanna Krupa.  Francis dropped the bomb by stating that “his friend Mohamed” had been with Joanna.  Joanna looked genuinely surprised by the statement.  Could Mohamed be Mohamed Hadid?  As soon as the episode aired, Golnesa “Gigi” Gharachedaghi of Shahs of Sunset tweeted her support.

Mr. Hadid does not appear the type of man to kiss and tell, in fact, it is mission impossible to find an internet photo with Mr. Hadid with his lady friends. So why would Francis pull that statement of the air?

Upon review, it has become clear that the statement was premeditated and calculated to send a message. This message is not about Kardashians, Krupa or helicopters. It’s personal . . .

Joe Francis is the first to admit that he has been to jail on a number of occasions for various criminal charges. He also admits that he met Roy Black when Mr. Black represented him on one of the criminal charges.

In 2008, the Office of the United States Attorney filed criminal charges against Joe Francis.  The Government named various key witnesses in it’s Federal case against Joe Francis. One of those witnesses is well known in the Housewives franchises . . .


The Government Witness against Joseph R. Francis was none other than Mohamed Hadid. Shortly after the Government opposed production of handwritten notes, Joe Francis accepted a plea deal.

In order to believe Joe Francis regarding Joanna Krupa, one would have to believe the IMPOSSIBLE,  that:

  • Hadid and he made peace after Hadid was identified as the Government’s witness in the criminal case against him; and

  • Hadid and he not only made peace, but are buddies to the point that Hadid is telling Francis about his past conquests.
I’m sorry Joe, we’re not buying it. It’s safe to say that the boys have not made up and Francis was less than truthful about his friendship with Hadid and prior relationships with Joanna Krupa. 

This article is a work in progress. . . incomplete . . . documents are coming in faster than we can process them. WOW



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One Unforgetable Day for Joe Francis: $40 Million Dollar Judgment For Slandering Casino Mogul

UPDATED: November 12, 2012

Once upon a time, there was a very insecure boy . . . ALLEGEDLY. . .

And this insecure boy had a rather interesting childhood . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

As this insecure boy became a man, he decided to turn the tables on those that he felt bullied him . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

So the insecure man targeted beautiful young women who had ignored him by filming them in embarrassing situations and and producing gutter videos . . . ALEGEDLY . . .


As the insecure man made money, he acquired a false since of invincibility . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

The insecure man thought he could do and say anything he wanted without concern for the truth . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

After the insecure man raked up approximately $2 million dollars in gambling debts at the Wynn Casino in Vegas, the Casino sued the insecure man for recovery of the debts  . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

The insecure man countered by saying that Vegas Billianaire Steve Wynn threatened to kill him and bury him in a hole in the desert . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

Vegas Mogul Steve Wynn was not happy with the insecure man’s false, slanderous comments . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

So Vegas Mogul sued the insecure man for slander, defamation for attempting to ruin his reputation . . . ALLEGEDLY . . .

In or about September, 2012, Casino Mogul Steve Wynn was awarded $40 million dollars by a Jury, which included punitive damages . . .

. . . . NO ALLEGEDLY about it. . . . The Jury determined that Joseph Francis sought to defame Steve Wynn by making false statements about him and as such injured his reputation. In making these findings, the Jury determined that Joseph Francis LIED.

[insert court docs]

Billionaire Wynn advised that he intends to donate the funds to battered women and wounded soldiers. A statement released by Mr. Wynn stated:

Joe Francis represents a new kind of criminal type: the digital assassin. He takes advantage of the protection afforded by the Internet to issue intentionally destructive charges against someone’s reputation, knowing full well that in the age of the Internet those statements will live forever.

His actions present a new challenge to society created by technology and the instantaneous news cycle.  The inflammatory information goes up instantly and stays forever, unchallenged and unproven, to the misery and detriment of any citizen that is a victim. The only remedy is a long road, an expensive road, to a trial before 12 fellow citizens. Most citizens don’t have the time or the resources to defend themselves and find the truth in a courtroom before a jury of their peers.

In this case, with this unbelievably reckless human being, Joe Francis, I am a surrogate, a stand in, for all the people with any reputation or in any business, or even just a private citizen, who can be wildly attacked.

Thank God for the justice system that finally sent a message: if you think you’re taking a cheap shot, it may be a lot more expensive than you had imagined. Therefore, think before you post; think before you speak; hesitate before you start to destroy someone’s character. There may be a day of reckoning.

Moral of the story: Joe Francis shouldn’t be slandering Casino Moguls or wives of Night Club owners. So Joey might want to apologize to Romain Zago and Joanna Krupa because the foundation has already been LAID that he’s a big fat LIAR.

In or about November 12, 2012, the trial judge granted Francis’ motion to set aside the punitive portion of the verdict and upheld the verdict in the amount of $19 million. A punitive damage award must be based upon a Defendant’s net worth, since Wynn did not prove how much Francis was worth, the trial judge set aside the punitive portion of the $40 million award.

The trail judge refused to set aside the jury’s damage award in the amount of $19 million. It appears that Joe Francis has a long hard fight to get the remainder of the damage portion overturned since the trial judge strengthened the factual and legal conclusions.



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In the Pipeline: Gorga: We Pay Our Bills . . . Sometimes . . . But not lately

In another installment of As The Gorgas Turn, it appears that when Melissa Gorga announced “We Pay Our Bills” what she really meant to say was “We Pay Our Bills . . . sometimes .  .  . but not lately .  .  . so call me . . . maybe .  .  . baayyybeee”

It appears that the very successful businessman that Faux Reality portrays is sinking rapidly. Tax Liens on Gorga’s properties have been outstanding for so long that they can now be purchased by third parties in the form of tax lien certificates.

Cities give property owners incentive to pay their property taxes on time – if they don’t pay they are assessed a penalty of 18% interest on over due amount and a tax lien certificate is issued.  The city then sells the tax lien certificate to a third party at auction. The third party purchases the certificate to pay off the property taxes and in turn is entitled to collect the taxes, plus 18% interest per year from the property owner.  Tax lien certificates are superior to other liens or mortgages (except Federal liens), so the third party who purchases the tax lien certificate can force a foreclosure.

Apparently the Gorgas didn’t pay their property taxes on the Paterson property because the City of Paterson recorded several Tax Lien Certificates

On September 5, 2012, Pro Capital I, LLC purchased the following:

On   [insert all tax lien certificates]

Why would a successful businessman fail to pay his taxes for such a period of time to allow a tax lien certificate to be auctioned in foreclosure?

Why would a successful businessman need private short term loans with artificially inflated interest rates?

Insert docs


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In the Pipe Line: Richard Wakile is Becoming a Professional Defendant

Richard Wakile is no stranger to the Judicial system. In fact, he has surpassed Joey Gorga as most named Defendant in New Jersey Superior Court.

Rich was the subject of at least 16 lawsuits that we were able to verify.

StoopidHousewives reported on Exxon’s claims against Richard, where Exxon obtained a judgment against Rich for $113,ooo and he admitted by default forging his partner’s name on documents.

But there is so much more!

Recently, Rich was sued in the case entitled Natural Paradise Landscaping vs. Richard Wakile.

Natural Paradise alleged that it had provided landscaping services for over a year ending in October 2011 at the Wakile residence without payment. Natural Paradise sued Richard Wakile for unjust enrichment and breach of contract. On or about September 24, 2012, the Judge found in favor of Natural Paradise and against Rich.

For two seasons, Kathy insisted that Rich’s comments about Teresa were said “in jest.” “It’s his off color nutty sense of humor.” Those who experienced Rich’s tweets saw disrespectful inappropriate behavior when dealing with women. Those tweets were usually deleted within days of their posting. It appears that Rich’s conflicts with women have found their way to the Court House steps.

On July 20, 2011, Joan Deprospo sued Richard Wakile in Passaic County.

Rich resolved the matter with Ms. Deprospo on December 9, 2011.

Twenty days after resolving the matter with Joan Deprospo, on December 29, 2011, Shawndra Miller sued Richard Wakile.

insert document

The cases identifed hereinbelow are in the Active listing of the Superior Court of New Jersey:

Active listing simply means that the lawsuits have not been archived yet for purposes of record keeping, it does not mean that the cases are still being litigated.

Archived cases for Richard Wakile show an 10 additional lawsuits, identified as follows:

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WAKILE: Cannoli-Gate – The Dark Side

Cannoli are synonymous with celebrations . . . parties . . . good times . . . a little tube of heaven.

Who can forget the quaint dinner Joe and Teresa Giudice held for Caroline Manzo and her young son during Season 2. The dinner was topped off with an incredible plate of Cannoli, fruits, other sweet delicacies made by Teresa Giudice.

Years before Kathy Wakile and her titimisu offered in the parking lot next door to the Totowa Cemetery, Teresa was cooking, baking, taking care of her rambunctious young daughters and showing her daughters and viewers the true meaning of Italian traditions.

Bottling tomatoes with their grandparents:

Making brick oven pizza with the extended family:


Baby Audriana’s birth and Christening – no name calling, no drunken brawls and no bloodshed.

Watching Gia as she maneuvers her way through the world of modeling, acting, and dancing.

The trip to Italy filled with scenic vistas and amazing food, including CANNOLI!

Fast forward to Season 3 and Season 4 and the Dark Side of “respect” and “old school” as we are plunged into Cannoli-Gate.

With the introduction of Katerina Wakile, we come to learn that she and/or her mother invented Italian cuisine from the inception of time to present. Apparently, Kathy lurks around libraries and bookstores, and points to photos in cookbooks identifing each photo as “my mother’s _________ [insert name of food in photo].”

In Season 4, Kathy met with the executives of Bindi to discuss marketing her desserts.  Kathy is conveniently vague about what, if anything, came from her disasterous meeting with the Bindi executives (where her husband announced that she tastes like fish).

Faux Reality wants us to believe that Bindi jumped at the chance to have Kathy (the inventor of all Italian desserts) partner with Bindi. The Reality is quite different.


Bindi is a highly respected Italian company that was established by the Bindi family in 1946. Most of it’s gourmet dessert product line is produced in Italy and imported to the United States for distribution. Bindi sets forth it’s values.

It was highly unlikely that a 60 year old Italian company with Master Pastry Chefs on staff would suddenly partner with a woman with no formal training to make it’s cannoli.  Bindi has been marketing its own cannoli years before Kathy claimed that she and/or her mother invented them. Bindi has also had a  cannoli kit, not as popular as it’s ready made, flash frozen cannoli, but a cannoli kit nonetheless.

So why has Kathy Wakile been so vague about whether Bindi partnered with her and “her Cannoli kit?”  After all the swipes Kathy took at Teresa for the recipes, wouldn’t Kathy want to make it clear what part she played in the recipe, manufacture and distribution of the kit that she intends to introduce to QVC in less than 2 months?

If Kathy was able to structure a deal with Bindi, she would be flaunting it. The deal is as follows:

Bindi refused to have their name associated with Kathy Wakile or her companies. Bindi agreed to reactivate it’s cannoli kit (that it has not actively marketed) under a different label (unassociated with Bindi), it will allow Wakile to name and market the cannoli kit. In exchange Wakile will receive a percentage of net sales. 

How ironic that after Kathy’s snide comments to Teresa about her mother’s pizzelle cookies, Kathy will be promoting a cannoli kit that is not a Pierri recipe.

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The House That Came Between Joey & Papa Gorga

Why would Joey Gorga blurt out that he pays his parent’s rent but was forced to sell the house they occupied?

The Faux Reality was that Joey and Melissa are such wonderful souls that they provide financial support to ailing Papa Gorga.  Reality is a sordid tale of deception and greed. How devious can a son be to fulfill his wife’s ambitions?

Some of the names have been changed and information redacted from documents to protect the privacy of Papa Gorga.

Papa Gorga has worked his whole life in the shoe repair business as the sole wage earner, he and his wife Antonietta raised their kids, they bought a house,  their kids married, they fussed over their grandchildren – they were living the American Dream.

Papa and Antonietta were happy in their home in Paterson. They raised their kids there and “we will live here for another 100 years until God takes us to a better place.” They don’t need glitz – they are happy with their tomato plants, memories and their grandkids. But Joey needed their help so they agreed to sell their Paterson property and move to the Old Ridge Road property to help their son.

Sordid History of the Old Ridge Road Property

Joey Gorga owned property on Old Ridge Road which he bought for $500,000 in 2002. It was a modest home on a modest block for modest folks. It was the home that Joey intended to occupy before he realized that he needed to impress if he were going to attract the “non gold digging type.”

Because the real estate market tanked, Joey couldn’t sell the home without a substantial loss when he ultimately decided to build in Franklin Lakes, so the Old Ridge Road property remained as rental income.

In or about February 2, 2007, Joey purchased the land for the love shack in Montville. Now he desperately needed money to build the 13,000 square foot uber mansion (which has surprisingly shrunk to less than 10,000 square feet.

In order to help to fund building Montville, on May 18, 2007, Joey took out a mortgage on the Old Ridge Road property for the amount of $500,000. Since he could not qualify on his own, Joey put his father’s name on the Mortgage – thus exposing his father to potential liability even though his father did not own an interest in either Montville or Old Ridge Road. Why would Joey expose his father to potential liability without providing his father any interest in the underlying asset. Greed! Who exposes an ailing parent to potentially losing his home if the underlying debt cannot be repaid? Greed!

It gets worse.

On August 6, 2007, Joey forces his father to take out a line of credit in the amount of $100,000.

It gets worse.

On February 13, 2009, Joey Gorga and Melissa Gorga and their heirs are sued in a foreclosure action by National City Mortgage.  They are desparate!

November 17, 2009 is a pivotal date.  Several odd transactions occur on November 17, 2009 . . . all at the direction of Joey Gorga.

First, Joey sells the Old Ridge Road house to his parents for $440,000. The house is assessed at $286,000. [will verify to see how close to appraised value is to assessed value]. First National Bank of America has a  $500,000 first mortgage on the property and Papa Gorga has a $100,000 line of credit.

On that same day, “Anthony DeLorenzo” (a friend of Joey Gorga) borrows money from two private lenders and uses the Old Ridge Property that is now allegedly owned by Papa and Antonio Gorga as collateral. Both are short term loans. The first is $145,000 at 8% interest to be paid in 2 years by November 9, 2011.

The second is $325,000 that is structured as a balloon to be paid in 3 years on December 31, 2012.

On August 23, 2010, Anthony DeLorenzo sold the Old Ridge Road property to the current owners.

When did DeLorenzo buy the property? Were the private loans made to Joey and Joey failed to pay them back, thus prompting Anthony to “foreclose” on the property? Did Papa Gorga live in the house thinking it was his property only to be forced out!

work in progress, still completing

All documents provided herein are provided by a licensed Title Company.   Faux Reality posts only if it can substantiate with documentary evidence. Nothing is based upon hearsay, undisclosed recordings, speculation or assumptions. No intoxicated xanax induced or lip syncing women were harmed in the preparation of this article.

Faux Reality doesn’t sweat the fools, no need to play in Faux’s house.

Special thanks to Natasha Maggs for the documents used to substantiate the facts known to Faux Reality.

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Joey Gorga Loves Picking Up Trash

Before the influence of Jersey Shore and the Lights of Bravo, Joey Gorga was a family oriented, loving son and brother.  He was devoted to his parents and adored his only sister.

Joey wasn’t stripping, he wasn’t ridiculing his sister or flat out lying about his parent’s financial condition, he wouldn’t have stood for anyone calling his father a coward or his mother a fucking liar, he wouldn’t have turned his back on Gia and he would have cut off his arm before hurting his family.

Joey was a loyal friend that would drop everything to lend a helping hand.

Joey was proud of working for what he acquired, he was proud of who he was and he always acknowledged the assistance he received from his parents, from his sister and from his brother in law. ALWAYS.

So what changed? Why did the down to earth Italian boy from Paterson become a money hungry self centered sell out who not only turned his back on his family, he assisted in the attempted carnage?

In his early years, Joey wasn’t afraid of hard work. In 2000, he incorporated Gorga Sanitation & Recycling Services, Inc. which as the name states was in the business of “trash removal.”

So while Melissa Marco was playing girls gone wild in Florida, getting arrested for shoplifting, living with various males and females, getting musty balls to pay for her new titties, Joey was picking up trash to make money and put food on the table.

Now, you may think that I’m going to say that’s why he was so experienced picking up trash, but that is just too easy, so I will refrain.

There is nothing wrong with hard honest work. However, in order to be approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency, a sanitation and recycling company must have a bona fide facility. Joey listed his parent’s one family residence as the sanitation facility:

Papa Gorga’s street address has been removed due to privacy concerns

So Joey worked in trash removal. After Teresa married Joe Giudice, Joey learned the construction business from his brother in law.  Slowly Joey moved away from trash.

Who knew that Joey’s love for trash would pull him into the clutches of The House of Marco.

Major thanks to Secret Service operative Maggs who can find a needle in a haystack. 

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“Pay Your Bills” : Gorgas Are Under Water & Sinking Rapidly

UPDATED: JULY 26, 2013

When Joe Giudice told Joey Gorga to “Pay Your Bills” we wondered why would he make such a statement. . .

Faux Reality said that Joey Gorga was a successful contractor who lavished his wife with a recording studio, a bentley and lavish gifts.  Melissa Gorga repeatedly stated that they are not financially strapped, nor was that the reason they are selling their love shack. So why would Joe Giudice make such a statement?

Reality proves that Joe Giudice was spot on with his knowledge of the Gorgas’ desperate financial condition. Joey Gorga better stop borrowing from loan sharks, because when he can’t pay, they get really cranky. . .

Before Melissa came into Joey’s life, The Giudices assisted in finding and funding Joey Gorga’s acquisition in Franklin Lakes for a ridiculously low price.

As a result of the acquisition, Joe Giudice helped Joey build the Franklin Lakes house between 2002 and 2003. It was this house that Melissa first saw when she met Joey in October, 2003.

In 2005, the Gorgas purchased a shore house on in Toms River.

On February 2 2007, Joey Gorga purchased a lot in Montville to build a house. Melissa claimed Joey was building her dream house. Joey purchased the property in his name alone; he used money from the sale of his Franklin Lakes house; Melissa had not contributed any funds towards the purchase or improvements of Franklin Lakes or Montville.

In November, 2007 when “don’t call me gold digger” Melissa realized that her name was not on the deed of the love shack, she became enraged. She forced Joey to redo the documents to include her name!

Melissa blamed Teresa Giudice for the failure to include her on the love shack, accusing Teresa of  coming up with the idea to shield Joey’s assets from her gold digging reach. Past bickering paled in comparison to Melissa’s anger in what she perceived as Teresa’s interference with her ability to get her hands on Gorga assets. Why would wifey who married for love and intended to stay married forever, be so livid that her name was not on the love shack deed?

On or about November 30, 2007, the Gorgas toook advantage of Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac programs and borrowed $2,250,000 for the construction of the Montville property. The Gorgas used the Montville property, the Toms River property and the Paterson property as collateral.

Montville Property as Collateral

Toms River Property as Collateral

Paterson Property was purchased in July, 2007 by way of short sale from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co – used as Collateral

On or about July 9, 2008, in violation of the terms and conditions of the $2.2 million dollar mortgage and security interest documents, Joey Gorga took a private mortgage from JoeyD for $350,000 on the Paterson property. The Paterson property is assessed at $357,000.

Teresa and Joe Giudice assisted Joey in building the Montville house.

In 2009, the Gorgas were sued in foreclosure by National City Mortgage.  The suit was completed on July 21, 2011.

The construction and real estate markets are in the toilet. Joey has a mortgage on Montville, Toms River and Paterson in excess of $2.5 million dollars and property taxes on Montville alone of $68,000 per year.

So the Gorgas put Montville and Toms River up for sale.

In the world of Faux Reality Melissa Gorga brokenly and dramatically stated that they were moving out of her dream house because she did not want her little girl to be harassed by the Giudice girls “in the future.” But there is a huge disconnect with Melissa’s dramatic proclamation.

In Reality the Montville property was listed was $3.8 million and reduced to $3.2 million. According to the Township of Montville, the property was assessed at $1.5 million dollars as of 2011.

The love shack’s 2011 assessed value (which in Montville was 100% of the appraised – fair market value) was $1.5 million. In 2012, the house was reassessed (based upon a new appraisal – fair market value) and the love shack’s tax assessment was based upon a value of $3.1 million (and 93.17% of the appraised-fair market value). It is unclear how the love shack doubled in value since all work was allegedly completed in 2010, when the Gorgas moved in. The Montville Building Department confirmed that no additional work was done (or should have been done) after 2010. Thus, it appears that the love shack in a depressed market miraculously doubled in value without any significant changes in less than one year. 

Montville Tax Assessor confirmed that properties in the Township are assessed at 93.17% of their appraised value.  A financial institution would be hard pressed to lend more than 70% of the appraised value of the property. Thus a buyer would be unable to borrow more than $2.1 million on a $3.2 million dollar price tag.  That leaves a very small target market as a potential buyer for the Gorga house – A dummy with lots of cash on hand!

StoopidHousewives took us inside the Toms River Property. The Toms River property was listed for sale for the amount of $535,000, reduced in or about April, 2012 to $520,000. It is assessed at $391,000. On September 15, 2012, the property was removed from sales listings.

On October 11, 2012, the Gorgas again refinanced their Montville home and increased the mortgage from $2,250,000 to $2,677,000. 

Gorga 2012 mortgage

So even if the Gorgas get the asking price on the love shack, they will walk away from the transaction with $500,000 if they are lucky!  


Documents for this article were produced by former Secret Service Operative Maggie (also known as Natasha to my Boris), who was incredible in her dedication to getting the truth published.

Also, thanks to Pixie for being Eagle Eyes!

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Missy proclaimed “At Least We Pay Our Bills” [except for a pesky foreclosure. and the sub contractors. and the service providers]

Who can ever forget Melissa Gorga’s swipe at her in laws when she proclaimed, “At Least We Pay Our Bills.” She explained that her husband is “very successful” in his business, converting warehouses to condos and building custom homes, “he is a brilliant businessman”.

Well, it appears that Missy “forgot” a few pesky details. Even if Missy discards the numerous lawsuits by subcontractors and service providers, Missy still failed to mention that while bashing the Giudices for their financial issues, she and her very successful brilliant businessman were sued by National City Mortgage in foreclosure.

According to Court documents, the foreclosure action against Joey and Missy was filed in February 13, 2009 and not concluded until July 21, 2011.


Melissa cannot possibly say she was unaware of the foreclosure action because she and her heirs are named Defendants!

So why does a successful brilliant businessman allow a foreclosure action to remain open for 2 years and destroy his credit? How can a contractor conduct business without lines of credit and construction loans – known of which is available to a man with a foreclosure on his record?

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A Love Story Jersey Shore Style: Missy loves Tarzan

Please let me find a schmoo  I can manipulate!

This is a love story . . . a girl’s love for money and fame. . . no matter the personal cost to herself or those who get in her way.

It is not for the faint of heart. A Jersey Shore love story . . .

A long long time ago, before Snooki, before the Situation, and before Ronnie, there was a very ambitious teenager that lived at the Jersey Shore.

She was a scrappy little thing, far younger and far more devious than her two much older used up sisters.

Jersey Shore was called an ugly duckling so it was important to transform herself if she was to steal the future she felt she deserved.

Jersey Shore was all about having a good time. Shortly after her parents divorced, she went on a party spree that would have made Girl’s Gone Wild proud.

“Incorrigible” they said. “Certifiable” they said. Unable to tame her behavior, Jersey Shore’s mom packed up the little young thing and shipped her off to Florida. But things only got worse . . .

. . . Jersey Shore wasn’t interested in an education.  She was all about partying. Before long, she moved in with a friend and commenced a romantic relationship with her.  Together Jersey Shore and her roommate partied their days and nights away.  The party came to an abrupt end when Jersey Shore was arrested for shoplifting. After posting bond, she was immediately returned to New Jersey.

“What am I going to do with you,” said Mama D, “get your act together and find a man. Me and your gosh darn sisters were married and bleeding men dry by your age!”

“But Mama D, where oh where are all the eligible sugardaddies? Oh! Oh! I know! College! Do professors have money?” asked Jersey Shore.  The problem was one had to graduate from high school to attend college. So Jersey Shore promptly acquired her GED and enrolled at Jersey City College. She then moved to Bayonne with her girlfriend. Apartment #3C! What a crazy crazy place to be.

In order to fulfill her lifelong dream, she searched high and low for the perfect sugerdaddy. She attracted them, young and old, she didn’t discriminate, but sadly they never stayed beyond a good time.

Big Titties are required for teaching 2nd Grade

There was of course musty balls. He paid for Jersey Shore’s titties. Jersey Shore was eternally grateful because an aspiring teacher neeeds big titties.

There was Mr. Range Rover (commonly known as Tommy The Greek). Unfortunately, Range’s parents did not approve of Jersey Shore. After all, she was from the wrong side of the tracks, no formal education, and she looked like a stripper.  When Range’s father caught her crawling thru a window to get to Range’s room. Jersey Shore was promptly dismissed.

[photo as soon as cleared for posting]


Dave C


Then of course there was Dave C, the wealthy tall ‘drink of water’ beefy body builder type that Jersey Shore targeted. Unfortunately, Dave could not take a girl who “bartended for $100 tips” home to meet the family.

“My family will know you’re a gold digger, but we can be friends with benefits! I’ll pay your rent again” said Dave.



Matt “Hollywood”


Then of course there was Matt “Hollywood”, an aspiring actor and recording artist!  The total package!  But once Hollywood learned that old musty balls bought Jersey Shore’s titties, she was promptly dismissed.

Could it be that Jersey Shore’s singing desires stem from her need to show Hollywood that she was worth keeping? Does she think they will cross paths if she wiggles her way into the industry?

While on spring break with her latest victim conquest, Jersey Shore was approached by Stumpy.  Jersey Shore thought he was a local day laborer. Stumpy followed Jersey Shore around the resort like a lost puppy. She told him that she was a teacher by day and “$100 dollar a tip bartender” at  Lookers Gentlemen’s Club by night. Aside from being small, Stumpy was rather gullible. But, Jersey Shore also told Stumpy that she could not possibly date him; she had her sights set on tall beefy bodybuilders with oversized wallets. Stumpy couldn’t foot the bill – “literally.”

To Jersey Shore’s shock and dismay, Stumpy appeared at Looker’s several months later – big bills in hand! For weeks and weeks Stumpy came to Lookers and each time he came with his $100 tip, he would ask her out. Jersey Shore would graciously decline – how could Stumpy possibly give her the lifestyle that she aspired to have?

One evening, Jersey Shore and her friends crashed a party in Franklin Lakes.  At the party, Jersey Shore got her first glimpse at TARZAN.  She fell madly and hopelessly in love AT FIRST SIGHT! TARZAN was the biggest thing she had ever seen! “I must have TARZAN” she exclaimed.

Within days of seeing TARZAN, Jersey Shore formulated her plan.  When Stumpy next came to Lookers to give her his $100 tip (for a drink of course), Jersey Shore shed a tear and told him that her roommate threw her out of their apartment in Bayonne. She would soon be homeless!

“How can that be?” said Stumpy “a princess can’t be homeless! Stay with me till yous find a place.”

“Oh thank you, Angel From God!! It would be impossible to teach 2nd grade, bartend for big tips while finishing college if I have to live in a bedazzled box!” replied Jersey Shore.

Jersey Shore moved into Stumpy’s house. Within a week of moving in, Jersey Shore came home with tears in her eyes yet again, “I can’t teach those kids, they’re monsters. I can’t possibly teach, work at the tanning salon and bartend for $100 tips!”

Stumpy immediately told his princess to quit all her jobs! She was to work for him as a receptionist since he was a very HUGE & Impotent [sic] Real Estate Developer.

Thus starts the fairy tale life between Melissa Marco and Tarzan!

And Missy and Tarzan lived happily ever after . . .

. . . almost

. . . until Tarzan was sold for a bigger house

. . . and the electric company turned the lights off for nonpayment.

. . . and she realized she would have to keep Stumpy too.

You didn’t think Tarzan was Stumpy, did you!! I said BIG! Missy fell in love with big bold beautiful Tarzan, the house that mucho money built!

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Melissa Gorga’s Brother In Law Scott Simpson’s Bankruptcy: Did Melissa Not Know?

Who can forget Melissa Marco Gorga’s infamous line about the Giudices, “We pay our bills.” Faux reality says the Gorgas pay their bills and Melissa is outraged that the Giudice Family had to resort to Bankruptcy protection.

Reality is not as Melissa describes . . . not by a long shot.  Aside from the Gorga’s financial woes (detailed on StoopidHousewives), at least one of Melissa’s sisters is in financial crisis as well.

In 2009, Melissa’s brother in law, Scott G Simpson (married to Lysa Simpson) filed a  Bankruptcy Petition.


An  interesting part of the bankruptcy involved a property located at 50 Holsman Street, Paterson, New Jersey. Why would a barber from Toms River buy a delapidated property in Paterson – an hour and a half away? Why would Simpson take out a $320,000 construction loan in 2007 on a $180,000 property when he’s not a builder?

According to the Motion to vacate the stay of the lawsuit, at the time of the bankruptcy filing in 2009, the property was appraised at $184,000 and Simpson owed $370,000.


Simpson borrowed over $320,000 as a “Construction Loan,” he took the funds, allegedly never made the improvements, then allowed the property to go into foreclosure and surrendered it to the Mortgage Company.

Because the property was worth $200,000 less than the mortgage, the Mortgage Company sued Simpson for the difference between the value of the property and the money that he borrowed. Simpson filed for bankruptcy, discharged the difference and walked away without having to pay the funds that he borrowed less than 2 years earlier.

In the Petition, Simpson sought to discharge debts from some (not all) of the following creditors:

  • Credit Cards: $65,000
  • “Lawsuit”: $188,000

It appears that the “lawsuit” creditor is the Mortgage Company on the Paterson property.

While the Simpson family struggles to pay their bills, Lysa Simpson has been actively campaigning to become the next RHONJ. She has “refreshed” her look and she has scaled down on attacking cast mates of RHONJ and fans on Twitter. She continues to antagonize Teresa Giudice by proclaiming to be Joe Gorga’s “real sister” and referring to Antonia Gorga as “our Antonia.”

After all the misinformation and inconsistent tales that Melissa Marco Gorga has told, together with the struggling financial situation, it is highly unlikely that Lysa Simpson will be a Housewife anytime in the future. However, perhaps the Jersey Shore 50 year Reunion will cast soon.

I would like to thank JennyS  for the tip and StoopidHousewives for the details on the Simpsons.

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Melissa Gorga Strikes Out as Recording Artist

Melissa Marco Gorga wants to be a recording artist. And she will do anything to get there.

Was Juicy so far off on the Raccoon eyes?

Gorga has released four songs on iTunes to date. What has she made and how many has she sold?

The introduction of digital music sites like iTunes have changed the face of the music industry and the manner in which royalties and income streams are realized. Songwriters are no longer limited to collecting royalties on physical analog recordings. With the advent of digital music, people outside the traditional recording studio can upload and sell their music from the comfort of their living rooms.

Digital Downloads and amounts owed are regulated by law. Each time a song is downloaded, a royalty of $.09 is paid to the songwriter by the download music service (iTunes). There are also regulated rates for public performances,  interactive streaming and ringtones.

Gorga’s songs were produced by her husband’s company, AGJ Entertainment, LLC.

On Display was released on August 13, 2011. Melissa is listed as co-writer.  As of July 1, 2012, it has been downloaded 21,418 times. It is selling for $.99

How Many Times was released on April 29, 2012. As of July 1, 2012, it has been downloaded 16,310 times. It is selling for $1.29

Rockstar was released on June 10, 2012. As of July 1, 2012, it has been downloaded 1,496 times. It is selling for $1.29

I Just Wanna was released on September 9, 2012. No statistics are available as of yet on number of downloads. It is selling for $1.29

The standard contract that iTunes utilizes for independent production companies, depending on whether it is a bulk rate, is 30% of the download rate for the first 100,000 downloads and one time application fee which brings rate to 40%.

Therefore, as of July 1, 2012,  Melissa has 33,224 downloads.  Total amount to Melissa (before the Bravo cut) is approximately $16,000.00. (The amount that Teresa Giudice makes for two appearances). Was the money worth the destruction of the Gorga family. Melissa Marco thinks so.

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Manzo’s take Punta Cana by Storm: Legal Documents Reveal

In February, 2011, RHONJ travelled to Punta Cana for some fun in the sun that was to be shown in Season 3.  But on February 23, 2011, their fun was abruptly interrupted by the champagne spray heard round the world.

The RHONJ were partying and filming at the Moon Bar located at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana, Domenican Republic.

The Moon Bar is where the alleged confrontation took place.

At approximately 1:15 am, when Teresa Giudice opened a bottle of champagne,  the spray allegedly landed on Yolanda Martinez causing her “eye irritation and discomfort.” When Ms. Martinez’ son in law, Adolfo Arreola and his cousin Jason Gomez confronted the cast, the resulting confrontation became the basis for the following lawsuit.

Bravo & Sirens Media were sued because they allegedly:

encourage, promote and demand that the cast of RHONJ engage in verbal and physical conflict with one another and members of the public, creating a culture, climate and/or atmosphere of confrontation, hostility and violence in order to attract viewers

Paragraph 26.

The Complaint alleges that while Arreola tended to Martinez, the cast and crew, physically attacked him. Paragraph 36. When Arreola’s cousin, Jason Gomez, ran to his aid:

members of the the cast and crew of the RHONJ, without provocation, brutally and savagely beat, kicked, punched, scratched, jumped on and smashed glass on the heads of Arreola and Gomez causing them to sustain severe pain and suffering and bodily injuries

Paragraph 38.

As if the incident wasn’t bizarre enough, the allegations move into crazy crazy crazy. . .

The Complaint alleges that Arreola and his family were transported to the police station where they were detained and denied medical attention. They were forced to sign settlement agreements and releases containing confidentiality clauses.  Arreola and Gomez allege that they were under “great duress, coercion and physical and emotional stress” when they signed the agreements. They claimed that they waived their rights because they feared for their safety.

As a result of the alleged coercion, Arreola and Gomez ask the Court to strike the settlement agreement so they can proceed with their personal injury suit against the named Defendants Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice, Albert Manzo, Christopher Manzo, Greg Bennett, Albert Manzo III, Caroline Claire Laurita Manzo, Lauren Manzo, Sirens Media, Bravo Media.

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When Did Real Housewives of NJ become The Truman Show

Years before Big Brother or Real Housewives, a 1998 movie entitled The Truman Show introduced us to the bizarre world of voyeurism and reality TV.  In this movie, Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) lives his life unaware that he is on a giant studio set surrounded by actors posing as family, friends and townspeople.   Truman’s entire life is televised as he interacts with actors and is unwittingly supervised by an executive producer and crew.  Truman’s decisions, emotions and reactions are pure and untainted since he is unaware that he is being filmed.

As Truman begins to realize that all is not what it seems, the executive producer (Ed Harris) steps up his interference with Truman’s faux reality in order to maintain the farce and continue the ratings bonanza. The executive producer feeds lines to an actress posing as Truman’s girlfriend to keep Truman locked into his artificial world.  She delivers her scripted lines flawlessly:

The last thing I would ever do is lie to you. . . It’s all true. It’s all real. . . Nothing is fake.  Nothing  you see on this show is fake.

Doesn’t it seem like the women of RHONJ are using the same lines? Did Bravo hire Ed Harris to script Seasons 3 and 4?

As we watch RHONJ, we often cringe but cannot look away. Faux Reality promised us a sneak peek into the triumphs and struggles of real families and their friends. The reality is that these characters seem to have transformed their lives to perform for maximum ratings. They have now resorted to using tabloids, publicity and twitter to bolster and create faux reality. Some are better than others at working the spin.

Jacqueline Laurita recently revealed that  for the past 2 seasons  she has refused to share the two life struggles that have consumed her: her son’s autism and her legal financial issues.  Why would Bravo promise a sneak peak into reality and fail so miserably at delivering? When exactly did the purpose of the show shift from a sneak peak into the triumphs and struggles to a sneak peak into what they chose to share?

Why does Jacqueline get to hide her real life struggles while exaggerating those of Teresa Giudice? Realty TV? Not so much.

According to Bravo, Melissa Marco Gorga was initially cast as the witty, fun loving, stay at home mom who declared that she “lives the life that every girl dreams of.” It is unclear which girls Melissa polled before making such a statement, we have yet to meet girls that want to be the perpetual “VICTIM.” In fact, Melissa Marco Gorga’s whole life has been a study in contradictions. 

Let’s recast The Truman Show and follow the life of Melissa Marco Gorga. Melissa was born on March 21, 1979 to Donna and Carmine J. Marco.  In 1993, when Melissa was 15 years old, Melissa’s parents divorced after years of  [verifying information].  Melissa’s father died in 1996 when [verifying information].

Melissa was arrested for shoplifting in 1997, posted bond to the tune of $1,000 and immediately moved from Florida to New Jersey.

While Faux Reality wants to portray Melissa as a sedate second grade teacher turned happy suburban housewife, realty shows a Girl’s Gone Wild lifestyle of lesbian lovers, wild sex parties, sugar daddies paying for augmentations, and a string of lies that are easily proven.

At some point, Melissa Gorga commenced Jersey City University.  It is unclear where she lived or how she supported herself. The stories are inconsistent at best. [under investigation]  According to Melissa, she worked three jobs to support herself while going to college.

One of those jobs was at Looker’s Gentlemen’s Club. (Inside Looker’s as exposed by StoopidHousewives)  According to Melissa she was serving drinks to men for $100 tips. Unfortunately, Melissa contradicts the time frame; During the Finale, Melissa states that she worked at Looker’s for a week or so.  According to pay stubs, she worked from January 2003 to December, 2003.  Why the deception?

In or about October, 2003, Melissa met Giuseppe “Joey” Gorga. Melissa moved into Joey’s home by December, 2003.  Melissa graduated from Jersey City University in January, 2004.

During the Finale, Melissa told the world that she was a teacher, she taught “second grade!” Melissa must have forgotten that when FOXNY.COM posed the question to her on August 18, 2011 (less than two months before the Posche Fashion Show), Melissa responded that she never became a teacher because by the time that she graduated, she was already engaged. (See FoxNY Interview, Minute Marker 3:48, last video on stoopidhousewives story)

In an Interview dated August 18, 2011, Melissa admits that she never worked as a teacher. She claims that by the time she graduated, she was already engaged. In faux reality, engaged people don’t work.

Melissa Marco married Joey Gorga in August, 2004 and thus the dissent down the rabbit hole began to fool people into believing the fairytale that “she lives a life that every girl dreams of.”

Perhaps it’s time for someone to tell Melissa that The Truman Show is over and the story that has been written for her by producers of Bravo is just that, A STORY.

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RHONJ: Kathy Wakile’s Forty Year Grudge

Kathy Wakile has been on The Real Housewives of New Jersey for two seasons. As we all know, Kathy is Teresa Giudice’s cousin (Kathy’s mother and Teresa’s father are sister and brother).

Kathy was cast as the warm stay at home mom, wife and homemaker. Kathy’s self serving tags describe her as sweet, old school and respectful. In Season 3, Kathy’s tag line was “People say that I’m sweet but I’m tough, so don’t cross me.” In Season 4, Kathy’s tag line was “We’re old school. We believe in respect.”

Faux Reality says Kathy Wakile is a sweet bystander who is often caught in the cross fire between Teresa and her sister in law, Melissa Marco Gorga. But reality shows a different person. . . Kathy is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Kathy is far from the innocent bystander, she not only targets Teresa, she targets one of Teresa’s achilles’ heels – Teresa’s parents.  The following are examples of Kathy’s systematic and premeditated attacks on Teresa’s parents (without reference to the Wakile’s attacks on Teresa, her husband and the Giudice children).

Kathy’s subtle attempts to taint the viewer against Teresa’s father:

  • Kathy (through the use of her faux granny like mother) discloses a feud between her father and Teresa’s father which caused them not to speak for years;
  • Kathy encourages her mother to disclose that as a child in Italy, Kathy’s mother was separated from her parents and siblings to be raised by her aunt;
  • Kathy discloses that her father is responsible for bringing Teresa’s father to the United States.

Keep in mind that Kathy knows Teresa’s triggers. So now we come to the Reunion.  Once again Kathy Wakile comes with a play book. The other wives are of the belief that Kathy is in sync with their plan to embarrass Teresa and ultimately convince Bravo that Teresa is expendable.

Kathy intended to avenge her father and was unable to hide her scorn

But Kathy’s game plan is far more devious, not only does she want to ruin Teresa, but vindicate her father for the perceived slight that he endured at the hands of Teresa’s father.

Kathy’s first comment at the Reunion was to inject her unsolicited observation that Teresa was a nervous wreck during the Posche Fashion Show, thus implying that Teresa must have been guilty. Kathy’s next unsolicited comment was to join Caroline Manzo in halting Teresa from expressing her concern for baby Nicholas Laurita.

Fifty minutes into the reunion, Kathy Wakile finally becomes the focus of questioning. After exchanging jabs with Teresa, Kathy commences to implement her master plan.  Kathy’s ad hominem attack on Teresa’s parents was launched as follows:

  • Without any discussion about parents or inlaws, Kathy volunteers that Teresa used to call her to complain about her in laws;
  • Kathy then aims her fangs for the jugular vein and calls Teresa’s mother a fucking liar who allegedly spread rumors that Kathy had Lap Band surgery (a double play by insulting Teresa’s mother and further enraging Caroline Manzo whose daughter recently had lap band surgery);
  • Kathy then sinks to an all time low by calling Teresa’s father a coward;
  • Kathy further screams that if it wasn’t for Kathy’s father, Teresa wouldn’t be in this country.

Kathy’s actions and comments throughout two seasons (as highlighted by her outburst at the reunion) are not that of a sweet, old school, respectful housewife. They are the actions of a woman who feels that she has been crossed and is seeking revenge.

The Faux Reality of being caught in the cross fire between Teresa and Melissa has given way to the Reality that Kathy Wakile holds a 40 year family grudge. . .  Kathy  Wakile believes that Teresa Gorga Giudice owes her for her successes stemming from the day Kathy’s father brought Teresa’s father to the United States. . .  and Kathy will stop at nothing to collect.  This isn’t the sweet, old school, respectful housewife we were promised.

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Protected: Twitter Urban Legend: Meet MustyBoobs Gone Wild

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